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May 2020 · 119
Life is the Common Sense
If you say, life is beautiful,
You discriminate the blind

If you say, life is sweet,
You discriminate people that have ageusia

If you say, then, that life is melodious,
You discriminate the deaf

If you comment that life feels good,
You discriminate the people with anaphia

If you say, life a grand speech,
You discriminate the dumb.

So, Life is neither of the five senses,
But Life is the Common Sense.
Aug 2018 · 271
Weather of Life
The mountains loom in the distance;
green, blue, grey
The rivers flow; winding to the sea
The winds blow; gentle and sometimes strong
The sea waves roll; progressive or capillary

so is my life;
sometimes, like a mountain of many colors that depend on the state of the mood,
like a river with many winding pathways,
like the wind with intermittent moods,
or even like sea waves caused by different pressures in my life.
This is my weather of life.
Aug 2018 · 145
Falling in love is the hardest part,
Falling out of it is the easiest, yet most heartbreaking.
It breaks my loving heart and crushes my  mental well being to pieces
Aug 2018 · 3.8k
Soccer Goals
Soccer own goal; against your purpose - disappointed
Score a goal; your purpose is - a celebration
Aug 2018 · 108
The Urge
The urge of love in my gut
is a sign that I am still loving you.
Aug 2018 · 92
Towering mast
looming in the distance
takes my voice to the other side of the world
through the unseen waves
in the sky.
Jul 2018 · 195
Venus and Serena Stars
Moon and the stars I see in the night sky
Venus the brightest in the evening and the morning sky
But Serena is the brightest shining star still in the Tennis galaxy of stars.
Jul 2018 · 144
I wonder, oh yes, sometimes I wonder,
if makeup is the absence of one's confidence in their 'natural beauty'.
Feb 2018 · 113
Time and Love
Time is Love
Time never ceases
so Love never ends, too.

Like time, so sure and true,
Love, too, is sure as time.
May 2017 · 1.0k
The Rarest Bloom
The rarest bloom is my woman
The most beautiful petal coming from behind the leaves
Permeating the air with her scent
Stronger than any of the world’s top ten
Pleasant smelling flowers of;
Lily of the Valley,
Chocolate Cosmos,
Four O’clock,
Sweet Pea,
Sweet Alyssum,
Frangipani, and

She is my rarest bloom
Planted only on the garden bed of true love
A possession so thankful I have.
Going to the Gym was not a common activity for public then.
T'was only the place for body builders and professional athletes

Now it is a common place for everyone who want to lose weight,
an ultimate reason.
What is wrong with humanity that they gain too much weight?
They have better locks to their houses, sound and smell proof walls so no one from outside hears and smells what's cooking inside.
Rich and working class people close their houses and eat all their food inside their houses and dine out in expensive restaurants
and drink all the good wine they could.
They throw away the left overs and run all the way to the gyms and/or
walk long distances every morning and evening to burn those calories.
So it's a process now, eat and burn through physical exercises.

But we forget the true principle of losing weights easily.
In fact it may never require going to the gym or long walks to lose those weights.
We can simply open the door of our houses, at least once, every day and just walk across to our neighbors and to the streets where the needy and homeless live.
SHARE our food and drink with them and we will be surprised
how fast we lose those stubborn weights.
A rich city also has its poor people. Homeless is common in every city as long as we still live on earth.  Share your food, eradicate poverty.
Feb 2017 · 680
My First Love
I feel lonely every time I think of you;
My first love
I thought I found the perfect match for me;
The match for my heart
But you slipped away between my fingers
Now you belonged to me no more;
The saddest sad

I must fight each day and night to live and love again;
Like I used to be
I'm counting on time to pass quickly but time is infinity;
Eternity is a long time
What is wrong with me?
Do others feel the same way or is it only me, myself and I?
So, so crazy for you

