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Uma natarajan Jul 2018
Abandoned buildings
Without yeilding
Of human population
None to expect narration
Haunted by mutilated expansion
Sightless eyes as if stare
Introducing nightmare
As if curses of living now dead
Their remaining bred
Anguishe Summing up
Loneliness cropping up
Howling graffiti fitted up
Idleness of material user up
Uma natarajan Feb 2020
I burrowed deep and built my abode
Clearing woods and stones made a narrow road
Also made a wire mesh compound
Listening to Squirrel's sound
Paved the floor with black soil
Four towering walls never allowed the house to boil
Carpet of grass outside was laid
None to speak with nothing was said
Stars at night marched like a thousand little lamps
And the weather was always chill and damp
But I longed for the warmth
Uma natarajan Aug 2018
Elephant watched the butterfly
Sitting on its huge tusk with a fly
The butterfly jumped from one place to another
Surveying elephant's body every where
Elephant got envious 'of butterfly 's briskness
Saw butterfly sitting on the delicate flower enjoying honey filled petals
Elephant humbly thought it knows only to ruin and crush the plants
Not to appreciate their beauty
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Armful of roads are seen
Across the window lean
Tree like small houses in a row
Stand ***** and glow
People pace up and down
Eyes observe their dresses and gown
Sky appears Mourning
Roofs of house experience mornings
Dreams are ploughed
Like faces of crowd
Houses feel cold weather
Fractured thoughts limp together
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
The difference between the structure of eighteen and
Then my physic was straight and sturdy
The lines of my walk with swagger savored confidence
Eyes tagged with clear vision staring at moon in elegance
Now the back is bent, the teeth have vents
Drooping ******* hang with doddering bents
How this transformation of the contraries  surprise?
Once this body gleamed in fascination now stands at the verge of compromise
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Age crawls wordless
Agony scrolls bondless
Years just rollsby effortless
But passing time worthless
Makes me senseless
And I sniff aimless
Moving useless
Live a life meaningless
Giving results effectless
Accepting challenges baseless
Head towards old age spirit less
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
A glass house  of varied colors
Decorated my room with its bowers
Which gave vivid showers
Suddenly fell apart in pieces
Left every where bits lost my peace
Brought stone reality
That glass's mentality
Brittle and ready to break
Whereas stone would not even crack
Delicacy mere bauble
Would one day crumble
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Sometimes mind turns lazy
Suddenly becomes crazy
Like a stump stand stamped
With impertinent attitude Clamped
Witnesses outcomes unfavorable
Outcomes beyond imaginable
Forgets to respond to any activities
Engross in its own dignity
Lay's idle without clarity
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Life is like anthill
Little high with complications still
Confused with countless illusions until
Faces obstructions in its holes
With so many loopholes
But stumbles only when the defined end comes
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Often the paintings keep expressing in unexpected ways
Freeing their internal spirit and the weight of subjects spreading their rays
They come alive with simple joy, touch and taste
Muddy smell of earth fills in their nostrils chaste
The painting of spring bloom of palash
Spreads its fragrance all around and abash
The paintings of the blue sea
Tastes salty and the waves dance in glee
Paintings of huts with Cowdung mopped floor
Straw and hey roof and vessels earthenware
Appear sophisticated and fair
All the painting S's consciousness seems collective
Classical theme of rare subject is objective
Painting canvas is loaded with variety of motifs
Birds, animals, nature all appear natural not stiff
To determine artist's imagery remains a puzzle tough
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Ask yourself sometimes
How guilty you feel at times
Since you want to correct your present
Thank yourself at bedtime
Watching the moon crescent
How you rate your errors
Realizing your mistakes like horrors
Your charred dream would visualize
Making you realize
Your crumpled ambitions
With lots of inhibitions
Sun of civilization
Smiles at your assimilliation
Of future steps trending in your imagination
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
As the sunset fades in the west
I see in you twilight best
I observe glowing fire
And immensely admire
It makes my love towards you strong
So I want you to live long
Like a tree planted increases joy
Plants a comfort that never cloy
Your relation is beautiful and strong
With its shelter I can throng
Sunset murmurs soothingly
Your benediction flutters convincingly
Uma natarajan Jul 2020
Using spectacles of a very thick glasses
Entertaining the passers-by and the masses
Squatted, chewing tobacco and splitting on the roadside
A small red carpet spread wide
Peneterating the myopic eyes in to the horoscopes
Offering customers good hopes with scope
Studying about the zooming planets
Defining about the stars without regrets
Mundane assurances in his given verdicts
Which seldom proves right of his predicts
Public get attracted by future images tangling
With all prospects shining and jingling
Shaky past transforming and banging
