lily Dec 2017
When a man sticks his hand where it shouldn't be
Does that quantify losing your virginity
When it's lost where does it go
Does it no longer have a home

Or was the home always in my mind
Making it up to pass the time
Men always saying no
But when it's their turn

it's an all go
inspired by Sapphos "hymen hymenaon"
lily Dec 2017
and have fun waiting for the bus that never comes
and never will come
and never came
not for anyone
especially not
lily Dec 2017
and I've never wanted much more
than to achieve

what it truly means
to be free
lily Nov 2017
Poignantly she sat and swore
Thinking of the man that loved her no more

She thought about the memories that they once shared
Now she understands that he never cared

When he said i love you it was just a ploy
No one even gets it because boys will be boys

Now mary kate hangs with mary jay
Waiting on her 18th birthday

To leave her family and start her own
Trying to create a happy home

Her sons will respect women and their needs
Her husband wont commit adultery

But for now she sits upon the floor
Poignantly she sighed and then she swore
lily Nov 2017
Love is what they all want
seldom do they know
it is not easy a task to sew a broken soul

Once the fun is over and you want to get real
Realize the time is yours
and not his to steal
  Nov 2017 lily
W. H. Auden
Did you ever hear about Cocaine Lil?
She lived in Cocaine town on Cocaine hill,
She had a cocaine dog and a cocaine cat,
They fought all night with a cocaine rat.

She had cocaine hair on her cocaine head.
She had a cocaine dress that was poppy red:
She wore a snowbird hat and sleigh-riding clothes,
On her coat she wore a crimson, cocaine rose.

Big gold chariots on the Milky Way,
Snakes and elephants silver and gray.
Oh the cocaine blues they make me sad,
Oh the cocaine blues make me feel bad.

Lil went to a snow party one cold night,
And the way she sniffed was sure a fright.
There was Hophead Mag with Dopey Slim,
Kankakee Liz and Yen Shee Jim.

There was Morphine Sue and the Poppy Face Kid,
Climbed up snow ladders and down they skid;
There was the Stepladder Kit, a good six feet,
And the Sleigh-riding Sister who were hard to beat.

Along in the morning about half past three
They were all lit up like a Christmas tree;
Lil got home and started for bed,
Took another sniff and it knocked her dead.

They laid her out in her cocaine clothes:
She wore a snowbird hat with a crimson rose;
On her headstone you’ll find this refrain:
She died as she lived, sniffing cocaine
lily Nov 2017
its okay because im so numb
This abscess wont be undone

No hearbal remity can fix me
No prod or poke or gun

No man with a heart enough to share
Can soak up all this blood
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