I would wait every morning and evening;
Even for eternity
Until you come back
Whether in this life or the next
I want to be with you forever and a day;
My first love.
When my best friend lost his first love, he never let go of her. Though he managed to move on, after a long time, he still feels her in his heart and loneliness blooms too much when he thinks of her. I hope that one day they both could unite.
Dec 2016 · 973
The Envious Money
The envious money
Though knowest not
Thy power unto mankind
Thou hast caused them
measure their wealth
And divide them
Into groups;
The poorest,
The poor,
The middle class,
The upper class,
The filthy rich, elite group,
Which controls the world
On your behalf.
Oh the envious money,
The heavens wish thou existed not
So people will measure their wealth
According to their happiness.
Our photograph
With blissful smile on your face
Holding me tight against your chest
Hanging on the wall of my bed
Awakens poignant
Memories of happier days,
Just you and me
Just us
Wild and free
Until you were taken
Away from me
On the day before our wedding.

How I wished everyday
that there is always a journey of return
but death doesn't grant to me as yet
until the day when
my Savior shall return
I shall see you again,
my groom,
on that golden morning.
A real gentle man  never forgets his way to his house,
he  will always go to his house even if he is drunk or weary from working late at night.

For in that house lives the treasures of his heart;
a beautiful Princess waiting at home,
and children (for those that have a child or two)

A real lady never forgets her way to her house, too...
Nov 2016 · 539
Where Lust and Love Live
I could be just like a speck of dust in your eyes;
when you blink I'm gone forever
I could be like blood in your heart;
that is where I belong.

Lust lives in the eyes
Love lives in the heart.
Nov 2016 · 657
Rugged Owen Stanley Range
Rugged, long range; the Owen Stanley Range
Bluish mountains and cold, humid air
Planes fly over and disappear in the clouds
Rain falls almost everyday,
and beneath is the tropical rain-forest,
the third largest in the world,
and a home of fauna and flora,
a living haven for micro *******,
and in 1945 a battle field of the World War II
between the Allies and the Japanese,
one of the deadliest in the Pacific
and from that blue rugged range battle field
came the first victory for Allies.

As I looked from my office,
made of steel and glass,
I see the blue, rugged mountain range,
and beneath that range, down the valleys below
tugged between the mountains,
is my humble home,
made of grass and wood,
a place where the fire never ceases to light;
a fire of freedom, safety and carefree.
Nov 2016 · 237
I again.
Silver moon
though I live under a canopy of love
gloom and mischief
thou shafts of silver light streaming
through the gaps between  leaves of gloom
they glinted on my body and soul
and light up my being
through the night.
I feel the cuddle of love again.

Golden Sun
though I hide under the brokenness of love
your beam of golden light streaming
through the gaps between rock of gloom
they glinted on my mind and heart
and light up my being
throughout the day.
I feel the warmth of love again.
All night we cling together hastening dawn to come
and rain to subdue as we wear and tear in painful awful
broken relationship.

Bright sunlight (after the rain) finally comes and dances on the beach
and sparkles on emerald, turquoise and azure waters endlessly.

