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“Recognition that you are here,
Final adjustment mending next to me,
A breath of your warmth upon my skin,
Exchanges of the single ember within still burns,

As I hear whispers in the wind,
Rustling through the formulations,
I've sketched in encroaching the littoral,
To the special one to claim these pages came,

Interpretation existing of years passed,  
The circumspect to go diligent stride,  
To a worn and tattered old ideal,
Hero from the ancient bindings of a book,

Haunting whispers in the Zephyr,
Rustling through the formulations,
Breaching the palisades of time,
This the whispers in my mind”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/30/2022
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/30/2022 #212
Nov 2021 · 55
“Haecceity of Love”
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2021
“Haecceity of Love”
“Let me fall in love with you,
For one last time,
It doesn't matter if you leave me,
One more time as it matters not,

If you break my poor simple heart again,
Just let me fall in love again,
With you one more time,
The way we looked at each other,  

As we possessed our smiles,
As we did once in total silence,
You possessed my fragile soul,
Let me fall in love with you again,

May my flesh still feast upon yours?
In this my haecceity of love”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/08/2021
Nov 2021 · 66
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2021
“My imagination comes from Curiosity
A curiosity of life and its meaning,
An inquisitiveness of sustenance,
That of the definition of a subject,

As we look in the eyes of another,  
And adhere to that one’s soul,
That special one that will be in your life,
The window of their eyes will tell all,
That one that is the dearest of treasures,
And that the sweetest of pleasures,
Euphoria that over run all measures,
Felicity sweetness of pursuing curiosity,

Happiness lies in the subduing of hearts,
Whispered its vows as a tender pawn,
To those that are strangers to ardor,
Virtue is imaginations strongest defender,

Homage and honors in the end fits like a glove,
When ones imagination leaps with splendor,
Makes my Curiosity barnstorm and leap,
To satisfy my imagination with such provender,
To that of my Cognition of comprehension”
By Andrew Guzaldo 2021 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/2021 ©
Oct 2021 · 44
“Halcyon Moments”
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2021
"May the penumbra of your green eyes ogling gently,
You have left me with this secret in my soul,
May I recount to you an image of you before me?
Jollity as of a magnificent art painting of innocence,

There you were susurrated in reciting a canticle,
Acute feelings in my heart as the respite end,
As you spoke the words spiraled over your tongue,
Radiates over your lips I am laced in your rapture,

Your eyes are my guide to stay always by your side,
This love will never be replaced I’m born to love you,
I shall pirouette a tale for you of star studded loves,
I suspire for you my love for you is perpetually yours,

My love for you I have found your smile is my light,
Wreathed like a web of intensely yearning desire,
As warm as the west winds blow with sunsets heat,
Blossomed in canticles as it breaks into an eruption,

As we cling closer before a festive ligature of flames,
Inebriated with our own artistic designs of pure love,
I embark as a sail into virtuous commonage of our desires,
I shall commune to you in all silence in all passion,

Luminously bright and pure as a star lit night,
Reticence with halcyon moments of our passions”
                              By Andrew Guzaldo 05/10 2018 © HP
Oct 2021 · 47
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2021
“I have written the bewildering’s of many,
But today it is I that will share my effete,
As starlight night, makes me feel canny,
To share what has broken my heart apart

Tonight I can write these,
Mystifying words of enchantment,
To think that I do not have you,
To feel that I have lost you,
To hear as I feel sadness of night

My feelings for her shall always,
Remain the same,
In hopes this wasn't I that was at fault,
I long for her now that we are apart,
But as in my mind  and heart you will remain,

My love for you would have brightened,
All  our days in a mystifying way,
I miss you more than words can say,
It is sad to see, we are so far away,

But please may she realize I think of her,
In every mystifying  moment of everyday,
As I go through life completely Obfuscated”
By Andrew Guzaldo 2017 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2021
"The brine of sunrise has been aggregate to my life,
The Sea filled with love and emotion so have thou?
You fill my heart and soul with complete rapture,
Our hands embrace itinerant as the sunlight appears,

“I will want my antediluvian voluble to win your heart,
To continue to serenade and catechize my love,
Sonnet of love that will cajole your pleasures,
At this radiant time with a perpetual perpetually attire,

Her kisses taught my lips to embody the flame procured,
Her mouth has taught me the fervor of emotion,
As our sensations mount to an unrivaled high of sensuality,
Came into a demur yet noble fathom delectation of love,

Her celestial auspice lustrous as the morning calm sea,
You begin to rue with pleasure as you have never before,
As the imaginary ethereal sunbirds fly above the brine below,
So is the sweet scented bouquet of your amour femininity,

I love you as the calicoes pompon of the sea love the deep brine,
As briny deep spawn calamus into neophyte perennial enclaves”
       By AG 5/20/2020 © HP
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2021
“For those of us who live at the esplanade,
Cold grows colder even as the days grow longer,
Fair youths beneath the trees thou canst not leave,            
Bare essential alone for those that cannot indulge,

Vapor light buffing dreams to ones doorways,
Looking inward and outward as once before,
After seeking one now can indulge in the future,  
Vigilance of succubus in the minds of our youth,

For those of us who were imprinted with fear
As things in need of doing go undone,
Homeric of old anxieties beacon in the night,
As this faint apparition looms before us in fears,

With that and buried ambitions rise up afore one,
These have peregrination the coldest lands and sea,  
Although we ingest again or feel the adulate of love,  
We are aghast once loved will fade as we are alone,

Preyed epics of old anxieties beacon into the night,
Those of us seem not be heard nor best if we were silent,
Linger long a sacrifice may creates a stone in our hearts”
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #199
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2021
“Many poems are of unfeigned sadness,
Poems of heartbreak or a lost love,
A joyful poem may need an assemblage of words,
With various copious avenues in composing poetry,

