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1.1k · Jul 2018
Those days of childhood
Uma natarajan Jul 2018
Those days when I relished candy floss
And for each petty matters gave a toss
Always kept a bet with the friend
Bribed till the end
When won felt secured
When lost insecured
Childhood memories strange
Often appear and enstrange
Playing with marbles
When cold invited gargles
Playing in puddles
Eating noodles
Those days have gone
Pleasant to remember bygone
665 · Sep 2018
Pale leaves
Uma natarajan Sep 2018
Pale leaves
Lying in heaves
Crave for life
To relive and strife
Staring at branches
Which have shed
Now lying on earthbed
With covering fog
Like a wooden blog
Awaits for a miraculous touch
Bothering too much
Some one would take it back
To the branches and stick there
627 · Jul 2018
Night was falling
Uma natarajan Jul 2018
My eyes were getting sleepy feeling
Mind a little dizzy and reeling
Night was falling
Darkness enthralling
Emotions sustaining
Stars kept twinkling
Some where far a dog was barking
I just kept smelling
The queen of night 's scent which was spreading
Through my window moon was peeping
An old song was on the recorder playing
My ears were listening
I do not know when the sleep entered and I was snoring
505 · Apr 2021
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
My dreams keep searching you in the constellation of stars
And my closed eyes keep travelling very far
Heart gets disheartening, scratching the days spent together
Standing in front of the rising waves, just memories I gather
Tranquility of sea sand keeps invigorating my otherwise last spirit
I feel like getting drowned to the ephemeral limits
With the trembling limbs my mind travels to the sky
480 · May 18
Withering youth
Uma natarajan May 18
Swelling ocean of life of youth gradually subsides by the raise of age
Highlights of the trips of youth still redeem that stage
Etching memories and the eternal bondings get disappeared
Solitude and sympathy only remains in the old age's  shore's vicinity discovered
Ironically tides of youthful spirits end up in ebbing
Resistance stops preventing bounds of control over aging
446 · Nov 2019
Uma natarajan Nov 2019
I have no grievances
No arguments or preferences
Often I keep silent
Nothing much to admit and keep ignorant
I am not a passive rebellion either
Nor Keep myself unaware of situations neither
Never indulge in discovering right or wrong
430 · Jun 2019
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
Tunnels seeping under the river's belly
Cave in and around slowly like jelly
Appear often as silly
Girders built lose, their tensions
Like old dentures in attention
Underneath rattles passing over of train
Lengthen illusions in the rain
Buildings elongate land filled
It takes its time to get drilled
Always has a will to take its own time to settle
391 · Dec 2017
Dark has its own secrets
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Dark appears all black
And is ever dark
Bury all the secrets in its chest
Conceals best
Light hardly knows night's secrets
And appears perfect
Both quarrel often
And there is a syphen
Light helps dark by giving light
Night makes light to relax and sleep tight
358 · Feb 2018
Ask yourself
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Ask yourself sometimes
How guilty you feel at times
Since you want to correct your present
Thank yourself at bedtime
Watching the moon crescent
How you rate your errors
Realizing your mistakes like horrors
Your charred dream would visualize
Making you realize
Your crumpled ambitions
With lots of inhibitions
Sun of civilization
Smiles at your assimilliation
Of future steps trending in your imagination
353 · Dec 2017
Just one candle
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Just one candle is enough
For both of us to enjoy
At dinner time the could be sight
You, me and the dim light
And the hot dinner
Simple soup thinner
Spicy curry as winner
And Thai rice best
With special dessert
Tasty food and lots of love
And smooth talk
No argument or hot discussions
Happy farewell to each other
With notifications on paper
329 · Dec 2017
Sunken sun
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Clouds appear to be brightening
Golden light of sun appears sinking
Blue deep sea just keep swelling
Pale purple evening melting
Stars are seen in the day light twinkling
Lamps of posts keep smarting
Moon with her beams smiling
Through the clouds peeping
And sky seems to be overwhelming
With joy waiting
For rain drops pouring
309 · Aug 2019
Sad desert
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
Kissing the bounds of love
Searching for it from heart and above
Missing the mounds of affection
Which once lasted whole in perfection
Suddenly losing the clutch
I  keep bothering much
Mind since then is quite alert
Finding the heart becoming a sad desert
Trying to find  a shade under a tree
305 · Feb 2018
Pattern of words
