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Call of the wild, I hear you, I need
to walk among the wilderness, it's
in my heart, it's in my soul, call of
the wild beckons me.

How cool freshness cradles depth
of color, mingling wild, with loves
sweet enchantment.

Walking among natures treasure
absorbed, conquering spiritual
freedom, following the light of abundance
nothing is impossible to achieve watching
the wild devouring nourishment from
tranquil thoughts, among the wilderness
of fresh delight.

Call of the wild beckons me
I walk forward, captured by
life beauty leading me in the
wildness of my dreams, always
haunting me, never leaving
beauty of nature with love and
harmony behind.

(I acknowledge my freedom freely)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Today is a special day for man kind
announcing the Universal code of 1111
installed in everyone to awaken
uniting together in the purification
of Mother Earth.

She has been torn apart way to long
still showing her beauty each day
and yet we can not see her pain, we
have lost our loving feeling we were
put here on earth to share.

We must like to abuse what is good
for us, because that is all we are
doing each day, abusing, being
careless, showing no love, just
wanting power and control.

No one seems to believe in anything
but machines and technology, which is
no-good for our tender hearts and minds
that was not meant to be connected
to mind control, in which is happening
without our awareness. We are connected in
love in one, which has now dissolved in evil
dust among all nations.

We flow along with the flow, like
rechargeable robots, with no int elect
no purpose but destruction not knowing
the reason just the actions of a machine
taking over the mind and heart of man
(only one difference; we all are spirits
and after we are forgotten our spirit will
still be free, and uni-destructible.

If we all were like Mother Nature in
all her beauty we would not have
thoughts to shed anothers blood so easy
complaining life is not fair.

It is now time to connect our feelings
together in one giant world of love that
we were all created to do from the

So now that it is 1111, lets us
bow our heads and pray that
we may have world peace, love,
freedom of spirit to be who we
really are.

(Children of God in Heaven)

Pray for world peace on this day
of our Universal code 1111

(November 11, 2019)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
4d · 15
Once in Life
Once in a lifetime you see, you find,
you live truly for the inner you, the
true self that controls your thoughts,
Your mind your heart.

Once in a lifetime you search, you
understand what makes you come
alive, you feel the music in your heart,
once in a lifetime your brightness
shines through, a light of understanding.

Once in your lifetime, you seek wisdom,
you feel the inner strength, the power of
the depth you may not feel again, just once
in your life, you find the true meaning of
self-worth, collecting together everything
you have been wanting to for years.

Once in a lifetime, your thoughts become
complete with each heartbeat, no hesitation,
all shadows of fear disappear, bringing
peace flowing through at last.

Once in a lifetime, each smile becomes
a mark, attracting those unsure of life's
treasure, each role, each page turn,
while they become a memory of wisdom.

Capture what you feel, what you see,
take hold of each measured step, their
will only be one time before it's time
to go home, so be aware of everything
you were never aware of.

Keep counting your blessings for all you have
and pray for world peace, we could be living
unharmed, happy, if our thoughts turned
to God for help, strength, and faith to know
hope is blooming in front of us at all times
if you noticed and listened to our unheard

No words have to be written, for you to learn what
life is about, it should be living in your own
heart, soul, to make peace with all men and know
once in our lifetime we could have admiration
and respect to the World God made for us to live
in peace and happiness.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
5d · 17
Depth of Life
I am a cloud with a mind
seeing everything from years

I collect all the knowledge
captured and remembered
passing it down.

I cannot blame those who
fought for freedom and
died in vain.

Freedom does not exist in the
heart of man, it lives
in the soul of love.

I filled my cup with gratitude
years ago, when mist-covered
flowers of unselfish souls.

I watch the sunset and remember
those days of youth when life
was a treasure, not something
to fear.

I won't forget the sweat and tears
of those who worked the land and lived
life to the fullest, with God beside
there every dream.

I see a land of darkness now with no
desire to keep our nation free from
crimes and greed.

I see the clouds darken the world with
regret and unseen death of hope that
made our world so free.

What happened to the depth of life
when it used to be so filled with love
and understanding?

(Open the door and look up and see light)

(Be cautious of Nuno-Technology)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Don't weaken and give your heart
away, you only have one that's pure
and good!

If you're going to love, love everyone
it will make your heart warm and
your disposition shine.

You have just one heart that beats
every day just for you working so
hard to keep you alive, so be very
considerate and treat it kindly.

Love will find it's a way to you when
it's ready, not when you want it
to be, so freight not, you'll find
many a love before the true one

Eventually, love will brighten your
path and you'll follow without
delay, it is magic and you'll know
exactly how falling in love will be.

Till than true lovers keep yourself
from breaking.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
6d · 25
Around about Way
Roaming enlightened, astray I ascend
into the depths of my reality unknown
to surroundings that enclose my thoughts
within the light of my soul's fire.

Beyond blissfulness, a place known to
those who did not falter underserve
pressure when alignment occurred
within the arch of serenity watching
beauty disappear.

Softy, infinity defines herself within my
realm of confusion, existence is beyond
grasping, each surrendering thought in vain
collapsing silently, in my humble manner
acknowledged by confidence adorn to
full complicity of spirit.

Captured, fulfilled in wisdom, fleeing away
in thoughts of yesterdays sweet beliefs
that caught my light lingering in
the darkness of unawareness and gloom
sighing in my unconsciousness state
of mind.

No time for awakening, accepting
what must soon come our way.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Nov 5 · 25
Radiant Domain
Harriet Shea Nov 5
Riding my bike down the path
to nowhere, what a joyous
transformation, changing my
thoughts in all I see, do, and
share, in my brand new world
I have discovered.

