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May 20 · 40
Uma natarajan May 20
Quite surprising how life can flow in perfect synchronisation?
A difficult question asked by me to myself about it's regular mobilisation
Following few odd logics to sustain as recognition
It often becomes a problem to accept all the laws of motion
The rules formulated by ourselves in the earthy life's activation
Intruders's interference without fear embarking the individual in their own resolutions
Disturbing factors of perturbations
May 19 · 30
Inner self
Uma natarajan May 19
The vibes of inner self enthuses to trace imaginations
Evening glories are stretching towards crowing the night's commemorations
Expressions very often leak through the shutters of various reflections
The glass counter of vision witnesses adorable scenic sections
Jasmine emits lasting fragrances through the windows ventilations
Charming **** moon peeps and winks mischievously without alterations
May 18 · 482
Withering youth
Uma natarajan May 18
Swelling ocean of life of youth gradually subsides by the raise of age
Highlights of the trips of youth still redeem that stage
Etching memories and the eternal bondings get disappeared
Solitude and sympathy only remains in the old age's  shore's vicinity discovered
Ironically tides of youthful spirits end up in ebbing
Resistance stops preventing bounds of control over aging
Oct 2021 · 77
Uma natarajan Oct 2021
In the tumultuous of day today life
Often out life gets eclipsed by our constant strife
We elaborate our pains even when they are brief
Our mental agony makes us get submerged in grief
Many critical situations arise with turbulence
And the horrendous instances paralyze our life's essence
Tears rush with fear making  moist the cores of our eyes
We eliminate most important activities by bidding them goodbye
But getting involved in fruitful hobbies, one can come out from this state of mind
Oct 2021 · 69
Uma natarajan Oct 2021
A sparrow perching on the leaved bough in a flash of seconds flew
Traversed all around with chirping mood blue
It was not at all hurt by sorrow or glee
It just collected twigs and wastes, flying free
It was neither engrossed in any strife
It did not bother about the survival of life
It twittered and glittered and picked the grains scattered
Oct 2021 · 136
On cruise
Uma natarajan Oct 2021
Operating fast on weekends ,floating upon the big lake,the tourists boarding and sailing  on cruise
The snacks offered and the ambience provided with ease
Children beaming with fun and happiness
Guitarist playing melody ,listening audience in cheering mood 's fitness
Vibrant display of entertainment and refreshment rejoiced the passengers
Jovial seniors, juniors and the entire travellers
The scenic view of small hills covered with greenery
And the cranes in the company of ducks floating forming a queue in refinery
Jul 2021 · 56
Uma natarajan Jul 2021
When I take a leisurely walk usually at night
Surrounded by illuminated path that fills my heart in delight
Every where it appears as if bathed in ivory moonlight
Cool breeze whispers, brushing my thoughts and its scintillating touch elevates
The fragrance of 'queen of night' flowers enraptures and alineates
Stupendous sound of flowing stream at the back of my house astonishes
I feel so blessed at the splendour of my shelter
Which entices to feel its warmth and my energetic spirit never alters
Jun 2021 · 61
Darker sides
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
Getting myself drenched in the night's darkness
Watching the owl's mystic eyes shining like silvery brightness
My ideas envision the hues of black side of life's calmness
An intense passion arises at this hours of total eclipse
And the screeching and fluttering of the nocturnal bats in flocks enthuse
Unexplainable thrill
And my deserted den is echoed with glee and merriment with the noise shrill
My brain resonates innumerable queries, as it is full of grey shades, preferring negative perceptions
Which never await for a glorious sunshine
Jun 2021 · 263
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
The gentle monsoon breeze carrying fragrance of earth and the rustling of the plants
Blow away my my mind's dust and moist the brain with their chants
Even then the stubborn heart steals few moments to persuade and follow the music of poised waves
That just raises and falls of the river flowing behind my house and it drives
My heart desires to stamp my feet on the wet miry sands
The crimson firmament of twilight spreading its orchestral band
Just enthuse sanguinity of joy creeping like the rays of sun rise
And my imaginations gallop floating around the peninsula of mind
Jun 2021 · 168
Change of season
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
I have quite often come across mellow autumn
Witnessing the pink, Violet, red, yellow and so many blossoms in their withered columns
Awaiting for the splendid bonanza of happiness at the beginning of the spring season
Watching the larks flying tirelessly in the sky distract my attention
My unlimited expectations keep multiplying along with the change of seasonally brought sceneries
My reflections of life just take a leap like ripples and pause for a break of reveries
Weaving dreams along with the changes of weather and the environment
Sunny days just long for snowy winter 's
cool, chill excitement
Spelled by the charm of rainy showers,
my loads of emotions find the suitable imaginations
And they get radiated by the azure bowers of droplets' s transcended elevation
Jun 2021 · 45
Rain and terrain
Uma natarajan Jun 2021
That was a Stormy night, I was moving towards the hilly terrain
Heavy downpours were just obstructing my ways Drenching me from head to toe in the rain
Surrounded by thich woods and the wilderness of night
I felt totally deserted and I was searching just the ways to escape from the flight
Getting trapped under crucial terrific plight
Even my self confidence losing its balance was about to collapse, losing its power
I was desperate to get a roof, to be safe and to shield myself from the continuous showers
At this juncture, I noticed a man with a lantern
Till now, I was a single person moving and now the sight of another human pattern
I felt relieved, both of us moved together, until we reached our shelter
Here the most important part was the other person was coming from the other direction, but for my sake he was again made to move towards the same direction.
