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632 · Oct 2018
Our Lasting Friendship
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
A lasting friendship
between you and me
a friendship I never
take for granted.

A lasting friendship
to the end, a friendship
always want, to make
me smile each day.

If sorrow comes, and tears
must fall, I'll always be
with you my friend to
the end.

If happiness we shall find
may we share it among
the ones we love, we are
never alone being friends
the way we are to this
very day.

Like each flower that blooms
and noticed, for it's beauty
so is our friendship that
will never die.

(Dedicated to my best friend I have known
since I been three years old) Were 78

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
608 · Sep 2018
Wonderment of Miracles
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Sitting on a mountain high
gazing across the wondrous
art, so magnificent, with clouds
that will never appear again, they
shall vanish into vapor and another
will appear to bring forth

Wonder if life brings all this beauty
for us to become aware, finding
it in our own hearts to except
what we cannot change!

Calming effect flows through us
while we wipe away the stress
of another day.

Upon a star we make a wish to
have better understanding to
know answers to questions we
must learn through research
or living.

Sweet air we breathe to live
proud, realizing each breath
we take is another second chance
to live a better life, knowing we
are in charge, of all we do with
deep love and respect.

Their will never be another us
it is in our own hearts to climb
each mountain collecting each
thought, storing it away in our
memory bank.

How lovely to appear amongst the
stars, making wishes and praying
for happiness we carry deep
within our golden legacy
of whom we have been

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
558 · Jan 2019
The Rose
Harriet Shea Jan 2019
A rose of perfection
just been born, to put
a smile on someones
face, that lives in sorrow
because of a broken heart.

Give a Rose!

A rose to calm the hurting
soul, to see a twinkle in
eyes so sad, to just
give a fresh rose makes
a person feel good through
and through.

Give a Rose!

There is nothing in this
world has a rose, each pedal
soft as silk, and perfect
to the eye.

Give a Rose!

All flowers are beautiful
only the rose brings out
a special message
of 'I love you.'

Give a Rose!

The red rose is for passion
the yellow for friendship
the white rose is for purity
that a young lady always

Give a Rose!

The rose of love
is never forgotten, it
blooms each and every day
for a lost love, a birth
a death of someone you
love, just for no reason
at all, the rose stands
above all.

Give a Rose!

By Derena
© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)
344 · Oct 2019
Lessons Learned
Harriet Shea Oct 2019
Touch each flower, smell
the fragrance of freshness and
the sweet desire that arises.

Like life it's sweet, it's
lovely, what lies deep tells
the story of treasures not
yet seen.

Roads traveled never
play a fair hand at times,
only new changes of
lessons learned, make
each road easier to
travel on.

While you find yourself
don't forget to pass some
of your wisdom on!

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
306 · Apr 2018
Divine Purpose
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
What shall this divine purpose be
I ask in the silence of my lonely
room!! I cannot listen to loves
call any more, it has disappeared
and went into another dimension,
a place where love sleeps for

Divine purpose reveals sheer
devotion, for in having this
shall you control all conflicts
that appear before you, for
leaving behind one special thing
in life, you face another with
a wiser stronger heart.

Not all happiness revolves
around love, it revolves around
an important deed, that needs
to be accomplished, a deed
that will come from heart and soul.

Though this time is still untouched,
it will open and you will find
that divine purpose you are here
to make happen, it is sad your hurting
again, it will heal, and you will understand
what your divine purpose is.

Life on earth never always turns
out the way we want it too, it has
so many clouds that pass, but their
is always the light that lives deep,
to keep you strong from pain, stopping
those tears you shed for the loved
ones you left behind.

Don't feel alone, for your never
alone, your people stand by you,
you may not know who they are now
but in time, you'll notice the change
that will be taking place, for in doubt
does one come out, a winner.

Like the plane that flies high over
clouds, you shall fly high, way over
the universe, where your heart lives
not here on a earth, that brings conflict
pain, and in the end, destruction.

Your heart does not live for you
alone, it teaches many the meaning
of what is to come very soon, listening
gathering thoughts from you, shall this
happen little at a time, with knowledge
just like a bird who cannot find his
nest, but after searching hard enough
he finds a better one that is stronger.

Divine purpose is so sacred, it
leads one to walk a life alone for a
special reason to reach out and touch
the hearts of others, though, the sacrifice
may be great of heart, you will reap rewards
to great to mention, for in giving, one must
keep believing.

The blackboard is no longer black, it
has now been filled with information that
needs to be read and accomplished step
by step, information important to be unloaded
within, and followed carefully, doing this, will
you find your people, and your divine

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
297 · Apr 2018
Love Everything
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Love is like a dream,
never ending, just
continuing into a sea
of sweet bliss.

Love and forget everything
else, if you love and share
life, it will reward you in
every thought that makes
living worth while.

Love lasting, like the
shadow of your smile
in the silence of the night.

A constant beating
of a loving heart
whispering across
the wind swept room.

Storms of love shoot
out, like diamonds
falling to the ground.

Dreams of reality grow
deep with each tender
touch. a kiss that pours
out love, will never be
sad, they found the light
of tranquility.

