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Tori Morrison May 2015
when Everyone searches for
Cohesiveness is lost
A web reduced to unused fibers
drifting chaotically in the wind
Tori Morrison May 2015
You are not brilliant
I don’t care what your mom thinks
Aspire for average
Tori Morrison Aug 2014
I live in many places:
Sometimes, in the weight between the top of my neck and the bottom edge of my skull,
or about 3 feet trailing behind my left ear;
a few times I've found myself in your right eye;
But, most of the time, I am hanging, suspended a breathe away from the skin that clothes the body that lives for me.
Tori Morrison Aug 2014
I will buy myself Chanel perfume.
Tip everyone.
Eat breakfast with champagne.
With my finger and toenails constantly flawless.
Sleep will be reserved exclusively for the time between sunset and sunrise.
I will have to check my schedule.
Wear heels to work.
I will buy myself Chanel perfume.
Tori Morrison Aug 2014
I stare at screens,
choppy imitations
of what lies beyond,
A bystander
in the safe world of fiction.

I wear contacts–
my vision is not 20/20,
I can't see you from across the room.
But I have retina display
And I liked your post.

I stare at the ground.
Tori Morrison Jun 2014
The blatant emptiness of sleep is honest,
un-assumed, comforting, and reliable-
a stark contrast to the fraudulent, deceitful, disconcerting
masked emptiness of reality.
Tori Morrison May 2014
Don’t make any plans:
decisions allow failure;
uncertainty breaths.
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