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Aug 2019 · 42
T Aug 2019
She was the smile that left my face.....she was the beat within my heart that disappeared without a trace
She was the light within my soul.......she was my strength when I was losing control
One last time our lips must touch
Because their sweetness I do miss so much
Although we are apart maybe forever .....I will always cherish our time together
Aug 2019 · 96
LoNg AfTeR i Am DeAd
T Aug 2019
For I know now that I must just let her go.....but how do I do this I don't know
....For She was and still is the love of my life
I want to let her know I will be here and if she ever needs me no matter the problem big or small.....she must get to that phone pick it up and matter if it's day or night no matter what time at all
I will be there ....I will get there to help you baby in your time of need...that's how much I love you ...if I am with someone or in work or in bed cause it's 2am it don't matter I will be there..and I think you know this to be true.......all my life I waited for a girl like you ...and when I finally had you I blew it ......plain and simple I ******* it up big time.....I will spend the rest of my days remembering our time together.....and yes baby I will forever ...if I must now move on...take a deep breath and accept that you are will not be easy but this I must do
I will never look back at our time together with any regret .....and that sparkle in your eyes and that smile on your face I will NEVER forget
So my little princess sleep well every night......and remember what I tell you now and know I will be your guiding light
I will always be here and will never be far from you......
For I know when I lost you so were gone were my feelings for love .......because I know baby you were sent to me from above take care of me and ease all of my did all that and so much more ......I could have fixed it all before you showed me the door..
I can't say that I won't write anymore ....but it will not be for a bit that's for sure
The last words that I say right now....I will always love you and to love someone else as I loved you I don't think I could know how
No matter what happens the love I have for you shall live in my heart and the memories in my head......and they all will stay with me till long after I am dead.
#keep on believeing
Jul 2019 · 73
ReAsoN fOr ThEsE tEaRs
T Jul 2019
The reason for these tears I don't really know.......but I have a great guess's because I must let go
# I will always believe
Jul 2019 · 170
ThE bRiDgE
T Jul 2019
My life I must reinvent.....I try as hard as I can to understand it all .....and still cannot feel content
As sure as I am that no longer do my demons control me......I still feel stuck and can't move.....I have to let go of this feeling and get my life to improve
I believe that if I do begin to look deep inside of my soul.......then my life I will finally take control
For the one I want to live is still possible.......because if you believe then any bridge is crossable
# for the love of it all
Jul 2019 · 114
T Jul 2019
With my mind I will listen...for my heart cannot love for you shall continue .....but to pursue I grow too weak....
#but I still believe in destiny
Jul 2019 · 66
T Jul 2019
The road has been long and winding.....and my feelings through it all have been spellbinding
Been through so much that I just don't know how much more I can take........And believe me none of this stuff is fake...I could never make it up
My life and my love ....but there is only one
The love I have for this woman there is no equal.....and believe me if I have any say in it there will be a sequel
I love her and I will hide my feelings no longer.....and everyday I get stronger
And by her side I will do anything to be the man she wants me to be.....but you know why...because this woman means more to me than anything on earth and my feelings I  will not be shy.
If and when I am back by her side I will do everything for her and us to keep us together and help me and us forever.
For us we were meant to be...and I want her and the world to know the words I speak now will be the key.
The reason I am still here to show her that I truly care
When I leave this earth I will be by her side....and prove to her that we were always soul mates inside.
Jul 2019 · 66
FrOm ThE aShEs
T Jul 2019
From the ashes we will be reborn.....and although we are tattered and torn
We are weak and alone ....but as we gain strength..together ...we gather our inner bodies and show each other how much we have grown
You and I are so much stronger together than we are you know a piece of you still lives in my heart.
So from the depths of hell and back.....we start again and give this one more crack
For this is my dream....and for it to be reality...we must be on the same page it is not as easy as it may seem
But in the end true love will find a a new path and a new journey it does lead us to a new day.
# for it is my wish
Jul 2019 · 59
WiThOuT yOu
T Jul 2019
Without these eyes I could not see .....without this tongue I could not speak......for years and years for what wisdom did I seek
Without my hands I could not touch her skin........and without my mind I could feel her within.......
Without her I think of so many things....without my senses to be without her I could not feel how my heart it stings
For there was a lesson and I learned it was because her love had me trapped in a cell....and I could not believe how hard I fell.......and in time there will be a lot more of the story to tell.....