Many lights guide my way from
ignorance to understanding, unmasking
darkness to brilliance, slipping
away slowly, after touching my
soul's sweet fire.

In a beautiful field of wildflowers, a
the very special place appears like in
my dreams I use to dream right
next to the path, I was riding on
to nowhere. (So Strange)

Flowing from my heart without a thought
words appeared pleasing my senses in
dismay, as they continued making a
beautiful reality to magical, everything
was timeless, so vivid in color as the flowing
stream next to a great pine tree tall and full
could not see the top through all the beauty
of dancing clouds, I was air, left one world
into another world of illumination.

I installed all this beauty in my mind
bursting like a balloon into another place
so magnificent, I had no words just thoughts
so wrote this poem without thinking, but
what was fixed firmly in my soul's
deep fire.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 4
I could easily creep in the heart
of nature, never leaving, only
enjoying blessed beauty, glorified
sensation, so incredible tranquil
to be at peace with mother
deep, comforting me forever.

Songs play silently in the night
when trees blow softly keeping
time, while my thoughts sink deeper
into the comforting heart of
nature's sweet love.

Adore hearing music flow among
running waters to their magical
lakes wide, with fresh delight
warmed by the sun.

Nothing could bring so much pleasure
then to swim those waters of
tranquility in the midst of paradise.
Our life is nature's breath we
carry, with each thought of love
we share among mankind.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Nov 4 · 29
Harriet Shea Nov 4
Complications renounce anointed lesions
caused by doubtful recurrence upon
another, for one simple reason of
fear and insecurity.

Annoyed to destruction, world affairs
programmed, a virus spreading
throughout a confused complicated
world-leading nowhere, only blank

One at a time falls off the cliff
celebrating the indifference of a
complicated situation, unfolding
to the greater of all, falsely rolling
the ball in the opposite direction
of understanding.

Time collapsing against each other
wreaking foundations, ruling ridiculous
thoughts to confuse the program
operator to discontinue power to
continue performance.

Falling apart the partials form into
a explanatory alliance to repair all
damage made from a machine.

(Watch Technology)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Nov 3 · 19
Collect and Manifest
Harriet Shea Nov 3
Collective consciousness works well when you need
to get together making your fondest dreams come
true within your heart, you have stored away so many
places you been wanting to see, the trees, flowers
birds to make you fly with excitement.
Abide in my admiration collected by the unknown
forces of my imaginary mind of fancies and fairies
hiding under mushroom stools.
Gradually following the nearest star capturing it's
sweet essence to shine my own invisible light around
every part of mother earth in silence, what a world
we live in, wanting so much more than we can see!
Never stop roaming through the heavens of beauty
swinging on the stars, sprinkling fairy dust all over
my favorite field of wildflowers, blowing freshly in
the breeze, magical energy flowing in perfect time
to each twinkle of the stars.
Come and collect your special gift, it's here for the
taking if you believe hard enough to manifest it!
Dreams are real, not just for children wishing
on a star, it's for those who have never let that
child die in them, letting go of all make-believe and real
realities, dying slowly without a dream or goal in the
heart of living the best you know-how!
Must keep that young child alive exploring through
your whole being, your energy marking the crossroads
you shall travel upon while youth continues within the
still waters of tranquility, a pool spinning around and
around to the end.

(Let those rainbows continue to delight)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Nov 2 · 14
Enchanted Wilderness
Harriet Shea Nov 2
Enchanted forest swallows me up
with her majestic beauty, the soft
flowing mist covering bushes and trees
in mystery.

Connected to her I float a little above
the ground with the breeze leading
my way to the ocean.

I walk among the shells and agates
so beautiful, toes dug in the wet
sand of ecstasy released.

Living free is this, like a song
melting through the heart bringing
a newness to each day.

Dusty dawn with hues of color
draw me in, mixed with delight
magnificent attractions of
ultimate beauty.

Adrift in the wilderness of perfection
a life of wonderment showering down
all her glorified loveliness is the
gold mine of love in the fullest
of light and glory.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Nov 2 · 24
Could Never
Harriet Shea Nov 2
Could never close the door on what I
believe, it took a lifetime to learn
and yet I always see the better in
everyone, correcting what makes
myself not understanding at times.

Focusing on the mindset of
the strongest most humble people
who followed their hearts in disaster
and strife, they made the hard
life a little happier with a bright
smile and positive thought.

The wondrous dreams so tranquil
lay close beside me in the light or
darkness, they always show the beauty
deep within a sigh, a cloud drifting
softly by.

Rainbows shine many colors when
I follow the start and end of
each fathom of light creating it's
beauty leaving heart prints behind
and thrills of songs playing youthfully
within the child of me.

Could never stop walking the path
of freedom with spirit of love among st
the flowering of my very soul.

I capture the breeze of delight carrying
it among the silence I hear in a strict
attentive manner, all beauty wonders
wild in my heart so free, and spirit
adorn in grace.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Nov 2 · 12
Eternal Glory
Harriet Shea Nov 2
Eternal glory collapses in the long
days light, when surroundings of
darkness meets balanced connections
between the time that was, now existing
with power without force
only intuitive gestures to
gather, to collect, to acknowledge
the fire within our soul-deep.

No need to be aware, when your
leading yourself down the road you
wish to walk, it is not a disgrace
to admit you were ignorant of life
and the promises that were broken
when you trusted more than you
should of.

Eternal glory is forever, it goes
on without a thought, without
a light to show you the way
it is the love that you follow
it is the reason for being.
Living is forever and will always
keep the love flowing throughout
our Universal soul.

(We are Love forever)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Nov 1 · 26
Have Much
Harriet Shea Nov 1
I have a head full of memories, a heart full of love a soul full of repentance, and a handful of friends.
We are lucky to have all we have, before saying good-bye to our delightful mysterious world so
luscious filled with wonderment and grace.