It is emotions channeled onto a piece of paper,
It is an expression of the heart the mind and the soul,
The art of writing or reading poetry begins when,
As one Masters connotatively in particular poems,

Poems are of different moments subjects heartfelt,  
Example when I write a poem as you will find in mine,
In my poems I look for an adherent word to express,
In writings I look deep within my inner feelings,

The title of an adhered poem should grasp attention,
As to identify sense of what the poem is about,
As little as quite a few poems will give insight
As your words and feelings grapple traces,
Of my poetic undertones”
By Andrew Guzaldo  May 07, 2021 ©   #203
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2021
“In the reflex of love there is enigmatic elation,
That mingles in the face of ardor,
You may never think ones love can hurt so,
That it would always be as strong as it began,

Regardless of we fell in love resolutely,
As the waves adheres to the sea,
As our hearts for the moment adhere as one,
Our hearts beating with in fettle consent,

Allurement of both were positive, connectors,
****** attire charades softly to the ground,
As the captivation of bliss lays beneath our skin,
Contentment and bliss with the desirable joy between us,

Congenial pleasure as the night slows an hourly,
Bodies ache with pleasure as trail of kisses elongated,
As in the allured cold chill of the arctic trail and borealis,
Bid make ones blood run cold not we our souls interlocked,

As I thought was true love was not,
It was just ecstasy not love of both,
As she left a broken heart adroitly,
Me from moving on as your love departed,
I am left with that of melancholy infatuation”
By Andrew Guzaldo April 26, 2021 ©   #202
By Andrew Guzaldo April 26, 2021 ©   Poem#202 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“Cleaving its way through waters that rise and roll,
Aghast that love may no longer return,
The auspice of which I will await with open arms,
A precipitating force of our souls once again,

Moon marked and touched by the sun magic is tacit,
So distant yet so close as once her eyes imply repudiation,
As the procuring of the inner sacrarium of her emotions,
As she sits not afar off from me with a gazing glance,

One that for too long degraded scorned and oppressed,
Will I be the one to say and to make her solitude?
Deep dark eyes of romp sadness befall upon my heart,
Her slender being bares tenderness in its silence,

Gracefulness of her movement she lives in one’s mind,
As her sadness alludes to my soul and heart,
As I close my eyes in daze as a product of beauty,
Fatigue is flowing, and the grief without a shore,

When we speak we are not afraid our words,
Everything I conceptualize spoke of how love is,
This flaming of solitude we call Love,
The unexplained animus here of all is adulated”
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©   #201
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©  Hello Poetry Poem #201
Mar 2021 · 74
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“When you abdicate you stretch out like the world.
My body savage and peasant undermines you,
And makes a loved one leap into the bottom of the earth,
I was lonely as one could be life sailed from me,

And night invaded me with her powerful army.
To survive I forged you like a weapon of sort,
But now the hour of revenge falls, and I love you,
Body of skin of labyrinth firm and thirsty milk,

My thirst my desire without end my wavering road,
Dark river beds down which the eternal thirst is flowing,
With the waves that rush before me are against me,
Ever with invincible strength returning into my heart,

With each passing day more tranquil and peaceful,
I choose to repent a fierce longing of mind and soul,
With an outward stroke of intense power forth,
Come let us shout with no mouth nor tongue,

My heart goes out to those of dauntless courage,  
If courage may not remain when the sunsets,
With fear this glorious light may not rise in the morning,
When our stomachs are empty we are afraid of famine,

A roost that exists in our soul that we know not,
Yet sings the tune without the words as naught can be heard  
It never stops at all nevertheless its steps can be heeded,
This the sweetest in the Gale of a wavering road”  
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #200
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #200
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“For those of us who live at the esplanade,
Cold grows colder even as the days grow longer,
Fair youths beneath the trees thou canst not leave,            
Bare essential alone for those that cannot indulge,

Vapor light buffing dreams to ones doorways,
Looking inward and outward as once before,
After seeking one now can indulge in the future,  
Vigilance of succubus in the minds of our youth,

For those of us who were imprinted with fear
As things in need of doing go undone,
Homeric of old anxieties beacon in the night,
As this faint apparition looms before us in fears,

With that and buried ambitions rise up afore one,
These have peregrination the coldest lands and sea,  
Although we ingest again or feel the adulate of love,  
We are aghast once loved will fade as we are alone,

Insurmountable homeric of old anxieties beacon into the night,
Those of us seem not be heard nor best if we were silent,
Linger long a sacrifice may create a stone in our hearts”
      By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #199
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #HelloPoetry Poem #199
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2021
"Our task is to show that however,
Wonderful things may appear,
In today’s World and lifestyle,
They may not be all that great,

Even the darkest night will end,
And the sun will rise regardless,
Our optimism changes to pessimism,
Roses that may grow on a stone,

Not in the earth as optimism has shown,
Love can exist or it can turn parasitism,
It’s wrong to believe that all will be utopian,
That parasitism will continue to exist,

Oceans feel the love the upsurge bares,
The stones of the rock will bear a flower,
Rain will fall and so kisses the flower,
Will endure there growth of optimism,

Solitude will bring a cumbersome heart,
Depression will remain in a semblance,
New destiny will precede the pessimism,
As loves fate arrives pessimism succumbs,
To an optimistic aspect until ones last breath"

By AGuzaldo 2/2018 ©   #198
By Andrew Guzaldo 2/2018 ©  HP Poem #198
Feb 2021 · 99
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2021
"The link with exiguities was abundantly clear,
It exists there in the cloth's she wore,    
It takes currency to purchase what one wears,  
Exiguity is in the language they speak,