Cold cobalt craziness of it bending
Silhouetted small promises of astronomer as if trending
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Sitting on a folding chair at the top of mound of a small hill
Getting somewhat sinked with the cool breeze rather chill
Staring out at the blue delight of the sea shore
Human habitations appearing in miniature to score
Surrounding hutments, houses, factories and the ancient fort
The minarets of red mosque and high court
All buildings rising to meet the crimson sky
Sky as usual stable with  some clouds here and there to weigh
Sheltering and embracing kites at their free fly
Between the sky and my tired eyes
There is complete wide gap and Perturbing sigh
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
At this hour of clouds
Thunder sounds loud
Dreams just float
Like butterflies of ghost
Trance start up
With unknown thoughts up
My work multiplies
I dry my clothes
And rain drops make them wet
I arrange them with a net
Dry them in hangers
Like skeletons of strangers
Uma natarajan Oct 2018
Trifle breeze breathing
Flowers just blooming
Leaves kept falling
Snack Slender awaiting
Small appetite arresting
Honey bees on the dome gathering
My thoughts are bursting
Emotions rushing
Wishes crushing
Storms suddenly stirring
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Everymorning I travel
The world I travel
Consists of petty things
With which I mingle and sing
As the vehicle haults
With some or other fault
I do not miss to watch
Gushing water over the pool
That flows so cool
There a white dove sits on the rock
It draws my attention with its mock
It seems Rock and dove both love each other
And a fallen kite rests on the rock altogether
Happy is the dove  sitting
Happy is the rock standing
Happy is the kite resting
And I am more happy watching
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
Brittle end to beauty of nature
Appeared so premature
Like an ****** fever
With threat so severe
Ignition of woods
Spoiling the moods
Instantly burning
Eager flamed turning
Raging forest fire
Fire eating the fire
Here nothing is to admire
Blaze outside
Blaze inside
Uma natarajan Jul 2018
I offer the burning wick
In the evening
And the round stone I kick
The deities look bright
With the burning wick slight
The air is full of roses scent
Sacred wick's flame shines
Auspicious feeling rises
Chants smoothen the environment
Eyes rest on god for blessing's predicament
The village elders resting against the wall
Close their eyes and aspire tall
To have a peaceful life without downfall
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
The blue sky
Birds on their fly
The fawn sand
The sea animal's band
And the robust land
The flow of waves
The breeze naive
Silence slashed
Boats flashed
Tide rising ebbed
Rocks washed
Tourists stood douched
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
I like to Caress my thoughts
Which often wrought
In quiet places my mind like a pool settles
Watches its own trembling fingers
Standing with sentiments lingered
My thoughts wait at the Mind's arching doorway
My emotions when low and heavy
Stand with expectations
Uma natarajan Mar 2019
Darkness approaches darkness
Clinging to lots of clumsiness
Light dissolves in light
Shining so bright
Trees offer shades
When the scorching sun invades
River meets river with gled
Mingles with the ocean and the sea
Darkness is certain
Light is certain
River is certain
Trees are certain
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
I have quite often come across mellow autumn
Witnessing the pink, Violet, red, yellow and so many blossoms in their withered columns
Awaiting for the splendid bonanza of happiness at the beginning of the spring season
Watching the larks flying tirelessly in the sky distract my attention
My unlimited expectations keep multiplying along with the change of seasonally brought sceneries
My reflections of life just take a leap like ripples and pause for a break of reveries
Weaving dreams along with the changes of weather and the environment
Sunny days just long for snowy winter 's
cool, chill excitement
Spelled by the charm of rainy showers,
my loads of emotions find the suitable imaginations
And they get radiated by the azure bowers of droplets' s transcended elevation
Uma natarajan Jun 2018
Obedient but naughty children
Rather with no concern
Care free, gallop vibrant
Watching cartoons instant
Blowing wind in the colored phantom balloon
Not in a mood to listen to grandma's riddles harpoon
Clapping over Scarecrows on the top
Musing and listening pops
Playing with pups playing on the ground
Throwing mud ***** from the mound
Great pleasure in watching them
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
After closing the door
Keeping myself indoor
As it wasdrizzling
And to move out, i was unwilling
I sat down to write a poem
Thin wind was blowing
Evening was not glowing
There was no light outside
But bat's movement was wide
A bicycle along with a boy was seen
Near the vacant tree standing serene
As I started writing the poem
No breeze blowed
No bicycle was found
No boy was seen
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
Clouds of love has gathered
It is drizzling over me bothered
My heart is soaked within
Greenry  glowing akin
The love's cloud now split
And feelings bereft
Drizzle dried up
Greenery now turned up
In Grey, love in to hate
Date of mate into rivalry
Ended story of chivalry
Uma natarajan Jul 2018
Cloud will you rain
A few drops for seconds
Will you deal with the moist breeze?