Unpacking essentials for our long trip to somewhere that light will be our guide to comfort with abundance to survive equal opportunities, a patient heart to know that life is another journey we all must continue on till the day we arrive at our paradise of souls deepest dreams.

Have now loved enough to make life comfortable, with few little regrets
and a smile to comfort the world if I should travel it, so as much as I have to admit, there is not a thing I really need, but my Maker, Family, one true friend, and a peace of mind that shall be with me while my life on earth is perfect like the breeze that kisses my face so gently.

Have my way to much, wishing I could pass a little of my peace to another
who has nothing but confusion, no love to share the life of goodness and forgiveness, only lasting thoughts that continue, those who have peace welcome each day with a smile, excepting what comes!

Satisfied in mind, I donate my attention to people who need something more then food, clothing, and money, something not given very easy, but willing to take if given, an open heart filled with understanding, this is what everyone needs to make them feel happy.

I always wanted to share the happiness I found throughout life from struggles and many showers before the
rainbows appeared...Life will always be the best lesson I have ever understood while living it.

(Now the truth has become the true reality of life with each flower opening in the silence of light)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 31 · 22
The Way You Are
Harriet Shea Oct 31
No glory when you're not around
always the life of the party, a
smile to light up this troubled

Smile and promise me you'll always
be the way you are today and most
of the time, with the rain pouring
down your back in the middle
of summer rain.

Climbing the mountain steep was
always what you loved best, risking
your life on a rope high above the
clouds of white.

That was just the way you were
with those dimples and smile
that lite the night on fire.

Been so long that I've seen you
that I forgot how you must look
today so filled with life and energy
we all could have drowned before
you even noticed.

You always moved so quick that
I swear you were only a dream
I could see, with that sweet loving
smile upon your face each day.

You never had a doubt that made
you sad, you made what was wrong
so right.

Soon you will be walking along the
the seashore of our dreams, with
that heavenly smile and eyes
so heavenly blue.

Miss you babe!

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 31 · 28
Deep Meditation
Harriet Shea Oct 31
Completely floating across the heavens through meditation
watching water falling to the green grass of the
mountain bottom, of pink delight, green ferns
of exotic dreams.

Formations dance through the skies of purple, pink
blue, wings of angels flutter with the fairies glowing
across the land of enchantment.

The music floating through the thickness of midnight darkness
bringing forth a hallow of bright light disfiguring the atmosphere
of time and space.

Glorified, amazed, studded, the earth turns into
a beautiful butterfly and a new world is born
and united in peace.

Meditation locks away each dream safely until once again
you float away with the breeze to a special place of light
with crystals sparkle down.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 31 · 21
Substance Deep
Harriet Shea Oct 31
Touch me softly with tenderness
never let the waters run to deep
feel the breeze fresh and new
my thoughts still surpass all

Calm the savage beast silently
listen to a mind that never shall
repent of loves sweet embrace
only in forbidden realms of eternity
do sensitive memories conquer

Forgive me sweet temptation
you have controlled my deepest
thoughts, leaving a glow penetrating
through my soul of fire.

Never upon a stone does wisdom
shine through, only through compassion
does one see the peacefulness blending
in grace.

Touch me once more, lead me
down the path of no limitations
let not evil tempt me again, tears
need not fall in vain, when love
opens the fire to deep to understand
it lives beyond belief!

Lost in confusion, limbo is not
far away from faiths door, reverence
captures love, pure, sweet, revealing
the substance of gratification renewal.

Taken from My
'Hearts Expression Collection'

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 30 · 21
Captive Moments
Harriet Shea Oct 30
Moments of grace devouring each thought
each second of another time that awareness
captured all sentimental memories in that
a very special moment in your life.

Pleasantly! Waters of never ever land shimmers
with silver and gold, moonstruck, amazed, picking
up that magic moment, never to be lived again in
this second kissed by the breeze.

Precious life we cherish, in just the right
second of sweet embrace, remembering, holding
each moment carefully to be framed in the hearts
of those we love.

Moments remembered to grow deep, like the tree roots
of eternity, holding on to the importance of a tender
second of every life, thought and moment.

(Life is but a moment in life to cherish)

Must we follow the alliance of glory within our
own illusions or just live and be at peace for
what we now have become through wisdom?

Not the aggravation of human source do we
carry the bundles of straw upon our back for
another day when we must see the light above
the darkness.

Each moment passes not in vain when the mist
softly covers the land with love, untouched
by no man.

Treasure your time! it is only once you can
capture freedom at that moment.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 30 · 19
Dawn's Awakening
Harriet Shea Oct 30
Not in the mind of simple thoughts and brave intentions, do I caress and beckon from afar, a blossom of balance and fading imagination, it's trees
dreams, lovers dangerous playgrounds of wilderness and starlight, capturing my soul and freedom beneath my feet.

Caught in thoughts of butterflies above my head dancing like lightning flies of no return, steaming flashing wondering sky filled with mystery’s delight upon a moonless sky and sweet-smelling fragrance God sent for me to capture within a heart no longer hurt from disappointment.

Comet h my way a knocking upon my heart a vast knowledge of uncertain music from my lover's mouth he sings to me, a voice calm with the pleasure of mind, of dreamers, skylarks blurred with harps and angel

Dawn's wakening one more time in lavenders sweetness of violet
and remembrance of long ago in the Rockies of wisdom and love floating through a memory pleasurable beyond my space and time.

Come walk with me my love among the flowers of imagination

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)
Oct 30 · 17
Harriet Shea Oct 30
How inspiration leads us to
a different world altogether.