Present in the language or words spoken,    
Speech begins to feel as currency to one as they interact,
It is everywhere it stains everything as it hovers about,
It oscillates about It watches from every corner of the page,

Exiguity is not something one can leave behind,
A child born into exiguity will always feel its presence,
At the edges of everything existing matter that shared,
At any moment they can feel the fractures of exiguity,

It is in there gaze back to others as it seeps and oozes in ataraxy,
These abhorrent things of exiguity as the daily impecunious,
Even right now its presence is apperceive surrounding thee,  
As you fear it is in thy words these tiny fractured words of dearth,
Fear not for you shall ascertain knowledge free from EXIGUITY"

By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP #197
By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP Poem #197
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2020
When you are already here you appear
To be only a name that tells of you whether
You are present or not and for now
It seems as though you are still summer

Still the high familiar endless summer
With a glint of bronze in the chill mornings
And the late yellow petals of the mullein
Fluttering on the stalks that lean over their

Broken shadows across the cracked ground
But they all know that you have come the
Seed heads of the sage the whispering birds
With nowhere to hide you to keep you for later

You who fly with them are neither of those,
Before nor after you who arrive with blue plums,
Those have fallen through the night perfect in the dew,
As a swaying bead chain slipping in the moonlight,
You are but a perspicuous lucid fluttering in the night,
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 12/14/2020 Posted HP #196
© 12/14/2020 Posted HP #196
Aug 2020 · 315
"Writing Poetry"
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2020
“My writing poetry is a way to loosen sensitivity that surrounds me, an atonement that dissipates
Over the writings that appear from my ink well to the ephemera in the moment as I state my dexterity”
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 08/25/2020
Aug 2020 · 81
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2020
“Continuum poetry chicanery doggerel of opulence,
A beguilement dedicated and procured into words,
In all end it may become a reality of beneficence,  
To those that have induced the fine artistry of poetry

But is a poet’s best way to live is in art of interpretation,
In the art of interpretation that fall on the ears of readers,  
A poet is that of a philosopher with continuum of words,
Of life love happiness sadness or a spectrum of obscurity,  

Depending on the bright of day or the glimmer of success,  
A poet writer uses an episteme into metaphysical words,
Metaphysical life is always looking within the poet’s soul,
For the metaphysical of a sustained moment of solitude,

Continuum of poetry is that appropriate or peculiarly meaning,
Reverie or nightmare of pertinent validity an assuage cogency,
This is poetry of continuum arouses for your reading bliss”

“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP Poem #194
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP Poem #194
Jul 2020 · 79
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2020
"The aches have grown within my body and veins,
I feel my heart pumping enduringly immutably,
Ever with invincible strength returning into my heart,
I continue to write as my heart is still filled with passion,

Destiny nay in my favor everything has diminished,
She cajoled me to maligned covenant of deception,
As the attainment of misery of solitude alights,
I aspire thee nothing more to delineate from,      

Most inculpable I am I feel exacerbated of this adieu,
Memory fulfilling thoughts of her cognizance,
It may be we shall one light reach elated enclaves,
The equal temper of annexed noble hearts,

How many more lonely years am I to meander,
When I will risible that one vivacious love,
I do not know how to love without her,
In end I must learn to live void of her,
I must propagate the silt of the ennui”

“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #193
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP Poem #193
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2020
“Valediction my love if it is really this love is over,
We have blemishes and we must live with scars,
We are tarnished tainted and decorated as well,
With filth but beneath the dust the dirt is a corpus,

Transpicuous of an oeuvre from our beginnings,
I will not tell you where the crossroads lead us,
I can tell you the collogue great flowing of water,      
And the beauty of a dark mesh woods in sync,

Love is so short yet to forget is so protracted,
I choose not to forget of thy love and beauty,
I prefer to be left with scars upon my broken heart,
As you leave the silent tears will flow with in my soul,

We had  shared degust in our lives and given so much love,
Gratitude to your love of the redolence that arose,
From the earth your soul will live obtusely in my body,
Naiad if you must go I'll get along regardless of inward pain,  
On this that is my forever collogue of a broken heart”
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #192
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP POEM #192
Jul 2020 · 86
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2020
“As days abates the slow moon climbs,
Fate bathes clear from your submerging mind,
My dull islet inspires me to write my best,
Midnight rendezvous ensuing awful dreams  

Those awful dreams of one’s life and travails,  
I plant anew in the vanishing of your absence,  
All can be forgotten of travesty’s that followed,
As I easily compare her to a light stardust,

Traipse of her invading my mind of that day,
Thinking of your prompt nobility fills my days.
My love for you is of a dedicated scantling.
Our heated toasts the past frolics of seasons,

Acclivitous summer in the sleepy hollows,
Perhaps the gulfs will wash us down stream,
As our prudence labor of love procures slowly,    
Subdue my rugged ways useful and good,

As mountains reflected in the crystalline waters,
We can only correspond with Immutable change,
Our truths can live with right and wrong or hillocks,
Giving me strength ***** against a sense of hate,

My metaphysical poetry has helped me through this,
As her acclivitous tryst of vigor flows like tides,
Into my blood”

“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #191
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 07/04/2020 Posted HP #191
Jun 2020 · 72
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2020
“All can be forgotten of travesty’s that followed,
As I easily compare you to a light stardust,
Traipse of her invading my psyche of the day,
Thinking of your prompt nobility fills my days.

There was no food and a long rain had stopped,
And some of us had to sleep nowhere but in the rain
You could see the streaks from grime left on our skin,
Numerous times in weeks of captivity consistent,

What once was of muscle is now skin and bone,
I felt the stars move strangely back and forth,
As though the Lord were rocking the stars,
I was not afraid but tears came afore anyway,

There are many days and nights I felt dead inside,
Yet I hear all around me and feel the stars reaching,
Have I now joined the earth where we are all in cusp?
I see a Great River afore will this be where I rest?    