Lasting emotions unleashing
desire of loves first kiss
a night of eternal bliss.

Midnight glance, a smell
of sweet perfume floating
with the soft breeze of

Tenderness of dreams live
on, to see another night
showered with stardust.
and daffodils in the garden
of sweet memories of every
thing that has passed in the
mind of a peaceful heart.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
270 · Jun 2018
Dance With Mother Nature
Harriet Shea Jun 2018
Along my life of wonder
chasing each star in
the heavens above.

Dreaming about the good
times when life was simple
and kind.

Dancing with nature
taking chances, wading
along the stream of life
waiting for a second
chance to look love
in the eye.

Laughter fills each
day with gratitude
walking along counting
pine cones.

Dancing with nature, I pray
I will always feel this peace
inside, a simple wild rose
finds it's way behind my
ear, while dancing and flirting
with natures ways.

(A poem taken from my (Nature Collection)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
262 · Aug 2018
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Where are the old toys of yesterday?
I wonder who takes tender care of them
now, remember when eyes sparkled
with joy, when you played hours with
toys that now are broken, trashed, or
put in a box somewhere for memory

Simple Indian, soldier, and cowboy
toys, so tattered they became, now
they lay buried, in the vault of time
what enjoyment, it was, to play with
them, even brought them to bed.

Paper dolls, they were so much
fun, cutting out their cloths carefully
wishing you had as many cloths as
they did, what a little girls delight
now they have become a something
that was once, a little girls joy.

Tinker toys, what angry surfaced
when falling apart before you finished
making what you were building
holes were not drilled properly
little arms, did not have strength
enough to push hard, that is when
daddy became a pushing tool.

What happened to our simple toys?
they were toys that brought sheer
happiness, little toys, but fun toys
that will never be forgotten from
the one's who spent hours playing
with them.

Now look! at the toy shelves!! What
do you see but a price tag, that
most will never spend, on something
made without feeling, batteries
for everything, and now where did
the simple life disappear too
ask yourself!! Have you ever
wondered how it would be to
live the simple life without all
these changes, that not only toys
have changed, we have, wishing
life was simple and rewarding
once again.

(Nothing remains the same, except the
universe and the world).

(We live, love, and pass away..
But nature continues on in grace)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
258 · Dec 2018
I Borrowed
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
I borrowed love from my flowers
in my flower garden, for a little
while, how warm, fragrant, as
they quietly entered, like soft music
in the misty dawn of summer

Love every where inside and out, just
notice the song that flows from
all living creatures, they have a special
note all their own.

The first snow in winter falls, gracefully
each different in shapes and song
as they drop lightly to the frozen

I borrowed all of natures love for
one season, feeling sensations of
communication and song, through
out time, she sowed her sweet
love in my soul.  

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
252 · Dec 2018
Fire Inside
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
Fire inside, burning, growing deeper
as the wind blows away fears no longer

Fire inside, blazing across unknown
dimensions of space and time
as we know it.

Touching heart, touching soul beyond
knowledge and understanding, fire
unseen glowing with delight.

Fire of youth burning through, strong
as steel, forever true.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
249 · Oct 2019
Keep Singing On
Harriet Shea Oct 2019
Sing sweet one to me, let me
hear your sweet song, your
voice has sunk a million ships
now that you have gone, you
have left your name in lights
never to be forgotten.

Sing on, let the angels hear
you now sweet one, there
will never be a star brighter
then you are, only the stars
in heaven can tell you true.

Sing on sweet one, your
voice was never meant to
be forgotten, not here on
earth, and in heaven, you'll
delivery a song fit to please
the master of the whole

Keep singing sweet one
you always will be my inspiration
your songs have never been
forgotten, they live on
Marlon Lonzo, born with
song and glory.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
243 · Jun 2018
Mr. Moon
Harriet Shea Jun 2018
Mr.Moon, send your love down, let
lovers gaze deeply, let your beauty
shine into each dreamers heart.

A silence, a whisper of each star
sparkling, so many desires becoming
a song of love.

Cross your heart, love has entered in
it plays a role only each heart knows
it leaps to the moon, kisses her, bringing
her brilliance of sparkle back, into the
reality of adventurous bliss.

Beauty of love and spirit surrounds
each believer, she has sent her spell
of love down to those lovers, dreamers
surrounding them with warmth.

Though dreams may not all come true
it is miraculously a miracle to fine their
true destiny.

Mr. moon shine your light, fill the lonely
heart with love, dreamers their true desires
lovers, a song never forgotten, a flower
blooming softly in soul, touching heart gently
with promises an wonderment.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
227 · Oct 2018
Beautiful Heart
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Beautiful heart, untouched
and pure, free like a
hawk in flight.

Beautiful dreams of love
never known a dream
such as you.

Angel of loveliness
standing in your
own space, capturing
all who look upon you.

Beautiful eyes, made
for only me, a savage
deep, with no evil
flowing, only love
locking up with mine.

