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Lily Jun 2019
The worlds best-kept secret is the harshnesses of sleeping alone
When the heat and grandeur of a ***** has indiscreetly been shown
The hours' post-dinner are made for wishin’
Wishing of the times when things were different
Lily Sep 2018
I embrace the hand which I feed
To which I love to which I need
everything she does me in mind
Even though sometimes I will find
That I'm more trouble than I'm worth
And I know deep down it must hurt
To see your baby up in works
To feel that there are no perks
know It'll be over in due time
And know that my love’s sublime
for one day I hope she’ll see
the women that she made of me
Lily Dec 2017
When a man sticks his hand where it shouldn't be
Does that quantify losing your virginity
When it's lost where does it go
Does it no longer have a home

Or was the home always in my mind
Making it up to pass the time
Men always saying no
But when it's their turn

it's an all go
inspired by Sapphos "***** hymenaon"
Lily Dec 2017
and have fun waiting for the bus that never comes
and never will come
and never came
not for anyone
especially not
Lily Dec 2017
and I've never wanted much more
than to achieve

what it truly means
to be free
Lily Nov 2017
Poignantly she sat and swore
Thinking of the man that loved her no more

She thought about the memories that they once shared
Now she understands that he never cared

When he said i love you it was just a ploy
No one even gets it because boys will be boys

Now mary kate hangs with mary jay
Waiting on her 18th birthday

To leave her family and start her own
Trying to create a happy home

Her sons will respect women and their needs
Her husband wont commit adultery

But for now she sits upon the floor
Poignantly she sighed and then she swore
Lily Nov 2017
Love is what they all want
seldom do they know
it is not easy a task to sew a broken soul

Once the fun is over and you want to get real
Realize the time is yours
and not his to steal
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