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7.7k · Jul 2018
Her voice is in my head
T Jul 2018
I try to forget and just walk away
But I am left wondering if she is ok
When I am at the gym or in work
I am talking to people when all of a sudden I stare into space
All this pain and loneliness I must face
I start a conversation and then I hear her voice
Suddenly I stop and stare at my phone
I want to call because I feel so alone
Her voice is all I hear
I sit and wonder ......and wonder if she is near
How could it be her voice is so clear
It is my head but how can it be
She is miles away can't you see
I can't believe her voice is in my head
Should I not be holding her instead
The only way they (the voices) will get out of my head
If I let go.......
But how do I  let go of the love of my life
Why did I I do it cause all of this strife
At night as I lay alone in my bed
I watch our programs we used to watch...... and all of a sudden I hear her wise crack....
That is her for she had the knack
I don't want to but I must try forget her and move on
Stand up on my feet and accept that she's gone.
#her beautiful voice is in my head
6.0k · Aug 2018
That Special Gift
T Aug 2018
She has this gift only I can see
And she let me go how could this be
Her words so soft as that of an Angel
How could this woman leave my heart just to dangle
When I am with her I feel at ease
For I am her clay ready to be molded
I am not a pair of pants that need to be folded
Her gift that she has..... it captivates me when ever she is around
Every time I start to drift away... it drags right back
I think the gift that she has is love
That way that she loved me was different and it felt oh so good
I want and need that stay with me for the rest of my days....Ohhh and I need her by me in so many different ways
This special gift that only she has kept my heart open just to her love ......and like I told you all before she was sent from the lord above.
#she has it
3.0k · Jul 2018
Sun to the moon
T Jul 2018
As the sun sets over the water on this hot summer night
If I was not all alone it would be alright
As the moon glisten off the ocean
I am quite sure it was a love potion
That's taken control of me
It might be over the horizon I can't see
All the beauty in just one night this has happened only one other time
It was one hot July night just like this
And it always ended with a goodnight kiss
But now my side is bare
Deep inside I know you care
Sleep well with the moon so bright
And may the Angels watch over you Every night.
#The sun will rise as it always sets
3.0k · Jul 2018
Unwanted Changes
T Jul 2018
My life has changed since you've been gone
I have no will to but I must move on
All that I do reminds me of you
You are a part of me this is true
I sit and wonder why this happened to us
Then I know deep in my heart
If in fact we were meant to be
fate will put us where we belong
but we dont know what our future holds
The moon is full and the stars they shine
I do still wish you were mine
If the sun forgets to shine
Always remember it was a sign
And if our souls soon shall meet
The thrill of it all will sure taste sweet
And if we end up far apart
Please remember you are always in my heart
.....I never wanted any of these changes .....but maybe it was supposed to happen so we would gain strength
I just know you will never be beyond arms length......
# I saw the signs
1.5k · Aug 2018
Second Chances
T Aug 2018
In life you don't usually get another chance to prove your love
But as the tears rolled down my face It was a sign from the lord above
She misses me .....the words were indirect but still there
It was something that I had longed to hear
My love for this woman has survived this long road
For this I will do all that I am told
My heart is full of happiness at this time
For I am primed and ready to make her mine
These tears are but a reminder of how the lord moves things in mysterious ways
For my future looks bright again more than it has in many a days
So my eyes I will wipe and stand up tall
For he said if you do things right you can have it all.
1.2k · Jul 2018
A Birthday Wish
T Jul 2018
Another year older and so beautiful are you
You age better than wine this much I think is true
You are an Angel with a heart of gold
For every birthday you never get old
I would like to wish you the best of days
Go out in the sun and enjoy the rays
Baby I still love you and remember it all
Tomorrow is your birthday maybe i'll call
I wish you the best And many more
May all of your wishes still come true
Forever and a day may the sky always be blue.