Singing songs that echo
above the mountain tops
a softness that calms
me, when my eyes may

Beautiful, everlasting
dreams, and rainbows
surrounding you my

Beautiful heart, so pure
letting me in step by
step, oh, sweet love
your my everything.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
225 · Sep 2018
Awakened and Aware
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Awaken children of the light, it is
time to go forward into the Universe
finding why you have had no knowledge
of your present life and where it is leading
you now.
As we know! living is all we have ever known
it is about love, respecting, working hard
on all we believe, and taught, simple as that.
False belief's grow stronger behind doors of
confusion as we place our complicated thoughts
on hold, fabricating excuses without knowledge
of what they themselves are trying to understand.
Now, it is time to find out all the answers to your
questions. As you know, we are only using very little
of our brain, and now we are awakening our brain
which means our intellect will be energized to the
point for us to travel through our own dimensional
state of awareness, finding knowledge, is only
a scar away from the main wound.
Your mind will be opened to all creation, with
no definitional length of intelligence we
have inherited through the beginning of man kind.
We have been enlightened once again for the last
time, for in finding our own light, we will be our
guide for ourselves and all your thoughts of the past
will be erased and a new life will start once again.
Seems hard to understand this is taking place right
now, but it is! and as time passes by, time will be
no more, it will no longer be important.
Living will be different from what you know it to
be, it will be spot intellect, without memories
to hold you down. Memories have only been the
after math of having a brain in the first place,
all that happened in your life was not a memory
it was a thought, manifesting a memory that
was never a reality from the beginning.
All to complicated in our small minds right now
only you shall travel into your own enlightenment
Yes you:! will travel without knowing, you will be
enlightened and nothing will be the same again.
You will be your own person and know all answers
to every question you have always wanted to know.
No more questions will be asked, we will know all
answers, right from the beginning.
Be observant! you will no longer move into the
darkness, when your enlightened, no fears, no
doubts to hold you back from being your true
self enlightened being of the Universe.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
225 · Apr 2018
Go Toward the Light
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Come in, the door is opened
don't you see? it is forever
opened, waiting for people
of all nations, to find peace
that never seems to appear
in these days of starving
souls of confusion.

Come in, light is bright, you
wait, he wants, he knows
what each one feels, after
another day fades.

Come in, it will never be
shut, his glow is bright,
your search won't end, till
you finally decide, to turn
to God, and love him with
all your heart.

Come in, feel the glory
that fills your soul, you
made your choice, crossed
your heart, and gave your
self to God, who has waited
so long, for you to find peace
in his Holy Name.

(You seek, you find your peace)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
222 · Apr 2018
Little Angel
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Little angel be my guide
always let me keep my smile
let me hold you dear within
while I pray to God above.

Little angel sing your songs
never let me see a tear, I'll
always keep you close with
me, while I walk my path
to God.

Little angel play with me
so I'll never be alone
let me know what I must
do, to let you rest at
ease within.

Always shine your light
on me, never let me shy
away, let me learn more
every day, the real way
to say a prayer.

I now shall say good
night, hoping that
tomorrow shall bring,
a more thankful me,
with love to spare
among my friends
so far away.

Little angel your so special
I cannot begin to tell you
how much I love you so.

You helped to clear my sadness
away, when I asked you from my
hurting heart, you never told me
wait a minute, maybe later
I shall help, you have always
been my little friend that no
one knows about.

Little angel now I'm old, your
still a standing by my side, I
have asked you a million times
to help me be strong, and each
time you made me stronger then
the time before.

You still make me keep my smile
through my sickness and pain, and
failure to notice, you even shed a
few tears for me, standing by my
side so many years.

My little angel in God's holy light, you
showered down peace and understanding
within my life, of life's, you gathered
all the fragrance of each flower in
one, and showed me God's holiness
within all of us hold.

Bless you my little angel, this time God
hears my little prayer, with blessing from
his heart, to yours, my little one.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
220 · Apr 2018
A Earthly Good-Bye
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Just want to say good-bye my sweet
friend..I knew it was going to be this
way for a few years now..I already
felt your sadness because we could
not see each other..
God in heaven and all your loved ones
will welcome you home, you can once
again smile, you always had such a lovely
smile..You can see all the snow birds we
all loved so much.
Fly high my friend, your free at last, no
more fear to hold you down, you can
now fly through the heaven of light
and love.
You can go to Rainbow-Bridge and all
your dogs will be waiting for you, with
tails wiggling all over.

I will be down here to pray with light, love
and peace my friend..Good-Bye.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
212 · Aug 2018
Without Understanding
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Control in manner
sadness in spirit
shadows follow
prisoner chained
till you understand.

Mask covers deceit
darkness hides away
the truth, turning off
hope intent, till you

Casting stones, hitting
home, sadness deepens
within the heart alone
till growth begins.

Content concealed
waves rage in anger
upon an island of
disbelief, holding
back destiny by those
who will not try.

Peace lingers, out
of reach, fear soars
high among dreams
untouched, till you

No beginning, no end
hearts grow uneasy
with every passing day
till life drained, begins
a new.

Truth hidden among
snow cap peaks, touching
places never seen, alone
sad, without knowledge
to understand.

Another time, another
place where dreamers
live among fairies,elf's
unknown by those who
travel alone, lashing
out without faith to

Fear like shadows
follow, no explanation
to doubts, living deep
within the raging soul.

