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tom krutilla Sep 2018
as I decend down this creaky staircase
I can  see a glow of a cigarette
fresh brewed scent of coffee mixing
a window open His morning routine
though just a kid I wonder what He's thinking
probably family and work
hearing my footsteps, says good morning son
yawning. I reply, "morning Dad
I ask, " how are you today and with a chuckle
he replies " I feel good  and you?
I say  " I feel diferrent, I can feel what today
may bring
I don't understand" and he chuckles
the next morn, there was not a glow
from a cigarette, nor a hint
of fresh brewed coffee
only an empty chair, a closed window
and a start of my new morning
tom krutilla Apr 2018
I think I'll fall upon
My sword
Plunge it deep without
A word
Perhaps conjure up a
Let it **** in everything
I knew
Or I might breathe again
Release it to the wind
Let it carry it beyond
Come gently back
Without sin
If then it leaves an inprint
On my splattered
I'll dab them up
Rearrange them
With my hopeful cloth
Then I'll be whole once
From body to spirit my
mind I can again adore
I'll paint me with colors
Each sentence I spoke
Think of days past and
Be blessed that I awoke
tom krutilla Nov 2017
When I settle in your mind
your breathing on a rapid incline
you sound the alarm, to your defenses
to surrender, a prisoner of your senses

but I am what you dream
streaming thoughts of what you need
fluttering eyelids, mouth agape
fingers glide , slowly to your lap

legs agonizing spread
to your hips, were your fingers lead
that shuddering seems to last forever
the after touches, follow you
though your daily endevours

you can thank me after dinner
tom krutilla Nov 2017
saw a puffy cloud at dusk
it seemed the forehead was large
with a wiley smile, smirk
gliding along the sky

then suddenly turns
with a wink of an eye
it waves goodbye

it's fall now, time for a change
the cool of the day
gives way to the low sun's play
as it's light fades away

does the change of the seasons
enhance my reasons
to ponder what may come

as the songs of the insects
in winter, I will tally up their sum
tom krutilla Nov 2017
I am just like you
pretty when  I was born
beautiful when I grew

I was just a person
walking on God's creation
living life with His certain

my color should not matter
we are the colors in His crayon box
mixed and matched, to create a splatter

as it takes form
our blood bleeds the same red
His painting of perfection has lead

to the now
the intelligence He bestowed upon us
perhaps He errored in trusting us

I can envision His hand
wiping the palate clean
a tear rolls down His mighty cheek
Heart broken from what He,s seen
tom krutilla Nov 2017
You crossed your fingers
and bet on me
to win place or show
guess I was obvious
something to see

through the many races
around the track
you upped the anty
strength came from you
and I never look back

there were some victories
and sorrow defeats
but my endurance never wavered
cause at each finish
win, place, or show
We get to meet again
tom krutilla Nov 2017
I am walking with
a fools pace
trying to catch you
before its to late
as you slam the door
in my face

Like a beggar, I fall
to my knees
scrounging for a morsel
of forgiveness I seek
it's ok to taunt and chuckle
at me, I am both hopeful and weak

But the half moon of love
in the night sky
shows me I am incomplete
as I realize
that I want to make us whole
before the sunrise
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