#best wishes to the one I love
1.2k · Oct 2018
Holding me to one knee
T Oct 2018
My life is on hold.......I am trying to do all that I am told
People think I am losing my mind......the things they say are so unkind
This love that I have deep inside of me....these people they can't even see
All they say is that this woman is no good for me.........they don't even know this partnership that we had......but all they heard was everything bad
I feel her love flowing through my veins.......being with my sweet love has me soaring side by side with the planes
The story we have is not all sweet.......but our life together can not be beat
Right now we are miles apart......soon the time will be right for a brand new start
Just to hold her close  again.......I will take your hand....... look you in the eyes..... then it shall ease all of your pain....hopefully when the time is right.....take to one knee and ask as I have and to hold ....each and every night
So now I sit with my eyes closed tight.....and I pray to the lord that you and I never again fight
So tonight pretty baby you do the same......And for all this I will take all of the blame
# for it shall be...if the lord shall grant me one last chance
1.2k · Jul 2018
Stars that light the sky
T Jul 2018
It is strange the way I feel
For my heart was always yours to steal
It may of took over thirty years
But you came and erased all my fears
Now the bad has gone away
I pray for your love again every day
The tears they fall but I am no longer afraid
Its from our love which stories are made
When the stars they shine and the moon is full
Our love will blossom like the charge of a bull
So sleep well on this night with that sparkle in your eye
And think of me when the stars light the sky
# when the moon is full and the stars they shine smile sweet princess because you will always be mine
1.1k · Aug 2018
Is she really worth it
T Aug 2018
They all ask she worth it
Well let me tell you...she is the only woman who  put tears in my eyes.both tears of sadness and that of joy
When I am with her I feel carefree as if I were a little boy
Is she worth it...
This woman that I speak of I can't and will not give up on...and yes she is worth it
She made me see the world in a different light
I will spend the rest of my days with this woman ...for her love ....if I must I will fight
Well the answer to their question is she worth me this woman is my *** of gold........and we shall be together and grow old......if my love for her was counted in money......I would be so rich it wouldn't even be funny
#for it is my destiny
1.1k · Oct 2018
T Oct 2018
At this point in time I am lost in space.....standing here in front of you without a face
How many miles must I walk in my lifetime is all for the love of a woman and this shall show me how
Spinning in circles is my mind.....none of this was supposed to be so unkind
Legs are weary arms like lead.....I can't believe I am not dead
From the light above I gain strength......for this love I shall go to any length
The stronger I get from the will surely help me in this fight
As my eyes stare out at the moonlit skies.......I look beyond where the spirit flies
If there is a guiding light to the path I seek....I must have strength and not be weak
It may take all the powers that be and much more........for it is this love I must secure
At the end of this path there is light it's fading I must find the door leading to this light........or forever I will live in darkness and bow out and lose this fight
So I will call on my twin.......we will join forces and together her heart We will win
# as the twins join the king shall gather the horses
1.1k · Nov 2018
The bench.....
T Nov 2018
Tonight I slipped into my longest dream......floating I was above the ground.......nobody not even a soul was even was very strange...and eery........I was kinda dazed and feeling weary......being in this dream state I was in.....all of a sudden I was outside.....I saw water and sand trees and rocks....I think I saw the beach......I think it was winter island....but everything was so out of the distance I saw a was dark and cold ....and on that bench a shadowy figure.....its too far away so I could not make out who it I approached it was you sitting there all alone ..tears falling from your eyes ......I stared at your beautiful face.......but at me you were looking right through and into the skies....
I started to whisper just your name......your mouth it moved but out no sounds came
I keeled down in front of the bench
The smell from the water I couldn't stand the stench
I told you how wrong for all that I have done
For I loved you so much and no longer would I run
Suddenly words came from your lips
It was something I had longed to here
She told me she loved me ...And always she did care
So I rose to my feet and sat on the bench wrapped my arms around her and looked in her eyes
Said from my mouth you would hear no more lies
I had to ask her how she drove here so late and alone
She said for my now let's go home
See on this same bench....... we sat on the fourth of july..... we fell in love again that day
This bench we will remember for the rest of our days..........and we always keep proving our love in so many ways.

I had told you this was one of my longest dreams ....I have when I sleep....not only was it long but it was very deep
I was reading just the other day .....and it was about said in the month of November pay attention to them...because a message they would send
May be it means our love together will never end
# just maybe It was just a dream
1.0k · Oct 2018
Shining Star
T Oct 2018
The stars have talked to me........and said that you and I were meant to be
The sun has been shining on me more ever since the moon has shifted.....and I know it's because our love has been gifted
Time has been letting me down......but for some reason I have been able to turn around this frown
This alignment of these stars.......has made me beleive we can erase all these scars
When the sun goes down and the sky grows dark I will follow the light......because the moon and the stars will guide my way for they shine so bright
Time is just a number so I will not let it get me sad......even though being away from her sux so bad
So as I sit here and think of her....I know inside that in just a few some beautiful things will occur
Right now I will send her my love....and let her know that our love was created by the lord above
She is my shining star........and I will be where ever you are
I will watch over you.......until our love is joined together....and this time it will be forever.