#this time I must believe
Jul 2019 · 54
BeAt As oNe
T Jul 2019
I will never give up on the one love as long as I live....I know she still loves me and I have so much more to give
We were meant to together this much I give me a little more time i have so much to show
You thought it was good before ......let's take the the chance I can show you so much more
I feel the love we have for each other everyday .I see the signs they are before my eyes.....they are for real no more lies
I know you and I and tomorrow is ours ......for with the love we have no one can break these towers
It was etched in stone high in the mountains ......and when we first met it was set in motion....hell when your eyes met mine there was no need for love potion
And when our first touch was finally made.....God had told us it would never fade.
So when we return and look into each others eyes .......the fireworks will again go off in the summer skies
For it written that next time our eyes do meet the only sound we will hear is that of a heat beat it will not be yours nor will it be will be both because we will beat as one and the universe will tell us that our love will have won the test of time.
Jul 2019 · 61
T Jul 2019
Yesterday my sister joined the angels mom and my dad and the mother of the love of my life more pain and suffering and no more strife she is  happy and with the sweetest company she could ever be with......he took her too young but a good reason there must have been.....
With her wings she shall fly ......high above me in the sky
To watch us and guide us when ever we are in need.......that's what she is known best for just doing the good deed
She will be missed by those close and far and loved by all ......because if you needed to talk all you had to do is call
She will always be in my heart and in my soul.....And my promise to her is to live my life as it should be lived and to not lose control
Her love and kindness for all living souls ......that was my sister and that's how she rolls
When we all said our she rose to the skies
I will love her forever and miss her so....she will watch over me this I know
I have grown a lot because of what I have seen.......and got a little wiser if you know what I mean
I will cherish every moment I have on this earth and pray everyday so god gives me live a life without any pain is everyone's wish ......but without any no lessons are I have gone through so much in my life but the lessons I have learned gives me so much to gain.
# fly with the Angels my dear sister
Jul 2019 · 100
RiSe Or SeT
T Jul 2019
These tears that I cry......the stars that fill the sky
My heart that continues to break...
The scars that I can no longer fake
My wishes that never come true.....and my soul that is black and blue
One day it will all turn around.......hopefully before they put me in the ground
My heart and soul I  do give......and I shall as long as I live
The pain I must go through......these wrongs I must undue
This love I do endure........the love I have for her there is no cure
Forever must I weep.......I dream of her each night I sleep
The laughter that was always around.....and the cries that never made a sound
The sun will never it will never rise....unless our love takes off the disquise
# the sun shall shine again
Jul 2019 · 92
T Jul 2019
I think I've cried over a million's more than ever in all my years
The day I lost you I will never's one last kiss is my biggest regret
Maybe it's better because all of the pain.....forever my love the tears will fall like rain....
# they still fall
Jul 2019 · 127
ThE cAnDlE
T Jul 2019
As I light the candle and put it in my favorite place....I would love once more to see that flame light up that smile on your face.....
# I feel you with me each day as I breathe.
Jul 2019 · 52
FoR yOu
T Jul 2019
My drive to do things has left my body.....I have locked my self away and threw away the's because there is no more you and me....
I realise just how much I miss you...and learned how much you really mean too me......the love for you was so that love still lives in my heart ....and all the happiness of being with you I still feel
I never felt so alive then by your could your feelings for me just slide
I know I was not the greatest but I loved you more than any one could and still come these feelings are still strong even though we are through
So many nights the tears they did flow.....and they still do just to let you know
I will never stop trying to get you back by my side..if not for my mistakes you would have been my bride
My eyes are filled as I write this down...for I may never see you in that wedding gown
So my love I wanted you to know how I feel.....And the feelings I had for you they are still here.....I will always be around for you if you need ....just pick up the phone or call my not be afraid or show any fear ...cause baby I will always be here.