No words to explain how it can be
our life's guide through the help of
our Heavenly Father.

Our inner voice speaks so softly, we
must be very aware to hear it.

It's like our super- consciousness speaking
words of advice, wisdom, answering
many questions, we have no answers

A song, poem, music, creating something
from nothing, our inner voice speaks called

Do not forget to meditate!
Meditation comes deep within, and
can calm a being of terror, to a being
of peace.

Let your mind travel far away and you shall be
inspired beyond compare.

(Inspiration lives within us all)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 29 · 21
Another Year Passes
Harriet Shea Oct 29
Wrote this poem for my grandson Robbie Dollar!
Two years today he has passed..

Another Year Passes

(We All Love and Miss you Robbie)

Another year has gone by my dear Robbie
yet your so close within my daily thoughts
bound in the soul, bright as your light
shining on and on.

Your dreams are coming true, always
been the law to give cyclist three feet
but wasn't recognized as the law till
so many had to die in vain, and your
the one to make everyone realize cyclists
have rights too, by starting the Rob
Dollar Foundation for the safety of all
cyclists. ((Robbie's inspirational Dream))

I know you're so proud of everyone who
loves you dearly, and those who shall
carry you in their hearts forever while
your riding up there in the wide open
spaces with no end.

We all love you Robert Allen Dollar
and I Grandma Shea, shall always
have that little star in my soul just
for you.

You are the Star of all who love
you Robbie!

Ride on with love from all of us.

Love you, my Grandson,

Grandmaaaa Shea
Oct 29 · 29
Free Spirit
Harriet Shea Oct 29
In the darkness of doubt and survival
there is one man with faith that captures
the soul of all good men.

Free Soul

a man who believes that all is not lost in
a moment of weakening thoughts that
fracture men to change without
any knowledge of why.

Free Soul

For the good of all is not for the good
of all! It is for the good of those who do
not carry evil thoughts to the grave.

Free Soul

This man stands alone among so many who
cannot understand themselves in a minute
of a flash flood rainstorm.

Free Soul

We may ask who this man could be, but
why is it so important to know him when
we don't even know who we are!

Free Soul

This man knows his mind and tries to follow
through, people laugh, make fun of him
and run the streets not knowing why.

Free Soul

This world is full of clowns with funny faces
crying on the inside with no reason why they are
doing so.

Free Soul

Live your life and know the ones with
all the answers and care not to listen
to the real truth of freedom.

Free Soul

Freedom rings in the hearts that have no
desire to be free of spirit for they do not
know the freedom of spirit!

Free Soul

Freeman drive your train of thunder
through the woods of forsaken souls
they will jump on for a free ride.

Free Soul

Man of freedom play your drum and find
the ones that are not fake but real,
I wonder if you will have to time travel
in the past to find them!

Free Soul

(All men are superior to their own self) (We are one love)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 26
Finally reached the top of the tree
what a journey it was, almost
feel and broke my neck.
I was told to use my head instead
of my limbs, so maybe I'll
try it, the next time around.
I thought riding that snow-mobile
was fun till my feet almost got
frostbit and numb.
Many funny sights appear before
us without even a laugh, but if we
really notice, we will never stop
My dog went running down the
hill right into the water had to
run down the hill and fell in the
water myself.
Strange how little things can make
us laugh and big things can't, maybe
just to complex.
Whatever we do in life we must
never stop running through a down
pour, let the rain purify our sorry
Now you think you read it all
but in your despair, you haven't
you went and lost your place
now you have to start reading from the beginning.

Good Luck!

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 25 · 15
Harriet Shea Oct 25
We changed, designing ourselves to fit
perfection in life, strange predicament
we can actually stabilize our way of
Wondering when it lack's a peculiar
situation, the designer decides to
take a day off.
Back to normal thinking, not accepted, now
a day, yet it excites inner glory of warmth
to lay back, letting mind release built up
knowledge, collected in the golden bank of
minds sweet gentle thoughts.
When normal, lost comfort in completeness
doubt began showing face around happy
candy stores, to wonderment of history
in the making.

(Never think each day will not be new in
performance of mind)

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)
Oct 25 · 16
Harriet Shea Oct 25
Touch the tenderness within, sing with love
in your heart, yes love, dreams come true
if yearning becomes unbearable.

Who says love does not hurt, it hurts, it never
stops till two hearts become one, never linger
too long when love is entering.

Grasp tight, hold on to love, lucky if you find
that special someone, there is a place, a certain
place where love sleeps, a haven made just
for lovers connected!

Together as one, they walk the beach, they
feel the ocean breeze, smell the freshness
as life unfolds before them.

Living a life of peace, tranquility fills each
moment, dreams become reality, while
they share love together in a world they
both made, a heaven on earth.

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)
Oct 25 · 28
The Word
Harriet Shea Oct 25
The word is made out of love
searching has made one strong
without understanding the reasons
each struggle had to happen before
awareness appeared.

Upon each rock lay a flower so
pure, so perfect in every way that
it's fragrance changed each thought
into thoughts of loveliness, for perfection
brings heart and soul.

Somethings heard with the ears never
have to be heard, it may be heard
with attention. but never has to be
understood to the fullest, it's what
one believes is what is important.

Just like eyes closed, does not
mean one cannot see, sometimes
closed eyes make the most vivid
realities, once seen within never

When stars sparkle in heavens
like diamonds they always cleanse
the heart of disasters and sorrow
bringing understanding of self.

© 2019 derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 25
Beyond my fondest dreams, I sit alone gazing into space, opening up a star-filled sky of memories long passed.

Dreams of color shooting like rainbows around my mind letting the sunshine warm my soul, unknown to myself I have entered into a world of dreams.