For is in the stars
1.0k · Dec 2018
TwIn FlAmE
T Dec 2018
I would like to thank the lord for bringing  her to have her back soon I would bow and be forever thankful to thee
I have realized for she is my world and belongs by my side.......things that must be done no longer will I let the time slide
In my life there has been no other........but together we must be forever
This woman is my twin flame and my soulmate.......we shall reunite and this cycle will complete ......and together we shall share our fate
With her ...we were as happy as can be shall be again I tell the haters and the rest of the world open your eyes wide and the magic you shall see.
# it all fits
957 · Jul 2018
Under a moonlit sky
T Jul 2018
On a moonlit night I look to the sky
And  over and over I ask why
The dreams we had the promises we made
In a blink of an eye they all begin to fade
My feelings and my love for you were so strong
I am really not sure if I did everything wrong
The times we had together in the sun
Even grocery shopping we had so much fun
But the time has come and no one knows the reason why
I guess we must say goodbye
This tall task it hurts me so
My love is forever just so you know
I will never forget not even a minute
All of my dreams the one last night make me smile because you were in it
All of the memories of just you and I
I will always treasure
You gave me love and so much pleasure
They will always stay with me Until the day I die
#for I shall pray every night
913 · Oct 2018
Our little Fairytale
T Oct 2018
Baby, as I head out to walk the picket line on this frosty morning...I go there with a smile on my face.........why because everything is on a good pace
With the sexiest and the most beautiful woman in the world on my mind and in my heart...and I have loved you from the very to finish up all my stuff that I already started and get your body close to mine so we can make that beautiful music together that we always made so fine....I again will be your Batman and my Catwoman you will be.....the most perfect couple the world will ever see
There will not be one more lie from these lips or pills they will no longer touch.....forever my love for you is just too much
You see this little Angel came to me and told me a story I had to open my eyes and my heart So I can see......she told me there is a young woman that loves me so......and I had to change my ways or she had to go..
So I listened to her words loud and clear....
Because I was rattled and filled with fear
There are a  few things that I must do.....and this little fairy tale will all come true
So as the sun will rise and so it will after it does look to the stars....make a wish and it will come true together forever me and you.

866 · Jul 2018
Teary eyed dreams
T Jul 2018
There is a pain in my head and a hole in my heart
We should be together instead we are apart
We said goodbye just the other day
No kiss no hug it is so wrong what more can I say
If we were really in love ....we should have stuck it out
Now here we are left with just doubt
There is no looking back for her Its sad to say
I wouldn't even know if there was a way
I am left with these tears they fall only at night
When I am fast asleep......dreaming.....of holding her tight
Somewhere down the line if I see any light....
You can bet your bottom dollar I will be there for her
It is only a dream that I have when I sleep
If you listen real hard you can hear me weep
So listen my sweet princess I wish you the best
And I will keep dreaming ....hoping this is just gods little test
So late at night When you are looking to the sky
Ask yourself why we had to say goodbye.
#Wish upon a star
802 · Jul 2018
Our special place
T Jul 2018
When I think of our special place
That was special for you and I
If you take someone else there I will surely die
The reason being when we were there we always fell in love over and over again
That it is where the real love story began
At peace were we and really in love
You could tell at night by the stars above
I will never forget you or our special place even if I vanish without a trace
The things we did there and memories we made
Will always be with me and they will never fade
I just want to tell you one last thing today
If we should ever see each other at our special place
I will fall in love with you again as soon as I look at your face
# the memories that we made will live in my heart and my mind
Until the final days of mankind
795 · Jul 2018
That song in my heart
T Jul 2018
The pain I feel from my head to my heart
How did this all happen.....well where do I start
She said one word like a sword of a knight.....and me with no shield..
With one mighty ****** I had to yield
The fight was swift and not many words...were said...