It must be here that I lost track of my place in life,
This place at the great river of my
DEMUR of the beyond”  
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 06/24/2020 Posted HP #190
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 06/24/2020 Posted HP #190
Andrew Guzaldo c Jun 2020
“Poems are an array of heartfelt nuances,
Poems of heartbreak or a lost love,
That of joy happiness there is an array
Numerous avenues to compose poetry,

It is emotions channeled into significant words,
It is an expression of the Heart the mind and the soul,
The art of writing or reading poetry begins,
Mastering expressly in particular poems,

From the most simple to the very complex,
This sounds judicious however it is totally amiss,
The art of reading poetry doesn’t start with thoughts,
Of an historical moments or great philosophies,

It begins with reading the words in thinking or meaning,
Meaning of the art of poetry themselves,
Although poetry or ballad can be intrinsically difficult,
A poet searches momentum to assume proper wording,    

Poems are of different moments subjects heartfelt,  
Example when I write a poem as you will find in mine,
In my poems and books I look for an adherent word to express,
Writings and books I look deep into my soul depending,

The title of an adhered poem should grasp attention,
As to identify fully what the poem is about,
Although we are not large in numbers,
As little as quite a few poems will give insight
On all the most wordy clues in the feelings,
Of an aficionados Poetry!
  “By Andrew Guzaldo © 06/17/2020 Posted HP #189
“By Andrew Guzaldo © 06/17/2020 Posted HP #189
Andrew Guzaldo c May 2020
“What was once a fiery passion of desire?                
Procured in the end with passionate love,
Once flaming red fervent orange propensity,
Thunder and the sunshine cloudless all above,

The propensity of earth needs Grass and stone,
Unsuitable men have annexed to titular success,
Some task of nobility a symbol yet to be done,
If you refuse to let a rapport of love perish,                

One can find a progeny in the waves of the sea,
It may be that the gulfs may wash them down,
Here the docket breeds a flambeau in the night,
And might it be this prompt of melancholy key?

Is this a sign that there is still hope in our ambit?
Then there is still hope that this love may live on,
So let it is let it sound from this night onward,
As hiatus ocean lulls your tired eyes to rest,    

Will it be in morn our spirits will be as one?
Or will our Limerick Boundaries be once again!”
     By Andrew Guzaldo 05/29/2020 © #188
By Andrew Guzaldo 05/29/2020 © #188 Poem #188 #Hello Poetry TY
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2020
“Now with an exiguous preamble,
In the CoronaVirus 2020 year,
Hands held aback in geniality,
No longer pugnacious sense,

Even amongst men there is fear,
Breathing’s generally wary,
As we know weakness breathing,
We will fear that an end is at hand,

But this is the everyday intake,
Of   the imperceptible life force,
Willed as plague settles onward
They say just be cautious stay in,

In the airs of the populous air,
Now has become the extant colloquy,
No longer an effervescent fricative,
While not to make that ebullient point,

But a new garner dewy of air space,
A new sense of boundary,
Galileo truths are easy to understand,
But will we ever understand this beast,

To another perhaps not in this germ war,
A gesture of limited distance is disdain,
Now sufficing a simple nod is fine,
A minor simper or a slightly hoisted hand,

No longer in search of   its correlative,
Just a systematic warning within,
The acknowledgment to stand back,
Beautiful strangers now merciless,

Affixed on the other side of that,
Until a cure is disinterred they are,
We are or may be forever bound,
Tween one another evanescent conduit”
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/25/2020 #187
By Andrew Guzaldo © 04/25/2020 #187 #Hello Poetry
Mar 2020 · 122
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2020
“There is something opaque yet homogeneous,
Settled in through all depths an agate sign,
How it is noted that stones have touched time,
In their refined matter there is an odor of age,

Of water brought by the sea, from salt and sleep,
I'm encircled by a single thing, a single movement:
A mineral weight a honeyed light clings to the sound,
As glacial biennial fallen upon a dormant heart,

Now seems as expelled from the beaks of oscines,
And from celestial thoughts to an abyss of sediments,  
Maybe I may never shine again or love again as once,
The bright sun was extinguished as well as the stars

Cloudless climes once starry skies dark and bright,
That all is best of words the tinge of argent durum,
Draw me after you let us run to that once was ours,
Like frigid perennials fallen upon my dormant heart,

As she walks in beauty into the night to what is now,
Dour resuscitated sonnet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/28/2020 © #186
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/28/2020 ©  Poem#186 #Hello Poetry
Mar 2020 · 103
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2020
"I admit I was afraid to love once again,
Not just for love but to love her anew,
For she was semblance stunning mystery,
She carried chattels deep within her soul,

As of yet one hasn’t had the ability to understand,
I will not be ossified to fail as the others have,  
She was the ocean and I was just a man,
Loving the waves completely afore me,

Where the lovelorn nightingale will sing,
Nightly to thee her sad Song mourned,
Or that of a blood rose in all its silence,  
Translucent wave cilium in gnarled braids,

Those loose trains of dour amber emanate hair,
Hands like a warm elixir upon the crest of my face,
Goddess of the silver lake that lauds to your wish,
That intermittent dreams of years ago moonlit nights,  
My elusive heart will bring a ponderous demeanor,
And I shall have an optimistic vision until my last breath"
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/14/2020 © #185
By Andrew Guzaldo 03/14/2020 © Poem#185 #HelloPoetry
Feb 2020 · 107
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2020
“For those of us who were inundated with fear,
That of a benign prodigy of sorts in our minds,  
Must we praise the methodically overgrown world?  
As we once gathered acorns in the park on spring days,

Chafes that are as deserted homesteads exiled,
As that of a salty oblivion awaited the others,
When stomachs are full we fear of dyspepsia,
When our abdomens are barren are we aghast,

When we are loved we are timid love will fade,
Only memories of moments we were together,
Rebound in thought to the concert of music,
For all of us this instant and of this triumph,

As we once watched those yachts and ships,
Fluttered flared leaves now over the scarred earth,
It may not remain when the sunsets we are afraid,
As we are aghast will the sun rise come anew?