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Pattern of words could not resolve my ache
They increase my sense of power but with brake
Fragmented phrases appear fake
They leap out from my tongue like cake
Woven in the brain's loom
Resulting in fine tapestry they boom
Torment emptiness of vocabulary in my mind zoom
And expression tries to groom
297 · Dec 2017
Those days
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Old days of youth
Appears before vision
Now lost sunshine of  youth
Sets Plunges darkness in anticipation
Remembering brightness of youth
Heart cries with emotion

Clouds of old age gathers
Pattered dust's of sickness
Which flatters
Drops of gloom's rain wets
Hammering thunderstorm in the mind constantly bets
272 · Aug 2019
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
Birds fly through
With fluttering wings to prove
Their mighty expedition
And proposition
But my solitude is in flood
The darkness of my blood
The salty taste of my tears
Flow in fear
Pain throbs in my lean veins
268 · Dec 2017
She made
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Jams, jelly and marmalade
She deliberately made
Sweet sour pickles with awesome taste
Made with spices in haste
I relished without sharing
Ate substantially daring
Mom made delicacies
And stored in plenty with efficacy
The cream floating on the hot milk
Langoured in taste with looks of silk
All lost with mom's last
Lingers just the taste still
And ever remain it will
263 · Dec 2017
The stormy night
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
The stormy night with thunder
Heavy lightening making me wonder
Power cut and darkness man-made blunder
Searching for a candle in all the corners
Dashing with the table's edge
Rubbing the bump with fingers and grudge
Rushing in darkness through  all the places in vain
Except the injuries I gain
262 · Jun 2021
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
The gentle monsoon breeze carrying fragrance of earth and the rustling of the plants
Blow away my my mind's dust and moist the brain with their chants
Even then the stubborn heart steals few moments to persuade and follow the music of poised waves
That just raises and falls of the river flowing behind my house and it drives
My heart desires to stamp my feet on the wet miry sands
The crimson firmament of twilight spreading its orchestral band
Just enthuse sanguinity of joy creeping like the rays of sun rise
And my imaginations gallop floating around the peninsula of mind
261 · Mar 2021
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
Strolling lonely in the garden at dawn
My cozy  little porch with an open lawn
Invites me along with my emotions
And my vision approaches, with steps in the slow motion
Around the greenery of plants and few trees
My Slender wrinkled fingers caress the tresses of Jasmin leaves
My heart gets drenched by its fragrance spread in heaves
The swift stream of cool breeze make my mind exuberate in glee
Eternity of red rose bloom makes my ideas flee
254 · Jun 2019
In and around
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
Like the dry fish bones discarded by the cats
Moving on each corner by the rats
Roof top scare crow sitting on the shaft
Smoke emitting out of the chimney mast
Snow settled ready for sometime to last
Cyclops idiotic eyes blast
Howling terrific wind's cast
All favorite furies remain past
251 · Mar 2019
Rain comes alive
Uma natarajan Mar 2019
Rain comes alive
With muddy patch to survive
It connects me to its tune
And my senses become immune
It sways
Goes out of ways
Rustles and roars
Wets land surface but never bores
Falls in torments
Making the sprouts ferment
247 · Dec 2017
Rim of memory
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
I watch scenes from the rim of memory
As cobwebs of thoughts imprison my past gallery
Crisp shadows dance on the wall
And drizzle of silence fall
Augary of days hang upside down
Night falls in the town
238 · Aug 2019
Closing the door
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
After closing the door
Keeping myself indoor
As it wasdrizzling
And to move out, i was unwilling
I sat down to write a poem
Thin wind was blowing
Evening was not glowing
There was no light outside
But bat's movement was wide
A bicycle along with a boy was seen
Near the vacant tree standing serene
As I started writing the poem
No breeze blowed
No bicycle was found
No boy was seen
Uma natarajan May 2018
Behind the trunk of the mango tree
Farmer breaths the fresh air free
The farmer vigilantly guards the rice field
Waits for good yield
His wife collects dry roti for him
He munches holding the aluminum plate in the rim
The scare crow leans against the haystack
With its torn off hat and crack
The cool water flows from the well
Farmer rests upon the green grass to dwell
He hums a folk tune
Hard toil he is immuned
218 · Feb 2018
Lovely dreams
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
Silence of sleep time
Dreams are at prime
Setting fancies free
