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T Oct 2017
Tricia, I know this and it is in my heart
I knew I loved you from the very start
You are in my dreams when I sleep
In my head when I weep
I see the car everywhere I go
I see your face in everyone I know
You must believe me my love so strong
It was never meant to go so wrong
I made a mistake that is why I cry
Let's fix all of this before I die.
T Jul 2019
The road has been long and winding.....and my feelings through it all have been spellbinding
Been through so much that I just don't know how much more I can take........And believe me none of this stuff is fake...I could never make it up
My life and my love ....but there is only one
The love I have for this woman there is no equal.....and believe me if I have any say in it there will be a sequel
I love her and I will hide my feelings no longer.....and everyday I get stronger
And by her side I will do anything to be the man she wants me to be.....but you know why...because this woman means more to me than anything on earth and my feelings I  will not be shy.
If and when I am back by her side I will do everything for her and us to keep us together and help me and us forever.
For us we were meant to be...and I want her and the world to know the words I speak now will be the key.
The reason I am still here to show her that I truly care
When I leave this earth I will be by her side....and prove to her that we were always soul mates inside.
T Jul 2018
Another year older and so beautiful are you
You age better than wine this much I think is true
You are an Angel with a heart of gold
For every birthday you never get old
I would like to wish you the best of days
Go out in the sun and enjoy the rays
Baby I still love you and remember it all
Tomorrow is your birthday maybe i'll call
I wish you the best And many more
May all of your wishes still come true
Forever and a day may the sky always be blue.
#best wishes to the one I love
T Dec 2018
For I know what I want under the tree....
She is beautiful and **** and made just for me
I know in the past have I done her wrong
But for the holidays and the New Year
I will be truthful and honest and sincere
I have grown so much and learned to be true
In the years past I thought I was doing it all right....but really didn't have a clue
I was doing things I didn't realize
I was going about it explaining it all wrong that's why it didn't materialize
So this holiday what I did was find out how to love myself first
Because any more hurt in my heart I think it would burst
So to my Angel on this day
I must tell you I have changed in so many ways
And may peace be with you on these coming holidays
I shall wait as my body heals
To be with my only true love as my fate it seals.
#my Christmas wish
T Aug 2018
Right now my head is full of uncertainty
Why can't things in life be filled with simplicity
For she is afraid ...I know she is I feel it
Now I must prove my words to be true
With action not more words.....I must do this or it will all be through
I have worked so hard to change myself....not for worse but for the better I know it's hard to believe what I say.....I know in my heart it will be ok
It is my life's mission to be with her this I is the change that I must show
I know sometimes my words get out of hand....for what I want to tell you doesn't come out of my mouth as planned
So now my actions will speak for my words....I love you baby.....because being without you is for the birds
# my tone is set
T Mar 2018
In my life I have my share of ups and downs
And plenty of smiles and frowns
But now I find myself madly and deeply in love
With a woman that's got it all and truly sent from above
I love the way she smiles the way she walks and talks and the way she moves me
With just one look it's plain to see
I know in my heart
And I have known this from the start
Together forever we will never part
#in love
T Dec 2018
Everyday of my life I think of does something like this even occur
The love that I had and still do have
How could it be misread
To tell you the truth without her I wish I was dead
A love like ours does not come around every day..........I was part of it what else can I say
I know inside she feels it too......being away from her my how Time flew
I have no idea what to say or do right now should I just sit and wait........if I do it will seal my fate
This love it eats me up inside.......being with her it was not just a joy ride
I want to spend the rest of my days
Still on most nights these tears still flow.......I try to forget but my true feelings they do show
This woman she holds my heart in her be together forever we had those plans
So now my body it stands still my heart empty falling apart........putting the pieces back together I must start
For this woman it is not only her love that I miss........its her smile ...that sparkle in her eyes oooh and that kiss
My world as I knew it has but disappeared love another I can't ...this is what I feared
Did she forget that I exist .....this is what I need to know......does she still love me or should I just go
I try to pull myself together but I just can't find the strength.......for to get her back I will go through any length.I have cried too many tears.....and it feels like no one even cares.
Tonight as I watched a movie all alone came to the end and my feelings once again were shown
The tears came down like rain
The gut wrenching end it left me in pain
So as Christmas comes I must pick myself up by the bootstrap......and think about presents I must wrap
I will wipe my eyes over and over and wonder if she still cares.......if you happen to see her tell her that I do not fake these tears.