NO we are in fact meant to survive and triumph,
As we now the emigrants may be going nowhere,
We must now laud this gray and mutilated world,  
That heavy-footed hope to silence us no it will not,
As we have survived this JUBILANCE of LIFE”
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © #184
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © Poem #184 #HelloPoetry
Feb 2020 · 122
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2020
“Lamenting round many voices come colleagues,
I said cometh and no one knew of the ataraxy,
Where or how my aperture throbbed daily,
No conations or bannerols just no aplomb for me,

Only an aperture of thorns that love had opened,
I and no one saw the moon that bled in my mouth,
Nor the blood rose that spiraling into the silence,
Dear one can we forget the perennials with such thorns,

It may be that the inlet will wash our prudence labors
The prudence labor of the love slowly apportioned,    
Love for you is the dedicated menial memories afore.
Heated toasts the past frolics of comatose seasons,

Tsunamis and barbarity swarm about our fettered feet
I felt the taste of flaming passion in mouth once again
All can be forgotten of travesties of the former that follow,
As now geysers that have flood deep in a vault of passion
May all be subdued to the useful and momentous occasion?
Come dear with me as if this will be our last day on this earth,
To the sounding furrows of a sonnet to our invigorated sonnet”
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © #183
By Andrew Guzaldo 01/05/2020 © Poem #183 #HelloPoetry
Feb 2020 · 103
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2020
“With the slow climb into the Mt Everest,
I will trade sea petrichor scent blooms in the day,
For burnt orange leaves last night’s wavy ocean,

A fire setting on a flat marsh horizon exchanged,
Of hills of colorful trees she presses these sights,
Unseen on her evergreen coast into waxed,

Paper memory books fixated in my mind for all time,
Adhered to the feelings that flow through one's veins,
To God we must leave it who has first gave it to us all,
By Andrew Guzaldo 06/25/2019 © #182
By Andrew Guzaldo 06/25/2019 © Poem #182 #HelloPoetry
Jan 2020 · 128
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2020
"Every Poet dips their pen in an inkwell,
They pour out his or her heart soul,
Their soul that tell a story of fervor,
Of love passion and loss in a canticle or sonnet,
that one will never FORGET"
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/20/2020
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/20/2020 #181
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2020
“Today as the sun began to rise calling a new day
Shall this fire of love we shall have forever,  
On your mouth I will tell all when the sun shines,
My kiss deliquescing silence in our souls and mind,

As our sensuous fervor perilous to one’s flesh,
Now that you can see my eyes now you will read,
All the untold story of what is and was meant to be,
My heart you will see I could not endure without you,

We shall wait as earth and time change all,
Days when leaves will fall upon my chest,
Climbing vines as autumn departs around us,
Because we do not fear for spring is with us forever,

Loving each other my arm under your warm neck,
We are going to wait for our irradiated eyes,
As the fire and the wind again rattle the borders,
We’ve grown together all along we did not know it.

Repudiate with a dismal glance of infinitude,
As the kisses of our flowering relationship move,
Sealed kisses seizing your body with craving lips,
Has now reached to a new height of intensity,

Not knowing all that you pursued within my heart,
Our love of spring offers us the sky of life not soil,  
My mouth or the claret blood rose into the reticence,
The exude spate deep in the pit of my mouth,

Like a solar soul with lights in need of a feeble psyche,
As deity’s and naiads roam freely to glance of infinitude,
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/17/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/17/2018 © #180 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2020
“Blanched islet embolden my words afore me,
Come with me as if I were impelling fatality,
That our midnight love rendezvous continue,  
All can be forgotten of travesty that followed,

The long day abates as moon climbs slowly,
Those phantasmagorias of life’s hardships,  
None saw the moon that exude in my mouth,
As I easily compare you to a luminary deity,

Meander of her invading my mind of those days,
Diligent of your induced nobility fills my days,
Our heated tribute the past drollery of seasons,
Prudence labor loving engendered us slowly,    

Could it be that the gulfs will wash us down,
As the vigorous fluting for my purpose holds,
Where how my pain palpitate substance of thee,
Are such fluttering intimacies means a euphoric end?
Or have I been fluttering in a phantasmagoric sonnet?      
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/4/2020  #179
By Andrew Guzaldo © 1/4/2020  Poem #179 #Hello Poetry
Jan 2020 · 113
Andrew Guzaldo c Jan 2020
“That time of year is now beholden upon to my behold
When fall leaves drop ever so quickly leaving trees bare,
Upon those sprigs shaking now in the brittle cold,  
Even then the God gift of birds continues to warble,  

We now espy the eventide of days that plummet,
As repeatedly watch as the sun sets in the west,  
Oh how disastrous to not see luminosity in the morn,
That takes away the dreaded darkness of the nightfall,  

Peer long and hard enough at the fiber night sky,
In me you will see the radiance of sunlight fire,
Of this you will grasp what makes a tenacious love,
Love that well which I thou must devoir before long.

