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4.0k · Dec 2013
tom krutilla Dec 2013
snowfall silently nourtures mother earth
each flake randomly takes its place
to build a blanket and keep her warm
till her spring children reach up to the sun
to paint the colors of life
3.4k · Oct 2012
five in the morning
tom krutilla Oct 2012
its five in the morning, and your nowhere in sight. i open the curtains to let in the sunlite. i woke up early, another sleepless night, wanting to love you hoping you might. i asked whats on your mind, you said nothing, everthings fine, another empty feeling anotther empty line. still, i never thought i would see the day when one of us would go astray, to keep a secrect and never say. i know our love is dying and i'll try to rise above, and hope you find the one that you truly love. for i have given all i have, bht just one thing before you let go, please remember me...... always
2.5k · Mar 2014
for you
tom krutilla Mar 2014
hope you like this one,penned it just for you
tryed to capture your backward sentences
and their double meanings
your world spins in reverse
from end to beginning
your been there,done that, attitude
is trying on my soul,you want more
more of what,your silence,is deafning
I can only listen to your thoughts
and swim against their tides
I am not in reverse,nor looking forward
I am in the middle, in the now
and hoping this balancing act,my arms
stretched out, will catch your fall
2.4k · Mar 2014
honeymoon night
tom krutilla Mar 2014
through the misty haze appears a form
none of which I have seen before
so elegant the lines flow, top to bottom
my thoughts are standing-room-only
as they crowd my mind with questions
anticipating the who or what before me
silently the shape takes form, reveals itself
my lovely bride,in all your soaring elegance
are no match for the sirens of the seas
for they are but a myth, and you are here with me
take my hand, lay with me, let us begin this journey
2.3k · Mar 2017
Your sanity
tom krutilla Mar 2017
When sadness clutches your heart
and you mind knows not were to start
When every sound and touch evades
look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

If dispair brings fear and its many tears
and if you seek the truth, but it disappears
when every sound and touch evades
Look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

Your eyes watch what words you say
to others, yet they keep them at bay
you wonder if your in this life to stay
Look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

The newness of the morn, the chatter of the birds
starts a new beginning to melt away the hurts
hope is always in you, never goes away
look in my eyes, I'll make your sanity remade

Look deep inside you, you won't hide no more
For I'm the savior you've been waiting for
I'll dry your tears, chase away your fears
all the sounds and touch with me appear
I'll be the one to hold your heart
guide you to my bay, in hopes you'll stay
2.2k · Apr 2014
helping hand
tom krutilla Apr 2014
you laughed with me at these silly jokes
but I work hard telling them
my reward, how easy they make you smile
I love how the corners of your mouth
tickle your cheeks, your eyes an ecstasy squint
and if you will let me continue this silliness
I hope I can make you smile for awhile
1.6k · Jan 2014
spray on cologne
tom krutilla Jan 2014
so you decided to call me and plead yourself
the soundscape music made you miss me, again
what am I to wonder as I ponder your request
I'm still gluing back the pieces of another broken heart

am I just a spray on cologne when you need the fragrance of love
only to try your other brands when I finally wear off
perhaps i'ts not the product, but the user's misuse
read the label, this product expires in thirty days
1.4k · Sep 2016
Worn out shoes
tom krutilla Sep 2016
These worn out shoes,have holes in their soles
All the miles they've walked, have taken their toll
Every blister has been earned, with the tales they hold
When I thought my future was bright and bold
The healing is slow, for such a fool
Chasing dreams instead of truths
At the end of the road, I lost you,
I thought you would wait, each time you waved
My mind tells me, we we' ll be okay
Is it to late to patch these holes ask you to stay
It was me, not we, that led you astray
The healing is slow, for such a fool
Chasing dreams instead of truths
At the end of the road I lost you
Hope my heart plays still plays
On your radio
Let each memory note be the melody
Of your choice
Before your eyes tire from the days toil
Let my words be your lullaby, on your hearts radio
1.0k · Mar 2015
tom krutilla Mar 2015
such a fragrance surrounds this room
it can only be emitted by you
that it draws me in, captures my senses
tingling anticipation, is so relentless

your smile brightens every corner of the walls
makes the occupants stand tall
glancing from afar, cursed by trepidation
do they dare to look, to see this revelation