Except the words from the poem just read
Just beleive all that I say
It was all my fault in every way
In the beginning I left for too long when I came back everything went wrong
So now as we bid sweet adieu
One fatal lie and we are through
My love for her will never change
So my sweet princess just remember all that I say..and  think of me when our songs play
The memories of you and I shall never die.......forever and a forget don't even try
#the music will play
792 · Sep 2018
T Sep 2018
This pull that has a hold of me is intense.........just the thrill of it all is imense......this woman is my soulmate.....and is to her I gravitate
At times I did things wrong but my feelings they are so strong.....even if I wanted to which I never would something just pulls me back to her .....a sort of gravity...this love that I have is is the love we have for each thing I want  her and everyone to know if the gravity does one day cease ......always and forever we will be at peace
Its like the moon and the stars above......there is nothing like the sight of our love
So please let her know ......there is something that I must show .........she is the flame that ignites my heart .......and our love will last just like it has from the start
#somewhere up above there is a star that shines so bright.....forever and a day she will be my guiding light
782 · Nov 2017
T Nov 2017
It's raining in my head again
All these emotions when will it end
It's all bottled up inside
Just like the one with the message that washed in with the tide
The feelings that are trapped in my mind
The emotions of hearing one of our songs
And just stopping and sitting nowhere and wondering where one belongs
In my head
759 · Jul 2018
T Jul 2018
My mind is free
But my eyes too blind to see what is right in front of me
I don't care what obstacles I must face
I will open your eyes to finally see that our love is alive and did not disappear without a trace
We both have traveled many roads and is time to end this long search
We were always meant to be as one
And all that has happened will be undone
We both shall live our lives like he wanted and have some fun.
#as the long road ends
753 · May 2019
A tHoUsAnD tEaRdRoPs
T May 2019
The sparkle in her eye was heightened by the glare of the summer moon.......the smile on her face was never gone too soon
Her body swayed...... to every beat from the music that played.......
Like a ballerina she danced through the night...........For me her beauty was never far from my sight
These teardrops that still fall from my eyes........fall to the ground like a thousand raindrops from the summer skies
As l lay in a pool of a thousand teardrops and try to keep my head above water.......forgive me if my hands become weak and I sink to the bottom for without her....why should I bother
# my love for her still runs through my veins
T Jul 2018
Tonight the moon it shines so bright
Why the hell can't i do anything right
My love for her was extremely true
Why do I sit here and feel so blue
When you look to the skies and you see two very close stars out of the blue
You know those two are me and you
That one that is close to the moon you know it's me
And the one that is stretching out that's definitely you
When the moon is full and there are a few stars that are scattered that's just me searching for you
When you wish on that falling star
Remember it's me no matter where you are
# when you wish upon a star
I will always know where you are
T Sep 2018
Could I just turn and walk away
Could I just walk away with nothing to it possible to walk away from the one you love......I don't think I could even if push came to  shove....these feelings and the person that I have become.......I just don't know where all these values came heart has so much love for this woman and it runs so deep....the mountains I would climb they are very steep...... but she is  worth every step I take....and believe me the way I feel is not fake.......especially when I know that our future is at stake....she tries to push me away with harsh words and bad talk.....but even with this I could never there something wrong with me....if I can't reach her....I guess we will have to wait and when the sun refuses to shine....and the moon hides behind the clouds and the stars are nowhere to be found.....I vow to please her and show her that my love is real and true....and I will finish this way before they put me in the ground.....please tell her that I love and miss her....and I will return....before they light a fire and my soul will life we all have something we must fight is written.....for each man has at least one..and for me her love is what I fight for
# I do believe
675 · Sep 2018
United we Stand
T Sep 2018
We here at local 26....we are not doing this just to get our kicks
Life is hard and times are if there is a strike things will get rough....we will always stick together.and then we will all work. Here forever
All we want is our fair share.....and we want to know our bosses care
As we stand for what we believe in
For the contract the talks they will begin
Here we will stand no matter big or small win or lose we go for it all....