She leads me through the jungle in search of our new beginning
but we only find overgrown tracks of relationship
She brings me back to the beach, but we only collect grains of guilt past
She takes me to the sea, but we only bath in empty promises,
She bravely leads me high to the sky; to the constellations above,
And that is where we find the consolations of our broken hearts.
Nov 2016 · 223
Can't Escape Seeing You
The moment I set my eyes on you
your image indelibly engraved on my mind
and your smiles fossilized in my heart,
Even when I'm asleep
I see you in my dreams.
You're the one I can't escape seeing now.
Oct 2016 · 210
Blind Love
I can't say anything more....!
I'm so stupid to fall in love with you...
but I don't regret loving you.
Oct 2016 · 212
Some awe is Awesome
Full awe is Awful.
Oct 2016 · 541
My Poet Friend
My poet friend
I read your poems
I feel you near me
and always
I see you in my dreams
We are friends
living a thousand miles apart
yet I could still hear your whispers,
even in the mighty wind that cares nothing.
Your poems go beyond the physical barriers of humanity. They even penetrate through the hearts of stone and turn the unconvincing mind to acceptance and tolerance. You never have to give up on writing on what you feel, believe and experience.
Sep 2016 · 1.2k
A Hole in His Wallet
He opens his wallet and sees a big hole
He asks himself, "what did I just do to my wallet?"
He remembers the night, he partied hard and drank well with strange women.
He counts the type of liquor he bought and the number of women he shared with but he lost count.
He counts again, yet he lost the count again;'**** it' he yells.
He looks at his wallet hoping for a miracle, yet he still sees a '0' amount.
He tries to remember the amount he spent,
He started counting, but he lost count, too.
He walks to the ATM, and checks his bank balance
He sees three digits '0.00'
He has made another hole in his bank account - again.
He made a haste promise that he would never drink again.
Next fortnight he stuffed his wallet with bank notes
But never kept the promise he made
The hole in his wallet still remains.
#broke #liquoreffect
Sep 2016 · 710
I Want You for an Eternity
I want you for an eternity; I have faith in you when no one else really does.
It’s because people don’t know you like I do.
You have revealed about yourself in front of me
I know that even if at times when you fall short, I will be there to help you out.
I do not fear the struggles of life. Whatever it takes, we are going to face the ordeals of life together.
Jul 2016 · 269
I like you
I like you
I like your hair
I like your pretty face
I like your cute smile
I like your eyes, ears, nose
I like your arms
I like your shoulder
I like your stomach
I like your hips
I like your buttocks
I like your groin
I like your thighs
I like your legs
I like the way you walk
I like your body
and I love your character.
Jul 2016 · 693
Mother's Breasts
The infant knows nothing except the mother's ******* that give milk for survival and bond of love for a life time.
Jul 2016 · 161
Picture in Your Mind
Life is beautiful,
Life is precious,
Life is adorable,
Life is meaningful
only if you have the right pictures in your mind.
A thousand colored dreams begins with a single picture in the mind.
He is the all night conversation that the stars have with the mountains
she is the late night conversation that the oceans have with the moon.
He and she are the reasons earth and the universe communicate.
Jul 2016 · 369
Bewitched by beauty to accept fake love
is a wave that longs to meet the shore in vain
strong at first, but weakness suddenly settles
trust at the beginning, but disbelief slowly creeps in,
love disappears into the air
as you wonder the reason why,
but hey, it's a bewitched love,
a fake one
meant for one night stand only
blissful only for a moment
and gone with the wind forever.
Close the door of enmity
open the door of friendship
close the door of doubt
open the door of hope
close the door of hatred
open the door of love
close the door of fear
open the door of bravery
the door of life is a two fold
you close one to open the other
and you choose one to reject the other
for such is life at its beauty,
Opening one door at a time, and
Closing another door at the same time.
Jun 2016 · 239
You are leaving
I wonder what is the cause.
Jun 2016 · 264
Destine to Greater Love
We have come a long, long way
now in years, two decades to be precise
and I'm not stepping back
no, no not leaving you,
we are one in the heart,
one love
and one destiny
to greater love.
Jun 2016 · 218
Jealous of the Moon
Jealous of the moon
I am tonight
as she admires the full moon
than me,
her companion for the night
Jun 2016 · 478
Love to the Moon
Our love is real
and the moon is our destiny,
We will live on the moon forever, just the two of us,
my darling.
How can we go if we have no Rocket, my sweet heart?
We are the rocket,
Our hearts are the twin rocket engines.
And fueled by love, we will fly to the moon
and live forevermore.
Jun 2016 · 252
Forbidden Water
Many nights,
I lay on my bed thinking of you,
But when it comes to my senses that you are married
I get little jealous dimples in my heart,
And more worse , to think that tonight your husband is making love to you
I get physical heart holes and a broken soul,
for playing with forbidden water.
May 2016 · 1.2k
My Island Home
Palm trees swaying leaves
Beach-comb is its foundation,
white long sandy beaches,
Emerald sea on the shore,
Turquoise sea of offshore coral reefs,
and blue sea at the depths
rich in marine life; diversified,
is my island in the sun,
is my Island Home.
Apr 2016 · 869
Crossing the Border Fences
Sophisticated border fences reaching to the heavens with;
Sharp barbed wires,
High voltage electric wires,
Coloured CCTV cameras at every corner,
And armed guards stand behind the border fences
24/7 all through the year
With one big purpose ‘to stop the migrants from crossing over’.

