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3h · 16
DAF 3h
i thought we had forever
maybe that was my mistake
had i known our time was borrowed
perhaps then i would've made


of what hour glass allowed
perhaps you'd be with me now
2d · 525
soured fruit
DAF 2d
she always smelled like oranges
now i stay away from citrus
distance is
but you see trust
is miles away
3d · 82
Livin in the bus
DAF 3d
Sola takes her lattes
So late
Solar panels
Fuel the drive
Solstice to solstice
So longs and goodbyes
Come easy on the road
And on the wheels roll
4d · 37
If I Were Sober
DAF 4d
I'm a social drinker
I drink whenever I'm around people
Or just prior to a social engagement and right on thru it
I put on a cheerful ruse knowing people will buy it
People are always looking to be sold something
So I sell it
I celebrate.
They celebrate.
We celebrate together.
For a moment in time all is well
Rather all seems well
I'm sure they wouldn't like me if I were sober
More importantly you wouldn't like me if I were sober
I don't like me when I'm sober
Something I wrote a while back. I can now say I'm content with a clear mind
5d · 34
DAF 5d
pit stops and pit stains
smiles dyed with coffee
mix ups and fixings
on the road once more
5d · 29
DAF 5d
just have to go until you get there
once we've gone then we can stop
5d · 32
DAF 5d
we were drinking coffee
i asked how she felt about tea
"i like certainty"
she replied
5d · 21
DAF 5d
the stains will not come out.
i have started to like the way
they've begun to fade into the fabric
almost indistinguishable from cloth
as if they were not stains at all
Sep 5 · 28
until the next
DAF Sep 5
sometimes letting go
is the only way to hold on
Sep 5 · 26
DAF Sep 5
Cigarette filled lungs
In hell with a smile
Ash covered fingertips
Might stay for a while
Aug 30 · 24
DAF Aug 30
live today
no telling how much livings left
Aug 27 · 29
DAF Aug 27
there they go
though here i am
wishing they were too
setting sail for oceans new
it surely
will be
Aug 25 · 30
DAF Aug 25
often i can see the sadness
through the smiles and the jokes
just can't seem to drown
eyes that cry out
Aug 25 · 14
DAF Aug 25
only when it's silent
do the thoughts speak up
perhaps they hide
in boisterous mind
mummering amongst themselves
Aug 19 · 31
Put on a Smile
DAF Aug 19
“Seem to be ok”
They say
“Much better than before”
Tell myself the same
I am not convinced
Aug 19 · 29
choked up
DAF Aug 19
words don't do it justice
no sound vocal chords could make
would portray
the rising
tightness in my chest
the quickened pace of panic
anxiety swells around adams apple
Aug 18 · 71
DAF Aug 18
nothing to live up to
save yourself
Aug 13 · 86
souler eclipse
DAF Aug 13
sitting inside when the sun is out
close all the curtains for shade
i know the highs gonna come down
i'm sure by noon there'll be rain
Jul 31 · 32
ball of yarn
DAF Jul 31
beams of moon shoot down upon
these shoulders tense and knotted
help me heal both soul and body
bring health to what has rotted
knees on pavement i request
let rest find me as i travel
grant me peace as i lay
once i have been unraveled
Jul 22 · 340
DAF Jul 22
whats money
when you can't buy love
whats love
without reciprocity
Jul 21 · 34
No Chute
DAF Jul 21
love is not a problem
just find it hard to stick it out
though falling is quite easy
you soon find you hit the ground
Jul 16 · 29
1.5 fl oz
DAF Jul 16
This morning I woke up
And didn't recognize the room
The smell though was familiar
***** spilling out of pores

