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T Apr 11
as the rain falls to the ground...traces of your love cannot be found
my heart it beats with every drop........feeling your love it may never stop
as the days get longer and my breath gets true feelings they do come fourth
with every breath i take i know it may be my last........for my love for you shall always be cast.
T Apr 11
if i say i love you in the candlelight....somehow i know it must be right
if we ever argue fuss or know i will always make you love me till the morning light
as i look into your beautiful eyes....forever i see bright blue skies
#just believe
T Apr 11
the light always surrounds the failure is always connected to success
our lives seem to thrive on in love we always want to please
T Apr 10
she is beautiful she is my world the air i breathe is from her lips......the life we  live must be our own .......if one word comes out we are best friends till that first tale slips..
the love i hold for you it is all on its the sun comes up the seeds will be sown.
#Always Believe
T Apr 2
time and space leave without a trace
it does not make and to be close
to it all and have it all disappear  .....if and when does it all come clear
# ask yourself why
T Mar 31
twinkle twinkle little star do you ever wonder who you are...i do every morning i wake up i think who why and you know why we have these feelings and how long and how far.
# makes you wonder
T Mar 30
through the light and the darkness...the days and years they pass..the things i have lost ....for what has it all cost
all the precious times the feelings that have been trapped for reasons unknown we have all found some reasons to have lied
one thing i have learned when you lose what you love....sometimes it never comes back unless its been touched by the heavens above
when and if you love something or someone it will always be with you no matter the time or the place.....there will always be a trace

for true love lives in our hearts forever
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