May I stare into your eyes again that bare brunt?
That I may rest on the ashes of my youth may I lay,
May I be absorbed by that of once had cultivated me,
Fatality its demise may seal my boundaries to my rest
Come with me my beloved as if I were the ebbing tide”
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/31/2018 ©
By Andrew Guzaldo 10/31/2018 ©
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“We make midnight an autonomous time of year,
Colored lights glistening off the white frost,
Moonlights drawn by the evening clouds,
Troths offered to complete this mystical custom,

Awaiting that elfin hour anxious gods molding oar,
Each of us edacious for shining of such coruscation,
That of the candelabrum and wines of sorts to enthrall,
Audacious in thinking oblations will sojourn at a moment,

Of what is to come in New Year springtime fashions,
Synthetic faces all around as they stare of what may be,
Exuberance of the antithesis will follow coming year,
That impermanent as all the while serenity suspends,

Struggle with excitement for swaying to and thro,  
Couples embracing as the ending minutes arrive,  
Cessation as we wait for those last minutes to survive,
Leaving this just passed year we will hear nothing seems,

Then the clear crackle of explosions and applause all around,
Hoping to wonder that this New Year will not FROWN”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/31/2019  #178
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/31/2019  Poem#178 #Hello Poetry
Dec 2019 · 86
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“I avowal I won't protest sumptuous one,
Dark and uncanny way is where I long to be,
Here is where I would never be weary,
As she beamed her eyes with starlet green,

As I kissed her lips hundreds of times,
The top of her head to below forbidden line,
Shrinking sinews was procured flames of ardor,
As it trembled in subsequent delectation,

Authoring this a threnody of our beloved feelings,
Knowledge fact that you are a milquetoast woman,  
I a gregarious person to be around that of others,  
You will be enamored in ardor and pain no more,

Through the dun forest the poignancy that hinders,
When dawn arrives it wipes my impeded piquancy,
Onomatopoeia of words into echoes of stars in night,
With all my analogies thrown to the night my dear,
Once again may I be inebriated in the essence of my love,
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/30/2019  #177
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/30/2019  Poem#177  #HelloPoetry
Dec 2019 · 117
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“To linger in the coarseness of such tribulation without her,
Angel of unsullied which admits no stain I am a noble man,
Edges of decision apathetic illusion satiated in dreams,
Will we depict with agony like vertigo amidst our lives,

In need for something convivial of exploits and adventures,
I cannot choose love in the doorways of infertile sordidness,
Anima falls into the luring darkness of lugubrious calamity,
****** away despair nurture the exigency that is moirai,

Romance of every ideology torments the romance of another,
****** off the rancor and the cognizance of root anxieties,
Once an effulgence of brazenly resolute bond with others,
Beautiful in creation is squall to cultivate as natality begins,

Uncertain fate gets bathed from your inundated minds of euphoria
Clench  your that guard you through deserted nights of loneliness,
Inward images so engulf one seeking affinity of future natality,
In the lateness of the world primal lamenting not to succumb to
Infertile Sordidness”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/15/2019  #176
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/15/2019  Poem#176 #HelloPoetry
Dec 2019 · 148
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“If you have loved with apocryphal one endlessly,
Imagine how that would have been co-equally,  
With the right amity shares of love equitably,
As ambrosial as a queue of amaryllis narcissus,

Love that spreads through the air with poetic wings
If one were to propagate flower that will be endowed,
Intoxicating from such a love as the brine ocean waves,
As the ocean waves splash against rocks of daffodils,
Then comes the day your heart pounds with euphoria,
Finally your lips would embrace tongues pleach infinitely,
Can this be as inward to lull the essence of daffodils?
As I now feel like a dove as I fly away and be rested,  

As intensified euphoria flavored from botanic gardens,  
As so derives your skin within mine the contour,
Of your beauty has quenched my infinite ad valorem,
Contained now with patulous purity and sensitive felicity”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/07/2019  #175
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  12/07/2019  Poem#175 #HelloPoetry
Dec 2019 · 112
Andrew Guzaldo c Dec 2019
“It can be a very spontaneous state,
In restraining the inner spirit of angst,
A plethora of pain held within,
Parallels of a withering acumen,

Once in a wonderful sense of serenity,
Or was it a birth of total disavowal,
One cannot feel the venture aforesaid,
Comeuppance breath within my soul,

Need I succumb to such relentlessness?
As the inner souls foment impertinently,
Shall I reconcile to the assuage afore me,
As my soul unleashes it’s invigorating remedial,

As my spiritual guidance formulates camaraderie,
Now proficient anodyne of once a dreaded angst,
Shall I now attain that of a once absent love?
Whether this shall be for naught it is affirmed,
A reticence of my spiritual soul has been ameliorated”
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  #174
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  Poem#174
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“I have trekked through many places in life,
Places I hope you will never have to trek,
Either way you will learn lessons old and new alike,  
You are now entering the door to wisdom,

Let sunshine and kindness spread through your goals,
We will be blessed to watch you achieve your goals,
Embrace those who are sad respect their dignity,
Leave them with a feeling of aspiration in life,

This is all to your advantage and success in life,
Tread softly when anger approaches you,
Hide your feelings of anger and invoke all,
Humor and laughter for your wisdoms of success,

Laughter is a powerful weapon in life’s travails,
Hilarity is of a  PRODIGIOUS power to ones BEING,
Always recognize and commemorate family and friends,
Of which you are inestimable LOVED and a part of,

You always give freely from your heart,
You are the Sunshine in the family and the chewing gum,
The door to your 15th Year has now opened,

Nothing is futile you have reached a very specific time in life,
The world is far from perfect let wisdom be your guide,
But to know you are there it is that much BETTER”