Touching promises
breaking dreams with
restless minds, not
believing God's holy
word, just their own
thoughts, alone, forsaken
drowning in self-rage
without a mind to

Just living life, taking it
don't question, don't ask,
be aware what you see
don't deceive yourself
put others first, be giving
be compassionate, but
most important, be true
to yourself, in actions
words, and deeds..

(Doing this, your tree of life
will forever bloom)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
204 · Apr 2018
Laughter Comes From Within
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Capturing a lost thought, flowing through
without realization, laughter can actually exist,
with one, contact with yourself, not being overly
aggressive, believing, accepting you.

Self awareness, understands the consequence with
one alone, living with pleasure of mind and heart
expecting nothing from nothing while music automatically
soothes the misunderstood meaning, of false
pretense, consciously known, by only one
who feels the thought trying to disguise it
from the subconscious mind.

Truth cannot be hidden, it comes out of those
who speak nothing, when awareness awakes
truth is spoken quietly, unknown to the ones who
are envious needing comfort, of self, wishing
they had love, more confidence, letting laughter
exit, with meaning, and strong character of self.

(Lying to your inner-self, will damage your own beliefs.)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
200 · Apr 2018
She Wolf
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
I wolf, maiden in the day light, wolf
at night, where I wonder with a wolf pack
hungry for food, the shattered truth of my
life is a threat to my human friends, never
been so happy since I become a she wolf.

I feel the freshness upon my soul, I'm
renewed each time I transform, a feeling
of great power and true freedom, no one
shuts me in, I am a she wolf of the wild,
a place I've always wanted to be.

The night I was attacked, it did not
hurt, just a little break in the skin, several
months later, when the moon was full
I had a feeling to go into the timber
lands, seeking something, I did not
know what.

Now I have found the freedom I've
always wanted, freedom of a true
she wolf, I with my pack, I ****
for food, and at dawns early light, I
become a woman graving blood.

It may not sound to happy, to be in
the spot I'm in, it really is, I feel more
than anyone will ever feel, I know
what true freedom feels like when
the moon is full..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
199 · Apr 2018
My Road
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
I love my own road, it took so long to make, it
gave me so much pain you wish it would go away
and than one day the road looked like it finally was
beginning to look like a road.

Thought just making it was just the sweat of it,
but not the tears, sorrow, darkness that suddenly
covered the area around it, so you could not continue
till the time was right.

To many pebbles to sort, not enough dirt to
make the foundation secure, surprises under each
level that is removed from the ground, leaving a
gap in between the sweetness that was use to live in
under Neath all the confusion of misplacing the
dirt in the first place.

My road is not very straight, but it was made the
best I could make it, with a lot of sweat, love, compassion,
forgiveness, and much giving of my own heart without
any rewards, I made it strong to last many life times

Indeed my road was worth a life time of making,
and God was my strength through it all.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
195 · Aug 2018
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
You sit quietly believing in
yourself, you can smile, you
can cry, but remember your
heart will always care in a very
special way.

Your the keeper of your heart
soul, keeper of all you believe
keeper of your spirituality and
believer of God.

You sit at the hand of the
beholder, knowing the
distant of mind, distant
of secret thoughts, capturing
blue flames of your own destiny.

Derena Bree
189 · May 2018
Harriet Shea May 2018

You fought for our country brave
and strong, you gave your all the
best you could.

You prayed so hard I felt your tears
when blood soaked in the dry hard

You called for help the angels came
with brilliant confidence, they gave you
strength to finish your fight.

You  fight the war now within yourself
to try to make people understand that
love comes from deep, not from the
depths of darkness, so easy to follow.

You will always be a brave young man
in the hearts of all men and women of
America, the home of the free and the

Thank you for your protection to all our
fighting men and woman and those who
have laid down their lives for America.


“God Bless America”

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
188 · Mar 2018
Electric You***Electric Me
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Electric you, electric me, were
floating, merging in every
direction, completing our vast
journey home

Rebirth, you, me, no recollection
of what was, infinity, lost in a
dimensional space, electric you,
electric me, mesmerized, locked
in our deepest imagination

Flashing lights before our eyes,
appearing like diamonds across
our mind of blurred memories
now forgotten

Touching angels near and far,
God's face in the distance we
do see, in a world we would
call paradise

You, me, dreaming, about a world
so new, happiness never felt till now,
when the un-blemished blackness,
opens wide, with golden light, collecting
both our souls, electric you, electric me
in the newness of spiritual light**

(A New World is coming Our Way)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
184 · Jan 2019
Light and Grace
Harriet Shea Jan 2019
Dress yourself in love, be who
you are, not another person's
fool, in games of chance..
Waking up before your time, will
never make you wise, it will
only bring you doubt, fearing
darkness before the light..
Dream with all your heart
never were dreams meant to
leave angels warmth behind
while you sleep peacefully
in grace and light..
At times we wonder why
rain must wash away
the dust upon the roses
watching rain droplets
fall to the ground.
Miracles do happen when
we believe in light and

By Derena
© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Running wild, free among dreams
magical, soothing, blossoming
flowers blowing in the breeze
of lost time.