We will  become  as one... As you know together we fight and then we shall never fall
671 · Dec 2017
T Dec 2017 she thinking
   Is she thinking of me
What she feeling
Am I still in her heart
  I just hate being apart
Should I  push a little harder
I would never want to hurt her
Does she know how I feel
It's her heart I must steal the world was I thinking
When the ship started sinking
  I walked right out the door
Because my heart hit the floor
I really must make amends
Before the feeling in her heart really ends
My life was full of love
I saw the signs from above
Now the signs are still there
And I know that she really cares look in my heart and you will see
That she is the only woman for me
665 · Aug 2018
Spinning Axis
T Aug 2018
Well my mind is going ninety miles an I think she needs me yes
There is a few things I must  take care of yes I know....that will be done within the coming days
Can she do it alone ......yes she can
But because I love her and I am her biggest fan.....but will she make it without my help absolutely.....but with my help it will make it easier on her.
Right now the world is spinning round and on its axis...the reason why things are pretty up in the air right now the feeling in the air is different...does she think that I am for real this time ? I hope do what I must to prove to the only woman that I have ever loved that I will be in her life again and this time forever.....we shall always be together....these things that are stuck in my head....for real if it were not for her I believe I would be in a sense I owe my life
Never meant to cause any strife
The world is spinning so fast .....I must slow it down just a bit so I can do all I need when the moon is full and there are stars aplenty in the sky and all my work is done......I will get down on bended knee...and we all know what happens hear those bells .....first I must finish what I started .....before the day we sweet baby I will give it my best.....if it does work we all know the rest....
#one last try
643 · Jul 2018
The first star
T Jul 2018
If I shed one more tear
You know that I love her and that I fear
Not to see her again in my life
Will leave me standing with all of my strife
This woman I loved since I was seventeen
She is the finest I have ever seen
So if you see her before I do
Please just tell her my love was always true
And if you catch one of my tears that fall
It could have been the one that ended it all
So baby when you are lying there in bed all alone
Look to the sky instead of the phone
The first star that you see
If you look very close..... you will know  it is me
#our love was meant to be forever
616 · Nov 2017
T Nov 2017
I woke lastnight from a terrible dream
All of a sudden I heard you scream
I sat up I was soaked with sweat
It was cold and dark and the sun has set
I saw you in alot of pain
When I see you hurt I go insane
I can't remember most of it
But I saw you sitting on the bed
All alone and holding your head
Please baby do not cry
For I'm the reason and that's no lie
I'm coming home to you
No more tears I will be true
I will hold you oh so tight
No more nightmares through the night
Missing you
605 · Jan 2019
T Jan 2019
She was a butterfly caught in my net......and the most beautiful one I would ever get
The way she moved was slow and smooth.......and the sound of her voice was there to soothe
The transformation for I went through...for her love did this for me this is true
She spread her wings and I watched her fly.......I was always so happy it even made me cry
When we first met she was in a cocoon.....but also she transformed into the beautiful butterfly under a starlit moon
The partnership that we was the best in my life and I was overjoyed
The net was cut and she was set free......maybe in time she will find her way back to me
This period in time for I will never let die.......the memories always return under the moonlit sky
# in my dreams and always in my heart
605 · Nov 2018
BlAcK DiAmOnDs
T Nov 2018
I am buying her a black diamond hopes it will make her sing
Make her realize that we are meant to be.......this shall open both our eyes to finally see
The time has come to embrace our love.......that was sent from the heavens above
The light has shined......she is the treasure I have longed to find
In the past I have been known to be flighty...........but her love has shown me more than my eyes before could ever see
I am putty in her hand.......these feelings made me happier than I had ever planned
So if she lets me back in.....I am positive that we will be happier than we have ever been
We will share the good .....and withstand the bad.......and never again will I make her sad
I want to see that sparkle in your eyes ....that is more beautiful than the moonlit skies.....and the smile that I love so much....and I can't wait to feel that angelic touch.....I will wish on the moon and a million stars......and will try to erase all. The scars
And now before my mind tell you how i do miss those sensual and luscious lips
One more thing I must say I will love you tomorrow even more than I do today........So now we both must sleep.......soon my love we will no longer weep.
# I pray my wishes they do come true......sometimes they do
556 · Aug 2018
Long dark tunnel
T Aug 2018
As the train rolls down the tracks
....I am so **** scared that I may slip through the cracks
Life is full of obstacles we all must overcome.....most of us......we will never make it just because are minds are shallow and we  can't adapt ? As the train goes through the tunnel....more than half will be left behind......I will not that happen to me ....if and when I get her back I will have the love of a great woman ..and a strong mind to guide me through
I feel if you have a strong will and something that you want more than anything in the can and will escape that long dark tunnel....but you must work hard and be really sure what you want ........