I am not Happy

Though last night I seemed ecstatic
Spirited by spirits masking all the sadness
I wonder when the wheels fall off
If i can go the distance
Will inebriation take vacation
Will I be a statistic
Jul 14 · 50
probably maybe
DAF Jul 14
unsure of every thought
no wonder i am second guessing what i write
though must one be certain
to put ink upon paper
Jul 14 · 847
DAF Jul 14
lost my head
while searching for
my mind
so wrapped up in seeming well
insanity in vanity
Jul 14 · 56
sweet talk
DAF Jul 14
caramel words were spilling out
now dried up on the carpet
promises that don’t age well
etched into the plaster
Jul 2 · 214
Good Evening
DAF Jul 2
Hold my breath til sun sets
Exhaling with the moonrise
Jun 17 · 110
DAF Jun 17
no such thing as perfect timing
sometimes things just happen to workout
poor timing though is tangible
just isn't right
right now
Jun 1 · 100
DAF Jun 1
i want to make
not only with strings and drums
but with
May 21 · 49
late night
DAF May 21
stick around
to blah blah blah
lets chit about the chatter
May 14 · 33
DAF May 14
I don’t wanna die
Though sometimes
I feel like dying
Haven’t felt
In a while
May 6 · 57
Walkabout Talkabout
DAF May 6
take me outside
been inside my head too long
May 6 · 49
DAF May 6
holding on
much longer then intended
daily doses
much more then recommended
May 6 · 29
rush hour
DAF May 6
no time to be sad
no time to be at all
Apr 23 · 36
dusk to dawn
DAF Apr 23
darkness blankets sunsets
the time has come again
sunrise steals the cover
that time has come and went
Apr 19 · 37
whistling dixie
DAF Apr 19
when the credits roll
i hope the song they play is lovely
that the tune will fit like missing pieces
to the puzzle of my life
Apr 19 · 37
DAF Apr 19
not meant to be a riddle
though not all will understand
footsteps into fog
soul pointed one direction
Apr 9 · 561
DAF Apr 9
we were screaming
then there was silence
unsure of which was worse
Apr 9 · 43
empty prayers
DAF Apr 9
beginning to get drowsy
i can tell by the way my eyes
are begging to get to sleep
like when heartbreak asks for mercy
knowing it won't come
sorry this keeps getting taken down
Apr 8 · 29
oh well
DAF Apr 8
if ever i could do without
it seems that it consumes me now
with every breath my lungs withdraw
another second chance disappears
Apr 7 · 54
DAF Apr 7
don’t go they say
we need you to stay
why do i feel like drifting away
Mar 31 · 26
thank you
DAF Mar 31
nothing is forever
though some things stay as long as they can
Mar 20 · 104
Slow Play
DAF Mar 20
Played with the idea of dying at dawn

It’s noon now and that has passed
Mar 20 · 29
Hold Your Breath
DAF Mar 20
If only
The line
Between Swimming and Drowning
Mar 20 · 41
Curtain Call
DAF Mar 20
You turn street lights to stage lights
But every show must end
Mar 17 · 41
Tick Tock
DAF Mar 17
Time does not always tell
     Decides it's lips are sealed
       Although it may tick you off
Appears the clock won't talk
Mar 16 · 133
Slippy Grip
DAF Mar 16
Real Seems
Plastic to the touch
Seams and Strands of Sanity
Have begun to Unravel
Mar 16 · 52
Time Will Tell
DAF Mar 16
Hands of time hold many truths
Treasures in the wristwatch
Secrets locked inside the clockwork
Though time is not the only thing
Hourglass can tell
Each grain of sand has whispered
It has to share as well
Mar 11 · 57
scribble scrabble
DAF Mar 11
dull pencils scrape the pages
in and outside lines
sentences bounce up and down
tell stories of the times
Mar 10 · 44
If So
DAF Mar 10
When someone dies are they forgiven?
Not by some omnipotent being in a white gown
Rather by the ones they have wronged?
Do grudges cease when the last breath is drawn?
If so why?
If so how.
Mar 10 · 306
DAF Mar 10
I always eat the soup before it cools down
I’ve been burnt many times over
Yet I never let it settle
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