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Feb 2021
"The link with exiguities was abundantly clear,
It exists there in the cloth's she wore,    
It takes currency to purchase what one wears,  
Exiguity is in the language they speak,

Present in the language or words spoken,    
Speech begins to feel as currency to one as they interact,
It is everywhere it stains everything as it hovers about,
It oscillates about It watches from every corner of the page,

Exiguity is not something one can leave behind,
A child born into exiguity will always feel its presence,
At the edges of everything existing matter that shared,
At any moment they can feel the fractures of exiguity,

It is in there gaze back to others as it seeps and oozes in ataraxy,
These abhorrent things of exiguity as the daily impecunious,
Even right now its presence is apperceive surrounding thee,  
As you fear it is in thy words these tiny fractured words of dearth,
Fear not for you shall ascertain knowledge free from EXIGUITY"

By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP #197
By Andrew Guzaldo © 3/08/2021 Posted HP Poem #197
Andrew Guzaldo c
Written by
Andrew Guzaldo c  59/M/Las Vegas
(59/M/Las Vegas)   
   Thomas W Case
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