Thoughts flooding through my mind
as free as deer running cross paths
far beyond my destiny.

Barefoot! I walk flirting with sweet
nature mother of my temperament
mother of my heart.

In shadow! she wolf follows me
beautiful white, with eyes softly
steading me with every step I
take with delight.

I have to be free, have to be
no other way can I breathe
I dance among the wild flowers
sleep by the river bank listening
to the waters of heaven pass me

No other than mother shall give me
peace as I dance around with my
animals so wild and free.

I am part of mother bright and loyal
I am part human loving from afar
I was born to be free and wild in
dreams flying with the birds of
love and peace.

By Derena

© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
175 · Apr 2018
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Being in the light of encouragement is comforting
to the warrior of doubt, no wounds, caused by
the insensitive alliance between the admirer and admired.
Is except able in the eyes of the beneficial betrayer.

No remittance can permit man to believe in
persons of confidence, upsetting the rhythm of life's
sweet alluring presents and purpose.

Perform with strength and admiration toward
the power of resilience and acceptance of faith
and assurance resurrection will appear in
glory and light and appearance, will cast the
warriors of disapproval away from wisdom and
acknowledgment of perfect alignment.

Enlightenment will make your path easier
to follow the warrior of confidence to survive
the unconditional force of immortality.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
173 · Mar 2018
Crazy Day
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Ever find yourself getting
up on the wrong side of
the bed, knowing your
going to have one of those
days!! Guess what!
everything went wrong,
first, the letters slipped
out of the mailbox when
I went to mail

The cat ate the dog food
the dog ate the cat food
The fish tanks pump
went dead, with the fish,
swimming on there sides.

I left the house, tripping
gracefully over the stepping
block, got my neck caught
on a rose thorn trying to get
the morning paper the boy
threw in the thorny rose bushes.

The dog next door came
in the yard, took a big dump
on my new planted grass, the
city gave me a ticket, for planting
flowers to close to the fire

I went to work, found someone
parked in my parking space, my
computer decided to stop working
and the coffee tasted like tar.

Went to the store, on my way
home, checked everything out
at the counter, realized I had
left both my wallet and charge
card in my other hand bag.

I was about to scream, when my
son came home from school wearing
a black eye, which his girlfriend gave
him for something stupid he had
said to make her upset.

Now was time for bed, and decided
to take a nice soothing bath to relax
my shattered nerves, when I realized
their was no hot water, because the
hot water tank had broken.

I just had it, got into bed, thanking
God for giving me a wonderful day to
tackle, with patience and gratitude.

I figured if thanking God for a wonderful day
my day tomorrow may be just great which I
needed so badly to be, after the stress of
today's craziness.

Should I tell you what happened on my
wonderful day, I thought would be great?
I really better say nothing about it.

(Please don't expect to always have beautiful day)

By Derena  (Harriet)
© 2018 Derena (Harriet) (All rights reserved)
169 · Sep 2018
Emotions Subtracted
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Emotions went out one day and
forgot where they lived, they roamed
all around the world and still couldn't
find their way home.

Something did not seem right, since
emotions forgot anything to do with
emotions, and life started a new with
out a single emotion in thought.

All emotions thoughts were subtraction
how the thought appeared within the
mind why subtraction? when all the
answers are wrong emotions wondered
gather strength to find something
to do with emotions that somehow use
to be part of life.

Warmth of the sun seemed no longer
warm to emotions, since the sun use
to be so glorious once upon a time
in emotions lost world.

So emotions subtracted her way
to the countless few, looked in the
beautiful heavens and started
a new.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
165 · Aug 2018
Divine Spirit
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Divine power soars high above me, standing
for everything I do and believe in, cannot do it
by myself without God's divines spirit.

Dreams do not just happen, they have to be desired
having faith in our divine spirit, helping our dreams
goals, understanding, to become a reality..

The colors surrounding my heart were not always
as bright as they are, it took many years of
determination and struggle to make those
colors as bright as they are today.

Divine power gave me the strength to be a better
me, it did not happen overnight, now I lay in a
valley of Lillie's with fragrance lingering for
miles, a calm and peaceful feeling brought on
from years of belief, faith, and deep love.

Defeat should not exist in our world, not ever
fears of knowledge should not be setting our world
on fire, it should be the strength we grasp on
collecting only the light, spirit, and positive truth
that lives within our own souls.

With understand ourselves, we shall become wise to
comprehend truth, of spirit within our own complex

All answers are just before us to hear, if we only listen
to the spirit of our own subconscious, installed deeply
within, instead of darkness of misunderstanding, we
could all fine out own paradise within our own self,
learning the real reason of existence.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Softly I touched her face, I wipe the tears
away she shed, she cried for our nation that
was gone many centuries ago.

Stories, from years, came back to me
when I was very small, each story
powerful, as her heart is brave, and
true, I let them flow from heart, our
nation that understood how to live and
raise their children with spirituality, mother
kissed them with fertile ground for survival
to continue on with stories that go down
in our history books.

Come walk the fields and streams, I
will tell you how our nation became
a nation, the sorrows, beliefs, faith,
your ancestors had that gave them great
courage, and skills to put a smile on a
face that never frowned, they never had
to be sad, they had their struggles, and had
mother nature by their side, with God's
arms stretched out with love and peace
for his children.