My fondest dream now becoming reality understands the sadness of my long-forgotten past.

Treasures golden and pure among my loves of earthly dreams, disappearing before my eyes without knowing they were once my fondest dreams holding tightly against the secrets of my own existence.

Flames of passion shoot inside me once again while the gray skies turn into blue memories locking, securing lost sadness, forsaken in despair.

Time is our best healer as we remain the same in body, different in spirit. We have become a friend in need of our own forbidden thoughts.

No more space to put the memories, I just forgot where they were stored once in time.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 24 · 26
Smiple Enough
Harriet Shea Oct 24
Simple Enough

Simple enough we have crossed many roads
some have cracks filled with blacktop
some just paved and smooth to ride upon.

Simple enough to see the sunset with a warm
breeze softly blowing your hair as you stroll
down your little trail in the woods behind
your home.

Simple enough to hold your child close before
you say good-night kissing Them gently.

Simply enough to wander in curiosity how
you became so worthy of a person filled
with love and wonder!

Simple enough to find that skies need to
darken before the rain renewing all of
nature's beauty to behold.

Simple enough to sit on a rock and
smell the salty air fresh with words
pouring from the soul without
a thought.

Simple enough to walk among the
mountain pines, watching the hawks
flying free, while you begin your
new life of wonderment.

Simple enough to know I have always
loved living life the way it is today!
Just a smile and grateful heart is all
it takes.

(What comes your way, live)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 24 · 20
Sweet Illusions
Harriet Shea Oct 24
Shutting mind's artificial machine
down, to much falseness clouding
my awareness.

(Need no darkness)

Alive, living in a delusional world
made by me, no one can walk
upon the ground I made.

(So alone I walk)

Creation is magnificent in its own
unique way, coming alive with just
one thought.

(Wonderful light)

Each picture appears perfect
in every way, till it's changed
to be purified in a more perfect
environment suited for life in
all we believe it to be, in the
moment of our disillusioned mind.

(We awaken and start again)

We find the clouds are diamonds that
fill our hearts with light, with just
one thought to shine.

(Believe and it will be manifested)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 24 · 35
Walk Silently
Harriet Shea Oct 24
Walk silently across
my path, sense the
tranquil surroundings
around my heart when
darkness arrives.

Walk silently, the night
appears to be showing
it's wonders of beauty.

Soar across the great
atmosphere, seeking the
hand of power, letting
it calm your restless
desires of unexplained
mysterious heart.

Walk silently in solitude
among the great peaks, where
no man has been before.

Mind explores all desires
searching for answers to
questions unknown.

Keep clam, touch the heavens
within yourself, tranquility
will arrive without notice.

Created another chapter
of your life, perfect in wisdom
logic in manner, finding
love fire deep.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Oct 22 · 30
Ocean of Love
Harriet Shea Oct 22
Ocean of love, don't tease me
your body is wide open for mine
it is so refreshing to the soul.

Mind seeking adventures pass
you by, lovers meet you with a
open heart.

Waves of fury hit the shore in time
with mother, natures call, warm and fresh
the salty breeze blows, across hot parched
sand, whitened from the sun.

Ocean of love, bring forth your
vast beauty, lift my loneliness
make me part of you, wash away
the tears I shed in vain.

I shall follow you each night
while I sit and wonder why
you give me so much comfort
in my time of need.

Ocean deep, blue, filled with
lushness, keep me in your
grasp forever, I need to hear
your sounds, they calm my
beating heart like music, familiar
with moon swept shores.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 21
Path slides forward among slippery thoughts touching
warmth unformed in mind and quest.

Combined among lust and supernatural boundaries lie
misunderstanding thoughts of confused emotions
and thoughts not known here among unusual sentiment
of our species.

Crossing in my dimension plays games forbidden by the Gods
of insanity forming complications forbidden among forces
not known causing discomfort and confusion.

Slide again toward your unconscious mind collecting what
has been there waiting for you in the other dimension.

Through the light of blue, you missed signs that could of
led you to your destination without the force of fading
without a sign of fear.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 21 · 342
Lessons Learned
Harriet Shea Oct 21
Touch each flower, smell
the fragrance of freshness and
the sweet desire that arises.

Like life it's sweet, it's
lovely, what lies deep tells
the story of treasures not
yet seen.

Roads traveled never
play a fair hand at times,
only new changes of
lessons learned, make
each road easier to
travel on.

While you find yourself
don't forget to pass some
of your wisdom on!

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 19 · 37
Inspired Knowledge
Harriet Shea Oct 19
Inspired thoughts climbing to heights that have no explanation to who we must have been once upon a time.
We cling to the imagination and what was once a matter of interfering love caught in a time of space.

We assumed that love was just a word without meaning, only one thing they forgot to mention that love did not come from us it came from a higher power fill with enlightenment and peace
Inspired but once only in those ways can you really understand the knowledge and wisdom you really have and comes out in thoughts without notice.

Flowing through channels unknown to man thoughts gather together to make meaning clear once again what a civilize thought to use to mean in long lost centuries
Cannot gather snow among the wilderness once that craved rainbows filled with brightness and truth.

Enlightenment casts her shadow upon people of light and peace, people are known for there strength and courage to resist evil and darkness that comes with it.

No more shall the largest star anoint us and bring us untruth to our fellowman known now as the white angels of understanding and knowledge.

Come collect your favors of love which is true to your spirit that brings wisdom, and wisdom brings understanding, to your questions without answers.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Midnight Power

Midnight, power escapes
from bowels of the universe
soaring, surrounding, wounding,
no laughter enlightens.

Lanced, damage begins,
like a swirling staircase,
ripping away from reality,
ending in another place
and time..

