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4d · 17
StAr BrIgHt
T 4d
I will be with the long as the sun shines in the sky........and the birds they sing as they fly
There is nothing on gods green earth that can keep me for fulfilling this promise even after I die...even the gods that patrol the skies......can keep your sight from my eyes
The love that I hold for you has guided me through my heart wrenching grief and pain .....for this I will never use these words I say in vane
I know someday weather we are dead or alive we will be together as our souls are meant to be........maybe we will be stars that glide through the skies at night........and together we will make the whole skies bright.
5d · 26
LiFe As It WaS
T 5d
As I try to find and build my life again......remember how it was back when
It was as perfect just like a fairy tale......but it was not a dream it was for real
The way I felt about her ...and by the way I still do......this whole story it was almost too good to be true
We were not perfect but nobody is ya know.......but all we did was go with the flow
She was the planner and I ...I just wanted to be spontaneous you just make it up as you go
The love we had it was just like the movies all flowers and Sun......we did it all together and had so much fun
I made a mistake and told a hurt me so much I started to cry
The tears they fell like rain from the sky........and still till this I ask myself why
For all that is left is my big dream.......that one day soon we will again be a team.
# For this I must still believe
Feb 17 · 88
AwHiLe SiNcE
T Feb 17
i am  still in love with you ........yes this is true
i have not a clue what i should do
yes it has been awhile since we have seen one another.......but in my dreams i see you over and over
i must be in your life now and forever.........a day with you to me is like lifetime together
# i do still believe
Feb 14 · 91
SwEeT vAlEnTiNe
T Feb 14
Hey pretty woman you live far away......won't you be mine just for today
Its Valentine's Day and I am all alone.....and I would like to have a love that I can call my own
Who knows what will happen when we get may turn out we will be forever
Feb 9 · 51
undying love
T Feb 9
my love for her is just too much......everyday i long for her touch
it does not mater what is going on for i will stand by her side.....for it is my my time i will bide
it is my burning love for this woman that will never subside......i just with me she would confided
i will stand by her till days end feelings are not make pretend
she has my heart and my soul life she has total control .....i will not  waver in this fact....just give me a sign i will react
my love for you is too strong............i will never be out of your sight for too long
i will just say these last words to you.....forever my heart belongs to you
# i will always believe
Feb 3 · 46
TrUeSt Of LovE
T Feb 3
i am in love with you more than i ever thought it was possible......these feelings that i have are not even pauseable
the moment we talk it brightens my day or night.....i cannot wait to hold you again tight
i know in my head this can be just a dream ......but in my heart it is as real as they seem
this is love in its truest form.......the feelings in my my body it is just not the norm
i wait till the time it feels right......then i will grab on to you and hold on tight
once i have you in my arms once more .......i will never let go and no more
mistakes like i made before.
# in my heart i will always believe
Feb 3 · 69
RiD ThE dEmOnS
T Feb 3
I finally chased away all the demons with my life I will love with pride.
With my life back together I have but one wish that I must make come true......the love of my life to be by my side and baby that's you
I know I have made mistakes in the past.......just so you know those would be my last  
times have changed and my life is better.....the only thing i want to cling to you like a nice warm sweater
to have just one more chance to do our dance......the promise i would make would not to ruin this chance
so to the love of my life i say to you.......give me this chance to turn your skies blue.
# one thing i do know it is the small things
Feb 2 · 82
A nEw Sky
T Feb 2
i know one more time you will be mine......its just going to take a little more effort and some of my time  
see my love for you time has no baring.......just a little trust and alot of sharing
people do not bother me with what they say........because for your love i will get it back with what i can do and any way
i must step up my game for i am falling way behind
and if i put in some effort ......and will look to the moon and stars and make my wish come true.....i know for all eternity the skies will be blue
# it is rime for us to believe
Feb 1 · 25
MoRe TeArS
T Feb 1
on this night again i shed many tears.......after that i drank one too many beers
i guess its because of the feelings i still feel for you.....and you know you are the only one this i know to be true  
the pain inside it still hurts so much......the weakness i feel right now is too much to heart it is ready for dismantle
for now i am sure that my arms are ready to hold you tight once head would be held so high i think my feet would never again touch the floor

i guess there is a moral to this story.....that my love for you it will never die......not even when i am gone and my spirit it does fly.