#I still believe
Jul 2019 · 57
T Jul 2019
The only three women that I have ever loved have been taken from me......two from the lord and one that holds the key
There is only one thing on my mind get that one back in my arms what more can I say
Each one has taught me things that I would never taught me love one of taught me that never giving up this is a must
Just so you know one is my mom and one sister and the other the one that I love.....this I know they all were sent from the lord above
In my life they were all there for a reason......but she is the one for every season
I know they had taught me what I needed to know....for me to live and continue to grow
I have grown a lot in my time away from them all.....I keep getting up now I will no longer fall
The love that I have for these three ......but one above all because she holds the key
#so let it be told
Jul 2019 · 47
CrY aNoThEr TeAr
T Jul 2019
Each and every night I cry another never see you again in person this is my biggest fear
My love for you it forever grows.......why it does no one knows
My heart is filled with love for you.....they took you from me this much is true
It was just one but it had a domino effect.......and this my love I can correct
You were the girl of my dreams......all that is left is my silent screams
My love for you it could never was a dream come true like you fell from the sky
You have a hold on me like no one has must mean we were destined to be together
You say that you lost the love for me.....but a love like ours so how can that be
I love you more than any man can ever ........this bond that we have no body could sever
So now that we are apart at this time.....I know in my heart you will again be mine
#you are my Angel sent from above
There is no other I will ever love
Jul 2019 · 107
FaNtAsY iN mY dReAmS
T Jul 2019
You know I still love you don't you.....but you block it out is this true
My life is just not the same without you by my side.......I need you here so I can confide
This is not easy because of my ego and my pride...but I must say I still want you and need you in my life.......I have grown a lot And there will be no more strife
My path is clear and I know what I want.....I am standing up on my own two feet and I will never say the words I can't...
You are still and will always be the only one I were heaven sent to me from above
I don't care how many poems I must write or who likes them or not...that is not what it's all's about the woman that I still love And I would stand on the highest mountain or rooftop and shout
Before you the words I love you I guess I didn't I know what they mean and all the pain this I never planned
Your love ripped me off my feet like the tornado in the wizard of oz......
Maybe it's just a dream or fantasy of mine to have you back by my side
I know if we ever do it will be the greatest ride
My love for you is still in my heart.....and it always will be until death do us part
#Its forever love
Jun 2019 · 239
In My MeMoRy
T Jun 2019
My heart is heavy as I write these words at this time......the tears they fall but they are not all mine
A woman that had more wisdom then me.......she had her struggles so God set her free
My sister was she .......and I had my faith in thee
She was my sister and my best friend.....*** why did it have to end
She helped me when I was down .....when I left her house I was no longer wearing a frown
She had a heart and it was made of gold.......she helped everyone so I was told
I will miss her but she lives in my heart and in my soul every part
I can't even talk tears fall from my eyes .......I know she will watch over me from the skies.
# in the memory of my sister Liane you will always live in my heart
Jun 2019 · 58
PaSsIoN cRiMe
T Jun 2019
Remeber the story the love of a woman and man they struggled a little but they had a plan
For a little while now the Prince has lost his as he gains his strength and his courage it's what he needs foe his success the time us almost right to jump to his steed.....and to get his princess the one of his need
The story of this love must and will go on the love we have for one another you cannot for the rest of my life this I will treasure
The sun would shine as only it could....then I would smile only as I could
Its all inside of my head and my is as strong it seems that it did all start
I am in love with this woman until the end of time.......and this love we share together it will never be a crime.
#I do believe in miricles
Jun 2019 · 63
FoReVeR i ShaLl
T Jun 2019
My love for you goes far beyond words..before you I never felt nowhere near the way I feel in my heart at this time.......there is no doubt about it you are still my whole world and I will not give up till again you are mine
For in my life there is but only you.....for yours is the only love that was ever true
For I only have one life to live.....and I only have one real love to give
The only reason i still hold on is because the only place that felt like home was by your side......I always promised you I would follow you.....this is something I would always do.....forever I shall because my love is true
#I will and shall always believe
Jun 2019 · 96
UnIvErSaL sIgNs
T Jun 2019
She is a part of me.....all around I can feel her with me...I don't really know if she is thinking of me ...but I can feel she is and it must be
I can feel her presence is also inside of me...for a long time I waited for this to happen now....and i know she must feel it too....I do believe we are connected in some way.
People ask me why do I write about her and talk about her so much ....why because I love her and miss her and she is a big part of me and who I am......there is not one day that goes by that I don't think about her...and the love that we shared........this bond that we have cannot be compared
Before I went with her these feelings and this bond I have never it is just like snow ...but this snow will never melt
This I know ...I know in my heart that she is my destiny......the universe has showed me this ......and I knew from the very first kiss
I see the signs day by day.....deep within my matter what anyone says we will return to each other and everything will be ok.
Jun 2019 · 119
T Jun 2019
Just before the darkness the light was beyond compare....I know right now that life is just not fair
I remember back every thing was colorful and such beautiful light was shining.....I had it all and there was even a silver lining
I don't know what or when it all started happening but every color got dull and all the light got very dim
But right now I will promise you it will change .....I will get the love of my life back that I lost ....this time the colors will always be radiant and the light will always be there and it will always shine bright.....and this time it will last forever
Jun 2019 · 215
T Jun 2019
To jump inside to crawl and it my time that I should bide
To run to walk .........should it be my time to talk
I know i lied then I ran away.....the timing is right and this is the day
Out of touch out of mind ......sometimes life is so unkind
Soul is draining heart stopped pumping......sometimes a bridge I feel like jumpping
The sun the moon......who knows it could all be over soon
Eyes a glaring mind sort of racing........all of a sudden this room I am pacing
This love that I feel... all over the place am I...... .......must get it all on track Before we die.