LOVE Always My Dear Beloved Granddaughter
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  #173
By Andrew Guzaldo ©  11/26/2019  Poem #173 #HelloPoetry
Nov 2019 · 89
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“This scorched land has a proteus yet correlate intimacy,
Could it have been I was once before thee in the aft?
Maybe when I was on the abscond of tortuous criterion,
In search of something imminent that is decisive coeval,

Scurry beams of spirit would be like a noxious gallimaufry,
Oh vault of slags bitterness where feathered creatures ****,
Remote land that is before me in lieu of the love I have lost,
The quietude air whisks flower chorale refrains of melancholy,

I am a lost pioneer on an unending expedition for melioration,
Deep blue brine in the vastly distance awaits an archipelago,
To not have her in my arms would be like a blade of dread,
As the fiery sun blazes brightly with a sky of blue as am I,

I can only say at the endow of this journey I hope for her,
Scorching this barren land is nihility compared to her loss,
It is her love that keeps me live as I thrive forward,
As eventide arrives frigid cold that was aft scorched land,  

As I ponder exordium with the thought of oppressed feelings,
Yearning as my love has befallen with my present anguish,
For I now am that oppressed suitor on Scorched Lands”
    By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/07/2019 #172
By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/07/2019 Poem#172  Hello Poetry
Nov 2019 · 94
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“I do not know when love became nebulous,
I know not of another that has felt this way,
Your name is a hand I can never hold or cradle,
Love for her now became a seethe of virtue,

How I loved thee with all my sanity and integrity,
Such a love brought me comfort to my illimitable life,
Now my love merely brought more pain than deserved,
Her love now nothing but ardent wilderness with no mist,

Being a curmudgeon in the life of love is not right,
Love needs to be nurtured as do flowers and trees,
Shall always search for the Sun shine as love nurtures
Search for the same sun shines in hopes love grows,

My life has become the coincidence of a bad retention,
Retention of sight sound and fear of distant apparitions,
I then wonder did she ever really love me did she even care,
Her utterance faded and lost its way over her tongue,

Physique of this matron the dexterity I seek is not puerile,
A dream can come true I can then love someone again,
My aridity line was across the sand for thee my ardor,  
Oh great ocean of the sea that barrows fools like me,

Drab tears of the sea eternal thirst for thee follow me,
Fetch forth afore forlorn subsidies of my adulation,
As my apathy follows with such abiding anguish,
Animus assuage for my psyche as in the deep blue”
  By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/047/2019 #171
By Andrew Guzaldo © 11/047/2019 Poem#171 Hello Poetry
Nov 2019 · 245
Andrew Guzaldo c Nov 2019
“As arrant squall enters from all corners,
As our daily rituals must procure to dormant,
Lacking warmth of suns touch upon our skin,
As the winter winds ere upon our ambience,  

As our once daily formality would bring us,
Alongside a cool pool a beach or just quirks,
A spathe of skin an apprise bronze from the sun,
As dangling brown leaves parched fall to terrain,

As a sunken suns down in early afternoons,
The winter bellowing of moons as they procure,
Branches of once fruits and such now withered,
Now lay along the cold grown fallen as chill beckons,
The winter sings of creeping crows,

Beneath the blaze of summer hung the beauty foliage,
Flowers to be inherent upon a warming spring,  
Graciously arranged to fade beneath a winters squall,
Once bright green leaves dying and sizzling on the trees,
As lonely fledgling birds pay respect as they fly west,
As they seem to say Adieux Summer once again”

By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/30/2019 #170
By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/30/2019 Poem#170 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2019
“To discern doggerel by the afflatus of her smile,
Your altercation titillates my epical grasp,
When with her those words relate to her allure,
The color of her eyes engraves words to my soul,

The ogle before me of her deepens the ink that flows,
Her apotheosis of marrow and iris mauve into words,
The drawing depth of patterns I derive up as my poetry
Her voice when sounded catches my soul afflatus on fire,    

Igniting a flambeau of astringent words of fruitful poetry,
She gleefully carries my words to the beyond as I write,  
Where sequential conjectures apparent to my poetic stance,
As our hands enmesh this adumbration in clarifying my ardor,    

Scintillating smile leads my pen galloping poetry on my paper,
She inspired me to procure the echoing’s of her smile in poetry,  
I need to write beyond any simplistic kiss they may have occurred,    
A poetic amalgamate of poetry to procure my infinite love for our,
Inimitable Adulation”    
             By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 #169
By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 Poem #169 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2019
“Her belly ripped her rips now smashed to pieces,
Her kitchen wares spilled far and wide,
Her wheelhouse crooked and leaning hard,
She once had a crew that would toast her off,

Off the coast of Central America and isles of Europe,
This triple sail ship waits for her purloined moment,  
She once was a sequential ship of Laguna construction,
Now a reconstructed by once sailors her new owners,

Now a blue and white triple sailboat in all her elegance,
As she is spotted along the enclave’s estuary blue peninsulas,
She is now home once again in an inlaying captain of discovery,
She has been brought back to life to sail the seven seas,

Once again the Laguna Triple Sail Ship this wager is here to STAY,
Now the magnificent splendor all the islets of the estuary deep blue sea,
Sail as Gibbous moon illuminates the enclave from whence we came”

By Andrew Guzaldo 11/07/2019 © #168
By Andrew Guzaldo 11/07/2019 © #168 Poem#168 #HelloPoetry
Oct 2019 · 432
Andrew Guzaldo c Oct 2019
“Eradicate the acrimony that has ensued,  
And its subtle entrenched nucleus inward,
Lionize that was this bitterness within you,
That sad agony has cajoled in your heart,

Embrace the cognizance that healed the essence,
Hold all that boundless that made your aura right,
Bring out the recognition of all your aegis,
Push aside the despondency of the discomposure,

