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tom krutilla Apr 2014
fingerprints leave white marks
skin revives it's color
scratch away the scars
dead cells flake to a pile
do I bleed new life
into old wounds
let it flow to the same
road map in my heart
always making the left turn
afraid of the right
cauterize my senses
numbness, your eyes
hypnotize, plop me up
I am your puppet
be gentile with my arms
when you spew your evil rants
my stitches will unravel
leave a pile neath your feet
sweep them up, toss them
in the bin, and then look
within and see ????????
tom krutilla Mar 2014
like scattered clouds that fall
into horizon's abyss
so are my thoughts of you

my feelings for you race
over the waterfalls
to be tossed and turned
and end up in deep cold

night tears trace the contours
of my cheek, dripping
only to evaporate with the
morning sun

dawn inspires hope again
that today will be ours
dusk is the lamp shade
to another lonely night
tom krutilla May 2014
I use to know you, back in the day
now I found you, on this page
wonderin, are you alive, or in a cave
is your life that bad, it can't be saved

open your eyes, look into your heart
I won't do you wrong, just say you belong
clasp your arms around my waist
I'll take you to a place, put a smile on your face

that angelic voice, gives me no choice
but to fall for you and rejoice
the past is long gone, perhaps it made us strong
let us not sing the blues, but create our love song

we are here now, on this borrowed time
let us make it yours and mine
tom krutilla Aug 2017
the hand, is perfectly formed
for a device that speaks our minds
attention defecit is a medical issue
but the cure is ringtones
we are born with ten fingers
glad I took typing, its useful
on a nine inch device
they say humans are capable
of deep thoughts
did'nt realize Lol is a cue to laugh
I wonder if the aliens recieved my texts
they would probably reply, we love Houston
use to be loud noises got our attention
but now the rings and dings
has cured attention defecit
tom krutilla Dec 2018
be jolly with Holly
2. add another wrinkle
waiting for Kris Kringle
3. unwrap the present that
I never sent
4. have a beer with the reindeers
5. take a sleigh ride listening
to Hardrock, Coco, and JOE
6. catch snowflakes on my tounge
as I did when I was young
7. wanting to believe Santa ate
the cookies, but it was me
8. making snow angels in the snow
once more
9. praying for the world to live
in peace
10. Hoping that the brightest star
in the night sky
will always be my guiding light
tom krutilla Mar 2013
write me your last love song as i gaze into your eyes
let the melody be slow and flowing, as you sing to me goodbye
the way you hold me, your touch are like notes in a desending scale
and i know ther will be no coda.
perhaps you are bored of this oldie but goodie
for the rhythm of life is always changing
and the need to keep the beat helps you stay young
but just remember if you ever see me again
that i am a classic.
tom krutilla Sep 2013
i enjoy very much when i,m in deep thought and my annoying phone goes off
with that silly sound, and its you and i see that it said, you want some company
and i text sure.
as we sit together, to enjoy a beautiful evening, our conversations range from,silly to deep
and always with our songs of choice. perhaps its the comfort we,ve developed
that we talk of any and all things from the mundane  to the macabe
the smiles and laughter illuminate from our faces and the give and take of our banter
flows with the breeze in the air, as if nature is enjoying the show.
emerging from the nights glow, are cicadas, lighting bugs, moths all seeming to want
to join the show. pestering us as they fly in our faces, wanting their say, but a wave of our
hands and they are put in their placesesss.

and when the night is done we hold each other and dream
tom krutilla Oct 2014
wonder were your off to, on you new found path
hope the ground below is softer, than your wrath
it took all my senses, to finally find
that I was not the one, who was blind
so this reoccuring theme, I shall define

another glass of wine, wont change my mine

like an emotional sponge, I soak up your words
to clean and relieve you from all those swords
letting you know, I'm here for you, and move forward
but your eyes said no! I'm still bored
you always live your life on your own accord

another glass of wine wont change my mind

so now I'll bid my fondest adieu
let you find your real you
as you walk beyond me, out of view
hope the memories wont go askew
of all the times I kept loving you
tom krutilla Aug 2017
your touch upon my skin
is the musical interpretation
i feel within
your voice, like a sonata phrase
soothes this tempted soul
as your words are easy to appraise
your nakedness jazzes my mind
each line and curve, etches you
the aura i sense, is well defined
as the last note I feel
and your touch recedes
that this lullaby, this admission
is from the heart I hope you steal
tom krutilla Jan 2015
they race past, mindless children
skateboards on slick pavement
past the stoic blinking eyes of
giant animated zoo animals
the people ducking in fetal positions
ducking the floating cars just above
as the striptease ladies in giant windows
perform for the pathetic, lonely men
in awe of their perfection
tom krutilla Apr 2013
I know of two angels that walk upon this earth
and they are my sisters.
so beautiful in mind and compassion
they have unwavering commitment to their family
and those lost souls that have touched their lives
without a hesitation, they will be with you to
help and guide you through all your trying times.