#I found a way out and I am not gonna blow it
545 · Nov 2018
Oooh....That Kiss
T Nov 2018
Her lips so soft ....sweet like candy
When she kissed me my temperature started to rise the towel came in handy
102 and still on the rise.....she made me feel I was her biggest prize
When I would come home from a long day......she'd meet me at the door with the sweetest's something I would always miss ......even if she sat in the other room I'd miss it anyway
That kiss would make my whole week complete.....just one kiss....she would wrapp her hands around my waist and smack it on me I could hardly wait..... for the taste.....wondering what flavor of....
chapstick she had on....
Her kiss made my temp rise so high......I took the batteries out of the fire detector..... I am sure you don't have to ask why
I miss that kiss so very much....and also miss her velvet touch
So when the time is right .....And on a special night....I will make my move to win her back......and I must make  sure I can take that next kiss......and don't have a heart my dreams tonight and every night ......oooh that kiss it just felt so right.....after each one took many hours for them to let her go......I would be a fool
# yes that kiss
T Aug 2018
To be in love is a glorious place to be.....It is not just a feeling but a state of mind also......the good days and bad you must work on this so your love will continue to grow.....the world is a scary place but if you are with the right person it can be oh so beautiful......when your eyes capture the most beautiful smile ....and you stare into her eyes and they instantly captivate will know......these are some of the things that true love brings......with no words as you look into each others eyes you will hear the birds sing.....the sweet sounds of this will remind you of that very first you felt inside.....and slowly your heart will start to now when that full moon rises look to the stars .......and remember only true love can heal those scars.......
#The sun will shine on
T Sep 2018
Walking down the highway all alone....pouring rain.......the feel of loneliness and so much pain
Along she came driving down the road....the car breaks down I wander over to see if I can help....lo and behold it was her as she steps from the car ....the rain it falls I put up my keep her dry
When a Strong gust of that fails...I take hold of her ...she is shivering and wet .....we walk towards the house she starts to smile....and we both turn....that look in her eyes and the threatening I look at her she starts to cry......we both start to talk and at the same everything is going to be as we continued to walk soaked to the bone .....painted smiles upon our faces.......all the pain it disappeared .......without any traces
# for it is our destiny
It was in my dream
506 · Nov 2017
T Nov 2017
Shhhhh did you hear me scream
Shhhhh it's in your dreams
Shhhhh did hear me cry
Shhhhh can you tell me why
Why am I screaming and crying
Why do I feel like I am dying
Shhhhh why do I look so sad
Shhhhh why is she so mad
Tell me why we didn't just talk
Why did I just get up and walk
Shhhhh do you know how you make me feel
Shhhhh why is this so unreal
I know this love is in my heart
I think it just needs a kick-start
Shhhhh why do I stare at the phone
Shhhhh why do i feel so alone.
493 · Aug 2018
The Reason
T Aug 2018
In life there is a reason for everything
Why the rain falls and why the birds sing......why we live and why we die....and why the sun is up in the sky
There is a reason why a person keeps popping back into your life.....sometimes things happen and they go away for a bit.....but they come is not because the universe is out of whack....but there is a reason
We are all gods creatures and we have a purpose....and a reason.....the reason why two people keep popping into each other's lives ?'s because God had planned for them to be together forever.....and that's the reason...and to tell you the truth a very good one.....just believe...
# it is the reason
471 · Jul 2018
Ageless Love
T Jul 2018
Her skin is smooth as silk
Lips sweeter than chocolate milk
Those eyes they put me in a trance
Every time we are together we sing and dance
She has the voice of an Angel And a heart of gold
We must get back together before we get to old
This woman that I love so much
I would **** just to feel her touch
Our souls will be as one
Without you I can have no fun
The words of my poems are all the truth
I remember crying to the song with Charlie puth
As my feet touch the sand
I will keep on stretching till I can reach your hand
...........this love that I once had it will return
Or forever I will be down and my soul will burn
#my senses are lost in dream space.
