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Ellie Sutton Sep 2021
Lightbulbs are there so
We don't burn our fingertips
On candles again
Ellie Sutton Aug 2021
I saw a piece of me within
Those chilling words you wrote
They helped me grasp my demon
By her once elusive throat

To live a life of freedom from
That unquenchable thirst
How I long to relive all
Those precious years traversed

The clock can't simply just turn back
And hurt won't be forgot
But onwards I will press until
This dismal life's a blot
Ellie Sutton Aug 2021
A single taste of
That tantalizing tonic
Intoxicates me
Ellie Sutton May 2021
Life is not for coping;
I want my soul to dance.
Ellie Sutton May 2021
Hours have passed by, and
All I have to show for it
Is air in my lungs
Ellie Sutton May 2021
I always thought that
Solitary confinement
Couldn't be that bad
Ellie Sutton May 2021
I feel okay.
I surprise myself with just how so,

Then, I forget
3 days of you

And the whole world turns to ash.
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