and they will not ask for any rewards or acknowledgement
they just want to know that you are of this earth
and can continue on your own quest to be whom you are ment to be

their love for you will never unwaver and always be a constant lite
that will never extinguish.

for they are your sisters, your friends for life, and above all
a love for you that will never die.
tom krutilla May 2015
the first hello your said to me
was the whimpered cry
seeming to say, " I was warm in there"
as I teared up and chuckled
at what perfection we made

remember those scary monsters
that haunted your young dreams
needing a warm hug and cuddle
under the comfort of our blanket

and now, this journey we have taken
wrought with uncertanties
may I say that I hope my guidance
has lead you to seek, your own

but always remember, as you tackle
this cruel world, "dad can you help"
but I can only answer those question
you pose to me
and if those answers, dont quell your questions
It is your turn now to find your unique answers
for the strength of my love for you will never
and that life itself, is always a work in progress
tom krutilla Oct 2014
funny how I reach for every shadow
as if we were walking side by side
making silly faces in the windows
loving your upturn smile

another sip won't cure anything
numbing myself is fruitless agony

wondering what your doing tonight
pouring over those pictures again?
rearrange them from left to right
remind yourself that was then

another sip won't cure anything
numbing myself is fruitless agony

now you confirm, you were'nt too sure
if your choice was forever
you found out late there was no cure
as you move on for something better
my self pity, this drowning sea
wondering were it went wrong
questioning everything but me
realize its forever, and forever is long

another sip won't cure anything
stop numbing myself would be the beginng
tom krutilla Sep 2016
I can see now the burden I imposed on you
Your sunken eyes pay tribute to the damage
I've done
I never knew my selfish cruel reasoning
Would wilt a beautiful flower to nothing
If the tears I've found could water your roots
Let them gently flow bring you back to life
But the coldness of my words have frozen you
As you seek a warm and true flow
I always needed something special in my life
One to complement me on this journey
But the child in me has yet to grow up
So my beautiful flower will plant her roots
In another's garden
tom krutilla Mar 2014
as I pick up this guitar, and wonder were you are
I'm hoping this melody will take me far
cause deep in my mind, my thoughts, all askewed
and the words I write are only for you
can I tantilize you with my clever prose,or perhaps
indulge you in our afternoon naps
while we listen to dylan, in all his poetic verse
and try to rid ourselfs of our brought on curse
then we can walk the fields, frolick in their colors
mix and match, till we love again with each other
tom krutilla Sep 2015
in the distant a lite guides me
draws me near from my long journey
a knock on the door, of the crooked shack
it opens, an old man stares, I take a step back

" come in from the cold, sit by the fire
let me offer you bisket and broth, you must be tired"
he seems content, even joyous, a visitor again
and yet the sparkle in his eyes,seem so intense

the questions I ask, the answers he gives
leaves me perplexed, as I take another sip
how long has he been here,is this his chosen path
as I bunk for the night, I understand were he's at