#Please Believe
Jan 27 · 93
T Jan 27
As I look deeply into your beautiful eyes....all I see is the gorgeous moonlit skies
When I touch your silky smooth leaves me breathless with a childish grin
Late at night when I close them tight and slip off into dreamland..........all I see is you and I walking through the garden of  Eden hand and hand
When I wake the smile that it left is still on my face........and the hurt and the pain has disappeared without a trace.
# always I will believe
Jan 25 · 54
" TrY"
T Jan 25
I am your superman .......and my love for you is like kryptonite......try to get away but the pull is to makes me weak in the knees and it lights up my life so why should I fight
You will always be my Lois matters not that I am left in so much pain
# you must believe
Jan 23 · 35
T Jan 23
The sun again will shine it's light on me....because of this the greatest of love will return to thee
The darkness will never cover me again.....forever this light will be the brightest as it has ever been.
# it is never too late to believe.
Jan 12 · 63
ThE nEeD
T Jan 12
If you have any problems or just need to talk ears are wide open from you I would never turn away and walk
If you feel the need to shoulder will always be here and I will never question why
My love for you goes far beyond words so it doesn't matter it all comes in a flurry......I will never be far from you so there are no reason to worry
Until the day I die I will always be here.......just because my little princess I really care.
So late at night and you can't sleep and you need to shed some light or just need to say a little ........I am always here and will never get in the middle....just.....listen..
My shoulders broad and ears will be wide is its anything there is no reason to hide.
From now till the day I breathe no more I will always be there so don't hesitate......because if it is in your head you must not keep it in so there is no reason to wait.
# believe we must
Jan 10 · 33
So much
T Jan 10
I love you so much I can't even comes from within my heart so deep
The pain I feel it is just too hurts so bad because it is your skin I want to touch
When I think of you the tears start to fall.....the pain is so deep I stumble then crawl
The warmth of your body close to mine.......when we were together the sun would always shine
I love and I miss you oh so much.....never in my life have I had feelings like such
You are in my head and in my dreams.....forever and ever so it seems
There is so much that I miss about you ......a love like this I could never forget I know it will last a lifetime this much is true
##in my heart I believe
Jan 9 · 130
In my head
T Jan 9
In my head life is beautiful and there is no end......there are no wars and there are no bills to send
In my head it is just you and I .....beautiful weather as we walk hand and hand as we walk through the sand under the moonlit sky
In my head we are so in love .......but when I snap out of it and open my eyes ....and I see there is no you I would rather be dead.
#we still must believe
Jan 7 · 39
T Jan 7
The words to that song it pulls on my heartstrings.........the lyrics and the beat and I love the joy it brings
It plays over in my head the perfect words and sweetest melodies......just one word and I will be yours to please
Just choose wisely my princess.....this was made just us and it's with our love that's why it's a big success
So when you hear it play look to the stars and I will be there......our love makes the world spin and with it you will never have to fear.
#I still believe
Dec 2019 · 85
T Dec 2019
you think i forgot you this is not think i can't still love you but i definitly do
missing you more with each passing day.......time cannot change the way i feel that's what i needed to say
the way that i feel i will not hide........i hold my head high when i think of you inside
do you remember how we felt we said we would stay forever
your blood forever flows in my is not being beside you is why my heart it pains
# I do believe
Dec 2019 · 67
The hand of God
T Dec 2019
The hand of God has come down and taken another one from dear brother your time had come you were tired and in need to be free
Now you are in paradise with Dad and Mom and our dear well Oh brother of mine your soul will still be here and no more pain or fear
I will be there with you guys when my time comes....but right now the world needs me ...strength inside I must bring to all that needs so the light they will see
$may god be with you all
T Dec 2019
I spend the holidays with tears in my eyes.....this year it is under blood red skies
You know I walk this path all alone.......I don't know how I can deal with all this pain on my own
This constant feeling is like a knife piercing my heart......and it all has my life falling apart
On the outside I look like I am doing just fine.....but on the inside it's like the pain is breaking my spine
The light at the end of the tunnel it must be out there somewhere
I was not meant to walk this earth alone......there is no woman that shall stand  beside me....except her....this is all that i prefer
the life i live is my own ........for without her hand i shall stand alone.
#this is what i believe
Dec 2019 · 54
The door
T Dec 2019
The door I had a chance of reaching.....the lessons that she was teaching
It has all settled in my makes sense with all that was said
The love that I had and still do is standing is time I show that I do belong...for the silence can be no more .....this is my stand and I am sure...for this love will never fade....forever this is  my will and the last  vows I have made.
