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Jul 2022 · 266
A Jul 2022
I wonder what's the tale,
Behind a relationship that never fail.
I wonder how they survive,
And keep their relationship alive.
Feb 2021 · 1.2k
A Feb 2021
I took one pill to strengthen my body
But pain breaks it slowly.
I took two pills to forget
But pain makes me regret.
I took all the pills
And pain never died at all.
Dec 2020 · 165
The Night Isn't Silent
A Dec 2020
They scream in their head,
Unending tears upon their bed.
They fight a battle no one knows about,
So they keep the pain and shout.
Oct 2020 · 128
A Oct 2020
I hope tomorrow won't be another day.
I hope I'll die as I sleep tonight.
I hope pain won't follow me along the way.
I hope choosing death was right.
Aug 2020 · 128
A Aug 2020
Suicide isn't right
But what if death was the light?
Aug 2020 · 128
A Aug 2020
How ironic it is
To be born
Just to die-
Jul 2020 · 149
A Jul 2020
A shaded black
Full of shadows,
A rounded track
No one dares to follow.

As you look closer
Shadows reveal,
As you look further
One dot I feel.

Maybe you can see a circle of friends
But it was just shadows trying to pretend.
Jun 2020 · 149
A Jun 2020
My world is a quiet one,
Worse than a lonely town.
The more I step down,
The more I get drown.

If only suicide is not a sin-
Maybe I can stop this world spin-
Jun 2020 · 114
-Which am I to you?
A Jun 2020
Unimportant person
An importan person

Same sound as you utter those words
But has different meaning.
May 2020 · 100
A May 2020
I owe her a thousand poems
And all I ever wrote was goodbye.
May 2020 · 94
A May 2020
He laughed at the idea of being okay
When he knew sadness could pretend this way.
May 2020 · 101
A May 2020
Sometimes, people don't say goodbye because they wanted to leave.
Sometimes they say it because they don't want that person to be left behind.
Jan 2020 · 120
A Jan 2020
What's the purpose of writing a thousand poems
When all I want to say was just these two words,
I'm tired--
Dec 2019 · 180
-That's why people leave
A Dec 2019
Maybe I'm not good enough~
Dec 2019 · 143
A question
A Dec 2019
I never seek for an answer
I never dare to ask
Thinking, life wouldn't be that fair
People around me never lasts.
Dec 2019 · 156
A Dec 2019
In a crowded place
I found my soul misplaced
In a loudest shout
I saw my mouth that doubt.
Dec 2019 · 458
-But I'm not
A Dec 2019
I fixed the words
to lie
I must say I'm okay
so that no one will ask me why.
May 2019 · 22.8k
A letter
A May 2019
Dear death,

I have met life,
He wants me to fight,
But I'm so weak-
So can we meet?
May 2019 · 189
A May 2019
I'm a blank canvas,
I don't know what kind of art I was,
I tried to paint colorful things for me,
But I guess this emptiness is what I see.
May 2019 · 152
A May 2019
"The sleepless nights"

"The forbidden light"

"Isolated moments"

"Life become his opponent"

"A boy who never cry"

"A smile who always try"

"Cramble words inside his mind"

"Missing thoughts that he always find"

"Empty image around his eyes"

"A joyful boy who always lie"

"The saddest goodbye"

"The sweetest lie"
May 2019 · 130
A May 2019
People see me as a happy person,
Who always laugh without enough reason,
But in my deepest soul,
Sadness is out of control.
Jan 2018 · 200
Next Bus Stop
A Jan 2018
When will be the next bus stop?
The next time we will see each other and mock,
The end of the day that you will say I love you,
And I'll reply I love you too.

Every words that I state,
Comes from the heart without a hate.
Memories of you that still remain,
I want to go back where it all begin.

I want to see you closer,
Hug you tighter,
And no more tears will drop
As if it would be the last bus stop.

I want to hear you laugh,
Make a decision without a doubt.
I love how you smile,
It makes me stay for a little while.

But as years pass by,
I still have tears in my eye,
As I blew every candles,
Wishing you would come back cause it's hard to handle.

When will be the next bus stop,
So I could see it and hop,
Cause I miss you so much my love,
I wish I could ride that bus and see what you have.
Jan 2018 · 174
A Jan 2018
As I woke up in the morning,
I wore mask to hides everything,
Those smiles and laughters that I fake,
Can create a thousand tears of lake.

As I wear a mask,
Everyone asks,
Why you seem so happy?
And ask myself, do they know the real me?

I wish I could tell a story,
Talking to someone by saying thank you or a sorry,
I wish I could tell mine to,
Just like everyone do.

But it would be a waste of time,
Because I know it would fill tears in my eye,
Smiling and laughing with everybody,
Is such easier than telling your own story.

Each one of us is a liar to,
Try to look at yourself and tell me it is true,
Telling a lie is easier,
Than sharing a story that you're a dreamer.

Dreamer of your own thoughts,
Captain of your own boats,
But you still rowing on your tears,
And the dreams turn out into fears.

Some people who smile the widest,
Turns out at night to be the saddest,
Each one of us has a secret,
But it turns out to be our assets.
Jan 2018 · 137
A Jan 2018
Love is a choice,
It's not just a flower or a toy,
That you can pick or buy easily,
And just leave there solitary.
Jan 2018 · 141
A Jan 2018
You were the most precious thing,
That I have ever seen,
A joy that you bring,
Will everlasting mean.
Jan 2018 · 139
A Jan 2018
I believe in every word,
And the things that I always heard.
I believe in love that has no detail,
The way others believe in fairytale.
Jan 2018 · 137
A Jan 2018
Out of those girls,
You are the most precious among the pearls.
The way you shine,
It seems so fine.
Jan 2018 · 133
A Jan 2018
Under the moonlight,
I saw you shine so bright,
And as you sparkle in the sky,
All I want to say, was just a simple HI.
Jan 2018 · 144
A Jan 2018
Every beginning,
Always have an ending,
But every ending has also a beginning,
Maybe life is a little bit surprising.
Jan 2018 · 343
My dream
A Jan 2018
As I walk slowly towards you,
I'm imagining a girl that would say I do,
That would walk down the aisle,
And while I'm in tears with a beautiful smile.
Jan 2018 · 144
A Jan 2018
I love how you laugh,
Thinking I already found my other half,
Cause without you,
I can't say the words I love you.

— The End —