#these dreams I have are not far away
Jun 2019 · 41
ReStLeSs SoUl
T Jun 2019
How many tears must I cry......I will always lose unless I give it a try
My soul cannot rest she must be by my side.......I learned my lesson and I knew I should not have lied
But what I have learned is that there is no love greater than what we had.......and I want it back so bad
My love for her it grows to this lose her forever is not a price that I am willing to pay
It is so hard without her by my side.....she was not only my lover and best friend and a person in which I could confide
If I must work the rest of my life to get her back so be is not on my *** I will sit
So as I sit and pray and work on my plan....I will follow the stars the sun and the moon.....and hopefully together we will be soon.
#trust me
Jun 2019 · 52
T Jun 2019
Yes it has been so long since I seen your face.........It seems you left me without a trace
How much pain can one heart take......before ones soul does break
My destiny was written before we even met........we were meant to be together that is a sure bet
Listen now to my words together again we will is our destiny you can plainly see
A few lessons we did learn.....and my admiration you did earn
My love for you has grown instead of fade away........for I know once again together we shall be one day
My heart it only beats with you by my gets very warm with your love inside
I just must wait for your heart to say the word.......and those bells will be heard
My sweet princess I love you.......and I hope and pray that you love me too.
# for our destiny it was written
Jun 2019 · 86
In My HeArT yOu WiLl StAy
T Jun 2019
Here I stand all alone and remember that looked me straight in the eyes and swore to me everything would be ok
Tears were falling from both of our in the distance were clear blue skies
The love that you shared with me with words I cannot explain ........when I lost you.... I lost my soul in the rain
There can never and will never be another you ..........I must have you back in my arms this much is true
You left a mark on me that will never fade...the day I went to meet you again for the first time was the best decision I had ever made
In my heart you will always be......the memories of us will stay with me ...until my last breath......and beyond if there is life after death
Jun 2019 · 142
T Jun 2019
To want someone back in your life so bad you will do anything for this to need that person think of her every minute of everyday and with that the pain seems to worsen
It was 33 years to have her back all of a sudden it's all out of whack
And it is not that I can't live without her it is that I don't want to......I will do anything this much is true
None of the holidays are the same without you by my side.....I guess my time I mist bide
These tears that still fall from my eyes ....means that no more time flies
I will get you back in my life I have changed only you in my life my heart it calms
I know I haven't been there for a lot of things .......but I do not want to mis anything else that life brings
My love for you it continues to mean more to me than you will ever know
In the morning when I wake.......even when it's the last breath I take
You will be the only woman on my mind.......the things I did were never meant to be unkind
My love for you was always is just your heart that I meant to steal
So late at night When these tears flow from my eyes........I want you to look deep into those skies
Ask if my love was real....and then turn to me and tell me how you feel
#I believe in my dreams
Jun 2019 · 53
WiThOuT a BeAt
T Jun 2019
Its been so long since I last felt your touch........sweet baby all this stuff it is just too much
I could be with a million women.....but none of them are you.........ill try another million but I would rather be with you yes ....yes it's true
I have a heart but it never beats any more........because pretty woman it would only beat....only beat for you that's for sure
Cuz nothing.....and I mean nothing can take the place of you
So it's empty and it has no beat........that's how it feels this must I repeat
I really must tell you now ....and this is not a lie........I love this woman with my heart that no longer beats.......this is my biggest ....the biggest of all my feats......I have been down but I am strong.........and I know that loving you could never be wrong
# I do Believe
Jun 2019 · 103
T Jun 2019
Under the stars as I close my eyes......beside you I am in my dreamland beneath the moonlit skies
The beat of my heart is the only sound you hear..... as I sleep and dream of a life not too far out of reach..
And it all is crystal clear
The last thing I want to do is wake from this dream was so perfect as it does seem
The universe is telling me that the timing is I said all along I would not give up this is not the end because I see the light
# I still believe
Jun 2019 · 46
T Jun 2019
To be happy again that is my deepest is with her which sets my heart on fire
For it is written let the truth be told......we will be back together before we get too old
I have lived without her for much too long..........and it all comes rushing back when I hear that famous song
To find true happiness for me it is by your side.......not to shelter myself and run and hide
To listen to my heart and the song it plays it cries out for your love
I shall wait a lifetime if I must....and pray to the lord above
The emptiness in my heart can only be filled by you.........