452 · Oct 2018
T Oct 2018
As I sit on the train and stare into space.......I look at the girl across from me and all I see is your face
Its true you are in my head and my heart to stay....and I know that down the line it's all gonna be ok
I get to my destination and my mind is weary so much on my plate.......and you know what here I am at the starting gate
All the things I think about my job my home, money, food, etc...and there is one thing that sticks out and that is you
The reason being is you are the only one that really matters everything else goes to the back burner this is true
People say that time is running out but the thing is the hour glass is still full
So is the love that I hold in my heart for you and that's no bull
If mountains and the castles crumble and turn into sand my love for you still burns in my heart and I will always be reaching for your hand
As the rain comes down and hits the street
You will be back by my side and only then my life will be complete
If the train slips from tracks for any amount of time
My life I will fix without any tricks or crime
So as I walk round in circles with my head full of clouds and questions
I am waiting for the higher power to make suggestions
So my body it hurts and my life a mess ....when it will change its anyone's guess
So no I kneel and I pray ...that someday soon it will be ok
#hoping and praying
441 · Oct 2017
T Oct 2017
Tricia, I know this and it is in my heart
I knew I loved you from the very start
You are in my dreams when I sleep
In my head when I weep
I see the car everywhere I go
I see your face in everyone I know
You must believe me my love so strong
It was never meant to go so wrong
I made a mistake that is why I cry
Let's fix all of this before I die.
432 · Jul 2018
Me and my empty heart
T Jul 2018
Not too long ago my heart was filled with joy and laughter
But much to my surprise I had a love whose heart I could not capture
For awhile she loved me so much
Something happened along the way
For her hand I cannot even touch
I am left with an empty shell of what I used to call my heart
It is the truth I should have told from the start
Just one word that should have been said
Because of all that our relationship is dead
As I wish upon a star to help me fill this empty shell
I shed a tear for I will never hear that wedding bell
This woman that I speak about she filled my heart and left no doubt
To find another it is a must
For she has left me in the dust
So as i try to fill my heart with laughter and joy
And to show I am not a little boy
To sit and whine and waste my time I will no more
I have grown since you've been gone
So I must wipe the tears and just move on
# my love for you will never fade
423 · Aug 2018
Actions do speak loudly
T Aug 2018
Right now my head is full of uncertainty
Why can't things in life be filled with simplicity
For she is afraid ...I know she is I feel it
Now I must prove my words to be true
With action not more words.....I must do this or it will all be through
I have worked so hard to change myself....not for worse but for the better I know it's hard to believe what I say.....I know in my heart it will be ok
It is my life's mission to be with her this I is the change that I must show
I know sometimes my words get out of hand....for what I want to tell you doesn't come out of my mouth as planned
So now my actions will speak for my words....I love you baby.....because being without you is for the birds
# my tone is set
421 · Jul 2018
T Jul 2018
I sit I watch I wait I hope....that she will finally realize that we were meant for one another
Like a puzzle our bodies we fit
My mind is gone because of all of it
The bus it stops at the house but I never get off....I was never on it
Its all in my mind
I must stop this I have to unwind
Woman show interest in me and start talking to me
I try to listen but I don't hear a thing....just her voice
I try to erase all the memories was it really her choice
These voices in my head....the pictures of her and I......sometimes I just wanna die
The day turns into night...turns into day...the clock it never love for her and all the tricks......
Was her love ever real......from not what I feel
I want to hit rewind and start from the beginning
My heart it aches because of my love for you
I must really stop doing this to myself this much is true
But this promise I make to you for your love is what keeps me sane
So listen to my words so I do not do this in vane
I promise I will always be true for your love is the only one I ever knew
#for time cannot erase the love that we had
420 · Aug 2018
With the Angels we Fly
T Aug 2018
To the most beautiful woman that I ever laid my eyes you wish to be happy
This is what I also wish.....why must you duck and run........I love you more than anything else under the sun
This problem we have with honesty....well this I vow I will be honest with you until the day I die ....we must act now because life is short.......and without you my life is out of sort
Baby I will not give up on you or us ......there is so much we must discuss
The sun has not set you and I .......I will love you until with the Angels we fly
I know you are uncertain of this.......but you will learn quick from the very first kiss....So I say this to you my love Grant me this one last wish
For me and you our love was always true.........
