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Harriet Shea Oct 11
This sun of warmth plays a part in life's
reality, yet life cries on, not to see what
lives under the shade of yesterday.

This day we live, we reach high, sometimes
higher than our destiny, only to find that we
never have to reach any higher than our own

Oh! sweet days, we live each second in
a daze, in a maze of what we would like it
to be, and cannot find our way out.

This love we hold is not how we feel, we
have no explanation how strong the power
it holds just a small degree we feel, it may
be a lifetime to know what love can do.

This song we sing will never end, not if
we believe, letting it comfort our life we live,
just measure each day for what we give, not
for what we want, it can live a lifetime, after
that an eternity.

This world is not bad, it is beautiful, it is us
lacking knowledge, bearing arms being aggressive
what really means our survival, this we cannot
confront without destruction.

(This we know. that only in the warmth of
the sun shall we conquer)

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 8
Touch my soul, feel my thoughts flow softly
across your heart, I the poet of a million

I come to you in many ways, through simple
expression, understanding and deed, notes
written in dreams, awaken I write, till again
I drift off softly.

Poet of a million thoughts bring inspiration
when days sometime are blue, skies
darkened, I am here with you in
written word.

Read me, feel me near, fear me not, I am
here to comfort you, the poet of a million

Within a binder, words are written of a million
thoughts, an endorphin releaser, like sitting
on a cliff feeling the salty mist of the ocean
across your face.

Sweet music to mind, are a million thoughts
of a poet that goes on forever filling the empty
heart that wouldn't exist if words were never

Poet of a million thoughts flow deep from the
shadows of the weeping willow, inspiring words
to appear from nowhere just her ravishing
beauty that drapes in wonderment, completely
my words with the essence of her freshness

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 8
I swim in the pool of tranquility
I gaze at the fireflies in the night
I cannot see the sadness that flows
just the peace within my soul in
times when I'm alone.

I write my poems in solitude when
darkness falls and light radiates
inspiration through and through.

I cannot see what it is for me to see
when it stares back and cannot be
touched only thoughts forming words.

I believe deeply, the truth has it's own special
power, it's own expression of love that
completes our magical reasoning.

How enchanting it feels to cross the
path you've waited so long to cross in
life's challenge, attempting to accomplish
the impossible dream.

Come dance with the stars capturing your
thoughts, that will be released without
force or discomfort upon your quiet gestures
in just one moment, calmly dispenses
invisible fragrance throughout your being
in the silence of your solitude.

Force not the heart to surrender toward
un-truth not meant for soul food, just open
up your mind and let the words flow.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 7
Begin your adventure in life
follow the road without a road
you shall live your own true
adventure, watching life
unfold before your eyes.

Climb the mountain never
been climbed, it has a trail
of enchantment, still not

Believe without anyone
telling you too, you shall
fine each page of life
worthy of seeking.

Unwind the scrolls of time
you shall be amazed at the
wonders concealed.

Combine, all knowledge
power, teachings, and you
will find the master to your

Your journey is the secret
of everlasting life, key
of love.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Someone once told me life
was too hard to cope, it was
more trouble living it, than
cherishing it!

Life is never an easy street
takes courage, determination
belief to be strong enough to
cope with what comes our
way in every direction.

We must pave our own road
through strife, becoming stronger
in the faith of love, learning every
second, we are alive.

Cherishing life is our treasure
the harder the better, smoother
the road, for in learning we
become strong, wise and
maybe a teacher in the end!

Some time ago I met this person again
they said! 'They had learned to cherish
life through loss'! and became
strong in faith and love.

So even though life brings much sorrow
it is our gain, our teacher, our true
reason for living worthy, this short
life we live here on earth.

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved
Harriet Shea Oct 6
In this quiet night of love, she
thawed threw the ice, melting
away from the coldness of gloom
and confusion.

Must have been the time to feel
the gravity that hid away in
the distance, never showering
away from her mystified shade in
silent refrain.

Carefully the touch continued
on with compassion, and the
stars once again sparkled
like they never did before
the storm touched down and
chased away each fear.

In the silence of night glass
became filled with awareness
one more time before it leaked
out slowly with few regrets.

Now, without concern, filtered
smoke disappeared, no more
reason to have it return, cause
the silence has entered, clouds
have no reason to cover away
the truth..

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Among the ashes, tears do flow
building foundations strong with fear
binding threads, behind masks show
the count down has just begun.

While darkness seeps through hearts
of doubt, the land cries from thirst and
shame, why man had to make his mark
across the universal plain.

Where shadows fall upon misty nights
dawn hides away what can't be found
thorns never seen, must bleed away
tears that fall upon deceit.

Truth may be a passing thing, while
silence flow like thunder across skies
among the ashes of time we see
a world distorted, a world we lost
a world of ashes known has history.

Though bleakness draws its final
breath, life flows faster yet, to settle
down across the land, forces of false
conclusion end, in sorrow and heartache
among the ashes of yesterday.

Today's another day, where ashes were
thrown among never-ending sorrow, years
and years ago, now freedom rings no
more, we walk among disasters new
where only shadows flow and darken
in these new days of uncertainty.

(Cross your arms each and everyone, that
we may never see the shadows appear)

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
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