#I still believe that one day it will reopen for me
Dec 2019 · 50
Blue sky
T Dec 2019
The rain it falls but somehow I am dry....thoughts in my head as I wonder why
It was tears from my eyes that made it rain it was not water from the sky
The pain inside is why I do......even when the skies are blue.
# dreaming again
Dec 2019 · 57
T Dec 2019
The day the sun forgot to shine.....
        But today I can still see the signs
Believe is what I am told....I feel it in my soul And this will happen before we get old
I can read it as it is written in the sand....forever I will reach and one day you will grab my hand.
#you must believe
Nov 2019 · 76
To see the key
T Nov 2019
In her eyes is a beautiful her heart the angels spirit flies
For her beauty not only is it on the outside .......but does flourish from deep took my blindness much to long to see.....for in my heart she is the only one who holds the key.
#from the outside in
Nov 2019 · 161
One of a kind
T Nov 2019
The feel of her skin the sweetness of her lips......the feeling of my hands on her hips.....being without her i just can't come to grips
She was my life and she still is.....always in my heart she still lives
A song played just the other day......and it all came back to me in a big way
The love I have for her there is no compare....and the way I feel is crystal clear
My life and love I will never give up on her have her back it will always be on my mind.....never in my life a greater love will I find.
# in this love i will always believe
Nov 2019 · 66
The night my soul died
T Nov 2019
The more I thought I could care less if she lived or died......I knew in my mind I told one last and worst lie
This woman that I spoke of is the girl of my dream...and if you listen closely late at night you could here her name I still scream
The night she left my whole world disappeared.......and to tell the truth it was the worst I have ever feared
At night I sit outside..... and pray to the moon and stars that her and I could take together just one more ride.
# I still believe
Nov 2019 · 45
The full moons destiny
T Nov 2019
The life that I have now and the one that I should have are close to one of the's just the woman in it I have not to mention a name
She is my soulmate and my destiny.......and in the words of the lord it was meant to be
I wait till the sun sets and rises a million times for this woman I speak of......for it was written from the heavens above
Real and true love need no words and I know she feels it too.......and the the whole world knows it's true
This may be the last time I write of this subject but the universe is taking control of this......the least I want or need to see her face and one more kiss
In life there is only one true love love made for each of us.......and in my mind and in my heart I know that we are one....and from my voice there are no words to discuss
Her and her family mean everything in the world to soon as the next full moon the whole world will see.....
#I will believe till I breathe no more
Nov 2019 · 59
Written in the stars
T Nov 2019
Again in love did I fall for her......that sparkle I did see within those eyes ...the smile that captivated me...... it did it again .....just like remember when
Her beauty it is deep within .....not just on the outside.....for years it has kept me mystified
For it was in the dream I had about her last night......the stars were in full affect and Oh so bright
This woman is not just a past love but a part of me.......not only when I close my eyes it's when they open I can see
To be back in her world this is just not what I want for it is our destiny .....she might not be aware of this but it is how it supposed to be
For it was written in the stars along time ago......we must give it another chance to grow.
The memories come back from time to time.......and the tears fill my eyes and for this I must rhyme
My eyes look old and weary from all these love for her has been growing for years
I hope I find out soon what becomes of it all the bad things that have been said by people on the out side......there is no way it would ever change the tide
This woman that changed my life forever .......she is still in and to leave my mind she will never
If and when she does return......all the lessons she taught me she will learn.
#still must believe.
Oct 2019 · 173
Look into my heart
T Oct 2019
I try to listen with my ears but the only sound I hear is that of silence......I try to see but my eyes there is no my head it makes no sense
The light of love is within my heart......but to see this you must feel it and of you it must be a part
That light that once was shining so bright has gotten a bit dim....this is why I must relight the fire in my heart deep within
I know this light of love in my heart will regain its power.......I know if we work together we can rebuild this tower
If you look deep within my heart the love light that lives inside will be bright once more and this will happen before we are knocking on heavens door...
# please beleive
Oct 2019 · 72
Moving like freight train
T Oct 2019
I said I am moving like a freight train....but I am trying not to go insane
Although I am in so much pain...I am still moving like a freight train
My love for her is so intense......I sit and to all of it I try to make sense
But I am still moving like a freight train .....trying to keep from giving insane
The pain I am in cuz I miss her so much.......and with reality I still lose touch
But I am still moving like a freight train.....maybe I am better off taking a jet plane.