Giving me courage, confidence and a good company
he was raised to a higher level in my estimation
May 2021 · 41
Lotus pond
Uma natarajan May 2021
There is a small lotus  pond near my house
My steps automatically move towards it and get aroused
I mostly yearn to spend my time around it
Witnessing the pink color of the lotus bloom and its hues wit
Surrounding to its vicinity there is peaceful tranquility
My sentiments and emotions get drowned in its serenity
I admire the resplendence of lotus blossoms floating in the water
Attaining divinity of the scenic beauty, I feel flattered
May 2021 · 58
Leaving the busy lanes
Uma natarajan May 2021
Leaving the busy lanes and getting entered in the greenery fatigue vanishes
Mirth accompanies everywhere while loitering into the bushes
Countless exotic locations filled with lovely fragrances of trees and plants rejuvenates
The substance of nature brings thrills and stress eliminates
Getting relaxed in under the shade of a tree and getting ready to dine brings cheers
Viewing the fountains and its sprinkles through the edge of eye's rears
Transports to the replica of paradise and mesmerize
May 2021 · 39
Uma natarajan May 2021
Few occasions remain fresh forever, clinging to our memory
Showcasing their prodigious presence creating a prominent reverie
Once these occasions, created a grandeur in our lives brightening the synergy
And their  glitter brought brilliant hues, with inundated energy
Those occasions, when we were just engrossed in reconciling the events
And those occasions that brought cheers with their pageants
Now no doubt our hearts just crave for those precious moments
Even then the mind manages to the present situation with whatever comes on our life's show
May 2021 · 50
Days spent
Uma natarajan May 2021
Caught in the fist of overwhelming emotions
Waiting for nature 's external forces to interrupt my lucid motions
Expecting new blossoms in the life, otherwise surrounded by stale situations
Trying to embrace affluent impediments of variations
Yearing for the splendid bonanza of happiness to shower its bliss in expeditions
My focus concentrates on new creative innovations
And the scopes of stress gets eliminated from my usual positions
Apr 2021 · 44
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
Experiencing intricate Knots of moments that tangles around my life
The entangled brain wants to release and open simplifying it without much strife
Just my desires and longings keeps rummaging through the shelves of mind
And try to explore easier ways to spend the rest of life
smooth, but it appears a difficult task to find
The life is a mixture of varied blended, hues not so simple
If it would have been just plain without complications in ample
The wider spectrum of life would have been a bliss
Apr 2021 · 505
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
My dreams keep searching you in the constellation of stars
And my closed eyes keep travelling very far
Heart gets disheartening, scratching the days spent together
Standing in front of the rising waves, just memories I gather
Tranquility of sea sand keeps invigorating my otherwise last spirit
I feel like getting drowned to the ephemeral limits
With the trembling limbs my mind travels to the sky
Apr 2021 · 88
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
In immense jovial mood, catching the thrill of each pleasant moment spent around the lake
Drenched in the sweet reincarnation of magnificent surroundings and sipping coffee and Munching the cake
Eyes all set on the pearl white ducks floating and welcoming the new visitors
Tourists rejoicing and admiring the sight with intent longing and inculcating  the cheerful other spectators
And the vividness of of water fountains bursting with showers
The subtle sound of flowing lake and the jingling sound of cool breeze with its bowers
Steals my heart away, which gets absorbed in all the tranquility of the atmosphere
Apr 2021 · 76
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
Rejoicing waves of the river  flowing  behind my house drives me crazy
Splendid sandy shore, where I play with the village children at the sunset quite hazy
Village damsels sing and fill water in their earthenware pots
I cherish my heart's desire to be alienated from the rest of the world and which never rots
Few men take bath and giggle alleviating their fatigue