She sat their on a rock near the
stream while I told her the story
of her dear ancestors, while she
listened, she started to shed
more tears, but never in vain.

Each story I told her, another tear
fell, not on the ground of sand, on
the Green Indian burial grounds
growing with flowers, and weeds, and
stories she could pass down from generation
to generation.

We walked for miles and chanted,
and cried for our nation that was
a legend already, all we saw, and
felt, we found out nothing was ever
lost, it was growing all around us,
our nation was blowing in the
softness of each whisper of the
breeze, all we saw was a deep
reminder that our Indian nation
will always be.

(God made us strong, why are we not

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
164 · Apr 2018
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Son of yours, dear brother, he
died at only nineteen doing
under cover work, it would
of broken your heart if you
were alive, to see the way he
died, sweet beautiful Tommy.

He was the apple of my eye,
you would of been so proud
of him, a young man so gifted,
you see him now I am sure, he
was baptized one year before his
tragic death.

He was young, handsome man,
ready to marry and make a life
for himself with his wife to be,
it was so good to have God in
his heart, he lived life to the fullest
living that way till the end.

His life was like a fairy tale, a
knight in shining armor, ready
to defend his county at fourteen,
he was discharged, told to
come back at sixteen, with
parents permission, he never
went back, he fought a different
kind of war, losing his life
doing so.

Yes dear brother, your beloved
son was truly a hero, in all the
good he done for his country,
he had the king fighting next
to him, 'Oh God! forgive them
for they do not know what they
do', were the Kings last words
on the cross, before he died
for all man kind.

Tommy gave his life, for the
well-being of humanity, also,
done uncover work, for the
United States Of America,
Home of the free and the

(Dedicated to Tommy Hart
who died for his country,
my twin brother's, adopted

(I miss both of them dearly)

By Derena
163 · Jul 2018
I'm Floating Away
Harriet Shea Jul 2018

I'm flowing away, cannot resist this breeze,
freshly blowing across my path, I'm free,
never thought different..

Flowing away on this winter day, filled
with promise, with joy, I'm flowing,
skating on horizons glory..

Snow dancing, touching earth, touching
bliss beneath my feet, in silence flowing
away, where I've always been, from
the start..

Here one minute, gone the next, how
sweet each storm is before the
light, mother your right! you've
always known..

'You'll know my child, when the rainbow
appears,' I grew, hearing her words
through life, never knowing what she
meant till now..

Now mother, I'm here, gazing into
eyes, smiling brightly, all I've ever wanted!
was to see you smile, now I'm
happy at last..

You'll never see another tear fall,
upon the thirsty earth, you hold no more fears,
no more doubts, no more sorrow,
you finally found a place where
laughter flows..

Now I'm glowing as I flow, toward
you, where sorrow and pain has no name,
now I see the rainbow appearing as
you told me many years ago..

(Mother You'll always be beautiful to me)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
157 · Apr 2018
Within Your Own Depth
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
I look within my own eye, and see a void
so deep, so light. so green with flowers
blooming across a pasture of grace, love
and eternal contentment.

There is no sense of enjoyment until you
find the pearl of satisfaction, wisdom,
understanding of why we must continue
to go on with enthusiasm.

Living is filled with excitement waiting to
write the next chapter that enlightens our
curiosity, pleasure of body, hearts fondest
desire, down yonder beneath our own
depth of life itself.

How interesting instant happiness can
flow to the surface, without wishing for
nothing, but a pleasant thought of something
simple and beautiful

Guess that means, if you are totally contented
with life the way it is, you must be lucky to have
found that little space in your life that brings
flowers blooming in wonder, other wise
their is no explanation for the peace you have
locked within your heart, willing to share that
secret of true happiness found, without why
this something special was ever found.

Must be the door you saw when you were young
and decided to find your way back to the door
small, plain, rusting away, not a spark, of desire
to be opened, just a feeling that it must be opened
and find that magical key.

No demands on thoughts, love, feelings, only
a simple understanding, of your inner-self,
That is what I found, a life of pure gratification
within my own soul.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
156 · Apr 2018
Right Road To Love
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
There are many roads to travel, so many
look right, there is only one road that's worth
traveling down, the one that reach's the depths
of your soul.

Follow your heart, though it may lead you astray
at times, you'll soon find the highway without a
curve, it's the right direction of heavenly peace,
just listen to your heartbeat, once before it's to

Dreamers often dream beyond reality, but without
a dream, life would be like a shell dried from the
hot summer sun, dream on dreamers, rewards
are waiting.

Pick the right road my love, if you desire, I shall
walk that road hand and hand with you, we shall
always be soul mates, never ending, our love will
go beyond our own knowledge and understanding.

We will connect in spirit my love, the dimension of
peace will travel among our people of the light, we
will unite in harmony finally being home after all
these years.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
154 · Mar 2018
House of the Rising Sun
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
The rising sun how it rises
touches my heart, it tells me
many stories of how I'd love
it to be, when we were together
my dear.

