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Sep 2018
as I decend down this creaky staircase
I can  see a glow of a cigarette
fresh brewed scent of coffee mixing
a window open His morning routine
though just a kid I wonder what He's thinking
probably family and work
hearing my footsteps, says good morning son
yawning. I reply, "morning Dad
I ask, " how are you today and with a chuckle
he replies " I feel good  and you?
I say  " I feel diferrent, I can feel what today
may bring
I don't understand" and he chuckles
the next morn, there was not a glow
from a cigarette, nor a hint
of fresh brewed coffee
only an empty chair, a closed window
and a start of my new morning
Written by
tom krutilla  justice, illinois
(justice, illinois)   
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