Will your rain drops bring the temperature down?
No hurt, no wound will you jump
With storms, thunder and lightening
Taking your own form and color
Will you rain?
Just brief solving my grief
Long hours of humidity
Has made us suffer
So will you bring the change?
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
As darkness hugs night
With soft touch slight
Water mingles with ocean
And moon watches its reflection
Light dissolves light
With spreading delight
Passage move along grass
Covering concrete mass
Trees touch the river bank
And grow fine without sank
Darkness takes roots of night
Water takes moon 's delight
Eternity takes time' s plight
Come and hug me in my sight
Uma natarajan May 2018
Amidst vast copper landscape
Watching the incomplete road map
Standing on the edge of amber rock
Striated granite shining at dock
Braved the carving winds
Chisleeing its sides with rewinds
Dropping with no warning at all
Cool feeling Trembling of fall
Slowly watching the mist layered canyon light
Enjoying sunset of glorious Crimson bright
Music of sunset past fading in fugue
Moon risen behind  like sticky with
Clutching the camera we take pictures
Of washed and Bathed moonlight
In the valley of gods
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
Rising in a family
With comparisons of simile
In the dark Valley
Moving daily
Replenished at home
With family none
But strangers all in one
Fire burns at the sight
Its flickering edges bright
Discomforts irises of eyes
But never tells good bye
Lying in wait to ****
With a strong will
But  crime is fully realized in the thought
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Crumpled ambitions
Fall in to the dustbin
Now they are caged
Totally confined
Want to come out
But get into thrash
With a rash
Die mercilessly
By the dagger of unfulfilment endlessly
Stagnate and never sprout again
Uma natarajan Mar 2020
Sorrow and pain from our life are not far away
Pain seldom dissolves often appears and sways
Taste of tears now and then ever ready  to betray
Life often strucks down by some or other cause
Sympathetic understanding of suffering oppression
Asserts in the name of liberation ending in depression
And we feel human spirit is irrepressible
Personal dilemmas become rather universal
Massive conflicts of our life reflect in our behavior
Interwoven experiences ostensibly covers manners
And injustice and exploitation wait for suitable savior
Uma natarajan Feb 2021
Awesome weather few rain drops falling on my  head and wetting my cheeks
A black cat worried of getting Drenched trying to hide under my porch mewing meek
The loose plasters of roof allowing the raindrops to leak from the roof
And my pet dog sitting under the table feeling aloof
The wet floor in need of a *** to get filled by the leakage awaits
The dark hours without electricity loses my gaiety with its trait
The boiled tea over the oven is getting split everywhere
The dry piece of bread gets drier under the shelf
I lazily yawn and gulp it pitying my own self
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
Getting myself drenched in the night's darkness
Watching the owl's mystic eyes shining like silvery brightness
My ideas envision the hues of black side of life's calmness
An intense passion arises at this hours of total eclipse
And the screeching and fluttering of the nocturnal bats in flocks enthuse
Unexplainable thrill
And my deserted den is echoed with glee and merriment with the noise shrill
My brain resonates innumerable queries, as it is full of grey shades, preferring negative perceptions
Which never await for a glorious sunshine
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Dark appears all black
And is ever dark
Bury all the secrets in its chest
Conceals best
Light hardly knows night's secrets
And appears perfect
Both quarrel often
And there is a syphen
Light helps dark by giving light
Night makes light to relax and sleep tight
Uma natarajan May 2021
Caught in the fist of overwhelming emotions
Waiting for nature 's external forces to interrupt my lucid motions
Expecting new blossoms in the life, otherwise surrounded by stale situations
Trying to embrace affluent impediments of variations
Yearing for the splendid bonanza of happiness to shower its bliss in expeditions
My focus concentrates on new creative innovations
And the scopes of stress gets eliminated from my usual positions
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Dead we are often
In present lost often
Felt the dawn once
Saw golden sunset once
Loved with bets on occasions
Quarreled with foes on occasions
Hugged friends on occasions
Now our emotions lay dead
Since our faith has failed
Doubts increased
Honesty demolished
Sincereity collapsed
Darkness plunged
Sunset doomed
And senses appear dead
Uma natarajan Aug 2018
Desire seeks the sun to kindle
The flame to flare up and mingle
Desire seeks cold wind to rock
And readily disperse and mock
Desire seeks trees to give shadow
And to hang on gallows
Desire is like the stubborn granite
Shivering with blisters bright
Desire leads to calamities of lust
Which is buried in our bust
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
The artist sat with colors
Some bear and cheer
Did he paint?