This woman and the world I try to live in.....they are both always in my head.....and always remind me where I have been
But here I am still moving like a freight train.......but I am still trying to keep from going insane..
Everyday and night my life has got me going from left to right.....I keep falling but I won't stay down.....I refuse to walk through it always wearing this frown
But again here I am moving like a freight train...and trying to no end to keep from going insane
......(talk ) as long as this train keeps going strong ..I will always remember right from wrong
Because I am moving like a freight train.....and who knows if I will ever go insane.
# yes o do believe
Oct 2019 · 56
Outside in the Rain
T Oct 2019
Outside the rain it falls
Inside a voice it calls
The fog rolls off the water and into the streets
The radio playing some insane beats
My heart it pounds with passion
From the night of dreams
The music gets louder and drowns the screams
I start to wonder what does it all mean
As I travel to start my day
The understanding comes to me in every way
Because of things that happen in the night
All of the signs make it all right
Music is the only sound
But the thing is I hear it coming from all around
That same song that played the night before
It started getting louder as I walked out the door
All of a sudden as the fog it lifted
The sun was shining a dog was whining
The music it has stopped and so have I
Standing still in the middle of nowhere
The funny thing is that I didn't seem to care
All of a sudden I opened my eyes for it was oly a dream.
Oct 2019 · 47
AgAiN wE wIlL rIDe
T Oct 2019
Yes I think of her everyday.....yes I want her in every way
She lives in my dreams......she is and always be a part of me so it seems
I feel her by my side......her warmth is with me deep inside
This I cannot escape.....and as I think I love the feeling everyday I wear it like a cape
As I think of the many in the past one had the power of the spell on me that she has cast
The love that I still hold for this woman could not be is as if my thought of any other woman from my mind has been snatched
The story from which my poems have been written are all true......but my feelings for her will never be through
I will work hard and pray for the rest of my life to have her again by my will be together into the sunset we will ride
Oct 2019 · 89
UnDeR mY cUp
T Oct 2019
Look under your coffee cup sweetie I left you a note to make you smile.......hopefully it will keep it there for a little while
I love to leave you messages and tell you how I feel......I know deep in your heart you know this is all real
To say I love you and that I not say anything it just wouldn't be fair
These notes that I  leave they come from the heart .....and you better believe they have right from the very start
Now I leave you with this note to say how this love I will always have deep inside....I wrote it with a smile upon my face I hope it does the same for you ......because on these notes it comes with love and I hope you know my feelings are true.
# you know it's true
Oct 2019 · 43
ThE lIgHt I sHaLl SeE
T Oct 2019
I look for signs search for clues ...reach for the stars and try to find the light....the world right now seems so dark I look for answers to if I should give up this fight
I need the love I used to have in order to keep me alive......but it seems that there are no doors all how do I survive
I grow weary from trying to understand what is going minute I had everything and then in less than that it was all gone
The light was all gone only darkness fell upon now I am where I should not be
The tears I can no longer cry.....for my hands they can not reach for the sky
I feel like I am in chains and can move no more
How did....or why did this all happen to me......the light my eyes can no longer see
I must somehow break this chain.....and release myself from this life of pain
Deep inside I know the light will once again shine down on I must continue to fight and reopen my eyes so the light I shall see.
# do you still believe
Oct 2019 · 54
LiFeS lItTlE gAmEs
T Oct 2019
She was my best friend....she will be that until the end least in my eyes
Each night I do pray and hope that she is ok......I think of her each and every day
This woman she put a spell on's one that works on only me
Never in my life have I met such a woman that posses this kind of power....I will always be here for her until the final hour
It has been the longest minute since I have even seen her face.....but even when I think of her my mind and heart races to outer space
I have been with woman but none like her....when I was by her side there was nothing else that was better that life could offer
So I write this poem to tell her my words of love .....because I know that God sent her to me from the skies above
So as I walk my life path alone I still feel the warmth of her touch....I so miss that heat from her body oh so much
I look to the sky and that falling star......and make a wish and send my love to her from afar
I put my hands together and kneel down on the ground.....she is the fairest maiden I have ever found
I will search the world forever to find her once more .......I know she is the Angel that flies where eagles soar
I know my life will Never be the same that I have learned to play life's little game.