a thought comes to me, before I sleep
that I find the comfort I seek
from the words he speaks
tom krutilla Mar 2014
if you listen closely you can here me calling your name while i sleep
if you listen closely your eyes should close as you think of me
if you listen closely a tear should be running down your cheek
if you listen closely the sheets cover your head while i sleep
tom krutilla Sep 2016
As the tip of my pen, touches the paper
The ink spreads thoughts of you
The letters and commas set the rhythm smooth
Read them once, read them twice, set a mood
Let the crinkle corners of you smile and the twirling
Of your hair and the finger on your lips, be proof
That what I have penned be your goodnight sleep
you may now, curl up, close your eyes
And when you dream be Advised
My heart is always yours to keep
tom krutilla May 2014
tonight as we danced under the brightest of moons
let us twirl away our worlds sadness
just you and I on our own stage, laughing
then applauding, at who we are
there'd be no more stabbing at the river of pain
our emotional swords have divided these turbulent waters
as we reach across it's banks, grab hold
we,ll drift calmly, so serene
till we free fall over the waterfalls of love
and flail into the ecstasy of unrelenting passion
hold on to me, hold on to you
till the horizon, with it,s magnetic sun
captures us, and we dissapear
tom krutilla Nov 2016
My opening words I write to you
Are pennies from my wishing well
An inexpensive gesture for you
My sentences ramble from time to time
I was never good at a well placed period
My thoughts just bang in my head
And slowly ooz from my mind
I hope you smile reading this rhyme
The warmth that creeps upon you are my arms
Lay your head down with your soft thoughts
Tonight with me there are no more mountains to climb
tom krutilla Sep 2016
I guess she was the rabbit you pulled out of your hat
A thousand times of trying your magic worked
But knowing you you'll shove her back
Because in this day and age new is not good enough
There's always an up grade
tom krutilla Dec 2013
we were like two ships on the open sea
we drifted into each other's path
the horizon grew bright, the seas calm
my search for life had ended with you

when we came to meet, your eyes met mine
we sailed on the crest of the waves
the sun was warm, our spirits high
and the wind whispered in our ears

but like the winds that change in all directions
we found ourselves on differant courses
and with each turn of the world we'll meet
to share a moment of life
tom krutilla Jan 2016
I was hoping today would have ended yesterday
and that today was in the past
as you back me against this wall, say what you say
as you hope your seduction might last
at times I can barely walk or talk, your voice to strong
and everything I do seems wrong
yet I can only give up my sanity for so long
so depression allow me to bid you a final, adieu
tom krutilla Nov 2013
as i walk amongst you pitiful humans, i chuckle and stare in amazement
at the way you carry yourself
is your rightousness so dominat in your mind that you cant tell
who you are, were you came from
the shattered pieces of your ego are hazards on the path i walk
the wimper of your wailing crys that know your self absorbing
senses are fading, brings a smile to me
your trueness, you finally realize, makes you weak, when its
your turn to bear the burden ot the wrong you have done
and then you expect me to resolve it all, ah but i think i have better
things to do, perhaps i can finally teach love and the understanding
that i preach so much, to the next and perhaps final generation
if i so desire.
tom krutilla Jan 2016
Lost in confusion of life
I shall feel particles of lite
warming my soul, to delight
forgetting the day, embrace
the night
for there I can be, in shadow
hugging a wall, silently watching
the hunched humans,wallow
dreading the morning
as they feel the familiar fan breeze
going round and round, a routine
their hopes and dreams, it seems
dispersed in nightmares of sleep
tom krutilla Aug 2017
the weeds have gathered, now
around the pretty flower
those who's dripping drool
gave her life
have left it to wither
in her aging sunlight
there's always something new
on the horizon
a prettier, nano second
of admiration to follow
and yet, on the surface, a blossom
of unmatched beauty
but at the root, the slow decay
beauty and strength
are a true illusion
that everyday, after birth
is our slow wither
onto our aging sunlight
tom krutilla Sep 2016
I was never much of anything
But I was something, with you
When I rushed to wipe your tears away
I found the smile on your face
The little boy in me is still awed
When I see a wonder of the world
The beauty that graces you
Has this man aloof
These words written on this page
The ink spreads my love for you
Many years from  now, when we
Open that shoe box
Our fragile fingers fumble, to read
Inscribed at the top, my faded words
are still true
I was never much of anything
But I was somthing with you
tom krutilla Jan 2015
In this winter of a lifetime and all the memories,
collected and arranged, another boring history
of this ordinary man

the harsh winds of love, have harden my soul
while the silent secrets of lovers remain, untold
of this ordinary man

that I walked many trails and set them ablaze
I'll blame them on youth, the fog and the haze
of this ordinary man

the education I found, was not from a book
It was wigging away, from my parents hook
of this ordinary man

my fingers not as nimble, as when I was young
the stature not as upright, the last song has begun
of this ordinary man

so I will turn out the lights
make sure the doors are locked
as I bid a final adieu
and a warm goodnight
tom krutilla Apr 2014
how dare you tresspass on my heart
my only crime was to glance at you
as you tip toe through my emotions
peeping into my feelings, i'm held hostage
these ropes that bind me, I tug
and struggle to free myself
but your medusa eyes turn me to stone
so carve me to your liking
make my lines smooth
so I can sip every drop of your love
and a thousand years will not erode
my love for you
tom krutilla Jan 2014
let me wipe away that tear, that hangs there on your cheek
you've been wronged for no reason, and that ******* is weak
for this is just a passing moment, one of many more to come
for i see in you that beauty and charm, what a woman you,ve become