# I still send her my love
T Nov 2018
Never again will she or I will feel that love that was meant to be......I guess the light was not bright enough to see
I guess it never broke on through.......whatever shall I do
Should I just give up and bow my head......without her love I wish I were dead
The pain I must endure........if she don't love me I must make is funny I must laugh...........or should I cry...her love has just left me here to die
I must say this and you must mark my words for I do I stand here before you I will find out the truth or I will perish today
So now I am free to fly with any bird.......she is alone so I have heard
But listen to me and let me make this perfectly clear....if anyone harms this love that is close to my heart.......I will seek you out and tear you apart..
I will protect her for the rest of my time.....believe me baby loving you was no crime
even though you left me so cold ......I will watch over you until I am too old
Now that I am free ..........can't you see...that your love had a hold of me
Now deep inside I have already died.....too many nights so many tears I have cried
Now that you really left me ...for my eyes cannot see....the seeable signs that were in front of me......these tears that come down and they fall like rain..........I know you can feel all of my pain....
So now I say the love I once knew.......and I still can't believe that we are through
One more before I must go...I think this is something you should know
I will be here for you for the rest of our forever........and will never forget our time together
She was always my queen and I was her king.........I was left all alone with this black diamond ring.
# it should have been forever
T Oct 2019
Yes I think of her everyday.....yes I want her in every way
She lives in my dreams......she is and always be a part of me so it seems
I feel her by my side......her warmth is with me deep inside
This I cannot escape.....and as I think I love the feeling everyday I wear it like a cape
As I think of the many in the past one had the power of the spell on me that she has cast
The love that I still hold for this woman could not be is as if my thought of any other woman from my mind has been snatched
The story from which my poems have been written are all true......but my feelings for her will never be through
I will work hard and pray for the rest of my life to have her again by my will be together into the sunset we will ride
T Jul 2018
Her skin is smooth as silk
Lips sweeter than chocolate milk
Those eyes they put me in a trance
Every time we are together we sing and dance
She has the voice of an Angel And a heart of gold
We must get back together before we get to old
This woman that I love so much
I would **** just to feel her touch
Our souls will be as one
Without you I can have no fun
The words of my poems are all the truth
I remember crying to the song with Charlie puth
As my feet touch the sand
I will keep on stretching till I can reach your hand
...........this love that I once had it will return
Or forever I will be down and my soul will burn
#my senses are lost in dream space.
T May 2018
As I lay on this bed
Thinking of her and wishing my poem was read
She is the best thing that ever happened to me
I Beg and i Plead why can't she see
Eventhough I know I could go on
It is not option because my love for her is beyond compare
The love that we have for each other..  these days it is very rare
As I stare at my face in the mirror
The lines and the grey are getting clearer
All I want now in my life
Is this woman that stole my heart
I. Know we are never supposed to be apart
The mistakes that I have made are ones that should have never been made
I would die for this woman this much is true
It was never my intention to ever make her blue
These sleepless nights and endless days
Is a very good reason for me to change my ways
The sun will never shine
Unless this woman I love  returns to my arms
There will never be another cause she will always be mine.
#for my love is real
T Jun 2019
I finally found the girl of my dreams......from my grasp she did slip despite all of my screams
Fate and destiny set it all in stupid mistakes went and took her away
Now the universe is telling me that the time is right now and the clock
Is leaves me to wonder if this love is still alive and kicking
The telling signs say yes..... but it still remains to be seen......I am picking them all up but still ask what does it all mean
So as I try to figure all this out.......i will not rest nor will I sit and pout
#dreams do come true
T Jun 2018
I must make you see
That you and I were meant to be
I think that you already know
But to tell you that I do and we both must make a show
I know we both miss each other
We must not run for cover
If we love each other
We must bond and stay together
If not we will fade away
And I know we will regret the day
You will always get the best of me
I will do whatever I can to make you see
You mean the world to me
And never again will any other woman get any of me
Your love has a hold of me
But it's something I love Can't you see
I love you with all my heart
And I have from the very start
There is one thing that I want you to know
You will get all of me
The real me and together we will make the whole world see
That you and I were meant to be.
#our love will open doors to happiness
T Mar 2018
I write a lot about this woman I love
She was sent to me from the lord above
I would travel millions of miles in any weather just to see her smile
I would give my life for her to live
I would share all the money in the world with her if it were mine to give
Its just a point that I must make
This woman I love I would always give and never take
For my heart is always true
For her happiness that I will do
This is my one and only true love
And I would never want to lose it
I love and cherish every little bit
The mountains I will climb and the rivers I must cross
Just to be with her and I know all the pieces will fit.