Energy flowing, with broken
promises surging forward,
completing life's triangle..

Silent words have no meaning,
power traps each moonlight
a night with sparkle and fame,
a fresh awakening, plunging
with understanding..

Point your finger in the other
direction, it is powered
with energy shooting toward
the heavens, taking in charge
every living soul, our maker
takes us home..


Space filled with wonder, where we
Search the universe for answers
there are none, not yet, where we
have established space stations, they
multiply, finding life underground of
Mars, the red planet, escaping death,
they find a new way of life..

Searching for other worlds for a sign
of extraterrestrials, we find, through
time travel, many dimensions, life
years apart, we now establish more
about God, and his creations, searching,
finding, accepting, we move on into the
mysteries of the universe...

Space is the ace of the deck, highest
you can find, where knowledge is
only one step away from our
accomplishments, a score much too
high for betterment....Space, vast,
filled with life. specks, dust from

We shall continue to send out ships
to other worlds, finding more and
more answers, while we may of over
looked the true depth of our belief.....

The heavens will continue when we
are gone, answers will be sought,
solving many question unknown,
space, our true destination, has no
beginning, no end, life a mystery
of mysteries that shall go on till the
end of time...

Without Warmth Of Love

Without the warmth of love
I would close my eyes forever;
darkness would cloud each thought,
never know what life was about,
without love light.

Without the warmth of a smile, why
would I want to smile; it's worth
a lifetime to find a diamond,
one who knows the warmth of
life, the sparkle of love..

Without the warmth of a gentle
touch, how could I live a normal
life, when the freshness of the breeze
no longer exists..

Without the warmth of loving
words, life would be a lonely place,
where silence, like an Island, only
touched by a quiet whisper.

Without the warmth of a kiss
why should my lips whisper
words of love, when a kiss,
cannot find a home, a place
to rest desire..

Without the warmth of my love,
heavenly light would not exist,
only emptiness of a heart living
a life alone...


Passion falls outside
my door. each time
I smell the flowers..

The passion of life, never
stops when a breeze
of love flows through
my hair, sent from God.

Passion grows, desire
living on, warm touch
of life devouring richness,
renewing, surrendering. a
Opal of life, black with fire..

Passion for love, desire, sweet
desire, food for the heart, the reason
to live life to the

Listen To My Songs

Listen to my songs my love,
there sung from the very
heart of me...

Your the one that makes
me sing you're the one
that makes me smile,
you're the reason for all
I do..

Listen to my songs of
love, they flow like
raindrops from the sky..

Listen to each heartbeat,
each beat is for you my
love, like beating drums,
wildly flowing across
the mountain pine..

Listen carefully my love,
you may hear the echoing
of my haunting songs, but
you can't see the love I hold
for you..

Must I

Must the light stop shining
now that you have gone?
Must my life stop and pause
a second, to realize part
of me has melted away?

Must the glow of life fade,
when each day is a new,
must there only be one
heart beating now, when
two I've heard for so long?

Must the candlelight of love
dim forever, without another
flame to light my way?

Must the freshness of each
summer rain, have no breeze
to chase away the darkened

Must the darkness turn
darker around me, when
dreams have disappeared,
leaving only shadows
of doubt?

Must the silence make
me weep, and the shade
of summertime bring

Must I keep remembering
your smiles, kisses, sweet
embrace in the night of no
more tomorrows?

Must I walk alone among
the weeping willow, watch
the stream of life stop
flowing the other way?

Must I lay my head down
under the oak of life's
force, and surrender
myself to my master?

Must I give up, and give
into the pain I carry,
the tears I shed in vain,
when time is now running
out to hold you once more?

Must I believe that you
will return, when I know
it will never be, you have
been reborn into the masters
kingdom, leaving me all alone
my love..

Love Is Forever

Love is forever peaceful,
never letting go, a touch of
heaven, flowing free.

Love is forever growing
among all nationalities,
it lives within all of us..

Love is a forever thing,
never letting go, flowing
through time..

love is not forced,
it's free, need is holding
on, not free. but love lives
within each soul..

Love is a lasting
thing that brightens
every heart..

Love. power of the
the universe, it multiplies
over and over again,
living forever.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 12 · 61
Story Time
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Lifting the basket of truth with ease
knowing it has been heavy once in
the dawn of life.
Strolling under the flowering
maple trees, I caught a glimpse
of a squire collecting a-corns
storing them away for the long
winter months.
With autumn comes a tale of
stories that were not made up
read by our grandparents so
many years ago.
Shady days bring starry nights
for remembering how lovely
living life use to be in the
olden days making memories
by the sweat of the brow
not know if they would finish
the day of work without dying
before a drink of water.
No story can be made up till
you have your own story to
tell, with its grand details
reading to those little ones
with eyes wide open filled
with excitement listening
to each word attentively.
So has each basket of truth
is unfolded, another basket
of true stories will fill it
up once again.
Lifting each basket will always
be heavy in dawn's early life, till
each true story has been told in
the fullest from generation
to generation.

(We all have a story to tell)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 12 · 38
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Standing in the corner a statue lost, alone, now
neglected with age, she seems to be forgotten, a
beauty in her time now stands gray with dust that grows
more and more each passing day.

Molded she was, perfect in every way, now silently she
stands, wishing she could feel free of dirt, when once
she was in the spotlight, eyes stared, her molded
beauty amazed.

A perfect sculpture molded in the imagination of
someone's love. now standing alone crying within
a heart that always beats without notice.

Now the freshness of a lake draws moisture to her
eyes, she knows her days that were, are long passed
oh, how it felt to be in the spotlight for a while.

Slowly her heart stops, as she sheds an inviable tear
for what was and will never be again.

