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A Jul 2022
I wonder what's the tale,
Behind a relationship that never fail.
I wonder how they survive,
And keep their relationship alive.
A Feb 2021
I took one pill to strengthen my body
But pain breaks it slowly.
I took two pills to forget
But pain makes me regret.
I took all the pills
And pain never died at all.
A Dec 2020
They scream in their head,
Unending tears upon their bed.
They fight a battle no one knows about,
So they keep the pain and shout.
A Oct 2020
I hope tomorrow won't be another day.
I hope I'll die as I sleep tonight.
I hope pain won't follow me along the way.
I hope choosing death was right.
A Aug 2020
Suicide isn't right
But what if death was the light?
A Aug 2020
How ironic it is
To be born
Just to die-
A Jul 2020
A shaded black
Full of shadows,
A rounded track
No one dares to follow.

As you look closer
Shadows reveal,
As you look further
One dot I feel.

Maybe you can see a circle of friends
But it was just shadows trying to pretend.
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