T Oct 2017
As I sit here all alone
I stare at the walls and gaze at the phone
Although it never rings
I wait and wait with hopes she will call
Who am I kidding my mind tells me
I'm all alone can't you see
My life turned around I  shut everyone out
Now that it's gone I sit and I pout
The phone never rings not a knock on the door
I am so pathetic that's for sure
She was my life can't you see
Now I'm alone alone as can be
T Apr 2018
Alone in my head
Alone in my room... alone in my bed
I am like a book that's been over read
Why do i feel like this sometime
Why do i feel that I must ryhme
It is not her Its all. In my mind
The reason for this I must find
As I lay here I think of things
I stare at the walls as the music plays
And the feeling it stays
We are one when we are together
When we are not together we feel so alone because when we are with each other we sing and dance
And she looks on my eyes and I slip onto a trance
Alone is a word that we should not even know
T Nov 2017
As I sit alone in my room thinking of you
The picture on my phone
The tears flow again it's true
Even if your not in my bed
Thoughts of you ring in my head
For it is those thoughts that keep the flame
Even if I was the only one to blame

...... so you see the fire is still burning and the wheels in my head still turning and yearning for the only woman I have ever loved
Tears they still fall
T Nov 2017
I remember the games we used
To play
It was funny because if you couldn't beat me you would find a way
I loved your smile at the castle
You were hurting but it was never a hassle
You smiled through all your pain
As you stood beside me in the rain
As I am writing i am crying
And inside my body my heart is dying
I will never forget the day at winter island
Walking on the rocks felt like it was broken glass
We didn't care cause we were
I will carry these memories with me forever
T Oct 2017
She is and will always be
The only woman I will ever see
I alone from this day
It didn't have to be this way
This is the only words I will speak
My heart will always be here
Just for her let's try to make this clear
I will wait till the end of time
For again someday she'll be mine.
For now I cry on the beach
My baby's love is so hard to reach.
T Apr 2019
I would have been what ever you wanted me to be.......I am not that man can't you see
I would have moved mountains just for left me this much is true
These things I would still do for change who I am that's something I can't do
I made the changes that I needed to make me live a better life.....I  know that right now you should be wife
I made the mistake by letting you go.....when our love still needed to grow
To get you back is always on my mind....because you were the sweetest Angel I could ever find
We should never be apart......for you my love you  still own my heart
The love that I have for you........and in my heart that love will always be true.
# I still believe
T Jun 2018
My whole world is full of tears
I have not felt this bad in all my years
I know you will be better off without me
I tried so hard but could never really make you see
My love for you was bigger than both of us
The day I realized you were really gone felt like I was run over by a bus
I hope and I pray you find the happiness you are looking for
My love for you will be forever in my heart
Someday maybe we will be together for a brand new start
But for now we will try to find strength being apart
As long as you know I will always be here
Because deep down you know that I really care
All the struggles that you go through
You have the strength beyond your years
I always watched you from close and afar and my love for you it grew
No matter what you say or what you do
My love for you will never be through
I wish you the best please do not fear
If ever you need me I will always be there
T Nov 2018
Today is a brand new day........I feel blessed in every way
The one I love has no idea if I am alive......but I must believe a new beginning is on the horizon....or I will never survive
Just because the last time I did everything wrong.......this time will be different so I must be strong
If I begin with myself.......this love of ours will come off the shelf
To show just how much her love means to me.........for this shall open our eyes so we both will see
# this may be my one last shot
T Feb 2
i know one more time you will be mine......its just going to take a little more effort and some of my time  
see my love for you time has no baring.......just a little trust and alot of sharing
people do not bother me with what they say........because for your love i will get it back with what i can do and any way
i must step up my game for i am falling way behind
and if i put in some effort ......and will look to the moon and stars and make my wish come true.....i know for all eternity the skies will be blue
# it is rime for us to believe
T Jan 2019
As the ball drops the tears they fall........I waited all night didn't even get that call
The cards I played and I did it was like I was under a magic spell
But this is the year I change it all.....