#I will follow
Jun 2019 · 122
AlIvE aNd KiCkInG
T Jun 2019
I finally found the girl of my dreams......from my grasp she did slip despite all of my screams
Fate and destiny set it all in stupid mistakes went and took her away
Now the universe is telling me that the time is right now and the clock
Is leaves me to wonder if this love is still alive and kicking
The telling signs say yes..... but it still remains to be seen......I am picking them all up but still ask what does it all mean
So as I try to figure all this out.......i will not rest nor will I sit and pout
#dreams do come true
Jun 2019 · 72
WeIgHt Of My HeArT
T Jun 2019
My heart is still heavy...this weighs on me a lot.......this love I  must give it a shot
It has been a long while.........Yes since I wore that famous smile
Time had no bearing on what I speak.......I don't care if I must climb pikes peak
There are things in life that you must do.......if there is still a chance I haven't a clue
All I know is that my spirit is strong.......and I know that my heart is not steering me wrong
This love it is the one for eyes are wide open and this I can clearly see
Her love the only one that was my life the only one I knew
Just because time has passed .........this love I know this feeling it will last
This tingling in my heart never have I felt........but unlike snow it will never melt
As I look in my crystal ball......I will drop everything else and go for it all
#time is in esseance
Jun 2019 · 47
T Jun 2019
The first time my heart was ever touched......was the day I lost your love
I guess I folded when push came to shove
To get back by your side that's all I want out of what's left of my love you forever and hold you as tight as I can..........because in a world that life is way too short I am definitely your biggest fan
So on my knees I pray........and each day I do it in a different way
One more thing I have to say if loving you is wrong I don't want to be right ....because without her by my side I will never see the light
#Yes I do
Jun 2019 · 119
My DaY
T Jun 2019
The highlight of my day........was talking to the most beautiful and sweetest woman in the world to me....I still love her what more can I say.......when I saw her name my heart skipped a beat.......when she started to talk my day was complete
Jun 2019 · 45
DaRksIdE oF tHe MoOn
T Jun 2019
The moon and the stars and the sun......I swore on all that you were the one
You are in my dreams and in my heart....and you always have from the very start
This tingling feeling that I still have inside of can tell just By my face that she is still a part ....and the whole world can see
Away from her I did the love for her did also
Not a woman can compare........without this love it just ain't fare
And so as my soul sits and and happiness will come before we reach heavens gates
# love conquers all
Jun 2019 · 46
No MoRe DiSqUisE
T Jun 2019
Draining is my soul...paining is my heart....outside I grow stronger as inside I fall apart
A piece of me is is written all over my face for the world to see
The time away keeps brining me down....but from this day further I will no longer wear this frown
So as the sun sets as it will will love and no longer will I wear this disquise
# just believe
Jun 2019 · 95
LoVe Is A wEaPoN
T Jun 2019
Love is a weapon I dare to is a weapon and it gave me the blues
Love is a weapon that we all must choose is weapon that we hate to lose
# believe there will be no more tears
May 2019 · 39
DrEaMs Of ReAlItY
T May 2019
I woke up this morning and when I opened my eyes all I saw was you......*** I can't believe it can it be true
I pinched myself and I closed my eyes...when I opened them you were now I know my love for you is baby it is game on
Right now it has been so long......everyday it plays on in my remember it's our song....
Dreams ...I hate my dreams because I always must wake up ....and reality hits me real hard......especially when your dreams and hopes are burned and charred
# I believe I must dream
May 2019 · 48
HeArtFeLt PaIn
T May 2019
My love for her I will not lie......these feelings in my heart are at an all time high
It has been awhile since I last felt your touch.......and this pain is just too much
I would be a liar if I said I wish I could forget and just walk away..........But this woman I do love and I feel it everyday
I have grown and learned so much while we have been apart....I don't know how but the love for her it still grows in my heart
This heartfelt pain it will always be here.......and till I die the whole world will know how much I care.
