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steffanyblack Dec 2018
When my tired soul
Leaves this body,
Do not place me in a box
And put me under;
You know how I feel
About small spaces and the dark.

Lay me on a raft,
In that black dress you like,
Oil my feet and elbows,
You know how I get when they turn ashy.

Cover me in those scented purple blossoms
That I never learned the name of,
Set me ablaze,
And Send me into the sea.

As the blazes burn out
And the memory is etched onto your heart,
Don’t shed a tear, my darling;
You know how I get when you cry.

And when you’re up to it
And you resume your evening walks
Along the sea shore
You’ll smell the purple blooms
And know that I am there
With you.
steffanyblack Oct 2018
"kiss him one more time, one last time.
get it all out of your system ."
she says to herself.

maybe she's just a *******
and she likes to cause herself pain;

or maybe she's just a pyromaniac
and she loves watching,
as you set her soul on fire.
steffanyblack Oct 2018
they lied.

it doesn't get better.

you just get edgy.

what's more, the light at the end of the tunnel,

could be a fabrication of your imagination.

then again, it could be a train coming to put you out of your misery.

  Oct 2018 steffanyblack
I am not okay today

I've been underwater
about five beats longer
than I would like
Starving for air
yet my lungs
are already full

My vision blurry
Fragments and flashes
of life
and light
and darkness

I am not okay today
For no reason at all
I am not okay

But I will be.
October 27, 2018
steffanyblack Oct 2018
the dominoes will fall out of place
and the brittle ice will break
and mistakes will be made
and the memories will fade
and nothing will be left
of all that we ever felt.
steffanyblack Oct 2018
when i'm with you
i don't write anymore.
i can't write
because it's quiet in my head.

but then you leave
and it's a riot
but i still can't begin to write.

it takes a while , you know
to channel every one of the voices
and pick the ones
to tune in to.
    -why i don't write anymore.

— The End —