I'll be the quarterback and throw the touchdown ball
What I speak of is the love that's inside of is for one woman and she is the only one there could ever be
As of now to her I am impossible too open her eyes to my best qualities that will be the key
This new year and what it brings .......a new life a fresh start and a chance for new beginnings
So happy new year to you all.......and to pray that all your future plans are prosperous and do not stall
.....the plans I have with the future in will surely be beautiful with my true love on my mind
When the clock strikes twelve you will see the real me.....I know it will not be that long for her love holds the key.
# True love will conquer all
T Feb 2018
There are times in your life
When you must stand up and deal with all the strife
It gets very scary when you must do it alone
And you sit there and stare at the phone
Will it ring this time will it ever ring again
Then you dig deep within your soul and finally figure it all out
You must not just sit and pout
The one and the only person you trust
You had to cover your heart for it may rust
The strength within pulled you through
The puzzle that had many pieces missing and out of place some gone without a trace
Now it seems it's all back and they fit
And what you knew all along was the biggest one that you couldn't find or figure out
It was her all along you didn't even have a clue
She stepped back in and now it is all crystal clear
That Angels are everywhere
T Feb 2019
Woke up this morning ...with this thought in my head..and an aching in my heart.....a single teardrop in my eye and once again these feelings begin to start
I think to myself it has been awhile .....but it feels like yesterday....and I just smile
I can still smell that scent in the air....and I am thinking so straight it's all crystal clear
I have talked with the Angels with a strong voice.....they have told me I must make and stand by my choice
So now the path I walk is straight......and I shall walk it with my pride and my head held high.....and together we will be until we reach heavens gate.
# all my hopes and dreams
T Nov 2017
This anger it is starting to grow
The look on my face it's starting to show
The pain inside is overwhelming
The thought of suicide has crossed my mind
If only my lost love I could find
Before the anger turns to madness
It will take away all the sadness
My head is reeling
I can't shake the feeling
Suped up
T Apr 2019
The month of Angels is upon us.....the theory of it all we can discuss
It is all there if we choose to believe.......when we do the stress we relieve
If it were not for my own Angel this little gift I would never know see one can tell that Angels watch over us Where ever we go
My mom was blessed to be born in this special month for she is surely my greatest Angel of all......I was so sad when she had gotten there call
Now she flies along with them up in the sky........if I am so lucky I will be with them when I die
The story of the Angels is long and true..........I hope you BELIEVE just like I do
# the Angels are all around us.
T Sep 2018
The love that I have for this woman is strong and always be with her my life is wonderful
The light that our love creates makes it the most powerful on earth.....the power of love is beyond belief.....and to know she feels it too is such a relief
I know her beauty I cannot live without it I must persist
Us together her and I our beautiful love touches the sky
The sun shall rise and it always sets.....the love between us is as good as it gets.
# our love will last a lifetime and more
T Sep 2018
Our love is different than any other...that is why I could never be with another.....she makes me feel like superman.....the way I love her today is the same as the day it head gets light my body it tingles....and my hands they shake...... my heart it burns....for her love my soul it yearns......she makes me feel like no one has ever.........her eyes they sparkle and shine whenever we are I tell you now that this love we will last forever........... This I vow Baby...... you will not shed one more tear........
#for that sparkle in your eyes
T Mar 2018
As the years go by
No longer do I even have to try
Along came a girl into my life
She turned everything into gold when it was nothing but rust
This girl that I love and I  have nothing but trust
The way that I love her
Is the way. That she should be treated
Her beauty is not all that there is
For inside this woman is a heart as big as can be
and a soul to match for the whole world to see
I am so lucky that she is with me
So I will hold her anywhere in the world and kiss her so gently for the whole world to see
So that is my story and more to be told
But I will write that before I get old
T Jan 2019
Under a moonlit sky.........I sit in the sand and wonder why
The stars and sun and activity of the planets around us.....this feeling I have in my chest is just so hard to discuss
My hands are shaking and my knees grow is the love my life this is what I seek
My mind is in sync with astrology......and if you fail to understand my sincere apologie
As the sun it sets and so do my. Dreams.....but with my confidence I know it is not as bad as it seems
She is in my mind in my nightmares and also in my heart........I have loved her from the very start
She is my miricle and our love lives on in my veins......I am tired of this feeling and all my pains
To regain my love it is in the show her and the world how much I care
The sun will rise on our love again.....and I will make her happier than she has ever been
#to prove my love was always true
T Feb 2019
Life it's precious and oh so very careful not to abort
As she lies there short on is not normal she is close to death
My sister is one of my best what happens when all that ends...