Here all are in the merry mood without any interferance or intrigue
In this scenic ambiance, I spend most of my evenings
Until the moon's reflection falls on the river with repeated innings
Apr 2021 · 51
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
Deserted and desperate heart often clings to old memories
That often intervenes in the short intervals as reveries
Melancholic expressions fail at exhibiting  an artificial smile
The pain experienced in the past moments lasts longer in the mind 's file
The disheartened soul aches with buried sentiments
Even the icy breeze fails to bring chillness to the heart' s burning sediments
Tears well up in the core of eyes preventing the sobs to come out from
Irony of time fails to heal the mental wound, still wet not getting dried by the present time's doldrums
Apr 2021 · 55
Mugal garden
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
A visit to Delhi's Mugal garden, with the nature adorned at its best
Exquisite bonanza of blossoms and cheering plants that arrests
Green lawn and stone slabs keep inviting to its  idyllic scenery
The very entrance is so soothingly colorful filled with lovely fragrances which induces our itinerary
Our hearts sojourn for a while forgetting the disparities of life
Impish enthusiasm reverberates seeing the gyrating flowers in full bloom without any strife
Each visitor amidst this vibrant panorama relishes the sentiments wirh full mirth
The emotional rendezvous with the nature becomes laudable on this earth
Apr 2021 · 40
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
I often yearn to steal the vast splendour spread around me upon this earth
Where I just roam and wander stepping in rhythmic motion with mirth
The waterfalls near my house beguile the heart of spectators
Who undertake a mission to get drenched in its flow so spectacular
The birds melodiously chirp showcasing their sound
And the vividness of atmosphere graces all around
A young girl takes shower under the force of waterfalls singing a note
Presenting prodigious talent to capture the listeners who have time to denote
Ferns and twigs along with the bushes entrance the mind
The exquisite scenic Vista of merry plants just bind
Travelers jubilate forgetting worldly pangs
Apr 2021 · 53
Old man
Uma natarajan Apr 2021
The Oldman with the ragged coat, stays near the river
He celebrates his life's each moment with fervour
The lush green coconut trees around him enthralls
And also  the fish swimming deep diving with a fall
Most of the time the old man spends his time on nature 's lap
As the wind blows and the masts of boat flutters with a tap
He embraces the rising waves ensuring  its gap
With a weak vision and thin body, he moves with a smile
In the midst of tangles this silver lining of smile lasts for a mile
Mar 2021 · 261
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
Strolling lonely in the garden at dawn
My cozy  little porch with an open lawn
Invites me along with my emotions
And my vision approaches, with steps in the slow motion
Around the greenery of plants and few trees
My Slender wrinkled fingers caress the tresses of Jasmin leaves
My heart gets drenched by its fragrance spread in heaves
The swift stream of cool breeze make my mind exuberate in glee
Eternity of red rose bloom makes my ideas flee
Mar 2021 · 42
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
In the tumultuous of fast moving life
With an urge to break the monotonous strife
I went near the river side found an idle boat
I decided to undertake sailing on the boat
Wearing a life jacket I was all ready to float
Humming my favorite tune I smoothly sailed
And covering a distance came to the depth
Though I struggled to rov at length
A sudden heavy wind brought jerks and turbulence
Boat 's smooth movement got obstacled losing its balance
Lines of worry overshadowed and the enthusiasm disappeared
The boat' s direction towards the shore was little eclipsed
Somehow I started rowing the boat under horrendous circumstances
Soon I touched the shore and breathed sigh of relief
Mar 2021 · 37
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
The life line of Mumbai operating nonstop on the tracks
Touching the strings at the roof getting electric energy to run and attack
Boisterous crowd boarding and clinging moving and rushing
Their endless routine and vigor without getting bored is pushing