yet your smooth steps, glide towards me
with the ease of the swaying willow tree
the softness of your angelic skin
makes me useless once again
1.0k · Mar 2017
I am home
tom krutilla Mar 2017
Coming down the road
like those thousand times before
pull into the sacred grounds
I am home
The squeaky door alerts
intruders, not here not ever
your demise is imminent
I am home
the walls of the old place
echo with futures past
breaths of life whispers in my ears
I am home
The colors have changed
every crack in the floor
tells of little feet that scurry around
I am home
touch the walls, feel the laughs
from tales of living
it's warm and cozy, the ultimate blanket
I am home
a living history ripe with pain and joy
the air inside filled with memories
a lovely melody, of notes that played here
I am home
and in the quiet of the night
when the eyes wary from the day
close them for a comfort sleep
For I am home
996 · Dec 2014
tom krutilla Dec 2014
the tranquility of the night is set upon me
the calm air lingers, the last soft note of mozart
harboring the scattered light of stars
my wandering mind just stares, connecting the dots
the softness of your touch, impales my heart
your siren whispers infitrate my thoughts
the weakening of my body, surrenders to you
and my murmers, only you can understand
lay your head on my chest, arms around me
let us make our own dreams
988 · Feb 2014
tom krutilla Feb 2014
those old memories of you come to me from time to time
just a simple word or catchy phrase will spark them
a sly smile creases my face, useless I am the rest of the day
977 · Sep 2013
tom krutilla Sep 2013
i enjoy very much when i,m in deep thought and my annoying phone goes off
with that silly sound, and its you and i see that it said, you want some company
and i text sure.
as we sit together, to enjoy a beautiful evening, our conversations range from,silly to deep
and always with our songs of choice. perhaps its the comfort we,ve developed
that we talk of any and all things from the mundane  to the macabe
the smiles and laughter illuminate from our faces and the give and take of our banter
flows with the breeze in the air, as if nature is enjoying the show.
emerging from the nights glow, are cicadas, lighting bugs, moths all seeming to want
to join the show. pestering us as they fly in our faces, wanting their say, but a wave of our
hands and they are put in their placesesss.

and when the night is done we hold each other and dream
942 · Sep 2016
A fools regret
tom krutilla Sep 2016
I can see now the burden I imposed on you
Your sunken eyes pay tribute to the damage
I've done
I never knew my selfish cruel reasoning
Would wilt a beautiful flower to nothing
If the tears I've found could water your roots
Let them gently flow bring you back to life
But the coldness of my words have frozen you
As you seek a warm and true flow
I always needed something special in my life
One to complement me on this journey
But the child in me has yet to grow up
So my beautiful flower will plant her roots
In another's garden
930 · Aug 2014
tom krutilla Aug 2014
25% of me loves your smile
25% of me loves the beauty of your eyes
25% of me feels your tender touch
25% of me melts into your arms
100% of me surrenders to you
862 · Nov 2013
the mist
tom krutilla Nov 2013
we are trees, our branches reach out to each other
our leaves fall into lifes rapid stream, holding onto our stems
we cascade over the waterfall
thrashing about into the vortex we pop up above the mist
and find ourseleves gliding on that gentile stream of life
835 · Dec 2013
a sonnet
tom krutilla Dec 2013
the suddleness of a starry night
your eyes sparkle with the ray of light
the loneliness you feel inside
cannot be silenced or hide

I breath your air so very pure
but the deep visions are obscure
the touch of your hand on mine
as we slowly pass into time

we are brought down to earth
with a sensuous feel not a hurt
we pause and kiss as the moon passes by
and you rest your head on a pillow to lie
803 · Nov 2013
tom krutilla Nov 2013
though time has past since we saw each other
our reunions have a way of rekindlingour past lifes
old friends, good memories,catching up om the now is ageless
you and i know we evaluate each other, with laughter of course
how we have changed, yet we are still the same, just that life got in the way
but for that hour, or that day,we remember our younger times
and see how we have grown,and traversed lifes minefields
so we have some tale to tell each other whether truths or lies
but at the end of the day,we will always be friends for life
793 · Oct 2014
tom krutilla Oct 2014
wonder were your off to, on you new found path
hope the ground below is softer, than your wrath
it took all my senses, to finally find
that I was not the one, who was blind
so this reoccuring theme, I shall define

another glass of wine, wont change my mine

like an emotional sponge, I soak up your words
to clean and relieve you from all those swords
letting you know, I'm here for you, and move forward
but your eyes said no! I'm still bored
you always live your life on your own accord