# still believe
Oct 2019 · 62
ReMeMbEr WhEn
T Oct 2019
I miss those nights cuddling up to our favorite shows......eating peanut butter M&M's and you picking things up with your toes
I miss those Sunday drives to Home Depot and BreaKfast at IHOP and getting dinner at Stop & Shop
Laughing and joking with you while we listen to our favorite songs.......i miss putting my arms around you while we sleep just so I can feel you breathe.....I miss the love we had for each other and the smile on your face and sparkle in your eyes.......waking up each morning for work watching you sleep was more precious then the clear blue skies
At night when I close my eyes only for a minute and again I am holding you tight .......and in my dreams we will be together again .....I fear not to open my eyes .....because in my heart I know where our destiny lies.....but on this night my eyes I will keep them shut ...for in my dreams there is no end tonight my princess when you close your eyes remember forever and a day love to you I send.
And baby even though we have been apart I can still find your smell on my clothes and on my skin......and the love I have for you the fire it still burns within
You will always be in my heart and my soul..and be a part of me.......and to my heart you will always hold the key.
# I still and will always believe.
Sep 2019 · 50
ThE bEaUtIfUl LiE
T Sep 2019
Why did I her words from those lips.....because the love I have for her had my heart doing backflips
Why did I get lost in her eyes......because her beauty had me mesmerized
My life was a poem I forgot to write.....the road got a little bumpy so I had to hold on tight
Was this love true or was it all a lie......but if it was why did we both cry
If what I heard is true this love it will return.....and when it does I will be ready to tell her all the lessons I have learned
Both of our hearts were broken .....but now they are on the mend......if this is our destiny .....our life and love together we must not make pretend.
# forever I will always believe
Sep 2019 · 56
FiRsT tImE
T Sep 2019
It wasn't the first time..and it won't be the love for you is still strong and it's not fading and that magic spell was cast
Its a story that has no end........the power of it all must not pretend
I know in your heart you feel the same.......I will get you back so you can carry my name
The sun will rise and it's light will shine and I together again .....and in my arms I will be holding you tight.
#  Believe
Sep 2019 · 71
ThAt LoSt FeElInG
T Sep 2019
I have been walking down the longest road that I have ever been on in my life......but the time has come to stop and smell the roses and put an end to all my strife
In one minute I lost it all my mother....sister...and the only true love I have ever had.......but now as I stand tall I am through with being sad
Been so long since I've seen her gentle know what for that smile I would still walk the longest mile
All the tears I have cried .....and the new romances I have tried
I still remember that she was the one......and with her is the only time I have fun.....
I will try to move on but I will not ever give up because I was meant to be with this one woman and this is what I feel deep down in my soul......And for the rest of this long and winding road and it is always something I can control...I believe in true love and in destiny ..........and this is it not only can I  feel but I can see.
# I believe in destiny
Sep 2019 · 50
T Sep 2019
Hey you know it has been a little while.....since I have seen that beautiful smile
I just stopped in the middle of nowhere and stared into space......and I realized how much I miss you .....and without you this world I just no longer want to face
The times we spent together ....I mean every single minute ....I will always cherish......every minute ...hour I perish
One day I will get you back in my arms where you belong.......but for now I must move things on and be strong
Every night when I am sitting on the back porch staring straight into the heart and soul tell me that our paths will be as one again and remember these words I  say now to you.......forever and a day I will always love and be there for you......and I know for a fact that you and I both know this to be true.
#just to believe
Sep 2019 · 72
The Light within my eyes
T Sep 2019
The light that was within my eyes in no longer how much time without my love must I sit
From dusk till dawn I lay in wait......for it is in gods hands to reveal my fate.
# I must believe for it is right in front of me.
Sep 2019 · 70
T Sep 2019
Deep into the night when you are fast asleep......if you listen real close you may hear someone weep
Its dark and cold I think it is in the spring.......the only sound out there is that of which the sirens bring
My eyes are wide open I barely ever sleep......this feeling in my heart it is very deep
She must be on my mind for my eyes they will not close.......I try to let go but the love in my heart it still grows
I try to strip my mind of all the thoughts I hold.......if I can find this love again it would be worth more than gold
The time I had on this trip I would never regret ........what we spent together I  will never forget
To turn back time I wish I could.......I'd do everything better and treat her the way I should
So the clock it ticks and the dreams they fade.......why the hell did it have to rain on my parade
The darkness falls and the doors they close......all the memories in my mind they froze
And there they will always stay under lock and key.........if and when love comes knocking again I will just smile and let it be.
