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T 2d
i can still hear the sound of your voice and smell the scent of your skin....i can tell you more of what i remember but where do i begin...
even though i am not right beside you..i am always with you believe it because it is true
forever you will be in my heart and make it beat.....for the rest of my life the love i have for you will never take a back seat.
# this you must Believe
2d · 38
T 2d
my love for my mother shall never fade....this was the best desction that i have ever made
she made me who i am today .....and she always told me if i do believe it would all be ok
on this day and forever more love for you shall live now and foreveer thats for sure
Apr 26 · 36
T Apr 26
all of a sudden i have turned to the bottle life i am trying to throttle
i have no fears but my heart is broken in a million pieces
the one one and only that lives in my heart ....continues to be miles apart
i will never lose faith that again together we shall be.....if we open our eyes together we both shall see.
# i do
Apr 26 · 30
T Apr 26
i thought our love was again coming full circle.......which was nothing more than a pure miracle
but again the rug was pulled out from under me and i landed straight on my ***.........i thought the bad luck i had was going to pass
but again i jumped the it ended how it had begun
my love for you shall never change ....even if your love is out of my range
i will keep on trying till you are back in my arms which in my heart you will always be....just open your eyes a little and your heart will see.
Apr 22 · 38
T Apr 22
forever i cannot be without you this is and always my heart will be hand must be in yours this is fate.....our love is forever and it cannot wait
Apr 22 · 37
T Apr 22
if it is my shoes you must must stand up and talk the talk
my love for you it shall never shall stand alone amongst the bright blue sky
Apr 22 · 19
Do You Believe
T Apr 22
time waits for no one and family sometimes is all that you have and that is all......when you get in trouble who do you call?
family is all you can really count on.......people you love sometimes turn there back to you.....true love there is always a hitch....but in there voice you can hear the pitch
the woman i love there is no one that can come close to is just her touch that perferve that prefer
my heart gets full and my knees grow weak....when ever she is near......let this be known and let me make this clear.......the love i hold for this one woman no one could ever and my feelings you could never steer
the love i hold just for the only love that i prefer
for i stand forever on bended knee .......i hope someday she will open her eyes and see
Apr 21 · 27
My LaSt StEp
T Apr 21
the woman i love seems so distant...her touch is what i adore.....from the morning light to the beaches shore
her love is what keeps me alive.......the feelings inside is what keeps alive my drive
from today until my last breath......i will love her until my last step
#I StIzlL BeLeiVe
Apr 19 · 35
T Apr 19
for are my arms not strong my heart not warm enough how can you not feel love for you is strong cant you feel just a little bit
my soul is deeply wounded by just the thought of your cant you give it a little shove
i know that i didnt give you enough but if you give me another chance i will not make same mistake...i just dont know how many times my heart bresk....just for your love..when i know you were sent from the heavens above
Apr 16 · 34
T Apr 16
the tears again have filled my eyes.......this time around they are like hailstones from the sky
the love of my life has strayed again...i have not felt so lost since i don.t know when
these feelings i have i cannot control.........she is the only one that can make my life whole
i guess if they find me dead on the floor it would mean i would worry no more
you are the Angel for whom i breathe.......and my love for you shall never leave
#please you must believe
Apr 12 · 58
T Apr 12
the branches have all fallen from my tree......but if you take a close look you will see
together a bond we have must not remember and fotget all of the guilt
forever we will be one...........what we have between us can not be undone
#i ask of you just believe
Apr 11 · 138
FeElinG oF lOvE
T Apr 11
as the rain falls to the ground...traces of your love cannot be found
my heart it beats with every drop........feeling your love it may never stop
as the days get longer and my breath gets true feelings they do come fourth
with every breath i take i know it may be my last........for my love for you shall always be cast.
Apr 11 · 42
T Apr 11
if i say i love you in the candlelight....somehow i know it must be right
if we ever argue fuss or know i will always make you love me till the morning light
as i look into your beautiful eyes....forever i see bright blue skies
#just believe
Apr 11 · 39
ThE dArK
T Apr 11
the light always surrounds the failure is always connected to success
our lives seem to thrive on in love we always want to please
Apr 10 · 37
sEeDs Of LoVe
T Apr 10
she is beautiful she is my world the air i breathe is from her lips......the life we  live must be our own .......if one word comes out we are best friends till that first tale slips..
the love i hold for you it is all on its the sun comes up the seeds will be sown.