another glass of wine wont change my mind

so now I'll bid my fondest adieu
let you find your real you
as you walk beyond me, out of view
hope the memories wont go askew
of all the times I kept loving you
781 · Jan 2015
tom krutilla Jan 2015
they race past, mindless children
skateboards on slick pavement
past the stoic blinking eyes of
giant animated zoo animals
the people ducking in fetal positions
ducking the floating cars just above
as the striptease ladies in giant windows
perform for the pathetic, lonely men
in awe of their perfection
749 · May 2014
tom krutilla May 2014
such is that half moon
brightness above
shadow below
as if it was struggling
to be released from
its pod
gazing up at it,I sit
upon my emotional hill
wanting to reach up
wanting to erase that
shadow, to see its
full illumination
such is the feeling
I have for our love
if you let me I will
erase that shadow
that doubt, and
illuminate you
to your full brightness
such is the love I have
for you
738 · Jan 2014
departed love affair
tom krutilla Jan 2014
I always new this time would come
when we depart our lives as one
that smile you wear, is worn out by fear
and that says it all

but could it be your missing me
in all your wildest fantasys
and realize its not a dream
that i have forgotten you
I chose to refuse your memories

the residue of this love affair
lie strewn across  the floor
the shamelessness and greed
collects in the corners of this room

a restless heart will never rest
as it looks for new blood for it's life
and when the heart stops
there is peace
728 · Jan 2014
break up
tom krutilla Jan 2014
my lies have been misconstude,to truths, so i thought
through my haze i see the hurt i put on you
all those nights you welcome me home, arms open
and all those nights the guilt just buids

if you could just stop packing and turn around
not to forgive me again, but to let me look once more
at what i have lost
715 · May 2015
lucky seven
tom krutilla May 2015
you reached you hand into the bucket
and lucky number seven, was your pick
my lucky day, good as gold, was your
but to keep that gold from tarnish
a good polish is required
when your midas touch
could not produce more shine
you drop your pick
into your mind machine
to wash it clean
perhaps you need a wash
to clean your ego or
your shiny lucky seven
may see how dull you are
692 · Jan 2014
tom krutilla Jan 2014
when she stands in the doorway, the bright aura surrounds her
then her smile beams with anticipation and i reach to touch her
the soft kiss grazes her cheek, as her breath slowly exhails

and i gently take her hand and guide her to the place we want to be
laying beside her slowly kissing her every curve as she breaths deep
her hands softly on my head directing me where to go

as she starts her rhythm i here the soft whimpers timely in beat
her grasp is strong if only for a moment then goes limp around my neck
and my soft kiss grazes her cheek, as her breath slowly exhails
661 · Jan 2014
empty chair
tom krutilla Jan 2014
desending down that creaky staircase I can see the glow from his cigarette
the fresh brewed scent of coffee mixing in, window open, his morning routine
though I am just a kid, I wonder what he is thinking, probably family and work
he hears my footsteps and says good morning son,yawning, I say good morning dad
I ask him how are you today, he chuckles and says, I,m feeling good and you, he ask
I feel different today, I can feel what today will bring, and I don't understand and he chuckles
the next morning, there was'nt that glow from a cigarette, nor the scent of fresh brewed coffee
only an empty chair and the window closed as I start my morning routine
638 · Mar 2014
little ditty
tom krutilla Mar 2014
my flux capacitor does not have
the jigawatts to take you
to the future
so I guess your stuck with me here
632 · Sep 2016
Sand dunes dreamin
tom krutilla Sep 2016
Lying amongst the dunes
Gazing at the night sky
The darken palm of glittering eyes
Etch in patterns from the moonlight
Envision a bay lined with tall ships
Heading out on smooth seas
They disappear swallowed by earths lips
May their journey be fruitful full of peace
A light streaks across the sky
Seems to rearrange the stars
Yet just an illusion seen from afar
The heart drops in puddles stain the sand
Eyes closed memories release
Details are vivid when they began
But the truth of aging has skip s beat
The record of life still spins grooves wear out
The needle needs replacing every once and awhile
And when the grooves are finally muddle
And the needle thrashes about
Let us join the etch patterns on the darken Palm
And be a new set of glittering eyes
From the moonlight
627 · Sep 2014
tom krutilla Sep 2014
so elegant and strong she seems
as she takes her seat
an aura of calmness surrounds me
the sweet hello from her lips
renders me weak
her intellegent thoughts
humble an ignorant man
yet her vulnerbilities she cannot hide
her words are a guiding lite for all to hear
take them, absorb them, apply them
for she wishes you all the best
I'm honored to call her my friend
621 · Dec 2013
sirens fingers
tom krutilla Dec 2013
Gentle waves tickling the shore
like the sirens fingers motioning
come join me, come join me