Or simply taint
Erased more
But did not bore
Drew some birds
That appeared natural
And the blue sky so real
Felt as if birds are learning to fly
In the open sky
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
I cruise to the station of my dreams
And halt at various places
Where morning breeze's chillness screams
And the vividness of atmosphere graces
Blue sky shrouds in my dreams anticipation
My mind travels in its varied imagination
Slipping into the crevices of thought's emanation
I stare at the royal mansions and slums
Both adjacent standing together as chums
Rich Relishing the red pulp of plums
Poor Munching filthy sundry leftovers
My sleep sinks in to sigh of fires
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
God in my dream said "Do not be proud"
Said it loud
"Do not see your big mansion"
He mentioned
I failed to understand  his narration
Even then I stood with pride
Next moment
I witnessed earthquake
I was beneath earth
Grasses and debris
And my vanity vanished
Around me
Though I survived
Uma natarajan Apr 2018
Lines falter
Tongue halter
Prism of words break
Voice just creak
Our world Echoes with silence
We try to part with elegance
Green tea that we are drinking
Is probably last cup together thinking
Spill on my altered  dress
Creating a mess
I ask you to remember things
You nod your head
I feel disgusted
And things are as it is left after
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Spread of cloud of dust
Raged I stand with lust
Trying to get my best
Furious shock
As the night locks
Wavered and staggered in dream
Craven hung and scream
Crept under the bedspread
Lifted in dream evenly spread
Standing in dry trodden sand
With hair blowing in strands
Windy Flung all along
Sudden awakening strong
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Dream in a dream
Which makes me scream
Cloud of furious vulturs
Around my mind nurture
Flung their wings
Lowering with clings
On my neck and
Almost wreck
Hewed like enemy with blasphemy
I utter and chant God's name
And the morn returns with sun's fame
Uma natarajan Apr 2018
As Drooping eyelids search for a dream
Life selects only the cream
Drifting thoughts search with scream
Drifting sun finds its shadow
Drifting imagination gets its meadow
Sun rise is not scarred by its shadow
Or Drifting illusion that is falling down is not scarred by the situation's open window
Sun drifting  finds its own place
To occupy and grace
As the star capture the night
Life keeps on moving at its plight
Uma natarajan Apr 2018
We drink deep nature's bounteous beauty
Collect its sweetness as duty
Enhance its glory as pretty
Nature's beauty overflows
Maintains its glows
We should express our gratitude
As our servitude
Should not harm the flower
The flowing calm river
Never cut the Vibrant tree
Allow them to live free
Nature is the sweetest vice
Like we taste milk,  sugar and rice
Uma natarajan Nov 2018
It was an evening
Almost glistening
Thoughts were brightened up
Boys were driving up
The ducks from the river
Rain water made them shiver
All herded quacked
And the environment racked
Hoarse throated raised their voices
None could resist noises
Their voice more powerful than the frogs
Rain made them enjoy sitting in the logs
Their sound was incessant
Turned irritant
Rain and wind created havoc
Ducks moved with raucous sound adhoc
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
Ear for poetry listens
Imagination glistens
Arrayed like trees alphabets
Stand fixed in all sets
Aura of floating words
Move towards
Gulps vocabulary
Like lined up ants in their territory
And create good poetry
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Fabled birds fly homewards
Gaze at sky Outwards
Brightness of day dead
Noon's heyday blurred
Living beings annulled
Axis of dark evening
Wait for clear morning
Sun playing hide and seek sighing
Ravishing darkness
Dull  hopelessness
All merge with conflagration
Birds try for migration
Uma natarajan Sep 2018
Eternal snows seem to grow
Watching it with tighten brow
Feel like imaginations sown
Making the soil stubble low
Undulating land want to bow
Lands shine and well glow
Winds westwords try to blow
Snow melts and freely flows
Whiteness all everywhere recorded
Sorrows are shed and discarded
Summer winds occupy space like rewarded
Moments of eternity awarded
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