Tapestry of their tales with their faces beaming with joy create history
The deepest rapid transport making the human population busy but not coy exhibits their chemistry
The most easily available affordable mode of transport
Without any discrimination loading and carrying the passengers through and fro to export
And in return these locals are the best where none goes for feelings of oneness to import
Mar 2021 · 30
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
Few years back, I took a journey to the hilly regions
Visiting a few old temples on the hills brought me closer to religion
In the woods, I came across witnessing many a species of trees
Also a good variety of colored birds that produced vivid sounds in glee
For miles I came across cluster of pines and pines
And during dawn, I noticed behind the trees the glamorous sunshine
Amazed by the pine cones, few fallen on the ground, I collected them and decorated on my shelf
Those cones still remind me of my last visit to the alluring hills, shared to myself
That I caress with care and concern and memorize
As now my limbs no more allow to loiter around and my steps have mimized
Mar 2021 · 43
Uma natarajan Mar 2021
The weary crimson sun is about to retire in the firmament
Furious wind starts blowing in speed pushing and hitting and attacking the environment
Perturbed tenants  of hutments of the slums appear confused
Kids shout and children develop fear with sudden darkness fused
Feeling deserted after watching their hey roofs getting blown within a moment
Wondering about the sudden happening, they come out to the pavement
Etched in sorrow and grief they struggle after next hours food
As hunger has no alloted time to burst out with its mood
The time passes, the outrageous wind stops, things get to normal, but the roofing stands naked
And the increased hunger gets whisked
Feb 2021 · 44
Uma natarajan Feb 2021
Awesome weather few rain drops falling on my  head and wetting my cheeks
A black cat worried of getting Drenched trying to hide under my porch mewing meek
The loose plasters of roof allowing the raindrops to leak from the roof
And my pet dog sitting under the table feeling aloof
The wet floor in need of a *** to get filled by the leakage awaits
The dark hours without electricity loses my gaiety with its trait
The boiled tea over the oven is getting split everywhere
The dry piece of bread gets drier under the shelf
I lazily yawn and gulp it pitying my own self
Feb 2021 · 47
Exile's ending
Uma natarajan Feb 2021
Train is moving ahead with the speed
Every moment it is getting sanitized by paying heed
Forest trails are visual from the edges of glass
Thick bushy trees and shrubs accompanying with mass
Are kindling my mind with all the ideas to ink
And the hot dip tea is initiating me to drink
Laughter and chatter is not echoing in the coach
Due to covid practically the bogey is vacant none is ready to approach
But my family members are keeping my spirits high
I am enjoying the scenic beauty of cosmos and the starry sky
Peeping from the window that keeps up the mind igniting
And the tasty snacks are sticking to my tongue penetrating
Allowing the test buds to get freshen
Playing cards and chatting with my grand daughter is enough to strengthen
My heart and mind after this one year's is getting brightened
Feb 2021 · 37
Uma natarajan Feb 2021
Loitering around the world around
My mysterious calculations strolled round
Standing in the balcony of the seventh floor
As I opened the glass door
Noticed the slum and the small children
Some of them were orphans
They were searching the dustbin
Scrutinizing over the packets of food left in
Finally finding one broken bat and punctured ball
They shouted with joy and rejoiced over its fall
My smile disappeared and I closed the door
Jan 2021 · 39
Old memories
Uma natarajan Jan 2021
My old ancestral village brings back memories that got replenished from the edges of mind's vicinity
The charm and grandeur of the tall coconuts 's green sublimity
Visiting it after decades fetches dreams before the illusive vision 's intensity
The subtle sound of flowing stream and the jingling of bullock cart offers the spark of music
Even the stars as if twinkle in rhythmic motion creating magic
Moon beam  spread grand extravaganza of light
Fatigue ends and the energy gets revitalized and the brain sprouts in delight