When she slips so a piece of me......I guess of the pain she will be free
With the Angels she will go.......I send my love hope she will know
As we all try to get a grip......I hope this won't make me slip
A family love is the strongest of all....please hold on or we will all fall
As I stand here I will kneel and pray that she will pull through and it will all be ok.
# my sister I love you with all my heart
T Jun 2018
I cried a thousand rivers already
The flow of tears is steady
I know I must just let her go
But there are a lot of things you just don't know
She is not just any girl
She is my soul mate my best friend my lover and most of all she is the woman I love
I will never love another she is set high above
My legs have grown so weak
My voice is hollow I can barely speak
I know that time is against me
Hopefully just a little while and she will finally see
I know I should just move on
And accept that she is gone
This woman is so special to me
I really think that we were meant to be
I hope right now she is thinking of me
I will never forget her but I will set her free
T May 2019
The sparkle in her eye was heightened by the glare of the summer moon.......the smile on her face was never gone too soon
Her body swayed...... to every beat from the music that played.......
Like a ballerina she danced through the night...........For me her beauty was never far from my sight
These teardrops that still fall from my eyes........fall to the ground like a thousand raindrops from the summer skies
As l lay in a pool of a thousand teardrops and try to keep my head above water.......forgive me if my hands become weak and I sink to the bottom for without her....why should I bother
# my love for her still runs through my veins
T Oct 2018
The stars and sun ...the moon and our in my life I have taken everything for granite
The movement of the earth in the atmosphere........she must know I really care
For I wish on that shooting star......that you would come to me where ever you are
As the castles fall and the kingdom's crumble and turn into sand.......for based on the full moon it will all turn out as we planned
It may have took a little time.....a lot of poems that mostly rhyme
I always told you that I would never let you go........and you told me your love for me was forever this much I know is true
So soon as we float somewhere in the atmosphere......there will be an ending ..which in turn will turn us to a new beginning
And forever we shall explore the galaxy with each other
# by the stars...sun moon and the planet
I shall never take another thing for granite
T Feb 2019
These feelings they run deep inside of me......if you dig down you will finally see
They hide in there just for one.....she is the only person that lights my sun
I will wait till the end.....and I am afraid this powerful attraction will never bend.
# this blood runs deep within my always has right from the start
These feelings for her will never.....forever my love do send.
T Apr 2019
Please don't wake me cause you are all I see in my dreams......when I wake all I hear are my screams
When i am sleeping we are happy and laughing and holding each other
When I wake to live why do I bother
Closing my eyes I am still them up and everything is dark lonely and ******
As long as I am with you when I close my eyes.....forever I will sleep and there will always be blue skies.
#to be happy once more
T Feb 17
i am  still in love with you ........yes this is true
i have not a clue what i should do
yes it has been awhile since we have seen one another.......but in my dreams i see you over and over
i must be in your life now and forever.........a day with you to me is like lifetime together
# i do still believe
T Sep 2018
The Angels have come down to me
So I made a wish for your love and forever with you I shall be
The feelings of my heart shall win in the end......for these feelings will never break but they may bend....and always with this wish a message I will send
Baby my heart will forever belong to you....for you are the only woman that has ever touched my soul
And the power of the angels wish will always.....keep me from losing control
In due time our hearts will become one........for your love I will do everything under the sun
I know I have made mistakes....I am only human there will always be give and take
When I reach and take your hand...and we are finally together
It will come together just how he planned
So with this wish to the angels ...I will not baby don't say a word ....just you hush
Day by day by And one step at a time
I will wait ....for if I wait you will be mine
# no more mistakes
T Jun 2018
I can see the full moon as I sit on the beach wall
All the time wondering if I should call
My sights are set on you
Baby you are the only one this is true
I think Of our special place down on winter island where we fell in love again on that hot July afternoon
And here it is the end of June
I miss all the fun together I know you miss it too
I just miss holding you in the sun this much I know is true
Your beauty is overwhelming and it took total control of me
The beauty that you have is not only on the outside but inside where no one else can see
The love for you that I hold dear comes from the heart and forever that's where it will Be
There is nothing better to me than holding you tightly in my arms at night
Having us back together soon would just make everything alright
When stars and the full moon are all lit up deep within the dark skies
You and I together that's when the sun will rise
#is love the answer
T Jul 2018
I know more about you than I know myself
You want to lock away our love and put it on the shelf
This crazy feeling that I have inside
This burning love you have for me you are trying to hide
I know you just want me to do the right thing