#Always Believe
Apr 2 · 33
T Apr 2
time and space leave without a trace
it does not make and to be close
to it all and have it all disappear  .....if and when does it all come clear
# ask yourself why
Mar 31 · 37
T Mar 31
twinkle twinkle little star do you ever wonder who you are...i do every morning i wake up i think who why and you know why we have these feelings and how long and how far.
# makes you wonder
Mar 30 · 37
T Mar 30
through the light and the darkness...the days and years they pass..the things i have lost ....for what has it all cost
all the precious times the feelings that have been trapped for reasons unknown we have all found some reasons to have lied
one thing i have learned when you lose what you love....sometimes it never comes back unless its been touched by the heavens above
when and if you love something or someone it will always be with you no matter the time or the place.....there will always be a trace

for true love lives in our hearts forever
Mar 28 · 152
T Mar 28
you belong to me as i belong to you...our love was never to good to be true
my love for you is as true as it ever could not be blinded by the light open your eyes and you will see.
time goes by but but the bond could never be goodbye from our lips could not be spoken
#this to i do believe
Mar 27 · 119
FaR AwAy CrY
T Mar 27
i heard our song today i cried for hours as i stared at myself in the mirror....all along the memories of our true love get clearer
the things we did and the time we shared was and will be forever
time goes by as we grow older ......but our love for each other is still stronger than the biggest boulder
for the love we share......there is no reason to fear
together we are one.....and forever this love can never be undone.
#.....believe in it
Mar 27 · 53
My HeArT
T Mar 27
my heart it has i fell into a funk
my love for you it will last forever......i know at last we will be together
look to the sky pray to the moon ....and for this our time together will return soon.
Mar 26 · 44
T Mar 26
the moon is full and so is the love i have for you......these feelings i have are not too good to be true
the love i feel it is inside ....and it always will be forever we will ride
you and i together till the end of time.....i know this and forever will i rhyme
today tomorrow and forever will we will always be you and me
#this i do believe
Mar 26 · 30
T Mar 26
i am so in love with you if i was a puppet you would be holding my strings......when i hear your voice inside...... i hear bells ring.
so sweet and that of an angel.....and lips sweeter than chocolate milk
# this i do believe
Mar 19 · 29
DeEp InSiDe
T Mar 19
my love for you i feel it deep inside......and this is so strange because since this pandemic started i am hardly ever outside
these words i say to you are very true....its been 30 yrs or more since i met you
to hear the words to that song it just tears at my heartstrings like nothing ever before
the sun it brightens my soul............. but your love keeps me from losing control
the love i hold is....and always will be in my hand.....and together forever we will stand
before my dying day this will all be made up to you.....because you forever hold my heart and this is true.... the time has come to open my heart and let the spirits fly like they do
i am sorry but this love that i hold deep inside.......means that our love and time together shall never die.
its always true
this love i  hold  let the truth be told ......these feelings i have for you can never grow old
my love for you has always been one on earth can change the feelings for you that i let the truth be told
one more thing these words must come from my lips.....these three words they must be said....and they must be spoken before i am dead
Mar 18 · 45
NeVer bOw
T Mar 18
the time i let slip by i must not.....for this is my one and only shot.
i must stand up on my own two feet .....this love i have for her can not end in defeat
the love i require it must be done here and now......for this i will forever bow
i hold her love deep let it out now it will prove i never lied
this feeling i have it can never be erased ........and my steps can never be traced
the love for thee shall forever live....if i ever lose her i could never forgive
the love of my life i will never give up.....and i know now we shall drink from the same cup.
Mar 18 · 255
The Gods Will
T Mar 18
There is no one on God's green earth that loves you more than I ....sure they can offer you money and luxuries that i cannot but no one can give you more love and that's no lie
You are my one and only true love and you were sent from the gods above
I would die just for your hand....there is no other that would do this ...and I must carry out what I have planned
My love for you lives deep in my soul...and if I can't do this I will lose control
The feeling of your touch on mine.....if I do not receive your blessing I will never be fine
If and when I do have you by my side ....together forever we will ride.