Imprisoned thoughts at glee
Loved one appear
Whom you loved unclear
To be loved or loved so much
Slothful emotions bother and touch
Clouds of doubts cleared
Wake-up mind dreared
None offered love
Not even the dove
You were never loved
Nor liked
Rest morning tells
Get ready work and the dog yells
212 · Jun 2019
Brittle end
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
Brittle end to beauty of nature
Appeared so premature
Like an ****** fever
With threat so severe
Ignition of woods
Spoiling the moods
Instantly burning
Eager flamed turning
Raging forest fire
Fire eating the fire
Here nothing is to admire
Blaze outside
Blaze inside
211 · Dec 2017
What should I write
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Sometimes it's a big question
What should I choose as option
Nature is too vast
Memories to me do not much last
Imagination is rather fast
Language turns as obstacle
Wait patiently for some miracle
So should I write or not
Or remain silent apart
Like Hamlet proposes to be or not to be
I must remain calm as to be
203 · Aug 2019
Ear for poetry
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
Ear for poetry listens
Imagination glistens
Arrayed like trees alphabets
Stand fixed in all sets
Aura of floating words
Move towards
Gulps vocabulary
Like lined up ants in their territory
And create good poetry
202 · Aug 2018
Uma natarajan Aug 2018
Desire seeks the sun to kindle
The flame to flare up and mingle
Desire seeks cold wind to rock
And readily disperse and mock
Desire seeks trees to give shadow
And to hang on gallows
Desire is like the stubborn granite
Shivering with blisters bright
Desire leads to calamities of lust
Which is buried in our bust
200 · Dec 2019
Uma natarajan Dec 2019
Carrying on with moments of infatuations
Experimenting life with new preparations
After years of variations
Bearing all the limitations
Following imitations
Consoling with obligations
Fighting bravely with the situations
Experiencing death's insinuations
Feeling a delightful expectation
199 · Jul 2018
Old lady
Uma natarajan Jul 2018
An old lady with a worn out saree
Feels not so free
Wearing all torn and tattered
And never ever battered
Continues to draw her dreams
With her song' s screams
She sits with support on mud plastered wall
Her shriek is all over spread tall
Her hut is near the sea
But the blue sea does not fill glee
And the waves bring no smile on her face
She looks at the sky searching for heaven with grace
On the sand she searches the earth
And the lost happiness and mirth
Sun, moon and stars give  her company
A monkey sits with her on her agony
She has frustration all the year
Her long sigh never ends and is dear
199 · Jan 2018
World's existence
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Standing at the corner
Without any partber
On this mortal world
Trying to be bold
Observing time's flow
Which now and then loses its glow
My words want to leave their traces
In all the places
Whenever emotions rise like tide
Feelings burst like crackers but try to hide
World swirls and brings out
Sharp words
As that always remains and is remembered
195 · Dec 2017
Shore is calling
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Bubbles of waves
Appear so naive
Shells of different sizes
Just mesmerizes
Fresh Pearls with enamel shine
Weeds white so divine
Bellowing savage sea
Calling with glee
Sun setting behind
Meeting the sand stand
Sparrow's special note
And the single boat
193 · Apr 2019
Love is a deep ocean
Uma natarajan Apr 2019
Love is a deep ocean
Always in good motion
Difficult to understand its notion
Like the tides of waves
Its ebb rises and never saves
Feelings and emotions burst and settle
Sentiments develop and rattle
Like the ocean's water that
never dries up
Love never dies
193 · Dec 2017
In the mirror of my soul
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
In the mirror of my soul
Nothing appears as foul
I glimpse things stable
Some facts Conceivable
My voyage from one place to another
Often escapes ungraspable future
Symbolizes calm serene postures
But at every threshold brings
Disasters mingled with depressions
Which sticks as tags
And I have to release it from my soul's bag
Soul is a mirror and a bag
Where I can see my reflection
And in the bag search for my possessions
188 · Feb 2018
The rose
Uma natarajan Feb 2018
The rose blushed at her prime
With brilliant colors like chimes
Petals burst with poised beauty
Spreading fragrance as duty
Spring luxuriated its admiring gazes
Rose petal with curling edges
Were all ready to fall as whithered
As the chill breeze blowed
Rose was disappointed at her rim of petals
187 · Jan 2018
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Buds sing good numbers
Plants sway in bumpers
In the eye's interior
Cadence of love rest
And enjoy desire
As it travels in the veins
With moments of stress invain
Passion's Pilgrimage tries to see
Dunes of sandy emotions
And plea the recollection not to disturb.