#trust I do believe
May 2019 · 47
SpAcE lOsT
T May 2019
All of this time love just out of did I know it was a lesson to teach
My mind was slipping for just a bit......but it grew stronger because of it
This thing they call love it is a mysterious thing......when you feel it I can swear you hear the birds sing
......the music you hear .....that feeling in your heart.......WhEn you lose it all that is the hardest part
As you drift off into another place.......that is when you feel lost in space
# feelings
May 2019 · 34
HeArT hOlLoW
T May 2019
My heart is hollow it is filled with sorrow........her love was only there to borrow
I would give up my life for just one more prove once and for all I belong in this dance
As I sit and stare at the moon.......that love and happiness will be found soon.
#I do believe
May 2019 · 40
No MoRe SoRrOw
T May 2019
Forget I won't ....remember I always will....from the sparkle in her eyes to the smile on her face....her love lives in my heart hold her tight again in my arms......that glow on her face my soul it calms
From moon and the the sun and the flowers........for her love my heart it powers
It lives on today and will be here tomorrow........for this love there will be no more sorrow
#remember to always believe
May 2019 · 44
GrAiNs Of SaND
T May 2019
One night as I just sit in the sand....and I stare at one lonely star and I have your picture in my hand
Its dark and cool but the memories of you and us keep me toasty and warm........I pray to God that no one brings you any harm
As I feel the warm summer air brush across my face.......I know that my angels will keep me in this race
As I rise to my feet and start to drift away in the sand.......I think back and remember how I felt when I held your hand
Now the sun is rising .....I can't believe how much time passed as I sat there daydreaming about took me awhile but I realized just how much you meant to me are part of me I know this much is true
So as much as I don't feel like it but I must go to work do I do it when I spent the whole night here just thinking of you.......and when I think of that smile the sky is always blue
So for the moment the smile was on my face....and it was a glow.......maybe fate will play in on this how could anyone know
#o must keep believing
May 2019 · 59
T May 2019
Today all I have is pain in my heart......and beautiful memories......and the sorrow of when we did part........and regrets of how it did start ......all the bad ones....ahe was my greatest love of all.......why in the world did this have to end.......for in my heart I had more love to send.
# it just hurts so bad
May 2019 · 139
DaY oF tEaRs
T May 2019
Today is my day of birth........ instead of smiles my eyes are full of tears....I almost wish I was not on this earth
To lose true love it hurts so bad......although I am supposed to be feelings are undoubtedly sad
To return my happiness I must be strong......and erase all the things that I did wrong....
#just must believe
May 2019 · 83
HeAvEnS tRaIl
T May 2019
Never in a million years did I think it would happen to me.....but it did I slipped and fell in was not cupids arrows but like lightning bolts from above
This was not any ordinary love it was sent from the heavens
It was a love like I have never seen before shook my heart right to the core
So in order to reach that feeling once again I must recapture this love for her beauty was beyond compare......and her love was something I would never share
For she is so deep within my heart......and for which her love I could never part.
#I must keep believing
May 2019 · 51
SkY hIgH
T May 2019
There is a fire within my heart.....I have felt it from the very start
Just from the look in her eye....the love that I have it grew sky high
She is the one I could tell that just from my glow
The rest of my life I will many words must I say
Beautiful sweetheart I love you......when you look into my will know it's true.
# I can still believe that the the feelings for her they still grow
May 2019 · 54
T May 2019
Its been awhile since I last kissed your lips......I seen one of our memories last night and my heart did flips
It is our destiny to be together.....only this time it will be forever.....those are my thoughts and my dreams.....that's the way I think under the moon beams
Seems that my love for you is imbeded in my soul.......And honey this is something I just can't control
I have tried it all just to get you out of my my is something your love did to me so I think of you 24/7 instead
So forever my heart shall be all yours.....and with my wishes are all with fours
# Angels are everywhere and I had the most beautiful angel in the universe....and she will never leave my heart
May 2019 · 125
T May 2019
Time it waits for no one .......but love it has no time
When you truly love someone it is forever.......time has no bearing on this whatsoever
If this love slips away .......don't ever give up the fight no matter what they say
This love is everlasting..........I will not give up till the final bells ring
#just dig down deep and believe
May 2019 · 222
ThE pIcTuRe
T May 2019
I have this picture of you in my head that just won't go away......and it gets clearer every day
It makes me smile when life has got me down......the day gets better when I stop wearing this frown
Its been sometime since I have really wore that smile.......this picture it puts it back on my face for awhile
Everyday same routine has got me in a rut.......but it all gets peaceful when my eyes are shut
I must bury myself in work to keep my mind straight.....I hope there are better days before i reach heavens gate
So I will keep plugging long as I have that picture in my head I wear that smile at least for today
# I will never stop believing
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