For what it was written can not be changed..  For it was our destiny that was prearranged
The gods have chosen for us to be together and this shall stand and be forever.
# this you must Believe
Mar 14 · 29
T Mar 14
peanut butter was our thing was certain candy that made us dance and sing
we laughed and joked till the morning light.........this feeling inside everything just seemed so right.........soon again i will be holding her tight
$just believe
Mar 13 · 21
GaMe TiMe
T Mar 13
this time my love for you i can not hide....its all about these feelings i have inside
these things that i feel it is only for you.....but you must know it is a chosen few
what i feel for you is in my heart........and it has been there from the start
i would like you to dig down deep and if you can tell me that dont feel the same.....i will only tell you this it was never a game
Mar 12 · 18
T Mar 12
i really do care how you feel love was always yours ready ro steal
i cant hold back and will not back down........your face i will erase that frown
the bond that we have no one could ever break.....our love there could be only one....and our love will happen no matter and it was always there under the sun.
#just believe
Mar 12 · 36
T Mar 12
only the lord knows why he blessed my love upon thee....but i am forever grateful to give my love and this you will see
#i still do believe
Mar 11 · 32
ThE RiDe
T Mar 11
to dance with her once more.....and not to feel it is not just a chore
the love it still burns inside.....and from now on it maybe a long ride
# the feeling inside
Mar 11 · 30
T Mar 11
The Air The Sun...Depression and The Darkness
The Blue Sky and The Pain
How does it all Fit ....and where do we
# we all must believe in something
Mar 9 · 51
The Guide
T Mar 9
To live is to love and Forever it must be...just let the Sun Guide you and open your eyes and you shall see.
# you must Believe
Mar 8 · 164
ThE sOuNd Of LaUgHtEr
T Mar 8
it is all because of the sound of laughter.......and everything from thereafter
the beauty of it all was the sign of the bright sun....that kept each of us from being on the run
# this i will always believe
Mar 8 · 40
T Mar 8
tonite in the sky the stars they shine so bright i wish they would every night that just makes it all just seem right
#i do still believe
Mar 7 · 37
T Mar 7
darkness and stars are in the sky....true love and romance is my purpose before i die
# we must believe
Mar 1 · 305
T Mar 1
you are beautiful and i have no love for you i will make no bet
i love you more than life itself ...thats why i will never put it on a shelf
believe in today and all our love....and know it was sent from the lord above
#please beleive
Feb 11 · 42
Forever Show
T Feb 11
my heart it breaks the tears they fall....for her love i would even crawl
the one i love she dosen't even know....but for her hand it will forever show
# i will always believe
Feb 9 · 558
T Feb 9
for my eyes are old and maybe i cant see....
the love in my heart is as pure as can be.
# Always
Feb 9 · 73
Bright Blue
T Feb 9
her eyes sparkle bright off the glare of the glistens like the purest of sands...this love so deep but now it is in gods hands
hair is soft her voice so sweet of that of an angel
just like the song says i don't want to close my eyes...don't want to fall asleep cause i miss you babe and i don't want to miss a life is a big circle not a triangle..
and forever when i squeeze your hand tight in mine the sky is forever bright blue...the bond that our love has is much stronger than glue
the beat of your heart is the only thing i hear when i close my eyes....even though we are miles apart i see your face when i look to the sky
the tears of joy never ran dry when i was by your side ....always in my heart you could confide
so remember whenever i think of you the skies are always bright blue
Jan 31 · 70
The Love You Believe
T Jan 31
Then you lose the love of your life....its like the sun going down and not coming back up and leaving you full of strife
The mask I wear to hide the grief I feel....its been awhile and it's still unreal
The time has come to seize all of it....the woman you dream of she is it
My love for her goes beyond does not matter all the stuff that everyone and the bad that by anyone still heard
My love
It is not easy when the belief is not there ....but the love in your heart is right here inside..    And to know you were not here just for a joy ride
The dream still lives inside
#this I do believe
T Jan 17
The day it begins and the light starts to fade....the memories flash through our minds just like the decisions we have made
When the light starts to flicker and finally goes out can't just sit there you must be strong and stand up and shout
The people we have loved and the family we have had.....when the light goes down I know you all will be sad
I want you to remember when one light goes out another will happy you have lived a full life and hope it was as good as mine.