let him not hold your heart hostage, as you venture out anew
let him whither away in a past forgotten, and discard your blues
i see in you a sturdy flower, your roots strong, your petals reach out
to collect the warmth of your hoizon, and to bloom once more without a doubt
tom krutilla Mar 2017
A poem is a thought
an inkling idea
dripping from the mind
into the heart
there it palpitates, speeds and slows
weakens and strengthens
as blood flows through the veins
the mind wanders between fantasy
and reality
lets us let it sink in
for it is ours, yet written for many
tom krutilla Nov 2017
When I settle in your mind
your breathing on a rapid incline
you sound the alarm, to your defenses
to surrender, a prisoner of your senses

but I am what you dream
streaming thoughts of what you need
fluttering eyelids, mouth agape
fingers glide , slowly to your lap

legs agonizing spread
to your hips, were your fingers lead
that shuddering seems to last forever
the after touches, follow you
though your daily endevours

you can thank me after dinner
tom krutilla Sep 2016
A thousand letters to write
Yet no words to make it right
Drowning in sorrows my lament tonight
Bekon the mind relive those times
Have another glass of wine
Pen another line hope it ryhmes
The past is a reflection
A futile attempt at recollection
That becomes an askewed deception
Let it decay be swept away
Tomorrows a gift if he lets us stay
Make each day act one of a new play
tom krutilla Dec 2013
Genuine poetry can communicate before it is understood
                                        T. S. Eliot
tom krutilla Feb 2014
Oh my sweet argentine, thou beauty amazes
thine long flowing mane, a blacken hue
caress your cheeks, to sculp perfection
thine has the bluest of eyes, pierce the night
God's creatures halt in a coy stillness
thine walks with ease, each step glides
to me she comes, angelic voice soft
thine whispers, hold me, in trance state
smiling moon as we kiss goodnight
tom krutilla Oct 2015
I'll pick up this guitar and play you one
last tune
knowing the the strings are old, I can only
play the blues
the chords are in minor keys, the low E
drowns out the high E
the strings in between can hold the rythm
only so long
my fingers fumble with the melody, as
my mind, full of thoughts, of long ago

each note played was a sharp
now they are flatten, as I think of you
perhaps its alright to be out of tune
knowing you wont be back anytime soon

but with the turn of the peg
and my words, I'll beg
let me slide up the neck
for a crisper sound
enticing you to come back
with this new tune I found
tom krutilla Jan 2014
she graces me with a smile each day, as if she is the dawn
awakening my heartbeat and enticing my blood to flow
her voice is like an angel, as she glides toward me
as i feel the softness of her petal arms wrap around me
a quick whisper of I love you, breezes through my ear
and with a grogy smile, I know that I am  loved
tom krutilla Jun 2013
as i sit at my position, aiming at the enemy, will you understand
when the trigger is pulled, and the target has fallen, will you understand
i am here in this GOD forsaken place to protect you from the evil of this world
i chose be here because i love my country, and will do everything i can
to resolve the problem at hand.

do not judge me when i return home, battered and torn
my body and mind has been to hell and back
but i am home safe and sound.

accept me for who i am now for the changes are forever
but the love for you and my country will never waiver
those who have fallen around me, i'll keep forever in my mind
brothers forever a bond that will never be broken
i will see them when its my time to go
and we will unite in GOD'S heaven.

tom krutilla Dec 2013
the evening sky settles down
the moon's face draws a frown
quiet lights a city cease
the restless town resides in peace

night grows on the fire dims
a soft breeze wrestles a tree's limbs
the old frog sings a timely song
the owl's hoot sings along

a crack of light the sun appears
through the silent dawn the statue stares
people life nature's tunes
will come alive very soon

another day in city life
the time to struggle the time to strife
tom krutilla Dec 2013
the suddleness of a starry night
your eyes sparkle with the ray of light
the loneliness you feel inside
cannot be silenced or hide