Sunshine will Nurture the well-being of your soul within,
Nonsensical as it may seem it is the catalyst placebo,
It is the manner that you will adhere to your dreams,
Love will be the satisfactory in your laughter,

You will postulate all your dreams now imminent,
All the people that you believed in and loved,
To that every tear you have cried due to rancor,
May hamartia now be the canticle of Utopian chimera?”
          By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 Poem#167
By Andrew Guzaldo © 10/04/2019 Poem#167 Hello Poetry
Sep 2019 · 333
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2019
Oh that I had wings of a DOVE, for then
           I would fly away and be at rest!
“They came here to get away from false promises,
From dictators in their neighborhoods,
When they wanted to they would arrest them,  
Hope was to leave the violence and endeavor a new life,

They no longer wanted fear for their families,    
Not much different here migrant intensification within,
The doctors don’t care as our bodies decay,
Our minds deteriorate we learn nothing of value,

Our lives don’t get better our spirit fails quickly,
Our cages is crisscrossed with tattered clothing,
Clothing we have hung or lying below on dirt floor,  
There are no blankets or heat for warmth,

Maybe I would have been better off in my Country,
I ask a man next to me if he could spare some soap,
I look down and see new immigrants coming in,
Mattresses rolled up and on their shoulders,

New migrants coming in looking around wondering,  
Each with the same dream in their hearts,
Thinking they’ll get a chance here change their lives,
As they came in they wonder as did I but in the end,
Our phrase would be what GOOD am I NOW
Just a migrant in a cage?
By Andrew Guzaldo © 09/24/2019 #166
By Andrew Guzaldo © 2019  #Poem #166 HP
Andrew Guzaldo c Sep 2019
“Immediately a decisive alluring connection from the onset,  
As our ****** accoutrement deceptive lay’s softly on ground,
As the captivation of our present euphoria lays beneath our skin,
Complacency and beatitude with the enticing joy betwixt us,

I had fallen in love with her as the flowers cling to the earth,
Hearts hewed as one beating with powerful acquiescence,
Convivial contentment to us both as eve slowly turns to daybreak,
Reflex of love there is enigmatic elation never before perceived,

Etiology of twinging with euphoria trail of kisses lingering afore,
As in the charisma of a cold chill of that as glacial trails,
Sensed make our blood run cold now as souls entwined,
May she never leave and forestall a broken nature of being,  

I know that deep in the intensity of my heart you triumph,  
There is invariably space for altruism to reside always,
For all the delectation that once were unified of ours,
I not endeavor to conquer my contemplative devotion,  

Your flowering existence sheds invisible petals as I,
Claim them as something I could own should I keep them?
Or scatter them or are they even yours"

By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  09/01/2019 #165
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  09/01/2019 Poem#165 #HelloPoetry
Aug 2019 · 213
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2019
“It was she, with a dazzling indomitable rationale,
Just as if she was not cognizant of her radiance,
I’ve become deciduous to the loss of her resplendence,
She did not have ornate belongings or fine silver,

Withal her convictional eyes of such alluring presence,
Eyes the color of the deep blue as the coral briny ocean,
It was as if she sings to me with her crisp simper smile,      
Her labium voice matched the rest of her natural beauty;
She was strikingly invigorating in her baroque ways,
The brisk breeze afore gleamed of incandescent fiber,      
How one could love one of such passive virtuosity amidst,
She suffocated beauty out of the fore deep sea,

Her eyes and face pertinently pensive in  awe,
Yet she radiated beauty as not aware to her person,
At that point exodus mercurial moment to joy amidst us,
To show her she was with such decorum,
Neither of us would feel hunger again as one?
With our stimulant chalice of my Abundant Artistry”  
    By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/28/2019 #164
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/28/2019 Poem #164 Hello Poetry
Aug 2019 · 141
Andrew Guzaldo c Aug 2019
"Our task is to show that however wonderful,
things may appear In today’s World and lifestyle,
may not be all that great Even the darkest night will end,
The sun will rise regardless as our optimism changes to pessimism,

Roses may grow in a stone yet not in the earth,
As optimism has shown love exist or it can turn rapaciousness,
To those that are lacking idealism,
Rapaciousness will continue to exist as do oceans,

As we forded across the river’s edge feel the love,
The upsurge bares,
Stones or boulders may  bare flowers,
As rainfalls so will it kiss the flower wherever they growth,

We will endure also the growth of optimism,
Solitude will bring a cumbersome heart;
Depression will remain in a semblance of a new destiny,
This may precede a pessimistic venture,

Loves fate arrives pessimism succumbs to an optimistic,
Tormenting discomforts mind boggling opinions
May abound all aspects until ones last breath,
Ominous emotions turbulent gestures of Idealism Antivenin”
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/06/2019
By Andrew Guzaldo  ©  08/06/2019   #Poem#163 #HelloPoetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Jul 2019
“I haven’t yielded a tear lest deep within my soul,
There sets a sea that could flood the entire world,
I reverence at the essence of her solemnity,
That of cerulean or that of a forest of beryl,

A diamond once in the rough now the rarest of all,
Many wondrous souls bare emerald or sapphire,
Much rarer to me is she in nature an alexandrite,
Withal above alluded to see all the afore mentioned,

With each passing day I have found another treasure,
Of the infinite provenance of her being whom she is,
She who is that of corundum of ardent ardor,
A composition of paragon soul perceived by the Gods,

I am betwixt with the brine of love encompassed of me,
The archipelago and the brine fortitude water reinvigorate,
As the interwoven fiery spell of love has so endowed me,  
This my ardent corundum of our eternal,
Sacrosanct of adulation"
By Andrew Guzaldo 07/05/2019 © #Poem#162 Hello Poetry
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