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travesties Oct 2014
your lips burnt a hole on my shoulder that travelled right down to my heart.

11.8.12, 11:36PM

he said that this would make me feel better, these letters on paper, results of the kinetic friction of my pen, yet as the ink flows, all black and taunting all I can do is stop myself from flinging it at the wall we both plastered pictures and various trinkets of the sudden past and abrupt present along with everything I am.

12.8.12, 4:12AM

scratch those last few words. you are everything I am and when you left you took it with you.

14.8.12, 2:34AM

please give me back.

16.8.12, 12:56PM

when I look in the mirror all I see are the cracks no one else can.

21.8.12, 10:42PM

are you happy?

1.9.12, 2:39AM

the beatles were playing on the radio today and I had to stop my car on the side of the road because the image of you dancing to hey jude was paralysingly numbing and why did you stop smiling when ‘take a sad song and make it better’ plays
i felt an eternity in that one sound
travesties Mar 2014
I remember the day
you described me
as "irrepairable"
and the very muscles holding my heart
the beat beginning to sound
like a mistake.

I remember the night
you stood by the threshold
holding the broken bits of cell phone
that the blossoming anger
(you were still so beautiful, face made up in rage)

I remember the evenings
the distance between
the spaces between our fingers
roared and mocked
sped up my pathetic heart
made my vulnerable breath
stain the window
which you grimaced over
forgetting how once
it had sighed your name
in your mouth.

I remember your face
as it stood over the facade
I put up
so that you would
find it in yourself
that the heat of my heart
was faltering.
that the strings holding me together
snipped, snipped, snipped till there
was nothing
but a collection
of maybes
and what ifs.

I remember my eyes
as they stare into themselves
in the cracked, haphazard
framing their deadness.

I remember once
they used to
have their own life.
a life
travesties Feb 2014
never knew fever until your touch.
travesties Feb 2014
i am in love with:
people i have never met
places i have never been

i am in love with:
things i have not understood
things i will never understand

i am in love with:
touches that haven't reached me yet
touches that cascade down me, treat me like the rocks massacred by the waterfall

i am in love with:
words that fly away before i can breathe them in
words that drip down their brim till i am covered with their residue

i am in love with:
gazes that have not yet met me
eyes that will steal a look just so they can find another reason to breathe

i am in love with:
the cracks that have not found their way around my body
the residual forces that have not yet littered me in their attempt to move on

i am in love with:

i am in love with:**
how i am so loud and quiet
all at the same time
so that people forget
that i can suffer too
i am in love with: how i can hate myself while letting people think they love me
travesties Feb 2014
drink her voice; travel, whisper, capture.
travesties Feb 2014
i forgot
how your name
on the tip
of my tongue
the buds
that sense it's rhythm
like the
of honey.
maybe it never did
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