T Sep 2019
Since she left me...Now.. I am a much better man and I want her back.....I have been stuck in a place where I don't want to be.....better places on the horizon that I can't reach but I can see
I want to get out and be happy once again...with her by my side...she is the only soul which I can confide
The life that I want to live is within reach ......I have learned all the lessons that she wanted to teach
Time has passed but my feelings of love that I have for her are still in my heart.....and I do believe in Destiny and a brand new start
I will dig down deep and follow the is the way out there is no need to fight
I changed in so many ways all for the good......just for this I will do every thing I should
This vortex that I am stuck in is just a state of the beauty in life I will finally find.
# my belief
Aug 2019 · 73
The Reaper
T Aug 2019
It has been years since the grim reaper had his claws in me.....from now on that is the way it will always be
As I look back at my life years ago......there were a few people that I should have never let go....but believe me he was not one of them
Right as I was at the depths of Hell......while I was still captivated by her spell
I was much too strong for I broke free...but the damage was done my love she had to flee
The reaper shall never invade my space anymore.......but if he does this time I will be ready for sure.
Aug 2019 · 52
Warmth beneath the Sun
T Aug 2019
As I stare at Sun from the beach wall.....the whole world it seems so small
The water is calm hardly a ripple.....I think in my mind that all of my problems they seem to  triple
All my memories are deep in side where they will never leave
To get her back in my arms I must never give up and always believe
All these people say just to give up and I must leave
What they don't understand this is true love....I know deep inside she feels the same... but in her head she thinks I  am playing a game
Without saying a word I will wait a lifetime if I must.....and now I will convince her that in me she can trust
As time goes by....and with my mind I must try
I know if all does not work out forever I will not cry.
#keep believing
Aug 2019 · 47
T Aug 2019
I read my horoscope today and it said to connect with loved ones .....who made you feel like home......there was only one and she is gone.....the tears they fell like rain onto my pillow.and as it was soaked with tears......once again I layed my head upon my pillow and relived all my fears....
To love again ...I would never forget
The only woman that made me feel like home......and to have or have not this woman I would never regret.
# must not stop believing
Aug 2019 · 38
T Aug 2019
She was the smile that left my face.....she was the beat within my heart that disappeared without a trace
She was the light within my soul.......she was my strength when I was losing control
One last time our lips must touch
Because their sweetness I do miss so much
Although we are apart maybe forever .....I will always cherish our time together
Aug 2019 · 93
LoNg AfTeR i Am DeAd
T Aug 2019
For I know now that I must just let her go.....but how do I do this I don't know
....For She was and still is the love of my life
I want to let her know I will be here and if she ever needs me no matter the problem big or small.....she must get to that phone pick it up and matter if it's day or night no matter what time at all
I will be there ....I will get there to help you baby in your time of need...that's how much I love you ...if I am with someone or in work or in bed cause it's 2am it don't matter I will be there..and I think you know this to be true.......all my life I waited for a girl like you ...and when I finally had you I blew it ......plain and simple I ******* it up big time.....I will spend the rest of my days remembering our time together.....and yes baby I will forever ...if I must now move on...take a deep breath and accept that you are will not be easy but this I must do
I will never look back at our time together with any regret .....and that sparkle in your eyes and that smile on your face I will NEVER forget
So my little princess sleep well every night......and remember what I tell you now and know I will be your guiding light
I will always be here and will never be far from you......
For I know when I lost you so were gone were my feelings for love .......because I know baby you were sent to me from above take care of me and ease all of my did all that and so much more ......I could have fixed it all before you showed me the door..
I can't say that I won't write anymore ....but it will not be for a bit that's for sure
The last words that I say right now....I will always love you and to love someone else as I loved you I don't think I could know how
No matter what happens the love I have for you shall live in my heart and the memories in my head......and they all will stay with me till long after I am dead.
#keep on believeing
Jul 2019 · 69
ReAsoN fOr ThEsE tEaRs
T Jul 2019
The reason for these tears I don't really know.......but I have a great guess's because I must let go
# I will always believe
Jul 2019 · 162
ThE bRiDgE
T Jul 2019
My life I must reinvent.....I try as hard as I can to understand it all .....and still cannot feel content
As sure as I am that no longer do my demons control me......I still feel stuck and can't move.....I have to let go of this feeling and get my life to improve
I believe that if I do begin to look deep inside of my soul.......then my life I will finally take control
For the one I want to live is still possible.......because if you believe then any bridge is crossable
# for the love of it all
Jul 2019 · 111
T Jul 2019
With my mind I will listen...for my heart cannot love for you shall continue .....but to pursue I grow too weak....
#but I still believe in destiny
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