180 · Dec 2017
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Golden crops are at their best
Appearing challenging on their test
Covering the ***** of earth
Cascading with plaits of mirth
Spreading sermons of fragrance
Good yield in abundance
Dancing with the touch of breeze
With undisturbed ease
Slow motion of their sway
Taking the hearts away
180 · Aug 2018
Uma natarajan Aug 2018
I wander from forest to forest
In search of God attempting the best
I do not find him even in the hill's echoes
Nor in the greenery of meadows
Not even in the flowers and thorns
Not even in nature's morn
I lie down with my limbs turned and twisted
But do not find my God entrusted
Spend sleepless nights, Restless days odd
Will I ever find God?
179 · Jan 2018
Age crawls
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Age crawls wordless
Agony scrolls bondless
Years just rollsby effortless
But passing time worthless
Makes me senseless
And I sniff aimless
Moving useless
Live a life meaningless
Giving results effectless
Accepting challenges baseless
Head towards old age spirit less
176 · Jan 2018
To create a good poem
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
Amidst half chopped vegetables
Standing little unstable
Holding a rag clenched in hands
Cleansing and cooking together
Adjusting my hair band altogether
Tucking my inspirations
Combining aspirations
Wasting convolutions of ideas
To type poems in the media
Hands searching keyboard
But forgetting keyword
Like clothes hanging loose in the cupboard
Grappling string of words hang in the Mind's black board
Net result appears on the website online
Something terrific and deadly streamlined
172 · Jan 2018
In the haze
Uma natarajan Jan 2018
In the haze
Quite breathless and amazed
Dusty wind  rewind
Pigeon flies blind
Caught in the mirage cries
Cuckoo sighs
Dust creeps everywhere
Sands scramble altogether
Under these sequences
Birds feel testing their patience
Metaphysical strain increases
Mind tumbles thought decreases
Human mind gets blocked
Like soft drink corked
169 · Mar 2018
Sleepy sun
Uma natarajan Mar 2018
The sea places the sleeping sun in the sky
Prevents birds from their fly
Sleepy sun in the evening
Likes to retire and sing
With the idea of snoring deep
Rests and relaxes to sleep
But occasionally peeps
Sneaks away at night
Lays  straight
Next day again sea makes sun to wake
Near its blue depth to for its sake
169 · Jun 2019
Uma natarajan Jun 2019
When I met the moon
It was a terrible noon
Both laughed
Until I coughed
I was covered with dust
The moon created crush and lust
It introduced to me rocks
That stood to mock
It's uneven surface blocked
And my sentiments were knocked
168 · Jun 2021
Change of season
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
I have quite often come across mellow autumn
Witnessing the pink, Violet, red, yellow and so many blossoms in their withered columns
Awaiting for the splendid bonanza of happiness at the beginning of the spring season
Watching the larks flying tirelessly in the sky distract my attention
My unlimited expectations keep multiplying along with the change of seasonally brought sceneries
My reflections of life just take a leap like ripples and pause for a break of reveries
Weaving dreams along with the changes of weather and the environment
Sunny days just long for snowy winter 's
cool, chill excitement
Spelled by the charm of rainy showers,
my loads of emotions find the suitable imaginations
And they get radiated by the azure bowers of droplets' s transcended elevation
168 · Mar 2019
Three little words
Uma natarajan Mar 2019
Every time I use the three little words
I do not come forward
Because It means much more
Your existence that I adore
Cherishing the time spent together
Trying to explore your feelings
That keeps on my brain revealing
Reminding whether you too feel the same
Keeping me in guess, lips utter your name
Even your stupid acts attracts
And my emotions gets distract
164 · Aug 2019
Uma natarajan Aug 2019
Girls are my dream poems
The more I create, they look awesome
They become so meaningful
Their approach is never dull
We also find the girls like west wind
With great motion they rewind
They sway with their force
And their blow enforces
Girls are also butterflies
With childish fancy their ideas slighs
Pinned up on life's flowers
They bring eternal bower
163 · Dec 2017
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Life is like anthill
Little high with complications still
Confused with countless illusions until
Faces obstructions in its holes
With so many loopholes
But stumbles only when the defined end comes
163 · Dec 2017
Uma natarajan Dec 2017
Poppies in the fields blow
Standing and swaying on row
Stare at the sky and glow
Makes the lark sing
Allow everyone cling
To the nature and fling
Their emotions rule as king
Fields just multiply happiness
Their colors intoxicate with pleasant essence
159 · May 2018
Lazy dull morning
Uma natarajan May 2018
Late rise
Mentally wise
But still dozing
Dull feeling
Hot coffee getting cold
Mind not alert and bold
Loitering on the lawn
Yawning at dawn
Reading newspaper
Especially the film column
Fighting of stars ****
Unwilling to take bath
Visiting the lonely path
Listening old songs
Playing on table with throng
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