gentle breeze wraps around me
and hold me in a trance
eyes staring at the horizon

oh those noisy seagulls
with their happy chatter
searching for what they desire

and , what is my desire, I ask
or am I like them, searching
circling again and again

perhaps I should get off this rock
and return to the world
and realize I am me
609 · Dec 2013
tom krutilla Dec 2013
naked trees stand bent
old men lay down silent death
nature's way of life

springtime serenade
bluebirds chirp morning songs
nature awakens

the clouds roll slowly
crack open their arms
the rain falle gently
604 · May 2015
tom krutilla May 2015
as if this land is held by the palm of God
looking down high above His bluff
gently, His fingers hold the hills
grasp the shoreline, massage the golden sands

watching His creatures, scurry for their food
their dances are sometimes mesmerizing
yet how different they are from us, or are they
like them we all search for survival
whether spiritual or physical

but such a pristine sight, a perfection unmatched
has blessed me as I walk among His abundance
I feel the blistering sun of life itself
and dream of serenity under the cool nights

His gentile fingers awake me, massage my soul
grasp my mind, like a parents guidance
if I follow His light, blind to all evil
my journey will end with Him, high upon His bluff
598 · Mar 2014
tom krutilla Mar 2014
In the twilight of the day
sits a dusty old soul
bent over
the years have taken their toll
his bony fingers, tossing pebbles
watch them sink, to the bottom
of the gentile flowing stream
counting backwards
in hopes to recapture his youth
time is a constant, life has an ending
and this pile of pebbles, that dam the stream
perhaps it will delay the end
if only for one more day
591 · Apr 2014
tom krutilla Apr 2014
should I open the door
or answer my phone
will they take me away
are they listening
small flying machines, silent
so high up
all I did was say hello
I'm the target now, don't speak
are hand gestures ok
or perhaps lip sync, no they know
mental torment, fear, armageddon
all I did was say hello
585 · Nov 2013
tom krutilla Nov 2013
she was using me like a pole,rubbing her body up and down
the rythm was sensual and timely in beat,i was aroused
twirling around me her hands never touching my penisbutter
and her body was smooth and creamy, spreading on my bread of love
our minds were engorged as we devour each other
our appetites relentless and our thirst unfulfilling
as exhaustion set in we curled into each other, satisfied
and slept to the stars delighta
581 · Apr 2013
tom krutilla Apr 2013
i know your heart will tell you when your in love
and your eyes will see whom your in love with
your feelings will verify what your eyes have seen
and that touch you felt will last forever in your soul

an awakening has happened, an aura surrounds you
the sadness you felt is repeled, and in its place
only the warmth of love consumes you, for you are free

remember not that has happened before, clean that slate
let the canvas of a new life stare blank at you
then you draw the lines and fill in the colors and trace
every emotion you may have for you new love

and with time it will become a masterpiece
575 · Feb 2014
spings rebirth
tom krutilla Feb 2014
the silent of the night, is so serene
in this cold stillness, flue vapors
tickle the darkness, trails disappear

mounds of snow, piled high
slowly melt from underneath
waiting for the daylight sun
help to nourish the frozen ground

occasionaly, racoons, nights burgulars
slueth silently, scrounging for scraps
naked trees branches, fingers reach
sun's rays flex them in the breeze

patchwork of inkling green and brown
amongst the receding white
dusk of winter, slowly fades
gives way to spring, rebirth
575 · Apr 2013
a family thought
tom krutilla Apr 2013
I know of two angels that walk upon this earth
and they are my sisters.
so beautiful in mind and compassion
they have unwavering commitment to their family
and those lost souls that have touched their lives
without a hesitation, they will be with you to
help and guide you through all your trying times.

and they will not ask for any rewards or acknowledgement
they just want to know that you are of this earth
and can continue on your own quest to be whom you are ment to be

their love for you will never unwaver and always be a constant lite
that will never extinguish.

for they are your sisters, your friends for life, and above all
a love for you that will never die.
557 · Jan 2014
a passing moment
tom krutilla Jan 2014
let me wipe away that tear, that hangs there on your cheek
you've been wronged for no reason, and that ******* is weak
for this is just a passing moment, one of many more to come
for i see in you that beauty and charm, what a woman you,ve become