Dec 2020 · 41
Uma natarajan Dec 2020
In the midst of certain uncertainties
I lose my temper's integrities
Change of Weather arrives with its specialities
My roof reclines over me with all possibilities
Encroaching my senseless sensibilities
Doors and windows of my house measure my compatibilities
I with my head embedded in the pillow choke in disparities
Rain drops piercing the roof sprawl through roof dropping off, disturbing roof's capabilities
Leakage of roof introduce all the casualties
Ink with which I have jotted my poem spread on  white sheet of paper remind my responsibilities
Dec 2020 · 27
Uma natarajan Dec 2020
Monochromes of thoughts jump
And travel with bump
And craving to rave
Settle with mind's uneven gravel to crave
Perturbed always take an effort
To eliminate monotones of life's comfort
But goes on contemplating
On stagnant ideas filled with strife rotating
Multiple sentiment reverberate
In the brain 's volume making senses exasperate
And often the practicality goes turtle
Activities turn clumsy and  brittle
Still emotions settle in the moods going mentle
Jul 2020 · 44
Uma natarajan Jul 2020
The paddy field with a good yield and its white rice sheaves
A crow on the tree satisfied with its nest's weaves
A sparrow perching on the top of pitcher
Chirping aloud seeing a snake gulping its eggs like butcher
A bundle of husked rice kept under the tree
And a big cat following after the mice moving free
The pair of bull sitting to relax, chewing the dry grass
Black berries falling from the tree being picked up by the masses
Farmer's chapped  skin of the feet visible when they rigorously tap
He munchies his dry bread and awaits for a nap
Jul 2020 · 48
Uma natarajan Jul 2020
Using spectacles of a very thick glasses
Entertaining the passers-by and the masses
Squatted, chewing tobacco and splitting on the roadside
A small red carpet spread wide
Peneterating the myopic eyes in to the horoscopes
Offering customers good hopes with scope
Studying about the zooming planets
Defining about the stars without regrets
Mundane assurances in his given verdicts
Which seldom proves right of his predicts
Public get attracted by future images tangling
With all prospects shining and jingling
Shaky past transforming and banging
Cold cobalt craziness of it bending
Silhouetted small promises of astronomer as if trending
Jun 2020 · 50
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
Sense is like the sun of civilization
Ploughed in the mind's soil for utilization
Radiant in the absorption of neutralization
Millimeter of dust settled in the brain needs elimination
Sense plays virtuous role i clearing up the accumulation
Refreshing mind gets annulled in anticipation
Sense cups rim of the mental flow into the ripples of precipitation
Sense sows the seeds of wisdom to the brain for its activation
Jun 2020 · 37
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
The train of my life is moving very fast
Years are rolling on the track leaving the memories in past
Though I want to live in the present forever to last
Now just confined to bed l am lost in my old attitude
When nature interacted with me erasing my solitude
Though each moment they changed their attitude
Trees offered me shade and I was filled with their magnitude
Barefooted I strolled in my green lawn
Where  dew drops would spread at the dawn
Now my mind is struck in the old webcast
Past and present linger with the whole cast
Spider of diseases spin and entangle my body which rots
Jun 2020 · 36
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
Gladness of morning glory erases boredom
It's amazing to watch nature's wisdom
Sparrows with plumage brown
Perching at my window pane frown
Sun sprays it's rays with elegance
Rose spreads all around its fragrance
Blades of grass pierce the feet
Dew drops moist settled in greet
Mountains towering high just invite
Crystal clear flow of river water excite
Sketches of dawn zoom bringing divinity
Jun 2020 · 42
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
The difference between the structure of eighteen and
Then my physic was straight and sturdy
The lines of my walk with swagger savored confidence
Eyes tagged with clear vision staring at moon in elegance
Now the back is bent, the teeth have vents
Drooping ******* hang with doddering bents
How this transformation of the contraries  surprise?
