lily Jan 8

do I like this music you showed me?
do I just like you?

lily Jan 8

I've only had one breakdown today
It starts with a thought than slowly decays

And now I'm here writing this
And you're here in this knot
In my stomach

I think I'm doing fine
till I see you in my line
of vision

and I can't help but regret
every word I ever said
I want to sink them into submission

lily Dec 2017

When a man sticks his hand where it shouldn't be
Does that quantify losing your virginity
When it's lost where does it go
Does it no longer have a home

Or was the home always in my mind
Making it up to pass the time
Men always saying no
But when its there turn

it's an all go

inspired by Sapphos "hymen hymenaon"
lily Dec 2017

you're a terrible habit to have
but it's innately ingrained in my head to want you
when I'm around you
I'm suddenly a different person
I'm my raw dirty unfiltered self
I can say anything
and you don't care

I love you mary jane

lily Dec 2017

Don't tell me you love me
for the weight of love
crushes my skull
and love will have a bad taste in my mouth
for my life that i have not yet to live
so do me a favor and never
tell me you love me.

lily Dec 2017

and have fun waiting for the bus that never comes
and never will come
and never came
not for anyone
especially not

lily Dec 2017

can you sit between my lips
as i inhale
i pray you're sweet
whilst you kill me

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