(What Beauty She Held)

© 2019Derena (All rights reserved)
Oct 12 · 245
Keep Singing On
Harriet Shea Oct 12
Sing sweet one to me, let me
hear your sweet song, your
voice has sunk a million ships
now that you have gone, you
have left your name in lights
never to be forgotten.

Sing on, let the angels hear
you now sweet one, there
will never be a star brighter
then you are, only the stars
in heaven can tell you true.

Sing on sweet one, your
voice was never meant to
be forgotten, not here on
earth, and in heaven, you'll
delivery a song fit to please
the master of the whole

Keep singing sweet one
you always will be my inspiration
your songs have never been
forgotten, they live on
Marlon Lonzo, born with
song and glory.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 11 · 20
This Day
Harriet Shea Oct 11
This sun of warmth plays a part in life's
reality, yet life cries on, not to see what
lives under the shade of yesterday.

This day we live, we reach high, sometimes
higher than our destiny, only to find that we
never have to reach any higher than our own

Oh! sweet days, we live each second in
a daze, in a maze of what we would like it
to be, and cannot find our way out.

This love we hold is not how we feel, we
have no explanation how strong the power
it holds just a small degree we feel, it may
be a lifetime to know what love can do.

This song we sing will never end, not if
we believe, letting it comfort our life we live,
just measure each day for what we give, not
for what we want, it can live a lifetime, after
that an eternity.

This world is not bad, it is beautiful, it is us
lacking knowledge, bearing arms being aggressive
what really means our survival, this we cannot
confront without destruction.

(This we know. that only in the warmth of
the sun shall we conquer)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 8
Touch my soul, feel my thoughts flow softly
across your heart, I the poet of a million

I come to you in many ways, through simple
expression, understanding and deed, notes
written in dreams, awaken I write, till again
I drift off softly.

Poet of a million thoughts bring inspiration
when days sometime are blue, skies
darkened, I am here with you in
written word.

Read me, feel me near, fear me not, I am
here to comfort you, the poet of a million

Within a binder, words are written of a million
thoughts, an endorphin releaser, like sitting
on a cliff feeling the salty mist of the ocean
across your face.

Sweet music to mind, are a million thoughts
of a poet that goes on forever filling the empty
heart that wouldn't exist if words were never

Poet of a million thoughts flow deep from the
shadows of the weeping willow, inspiring words
to appear from nowhere just her ravishing
beauty that drapes in wonderment, completely
my words with the essence of her freshness

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 8 · 16
Swim Freely
Harriet Shea Oct 8
I swim in the pool of tranquility
I gaze at the fireflies in the night
I cannot see the sadness that flows
just the peace within my soul in
times when I'm alone.

I write my poems in solitude when
darkness falls and light radiates
inspiration through and through.

I cannot see what it is for me to see
when it stares back and cannot be
touched only thoughts forming words.

I believe deeply, the truth has it's own special
power, it's own expression of love that
completes our magical reasoning.

How enchanting it feels to cross the
path you've waited so long to cross in
life's challenge, attempting to accomplish
the impossible dream.

Come dance with the stars capturing your
thoughts, that will be released without
force or discomfort upon your quiet gestures
in just one moment, calmly dispenses
invisible fragrance throughout your being
in the silence of your solitude.

Force not the heart to surrender toward
un-truth not meant for soul food, just open
up your mind and let the words flow.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 7 · 20
Begin your Adventure
Harriet Shea Oct 7
Begin your adventure in life
follow the road without a road
you shall live your own true
adventure, watching life
unfold before your eyes.

Climb the mountain never
been climbed, it has a trail
of enchantment, still not

Believe without anyone
telling you too, you shall
fine each page of life
worthy of seeking.

Unwind the scrolls of time
you shall be amazed at the
wonders concealed.

Combine, all knowledge
power, teachings, and you
will find the master to your

Your journey is the secret
of everlasting life, key
of love.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 6 · 23
Someone once Said
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Someone once told me life
was too hard to cope, it was
more trouble living it, than
cherishing it!

Life is never an easy street
takes courage, determination
belief to be strong enough to
cope with what comes our
way in every direction.

We must pave our own road
through strife, becoming stronger
in the faith of love, learning every
second, we are alive.

Cherishing life is our treasure
the harder the better, smoother
the road, for in learning we
become strong, wise and
maybe a teacher in the end!

Some time ago I met this person again
they said! 'They had learned to cherish
life through loss'! and became
strong in faith and love.

So even though life brings much sorrow
it is our gain, our teacher, our true
reason for living worthy, this short
life we live here on earth.

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved
Oct 6 · 17
In the Silence
Harriet Shea Oct 6
In this quiet night of love, she
thawed threw the ice, melting
away from the coldness of gloom
and confusion.

Must have been the time to feel
the gravity that hid away in
the distance, never showering
away from her mystified shade in
silent refrain.

Carefully the touch continued
on with compassion, and the
stars once again sparkled
like they never did before
the storm touched down and
chased away each fear.

In the silence of night glass
became filled with awareness
one more time before it leaked
out slowly with few regrets.

Now, without concern, filtered
smoke disappeared, no more
reason to have it return, cause
the silence has entered, clouds
have no reason to cover away
the truth..

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Oct 6 · 16
Among the Ashes
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Among the ashes, tears do flow
building foundations strong with fear
binding threads, behind masks show
the count down has just begun.

While darkness seeps through hearts
of doubt, the land cries from thirst and
shame, why man had to make his mark
across the universal plain.

Where shadows fall upon misty nights
dawn hides away what can't be found
thorns never seen, must bleed away
tears that fall upon deceit.