That house of the rising sun, how
sweet you sang it, it made
me sing my own little song, and
made my life so whole. Your voice
was magical and I love it so.

You rise like that rising sun, with
a heart so golden, you'll never
know how, you are missed
I shall hold you always my dear.

Keep that heart raised, it shall
always be so golden like
the house of the rising sun.

I love the songs you sing my
dear, they always touch me deep,
remember when you feel alone
you'll never be, you'll always be
a special love in the heart of me.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
152 · Aug 2018
Sweet Special Love
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Surrender love sweet whisper
swing across heavenly light
wander with me, embrace
loves surrendering passion
while we drift far above
earthly desire.

Surrender mine, swim with me
in streams crystal and warm
shine your love upon my soul
less we linger softly with loves
sweet song.

Surrender softly unto loves
reality, where shadows flicker
like flames dancing on a sea
of glittering bliss.

Come sweetness, we shall roam
free, touching heavens gate
when stars have just begun
to glow, with a new beginning
of loves first tender kiss, my
love, surrender with me.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
150 · Nov 2018
Now Our Time
Harriet Shea Nov 2018
Times of closeness with no regrets
kindness given freely from heart
love, a light that brightens all with
warmth and tranquil bliss.

One with Universe united with love
admiration glorified from high
enlightenment renewed within.

Peace surrounding minds perfect
glow, beyond admiration brightly
lite, with imagination bright.

laughter flowing like mist across
mother earth, kissing a final farewell
to misunderstanding, grasping
on to love that brightens everyone
and everything.

(We make love flow, peace solid, and
all that follows a paradise)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
150 · Mar 2018
Mystification of Mystery
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Submerged wistfully, a lovely image appears
subconsciously before a forest filled with
mystical, illusions dressed in earthly admiration
not known to a mindful thought, of an exotic

Mystified, confused without believing beauty
could exist in perfection, floats away sights
of unbelievable visions, of a world made
before thoughts appeared to visualize a
scene exactly what you imagined it to be
before you thought you could imagine
a vivid place, so mystifying, painted by a
master artist of beauty.

With satisfaction, visions have not been
a disappointment, no description could
be better presented than the vision that
mystifies within the inner mind
of our imagination.

Through deep thoughts, how could we actually
be attuned, with existence in our subconscious
without awareness, mystifying what appears in a
second, a life that meant so much to us in time,
space, a remembrance laced with perfection.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
150 · Oct 2018
A Wish
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
A wish that keeps growing with each passing day

it covers the waters of each dream, it controls me
like a whisper in the night, it weakens the heart

making each day a wish of love that shall always

grow deeper and deeper, till there is only dreams

left to dream, wishes have now become a reality..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
150 · Mar 2018
Among the Ashes
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Among the ashes, tears do flow,
to build foundations strong from fear,
binding threads, behind masks no
more, the count down, has just

While darkness seeps through hearts
of doubt, the land cries from thirst and
shame, why man had to make his mark,
across the universal plain..

Where shadows fall on misty nights,
dawn hides away what can't be found,
thorns never seen, must bleed away,
tears that fall upon deceit..

Truth may be a passing thing, while
silent whispers sharp like thunder,
among the ashes of time we see,
a world distorted, a world we lost,
a world of ashes, known has history..

Though bleakness draws it's final
breath, life flows faster yet, to settle
down across the land, a false
conclusion ends with pain, among
the ashes of yesterday...

Derena (Harriet) (2018 Copyright
149 · Mar 2019
Mystic Light
Harriet Shea Mar 2019
Mystic light shine high above my head
bring forth the glow of life sweet
bliss upon hearts of love.

Mystic light bring forth your clairvoyant
vision in form of spirituality, loyalty, insight
knowing that what shall happen will for the
betterment of mankind.

Mystic light of freedom shine down your
mystery deep enough, to find reason
for generative creation to continue
on with love.

Mystic light of enchantment, guide us
down the path of imagination, knowledge
placing two together encircled as one.

(Mystic Light)

By Derena Bree
149 · Mar 2018
Connect the Circle of Life
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Connect the circle, give it to someone that
needs to know, the true meaning, to
continue on, with passion, endurance, in
spirit, of all who love mother earth, with
all their heart, realizing she loves you
dearly, treat her good, with deep respect
and understanding.

Living true to nature shall make you strong
excepting trials that face you every day
having courage, strength, and faith to
complete your journey.

Say hello to mother sun and father
moon, and collect all the stardust
that falls upon your life with joy.

Drink of the water fresh from the heavens
and collect the feathers from angels
dropping them for you to know they are

Thank your spirit guides that shall
lead you home someday with love
and grace.

Be yourself and don't be deceived from
those who think they have all the answers
living life.

Play your cards well, and honesty will deal
you happiness, always respect your heart
desires, passion of life, to succeed your
adventures with knowledge, understanding
and wisdom to follower your heart.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
148 · Mar 2018
November Rain
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Was raining hard that November
tears fell in silence, emotions
touched heart, life had suddenly
changed without a thought what
was to come.

The crisp wind blew across
tree tops of dying leaves, that
November in the rain, numbness
gathered attention among those
who loved him so.