There is a poem for you I would like to sing
I don't even think you know
These feelings I have for you I must show
We are both treating it like it is a game
And inside our hearts are feeling the same
Is this a game I just can't win
You think I could just give you up ....that would be a sin
Baby I don't care how many innings I must go
I am in it to win just so you know
# Until my last breath
T Jun 2018
My love for you is so out of whack
I am gonna step aside and get back on track
If we were meant to be we will be together again
This time without the pain
T Aug 2018
The beast within is crying to get out
The fire has been burning there is no doubt
Its been scratching and clawing for awhile
I am sure it is the love I have for her because for it I will go the extra mile
So the tears have been wiped from my face
It has returned I thouget it was gone without a trace
Time has gotten away from me
But this won't because you and i were meant to be
The inner beast within My body will be released
And our love will flourish and will last many lifetimes
#dying inside
T Jul 2019
I will never give up on the one love as long as I live....I know she still loves me and I have so much more to give
We were meant to together this much I give me a little more time i have so much to show
You thought it was good before ......let's take the the chance I can show you so much more
I feel the love we have for each other everyday .I see the signs they are before my eyes.....they are for real no more lies
I know you and I and tomorrow is ours ......for with the love we have no one can break these towers
It was etched in stone high in the mountains ......and when we first met it was set in motion....hell when your eyes met mine there was no need for love potion
And when our first touch was finally made.....God had told us it would never fade.
So when we return and look into each others eyes .......the fireworks will again go off in the summer skies
For it written that next time our eyes do meet the only sound we will hear is that of a heat beat it will not be yours nor will it be will be both because we will beat as one and the universe will tell us that our love will have won the test of time.
T Jun 2019
Under the stars as I close my eyes......beside you I am in my dreamland beneath the moonlit skies
The beat of my heart is the only sound you hear..... as I sleep and dream of a life not too far out of reach..
And it all is crystal clear
The last thing I want to do is wake from this dream was so perfect as it does seem
The universe is telling me that the timing is I said all along I would not give up this is not the end because I see the light
# I still believe
T Jun 2018
The love I have for her is killing me
I really don't think anyone can see
I keep all this inside of me I write these poems hoping she will read them and open up to me
But i can't stop thinking about her is she ok is she thinking about me
If I didn't have work and the gym I don't know what I would do
I wish i could get through to her
What does she pefer
In relationships I was the one who could just pack up and move on
With her I just can't
All I think about is her when I sleep when I wake, when I work when eat when I drink of her is all I think
Time doesn't wait for me I must try and make her see
If I can't reach her soon
I think it will be the end of me
I sit and I cry and wonder why
This woman that I love so
Why did I ever turn and go
Now I must pray and wait
She will call me before I reach heavens gate
#does she know
T Jul 2018
Here I sleep all alone
Here I sleep next to the phone
I am holding out hope that she will call
Long before my final fall
She is my heart and my soul and the only one I will ever love
I saw the signs from the man above
She will come back to me you will all be around to see
It was written and meant to be
If she thinks she can get rid of me with things she don't mean
I think she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen
So baby tonight close your eyes
The world will end before our love dies
#loves the answer
T Sep 2018
Baby don't let those voices in your head cloud your mind
They are not being real and that is so unkind
Now if I lay would  lay with me.....stare into space ....and just forget the world....
The stories I have told the way they are all true.....the promises that I have how time flew
Sometimes I wish I was never born....and then came you make me wanna live yes....yes it's true
Baby I believe in you....but I can see right through.....why are you afraid...i...I am never gonna....gonna leave you
I will stay through it all.....I will be there when you call....just beleive...yes baby believe in me ...I will prove all this and then you will see.......for this our love was meant to long as you believe in me
# for our love shall always be
T Apr 2019
From the first time that I held her in my arms........her gentle voice my heart the beat it calms
No other woman could hold a candle......but I guess her love was more than I could handle
Before her and I were together I was always so tense and scared.......but by her side there was nothing I feared
I know that what and how much I write about her and I is a little too much........I must explain it is because I really miss her touch
In my life woman have crossed my path.......but this woman's love saved me from the Devils wrath
This love I have never felt .........she was the only Ace in the deck of cards I was dealt
The way I feel for this woman will never change ever........I will always pray to the lord above that someday we will start a brand new life together
This I say before I leave.........I will stare at the stars and say the words I  believe.
# maybe it is just one word.......but as she taught me that is the word I always heard
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