I breath your air so very pure
but the deep visions are obscure
the touch of your hand on mine
as we slowly pass into time

we are brought down to earth
with a sensuous feel not a hurt
we pause and kiss as the moon passes by
and you rest your head on a pillow to lie
tom krutilla Sep 2016
A youngster told me, mister you are old
I asked, how can you tell
His reply was, I'm young, without a wrinkle face
I replied, my face is wrinkled because I always smiled
He told me, you move slowly and with a limp
I replied, I lived in the fast lane, but it was time to get off
My limp was from working hard, staying true to myself, never wavering
His puzzled look needed me to explain further
I remember when I was like you many years ago
My strength and confidence was my burning desire
I left the ones who borned me cause I
knew everything
They closed the door and on it read good luck young man we moved to Florida
Suddenly, reality set in, I was a man
Everything I thought I knew was there
I'm a man
But the little nuances of life the ones they taught me and I ignored have come full circle
Their wisdom and survival of life will always be in my thoughts
So youngster I'm not old I have aged well
The wrinkles on my face are from all the smiles life has given me
My limp is a sign that I will make it to the finish line
tom krutilla Jan 2016
through these misty eyes, I feel content
a calm has taken my emotions
there will be no more heartaches
just goodbye with my last kiss

they say time heals all wounds
but my stitches burst without you
shall I gather all that leaks out
knowing, as I sip, I'll see you soon

I'll wait for the clear night to begin
searching for that twinkling light
I'll smile and know that your there
as I catch all the memories in the wind
tom krutilla Mar 2013
a friend of mine told me, that they are at a crossroads in there life
what have i done, or accomplished, is my footprint still viable
i had no responce, for i ponder the same question, age will do that
but as i gather my thoughts, i wonder, do i need to change the world
do i need to be famous, i don't think so. if i can be me, and bring a smile
to you then i have done what HE has ask me to do.
tom krutilla Sep 2015
shall I cleanse the soul to find hope
and with hope, I shall find clarity
with clarity, there's a sense of being
and with a sense of being, I will finally

let the dust of life that accumulates
collect and hitch a ride on the winds
and then the shiny new me, will challenge
the sun
for their are no more shadows for me to follow
tom krutilla Feb 2016
happy valentines day, my heart
the wounds are almost healed
the scars are nicely sealed
are you ready for a new start
the eyes have glanced again
oh my. the brain says yes
lets put you to another test
you can't win, till you begin
it sounds sappy, when you
talk to your heart
can they put you away for that?
tom krutilla Aug 2014
its early morn sitting on this sandy beach
your waves are my soothing touch
tickling my toes bring a smle to this face
your rythm is a constant
sure desire to calm my thoughts
when the fog evaporates, the cool breeze
penetrates my senses
hazy eyes clear as the sun's eyelids
open to warm the day
I started counting the grandules of sand
but realized that would take an eternity
time I don't have
the hope is that we can walk this shoreline
the footprints will dissolve into your
rearrange them and return them to us
on your soothing waves
let the ****** oath of desire like you
never end
tom krutilla Jan 2020
I too was like you
I added up the night dreams
and totaled my silent screams
Ah but here it is, a new day
with inspired tunes
they infiltraded my head singing
the turmoil of yesterday
those were the debt already paid
I smelled the fragrance of
the long last me
and this one I shall follow
tom krutilla Feb 2016
these deserted valleys of my soul, it seems
are littered with unwanted dreams
were sands of time, crush and seal
all the ghost that have haunted, all I feel

such newness of me, I feel in my blood
streams awareness, like a growing bud
roots firmly grounded, with the receding flood
my leaves open, recapture the fragrance of love
tom krutilla Apr 2015
shall I speak to you in the way you want
garnish you with my silly poems
of love and admiration
for the essence of each syllible and rhyme
are truly mine
I am new at this thing, be patient
If my words seem tangled, blame my heart
from being in awe of you to falling somewhere
between like and love
I need to tweak these new feelings
for me to be coherant
but let it be known, it started with
your first hello
tom krutilla Jun 2014
hope this was'nt a charade
when you said hello to me today
as my smile reciprocates

our small talk was pleasing to me
hoping for a future repeat
but not yet ready to fall at your feet

the blueness of your eyes, tease my senses
as you try to find the weakness in my defenses
and I admire your assault, so relentless

but I am one who takes their time
my eyes wide open, and never blind
need to understand if you are my find

hope your honest, when these questions are posed
don't look at me and say I suppose
cause I,ll say good luck to you, and your sad woes
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