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Andrew Guzaldo c May 2021
“Many poems are of unfeigned sadness,
Poems of heartbreak or a lost love,
A joyful poem may need an assemblage of words,
With various copious avenues in composing poetry,

It is emotions channeled onto a piece of paper,
It is an expression of the heart the mind and the soul,
The art of writing or reading poetry begins when,
As one Masters connotatively in particular poems,

Poems are of different moments subjects heartfelt,  
Example when I write a poem as you will find in mine,
In my poems I look for an adherent word to express,
In writings I look deep within my inner feelings,

The title of an adhered poem should grasp attention,
As to identify sense of what the poem is about,
As little as quite a few poems will give insight
As your words and feelings grapple traces,
Of my poetic undertones”
By Andrew Guzaldo  May 07, 2021 ©   #203
Andrew Guzaldo c Apr 2021
“In the reflex of love there is enigmatic elation,
That mingles in the face of ardor,
You may never think ones love can hurt so,
That it would always be as strong as it began,

Regardless of we fell in love resolutely,
As the waves adheres to the sea,
As our hearts for the moment adhere as one,
Our hearts beating with in fettle consent,

Allurement of both were positive, connectors,
****** attire charades softly to the ground,
As the captivation of bliss lays beneath our skin,
Contentment and bliss with the desirable joy between us,

Congenial pleasure as the night slows an hourly,
Bodies ache with pleasure as trail of kisses elongated,
As in the allured cold chill of the arctic trail and borealis,
Bid make ones blood run cold not we our souls interlocked,

As I thought was true love was not,
It was just ecstasy not love of both,
As she left a broken heart adroitly,
Me from moving on as your love departed,
I am left with that of melancholy infatuation”
By Andrew Guzaldo April 26, 2021 ©   #202
By Andrew Guzaldo April 26, 2021 ©   Poem#202 Hello Poetry
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“Cleaving its way through waters that rise and roll,
Aghast that love may no longer return,
The auspice of which I will await with open arms,
A precipitating force of our souls once again,

Moon marked and touched by the sun magic is tacit,
So distant yet so close as once her eyes imply repudiation,
As the procuring of the inner sacrarium of her emotions,
As she sits not afar off from me with a gazing glance,

One that for too long degraded scorned and oppressed,
Will I be the one to say and to make her solitude?
Deep dark eyes of romp sadness befall upon my heart,
Her slender being bares tenderness in its silence,

Gracefulness of her movement she lives in one’s mind,
As her sadness alludes to my soul and heart,
As I close my eyes in daze as a product of beauty,
Fatigue is flowing, and the grief without a shore,

When we speak we are not afraid our words,
Everything I conceptualize spoke of how love is,
This flaming of solitude we call Love,
The unexplained animus here of all is adulated”
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©   #201
By Andrew Guzaldo March 27, 2021 ©  Hello Poetry Poem #201
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“When you abdicate you stretch out like the world.
My body savage and peasant undermines you,
And makes a loved one leap into the bottom of the earth,
I was lonely as one could be life sailed from me,

And night invaded me with her powerful army.
To survive I forged you like a weapon of sort,
But now the hour of revenge falls, and I love you,
Body of skin of labyrinth firm and thirsty milk,

My thirst my desire without end my wavering road,
Dark river beds down which the eternal thirst is flowing,
With the waves that rush before me are against me,
Ever with invincible strength returning into my heart,

With each passing day more tranquil and peaceful,
I choose to repent a fierce longing of mind and soul,
With an outward stroke of intense power forth,
Come let us shout with no mouth nor tongue,

My heart goes out to those of dauntless courage,  
If courage may not remain when the sunsets,
With fear this glorious light may not rise in the morning,
When our stomachs are empty we are afraid of famine,

A roost that exists in our soul that we know not,
Yet sings the tune without the words as naught can be heard  
It never stops at all nevertheless its steps can be heeded,
This the sweetest in the Gale of a wavering road”  
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #200
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #200
Andrew Guzaldo c Mar 2021
“For those of us who live at the esplanade,
Cold grows colder even as the days grow longer,
Fair youths beneath the trees thou canst not leave,            
Bare essential alone for those that cannot indulge,

Vapor light buffing dreams to ones doorways,
Looking inward and outward as once before,
After seeking one now can indulge in the future,  
Vigilance of succubus in the minds of our youth,

For those of us who were imprinted with fear
As things in need of doing go undone,
Homeric of old anxieties beacon in the night,
As this faint apparition looms before us in fears,

With that and buried ambitions rise up afore one,
These have peregrination the coldest lands and sea,  
Although we ingest again or feel the adulate of love,  
We are aghast once loved will fade as we are alone,

Insurmountable homeric of old anxieties beacon into the night,
Those of us seem not be heard nor best if we were silent,
Linger long a sacrifice may create a stone in our hearts”
      By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #199
By Andrew Guzaldo March 1,/2021 ©   #HelloPoetry Poem #199
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2021
"Our task is to show that however,
Wonderful things may appear,
In today’s World and lifestyle,
They may not be all that great,

Even the darkest night will end,
And the sun will rise regardless,
Our optimism changes to pessimism,
Roses that may grow on a stone,

Not in the earth as optimism has shown,
Love can exist or it can turn parasitism,
It’s wrong to believe that all will be utopian,
That parasitism will continue to exist,

Oceans feel the love the upsurge bares,
The stones of the rock will bear a flower,
Rain will fall and so kisses the flower,
Will endure there growth of optimism,

Solitude will bring a cumbersome heart,
Depression will remain in a semblance,
New destiny will precede the pessimism,
As loves fate arrives pessimism succumbs,
To an optimistic aspect until ones last breath"

By AGuzaldo 2/2018 ©   #198
By Andrew Guzaldo 2/2018 ©  HP Poem #198
Andrew Guzaldo c Feb 2021
"The link with exiguities was abundantly clear,
It exists there in the cloth's she wore,    
It takes currency to purchase what one wears,  
Exiguity is in the language they speak,

Present in the language or words spoken,    
Speech begins to feel as currency to one as they interact,
It is everywhere it stains everything as it hovers about,
It oscillates about It watches from every corner of the page,

Exiguity is not something one can leave behind,
A child born into exiguity will always feel its presence,
At the edges of everything existing matter that shared,
At any moment they can feel the fractures of exiguity,

It is in there gaze back to others as it seeps and oozes in ataraxy,
These abhorrent things of exiguity as the daily impecunious,
Even right now its presence is apperceive surrounding thee,  
As you fear it is in thy words these tiny fractured words of dearth,
Fear not for you shall ascertain knowledge free from EXIGUITY"

By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP #197
By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP Poem #197
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