#one last dance
417 · Aug 2018
Tears of Love
T Aug 2018
I woke last night it was another dream of you
I saw the tears as they rolled down your face.....It was surreal it had to be we are apart I feel this force pulling ...grabbing...and dragging me back to you....and the dreams they are the clue....... that my love for you is real and true I kept trying to hold you ...but I could not get close enough...... the tears continued to fall that's not  the worst of it...I called to you but you stared into space ...Crying and I heard you were calling my name........our feelings I know are the same......we must forget whose to blame .....for it is true love ....those tears of love they touched my shoulder as if you were leaning your head .....but you.....were what seemed miles away....the nightmares they must go away .....for our love is destined to I finally reached you as you lay in bed with the water flowing from your eyes...I wrapped my arms tightly around your whole body and you leaned your head upon my shoulder and the tears stopped falling .....all of a sudden your smile lit the dark room......and there we sat until the sunlight started beaming through the skylight.....forever and a day we will always be together and forever sleep tight
#it shall be as he has told me
411 · Feb 2019
ThE gIrL i LoVe
T Feb 2019
The girl I love  ......she ran away from me......far away so the world couldn't see
The girl I love took my heart.....right now we are miles apart
The girl I love she didn't understand........all the fantasy's I had planned
the girl I love left me with tears in my eyes........but she will return before her spirit flies
The girl I love I forgot to tell you one thing..........I will love you till that last cardinal sings.
#for my love is true
407 · Feb 2018
T Feb 2018
Time is precious we all know
We must get closer so our love will grow
There are some things that hold us back
We must put them aside and get on track
There are some things we never will tell
We will put it in a book that we can sell
But these poems that I write are straight from the heart
And I told you how I felt right from the start
No matter what problems we might have
I will always be there till the end of time
Because loving you will never be a crime
I just want to hold you through the night
So I can know first hand that you are alright
I want to tell you right now  and I say it on my own
As long as I live you will never be alone
#to my princess
393 · Nov 2017
The love i gave
T Nov 2017
The light that was shining bright
Is suddenly getting dim and it's not right
My feelings are so strong
I am not sure what  but something went wrong
This is it i am sure I'm to blame
Our love was perfect it is such a shame
My love for her will never die
**** I wish I could fly
I would go far away all alone and cry
And I know all of you would know the reason why
In my heart there is nothing left
The last piece was taken from me in a great theft
All that's left Is these tears that fall
I'm beginning to think I am not even alive at all
So as I crawl into this shallow grave
Baby believe that it was all true the love i gave
#they #fall
369 · Nov 2018
T Nov 2018
Is it getting close to the end for the rain from my eyes.......for in the distance I see a rainbow and clear blue skies
I heard a whisper from beyond.........not far away just miles from the pond
Her voice I can Make out the words are not very clear......she told me not to fear
The miles I have walked...and the tears that I have's almost time to put them to bed
I know that. My words have not been unheard......and my poems not unread
She must know how I feel without anything being said
But these these rainbow tears will not go away ....not until you are in my arms again.........I wonder where you are and where you have been......for when I get close enough to you......I want to make it official...yes I love you that much it's true.....So now as I stare at the midnight skies.....I am looking for you......I see those stars they are as beautiful as your eyes..
So as I look at the stars as you gently sleep.....I hope you are dreaming of me as I continue to weep.....and we will leave it just like this....when I sleep tonight I will be dreaming of you and waiting for that next kiss.
# until she is in my arms alone forever shall I sleep.
359 · Jan 2019
T Jan 2019 this point in time.....I feel the need to have the love of my life back but there is no need to ryhme
From the tip of my toes the top of  my head ..I still feel the pain....for the love I still hold for her it really is insane
Time has passed and seasons they change.....but deep in my heart I know that getting her back is not out of range
Soulmate....twinflame is there such a thing ? know there is and she is mine......there are things you just know and feel...And I do...she always said to believe...and you know is true
The sleepless nights..staring at the phone that never rings.......but then again who knows what tomorrow brings
I sit on the bench looking up at the starry skies......and slip into a dream that I am staring into her beautiful eyes
As the nights and days pass......I must ask myself why I am not doing anything and still sit on my ***
Patience as I better myself and look deep within my soul.....
I think I finally realize this is my destiny that i do control.
# for my dreams they will come true
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