Once this body gleamed in fascination now stands at the verge of compromise
Jun 2020 · 44
Uma natarajan Jun 2020
I cruise to the station of my dreams
And halt at various places
Where morning breeze's chillness screams
And the vividness of atmosphere graces
Blue sky shrouds in my dreams anticipation
My mind travels in its varied imagination
Slipping into the crevices of thought's emanation
I stare at the royal mansions and slums
Both adjacent standing together as chums
Rich Relishing the red pulp of plums
Poor Munching filthy sundry leftovers
My sleep sinks in to sigh of fires
May 2020 · 33
Uma natarajan May 2020
Silently the lonely river flows
Reflection of radiant sun on it falls and glows
Snow around the bed thaws and dissolves
Shadows of birds  hang in vibrant and resolve
River gushes against sturdy rocks
Wrencher desires of mountains mock
Breeze blowing hugs the river quietly
Butterflies Imprisoned under sun move softly
Glorious sight, magnificent glimpse turn the saga of vision vast
May 2020 · 51
Uma natarajan May 2020
Rising spectacularly on the top of the small hill
With the climbs zigzag and the railings nil
Breathtaking sharper view of downtown penetrating
The old temple ascending with the winding roads painstaking
Supine and sated stretched shapely with pillars majestic
Several deities residing in the sanctum appealing with magic
The idol of kali all in black, Shimmering and scintillating in Radiant red embroidered silk
Ornamented with a swirl and swish of jewelry in pink
Sindoor applied on her parting of the hair
All the scenes makes me bow, with cupped hands standing in the row, I slurp down the sacred water offered
And pour coins in the plate praying for my fate
May 2020 · 47
Uma natarajan May 2020
Committing the sin of falling in love again
Questions me my earlier perfidious step 's pain
The heavy metallic expression pointing out my folly
Banishes my current realm of love appearing jolly
Often at midnight at my door, still my old love tries to knock
Addressing as cheat  and dither it mocks
I feel at the verge of my present world collapse
I wet my pillow several times with tears that prolapse
Apr 2020 · 41
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
The blue sky covered with Ash grey clouds
Birds making their escape with shroud
Perhaps the sky soars for freedom
As the thunder creates havoc from boredom
Flawless geometrical patterns of raindrops fall
Smiles and whispers in the faces enthrall
Heaven and earth just touch some pathos
Washed plants as if contemplate to cross
Men and women without umbrella cover their heads
Cling​​ to the shade's surface available as ants spread
The place is unfinished scaffolded building
Uneasy combination of concrete and human yielding
Classes varied just jumble up creating confusions
But all reflect tremendous harmony of fusion
Apr 2020 · 38
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Garden like heaven spread with full of roses
Laden with various hues and poses
Sudden bovine yell of herds of sheeps entered
Hastening the exists of their sullen heap centred
A circular arena of jasmine flowers fixed
Bleating of sheep still perusing mixed
All getting collected under the tin shed
Searching for renunciatotry shade
Innocent rose petals sanguinely shake
Nature 's splendour is still awake
Ignorant eyes try to decipher scenes
When rainbow scatters at the sky serene
Ideological evening elevates the mind
Apr 2020 · 37
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Between the wide blue sky and my eyes stars just twinkle
Sitting on the sandy beach pebbles attract with their sprinkle
In the gallery of seagulls I bend my head with the question mark
Confronting problematic perceptions Lingering in my life dark
I Silently gaze over waves for getting solutions
But they rise and fall bringing revolutions
Sea water as if guesses my perfidies
Stares at me intoxicated with exuberance specified
My committed sins and follies
My World full of arrogance collapses and pasidiifies
I am banished from the realm of love
Failures of life stands all above
Apr 2020 · 40
At the top
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Sitting on a folding chair at the top of mound of a small hill
Getting somewhat sinked with the cool breeze rather chill
Staring out at the blue delight of the sea shore
Human habitations appearing in miniature to score
Surrounding hutments, houses, factories and the ancient fort
The minarets of red mosque and high court
All buildings rising to meet the crimson sky
Sky as usual stable with  some clouds here and there to weigh
Sheltering and embracing kites at their free fly
Between the sky and my tired eyes
There is complete wide gap and Perturbing sigh
Apr 2020 · 47
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
Often the paintings keep expressing in unexpected ways
Freeing their internal spirit and the weight of subjects spreading their rays
They come alive with simple joy, touch and taste
Muddy smell of earth fills in their nostrils chaste
The painting of spring bloom of palash
Spreads its fragrance all around and abash
The paintings of the blue sea
Tastes salty and the waves dance in glee
Paintings of huts with Cowdung mopped floor
Straw and hey roof and vessels earthenware
Appear sophisticated and fair
All the painting S's consciousness seems collective
Classical theme of rare subject is objective
Painting canvas is loaded with variety of motifs
Birds, animals, nature all appear natural not stiff
To determine artist's imagery remains a puzzle tough
Apr 2020 · 38
The dot
Uma natarajan Apr 2020
The magnificent glowing dot applied on forehead
Appearing majestic between the brows round and spread
It invokes readily the conscience of the on looker
Like a head  lamp red in color
Saves everyone from stumbling
Now a days it just adopts any form for fixing
A reflection that  of an enchanting pendant
Gushes through one's vision
Attracts with its dimension
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