let him not hold your heart hostage, as you venture out anew
let him whither away in a past forgotten, and discard your blues
i see in you a sturdy flower, your roots strong, your petals reach out
to collect the warmth of your hoizon, and to bloom once more without a doubt
552 · Mar 2017
Colored Signs
tom krutilla Mar 2017
There was a time, I thought
I could find that sign
When green meant proceed
But I'm stuck on yellow
Waiting patiently
Yet your hands roam free
all over me
But mine were seized
You said " I'm not ready"
As you take what you need
Maybe I'll walk down to the sea
Let my mind wander, a good release
Have the waves caress the emotion in me
Stir them up, find some relieve
As the soothing sounds recede
I'll look to the horizon and see
In the distant, a new coastline for me
The yellow I've waited patiently
Is green so I'll proceed
552 · Oct 2014
grinning moonlight
tom krutilla Oct 2014
Shall I tempt you this night
with the grinning moonlight
silhouetting leaveless trees
flailing in the breeze

sprinkled across the sky
a billion star eyes
tally the winks they emit

silently ponder nature's picture
lets peel it back, take a peek
at what's beyond

run wild with anticipation
find answers to the question
then question why
and wait for a reply
546 · Nov 2013
tom krutilla Nov 2013
as the chemical is introduced into my veins, chasing after the unwanted guest
this feeling seems surreal at first,warm,abit tingling, yet normal as can be
do your thing i say for you know more than i were to go, were its hiding
for we are partners for the week
laying on the gurney, im fitted with a mask, a crude simple device almost medevil
mouth guard in place, the humming and clicking of the machines begin
lying motionless, the invisible beams take pricise aim and i feel nothing
after some time its over and wait till tomarrow and do it all again
536 · Nov 2013
my angel
tom krutilla Nov 2013
so beautiful is your touch as it glides along my cheek
so soothing are your eyes gazing down upon me
a feeling of tranquility has overtaken my body, easing the pain
your whispers are like songs of the sirens, tickling my ears with love
and as my eyes close to sleep,your bodywill be my blanket of warmth
535 · Dec 2013
ebb and flow
tom krutilla Dec 2013
so if I carefully tug at your heart strings and fine tune them to my liking
will you sing along with the melody that we have created
and you will say it depends on how the music ebbs and flows
and what the lyrics have to offer.
527 · Dec 2013
the distant
tom krutilla Dec 2013
We use to be the king and queen of our kingdom
I must have let the jester get too close
all of his jokes and fancy tricks made you smile
and the distant between us only widens

the late nights staring out the window
waiting for you to come home
wondering if you will then wondering who you are
and the distant between us only widens

and that late night staring out the window
you never did come home
knowing now you won't wondering who you are
and the distant between us only widens

as the late night fades to sunrise
as Im staring out the window
I slowly draw the curtains
knowing now the distant is forever
527 · Mar 2014
tom krutilla Mar 2014
why do I ponder who I am
and were is my destiny
is leading me
I feel comfortable with
who I am because I led
myself here
521 · Sep 2014
some crazy dream
tom krutilla Sep 2014
just outside the city lines, bout half mile down
stands the old stucture, guiding folks to town
legend says its an arch, pass under it to be free
my thoughts are still pending, not sure to believe
the sun sets early now, as we say good bye to summer
Its shadow seems longer now, least I remember
the people welcome in the fall, the season of colors
the crispness of the air, cleanse the summer druthers
It seems to stand guard, firmly gripping the ground
the people amass and gather round
could it be an ancient stargate, from a forgotten time
built to keep the human race in a lockstep line
now if you look closely, where it bends and streches
the fading words still spells its message
welcome all you strangers and old friends alike
relax, take care, hope you stay awhile
519 · Oct 2016
Pure sillyness
tom krutilla Oct 2016
Joely Ann if you can
See the spot were I stand
It's here I wait for you command
Joely Ann if you can
Don't tell me you found another man
Cause my green grass is covered in sand
Joely Ann if you can comeback
I'm waiting for the love I lack
Im tired and bored counted all the cracks
Joely Ann if you can
Make a stand don't be bland
It's either me or the boys in the band
515 · Feb 2014
tom krutilla Feb 2014
I wrote this song for you, I'ts not pretty or blue
I'ts full of the lovely words I have for you
the timing and rhythm flows like your life
a  melody so sweet, meant to ease your strife
with the hope when you close your eyes
and set to dream, tell your sadness goodbye
so when the morning light shines through
I will always be with you
                      for NDHK
509 · Jan 2014
the caterpillar
tom krutilla Jan 2014
he walks, he wiggles, on the ground
slowly but surely, without a sound
his feet are a hundred, timely in beat
rhythm and rhyme, one, two, three

the caterpillar is unique in his own way
nothing bothers him, he likes that way
he comes and goes up and down his tree
slowly, but surely, one, two, three
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