Laying on a bed so cold, was a
dying man, so young, so brave
so unique in his ways.

He never seen through our
tears, he was dead , brain dead
laying on the bed, so cold, all
alone without a living mind.

His heart was kept pumping,
life support, was his heart
now, his soul was still within,
his mind was gone, he just
lie there in stillness upon
that bed so cold.

That one November it
rained so hard, the day
my brother was taken
home, oh how it rained
when darkness feel upon
those who loved him so
many years ago..

(Dedicated to my Twin Brother)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
144 · Oct 2018
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Life sits quietly believing in
ourselves, you can smile, you
can cry, but remember your
heart is always yours.

Your the keeper of your heart
soul, the keeper of all you
believe in, the keeper of your
own destiny.

Life sits at the hand of the
beholder, knowing distance
of the mind, distance of our
best kept secret, through out
life's path we walk.

We are forever keepers of
the stars that shine, light
that radiates from within, and
the love that is shared with
respect and sincerity..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
143 · May 2018
Majestically Intelligent
Harriet Shea May 2018
The red monuments stand majestically under neath skies
of blue wonderment, and the Lord in heaven speaks
in a soft flowing voice.” I have given you all this beauty
to collect and store in your soul”! “Someday you will
realize this beauty did not just appear from no where,
it was created for all man kind, to open their hearts and
find the true beauty of life”.
How peculiar I felt, has I held one red little rock
in my hand, listening to it's heart beat, long enough to
gather information, that all beauty you notice, will be
the only energy source that will leave with you when
you once again fly through the universal dimensional
plane, with all beauty, you actually captured in the waves
of your soul's core while living on earth.
So what you see of pure beauty was captured from another
soul core, waiting to be created for another, to capture, and
collect, and recreate, over and over again.
Instantly! I knew how creation actually begun, through all
beauty God created for us, and those who collected this
beauty, stored it in their own soul core, passing on over
over again from those who loved enough to store and
pass on the true beauty of love to those who really cared
enough to notice even the simplest of beauty to be passed
on through eternity..
How the mystery of life unfolded before my eyes, as I laid
down the little red rock, I brought home from the red
monumental statues of miracles. In Arizona, we
must make time to capture all beauty in our soul core
to be passed on for eternity, or all beauty will die and
never be passed on again.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
138 · Apr 2018
Savage Intention
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Savage intentions attack each thought,
silence undo the thoughts intent
approach without notice, cooling across
miles undisturbed, heights surrendering
to beauty that never enter in the minds
eye of an intentional attack.

Restless heart, lay down your arms,
no enemy lurks behind each bend
intruder lives within yourself, attacking
emotions, with no return, when danger
appears with darkened clouds, defensive
thoughts growing behind mounts of hurtful
distraction, light appearing calming the

Soar high, fly away, free, fearless,
dividing worlds apart, all that was,
all that's been, now quietly dissolves,
touching heart, touching soul, whispering
winds calming desires within, each
disturbing memory of yesterday.

Captured mind collecting good thoughts
intended to be savage beast no more,
desire blooms like a rose, pure, new
fresh, light appearing within the master
mind and soul, within bringing a brightness
to confusion and misunderstanding..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
137 · Oct 2018
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Do not live for power
do not love for power
do not vote for power
do not be controlled
by power.

If you let power control
your heart, power will
swallow you whole without
any conscious what so

Live by the power of your
heart, soul, and mind
do not think your voice
cannot be heard.

Your voice will be heard
and all good people will
be healed and their paths
paved in gold.

Do not believe in everything
that sounds to good to be
true, normally it the power
that is wanting to be in
control, certainly not real
enough to make you strong!

Nobody, is any bodies fool, unless
you want to be a puppet on
a string, with enough money
you sold your soul for.

Want to be power! show power
change the world with human
force, collective consciousness
can change the world with
prayer..(God is a forgiving

If the world becomes evil, it is not
the good people that made it
evil, was the power of evil
greedy people, living without
a soul or love, that won the
devil's favors.

Be your power of goodness
let the bolts of light calm
the world of greed.

(God Bless Our World)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
134 · Sep 2018
Depth of Sight
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Music of depth, hearts flow from bleakness, in gentle
morn awakening, we softly hear silence, voice of true
acceptance, soon becoming aware of strength and

When eyes see beyond beauty, it comes from deep
within, loveliness cannot exist without knowledge of
belief, we can only see above fake deceptions, nothing
can stop love from entering but our own ignorance.

Destroying thoughts made of illusions, we find mystical
visions of truth, that has always been within all of
us, now fleeting away from fear, we stand strong in
glory and begin to see the depth in ourselves for the
first time..

(See the Depth, it is amazing)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
134 · Oct 2018
We Look Within Ourselves
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
We look within ourselves to see reality..
Dreams Come from within.
Knowledge waiting for release at the
beckoning call. The vault of memories
are forgotten, while we live in another
time. A place of peace and happiness..

Within ourselves we question the manner
of our actions, Were in control of our
motions. our understanding from within
lie our free soul hanging like a thread
frightened for our own existence, till we
finally find how to release our radiant
light from our soul.

(Always Radiate your Heavenly Light)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
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