Truth may be a passing thing, while
silence flow like thunder across skies
among the ashes of time we see
a world distorted, a world we lost
a world of ashes known has history.

Though bleakness draws its final
breath, life flows faster yet, to settle
down across the land, forces of false
conclusion end, in sorrow and heartache
among the ashes of yesterday.

Today's another day, where ashes were
thrown among never-ending sorrow, years
and years ago, now freedom rings no
more, we walk among disasters new
where only shadows flow and darken
in these new days of uncertainty.

(Cross your arms each and everyone, that
we may never see the shadows appear)

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Sep 29 · 25
Comet h to me!
Harriet Shea Sep 29
Comet h to me my love
bring back all the memories
we had flowing to the

We had the world laced in gold
had the wind blowing passionately
throw our excited hearts.

We had everything there was to make
light shine brightly upon the world we
made strong from loving.

We still have all of that and more as
we have become wise in spirit with
love becoming stronger.

Comet h to me my love
bring the light in your eyes back
to the way you felt once when
we were young.

You are my love and will remain
my love and our hearts have now
became one heartbeat like the
morn and night mingle deep.

Come to me lay your head on
my shoulder and we shall be
together forever. I love you.

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Sep 29 · 17
I have deeply loved
Harriet Shea Sep 29
In my life, I have deeply loved with all my heart
from the day I learned to know how mother
nature made me one with her.

Nothing made me so happy to walk among the stars in the evening and
among the flowers in the day.

I have loved everything that passed my way in my life
the skylarks, birds of all kinds keeping time to each heartbeat,
the fireflies around in the summer night making
all awake and alive.

The kiss of the ocean breeze on my cheek while I walked
among the seashells and driftwood faded by the sun
the sound of the waves singing their own song under
skies of wonder and warmth.

The pine trees blowing in the wind, strong with
pride and glory, kissing each day with maybe
a final good-bye.

I have loved much more with deep awareness
never forgetting how mother kept me alive with
her brightness, restoring my bruised confidence
her beauty brought me faith in my heart that
love could bring all nations together.

I have loved to the extent of pleasure-loving each
soul God made of his own image, and through
life, till the day I breathe no more, shall I love deeply.

I have loved and cherished my children God let me share
for a while in my life..My children are the breath I take
my food of happiness, the art of glory that captures
each scene of beauty appearing in God's universe.

Have no hate to share, since I have no concept of it's
meaning! Loving is all I know and always shall know
Mother taught me at a very young age the meaning
of love with every sound of nature, majestic surroundings
that only love exists, nothing about hate, only brightness
of heart and soul excepting what each day brings with delight.

How can we hate when there is nothing but beauty
for us to see? it continues on day after day with a
the different scene for us to rejoice, and smile along
our miraculous journey, we have wondrous treasures
among the mighty Universe in all, it's heavenly glory.

Yes! I have deeply loved, my treasured life, right in front of me
worth living every day, with a thankful heart, a happy smile for
those who have never smiled from deep within.

We must all reach out to heaven's above and Thank
God for all we have! All we really need to live for in grace
is to follower the blueprints of our Master.

I hope in life! our children will be blessed, we will find the
true meaning of living in his glory, warmth grows always
without a trace of evil.

(Find your love, it's just underneath the divinity of our
beloved soul.)

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Sep 28 · 13
Misty Garden of Youth
Harriet Shea Sep 28
In the misty garden of my youth, I lay down
at the bottom of my Sadie cove, struggling
with answers to many questions, I only wish
I knew in the summer of my life!

Through each of my thoughts, I watch the
seasons disappear, knowing if living was
different than the way I lived it, trees
would be a little lovelier, flowers brighter
with fragrance filling blue skies with

Limitations hold back many from there
destiny, confusing it with logic instead
of desire; ruled by a higher power, meant to
materialize smoothly in realms of light
brightening shadows, bringing tranquil
knowledge, born of life to those who seek
the truth of souls deepest connections
purified in the perfect formation of
love's sweet divinity.

Bring back the streams freshened by
the sun, windy shades of color
manifest dreams in the darkness
of green golden mountain peaks
lie still, magi k appearing before
that misty garden in the winter
of my incredible life.

Time of great glory flows deeply in
tune of loves sweet memories of
living life to the fullest.

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Sep 28 · 64
Keep Our People Safe
Harriet Shea Sep 28
Keep my people, safe God of nature
leave them unharmed, they are my
people, part of the land, there heart
beats like the mighty trees.

They are like the earth, the stream
of life running through their blood
capturing the goodness that surrounds
them, my people of love.

Keep them safe, they hunt the buffalo
for food, the white buffalo appears
when death is near, a sight they want
to see.

People wild, free, little ones growing
like wildflowers, so fresh and beautiful
keep my people safe, they are part
of everything that grows.

My people love the land of magic, they
chant to the master of our universe
they believe another life of peace will
bring back the love of all nations.

(Keep Our People Safe From Harm)

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Sep 26 · 22
Melodies Haunt
Harriet Shea Sep 26
Where the rain forest meets the ocean
silence calms each heart of memories
burdening them no more with sadness.

In the darkness, roads lead somewhere
in the depth of understanding, in each
soul, there is a yearning for release.

Melodies haunt each thought plagued
with anticipation, no longer hurt exist
making a heart grow stronger, it now
turns face in reinsurance calm.

High you stand, softness filling
your heart of the misunderstood
there are no more reflections of
fear, tranquility fills each gap that
once bled red with doubt.

Time echo's across meadows
leaving misty morn, capturing
the warmth of secure melodies
freedom starting a journey new.

Laying on a bed of knowledge you
shut your thoughts, connecting
to wisdom, life just begins
death has brought you

© 2019 DereenaBree(All rights reserved)
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