Jan 16 · 68
T Jan 16
In love sometimes the tears they never dry...the feelings in your heart they stay deep within until you die
The one true love that you have finally found.....then things go wrong and you both know that there will be a next time around
Believe is the word that no longer must be said....the love of my life I shall be with her until I am dead
Time is no issue and neither is the love....know that this love inside was sent from above
All of the signs and the signals from the sky ......i know we will be together until our spirits fly
Some feelings do change when we are apart....but when you look in my eyes they will come back like it was just the start
Like the wings of an eagle and the spirit of the love for you continues it to grow
The red cardinal they show us the signs of the ones we have lost...the love that we have shall stand the test of time and at any cost
So late at night while I am still away ....look to the stars and know that I am ok
But beyond the stars and far past the moon .......there is my heart as big as the that only proves that you will be in my arms once again before it is said and done.
T Jan 8
I think of you day and night
Being with you was the only thing in my life that was right
The big things didn't matter it was the little things that you did
I always had the biggest crush on you even when I was a kid
What you meant to me goes far beyond my lips
My love for you makes my heart do back flips
I know I will be back with you before I leave this place
Its my feelings for you this is what makes this case
Before  this dream is over I will be on my knees.....i will be asking for your hand and begging you please
From the time I looked into your beautiful eyes. ..i knew you were the one and you were sent from the skies
Now I want you to look to the sky up to the moon beyond the stars ....and you will see the love for you in my heart right before your eyes.
# this I will always believe
Oct 2020 · 53
She was what dreams are
T Oct 2020
Outside the rain it falls
Inside a voice it calls
The fog rolls off the water and into the streets
The radio playing some insane beats
My heart it pounds with passion
From the night of dreams
The music gets louder and drowns the screams
I start to wonder what does it all mean
As I travel to start my day
The understanding comes to me in every way
Because of things that happen in the night
All of the signs make it all right
Music is the only sound
But the thing is I hear it coming from all around
That same song that played the night before
It started getting louder as I walked out the door
All of a sudden as the fog it lifted
The sun was shining a dog was whining
The music it has stopped and so have I
Standing still in the middle of nowhere
The funny thing is that I didn't seem to care
All of a sudden I opened my eyes for it was oly a dream.
Sep 2020 · 93
T Sep 2020
If I don't say this now, I will surely break
As I'm leaving the one I wanna take
Forgive the urgency, but hurry up and wait
My heart has started to separate
There now, steady love, so few come and don't go
Will you, won't you be the one I'll always know?
When I'm losing my control, the city spins around
You're the only one who knows, you slow it down
If ever there was a doubt
My love, she leans into me
This most assuredly counts
She says most assuredly
It's always have and never hold
You've begun to feel like home
What's mine is yours to leave or take
What's mine is yours to make your own
But still my heart it continues to after day ..night after night I can't fight this ache
Aug 2020 · 58
ThEsE tEaRs
T Aug 2020
I press my lips to her face.....and our eyes meet at the exact same place
My heart beats the sound is intense.....the love I feel it all makes sense
The music that plays its hard to explain.....together we stand and wisdom we gain
Like a movie that's how it plays tell her how I do feel but I don't want to shout
Even if we are not with each other forever....neither one of us will ever forget the time we spent together
She will live inside for a million years.......there will be no way I could hold back these tears
Aug 2020 · 75
BlInD lIgHt
T Aug 2020
See the light and the darkness don't know which road to take.....right now I am blind but the love in my heart was never fake
When my sight returned she was no where to be order to stay on the path I am on.... I must have her back in my arms before I go in the ground.
Aug 2020 · 66
T Aug 2020
For the brightest star I ever saw in the sky....was caused by the beautiful sparkle in her eye
The light in my life was she......and without her in it I could never be free
All it took was just one look.....and from then on I was on the hook...
For her beauty was beyond compare....and i knew now and forever i would always care
# to love is still to believe
Aug 2020 · 56
T Aug 2020
I got your picture on my phone ......and being with you it feels like home
You make me feel all good inside ......just like being on that magic mountain ride
When I am without you ...i sink down low I feel I have no friends and no where to go.
The sun never shines and it gets all when it was two by two and they loaded Noah's Ark.
#sometimes you just must believe
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