The women and the children cry begging;
"Switch off the electric wires
And open the gate for us to come in,
Cut those fences open
And let us come in,
Destroy the cameras
And stop recording even our faintest cries,
Put down your weapons
And allow us enter your world,
Please give us a chance to live."
For the Migrants yet to cross over
Apr 2016 · 462
LovE SicK
Love Sick, a sweet condition of the heart,
is the only sickness I love to get,
An ailment I love to acquire,
The only disease I love to get infected with,
Cos Love Sick makes me feel
You belong to me...
Apr 2016 · 394
Love - A Fragile Commodity
"Love is a fragile commodity. It gets broken even with the right buyer or owner. Imagine how shattered love is with the wrong buyer or owner.
Mar 2016 · 203
Love, Heart are But One!
Love is all that heart could give
Heart is where all love is found
Love, heart are but one,
If you have my love,
you have all my heart.
Mar 2016 · 263
Born to be a Poet
The waters break
and flow down gracefully
showing the way it must follow
with blood its company
it  never knows the time has come to live a life
on its own;
a child is born to be a poet,
a duty to keep the candle of  thoughts burning,
to lighten up the world with words of inspiration
even the world is in turmoil.
You are born in to this world to be an inspiration to the world itself.
Mar 2016 · 307
Is Love Truly in the Air?
Is love truly in the air?
If so, then why the air so reluctant to deliver my love kisses blown to my special half in time?
Cos I've been waiting for the reply in vain for days,
Is air some kind of a love fraudster that intercepts love and gives to another person instead?
No wonder the air has so much love in it as the love is never delivered to the right person for millenniums.
Perhaps it's time to let air go and reach out yourself to the one you love and say that you love them; and give the love so it requires.
Mar 2016 · 242
Just Fate
Just fate
and fate alone
I get all those bad moments
that I wished they never happened,
but what more could I wish
except to accept the fate, my fate
of living to experience the fate of life?
Feb 2016 · 478
Distance Between Us
This separation
called the Distance between us
is a mountain I must fly over it
Babe I'll be there when I have the wings to fly
to hear your words of love I so long to hear
for now I'm crippled by the separation
so called the distance between us
but still remain your everlasting blossom
to send the scent of love across to you
in the distance between us.
Long Distance relationship.
Feb 2016 · 708
It's only a Fantasy
Lustful dreams
with thousand fantasies
fill my mind
as I watch you
rock your flawless frame
and raise your pretty face high;
It's only a fantasy.
Feb 2016 · 255
God of Love, Hope and Peace
If love is a healer
why it hurts the most?
If peace is the much preached
why it is not attained easily?
If hope is the substance hope for and certain of things not seen,
why doubt creeps faster than hope?
The evil one is trying to keep human kind out of God's eternal plan.
Keeping trusting God because He is the Love of your life, the Prince of Peace is He and Hope of Eternal Life.
Feb 2016 · 504
An Empty Village
Eight years away from home
were the years that rob my life companions,
I lost all those that I love; the loved ones I so cherished dearly.
Now I stand in the centre of the village; empty-
without a voice to welcome me
except the memories of them; the twenty of them
engraved in their twenty separate headstones
to ***** to visit whenever I want for the rest of my life.
And if I return again in eight years time,
I sure know will find my footsteps fossilised along the muddy fields
and sandy beaches of that empty village.
Sacrifice for formal education far abroad is an activity of separation. We lose loved ones along the way and we missed them forever. By the time we get to our feet, we realised that the loved ones have gone forever. We only keep their memories hoping that they linger forever and a day.
Weary is my eyelid
as the traces of light vanished into darkness
I close my yes
and dream of lights
from the celestial show
while my body rests
from hard labour
wishing darkness continues for eternity.
The eye wants light forever, but the body longs for an adequate rest from the hard labour of life. Sometime you wished the time stands still for at least a few hours to let the body rest.
Dec 2015 · 410
A Living Puppet Show
Puppets are controlled by someone
Life is a puppet if controlled by stupidity
We become a living puppet show.
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