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tom krutilla Nov 2017
let them be children
let them be friends
for they don't see colors
of one's skin

let them chatter and laugh
talk of what matters to them
oblivious, one hopes
from the adult's sins

let them be innocent, for
many sunsets
let their curious eyes
be always open
let us foolish and bitter adults
recognize our time has past
fill them with our knowlege
we send
tom krutilla Nov 2017
be well my love
if you want it this way
our final scene
in this fairy tale play

take you bows, bid farewell
your memories of us disapates
across the street, in that shady place
you'll find your escape

as for me, i'll be sitting
stage right
dimming the lights
wondering whats left
but only for awhile
I know there be a new
light for me
this is not my final goodnight
tom krutilla Nov 2017
when you see yourself
in some distorted mirror
what appears, you cannot
come warm yourself
by the fire
melt away your numbness
find your desire
as you fall asleep
your grin, at your peak
I'll watch over you
wonder what you dream
tom krutilla Nov 2017
we'll build a moment
create an explosion
melt the ice between us
our toes will wade
in waters hence
shock us to our senses
fall to our knees, embrace
and breathe
nothing else matters, no needs
except our selfish pleas
tom krutilla Aug 2017
she entered my life
with a quick glance
and a seductive look away

oh, that's not fair
i have enough on my mind
for you to invade

before your vision skirmishes
with my heart
i need to remember" it was a glance made"

but like the Mona Lisa
it's embedded in my thoughts
and tonight is a good place
for dreams to start
tom krutilla Aug 2017
Underneath the casual talks
are semmetrys of all of us
the hurt and joy, pain and glory
such is the human story

there's always a rough ride
up and down, yet a smooth ending
we exit the ride, wait for His gentile
glance up, for they are waiting
saying "join us in His promise land
tom krutilla Aug 2017
the hand, is perfectly formed
for a device that speaks our minds
attention defecit is a medical issue
but the cure is ringtones
we are born with ten fingers
glad I took typing, its useful
on a nine inch device
they say humans are capable
of deep thoughts
did'nt realize Lol is a cue to laugh
I wonder if the aliens recieved my texts
they would probably reply, we love Houston
use to be loud noises got our attention
but now the rings and dings
has cured attention defecit
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