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 Apr 2015 Conceptualcat
Nandini V
Walking  on  the paths of small town
       nestling in green hills  and  dales
                                 I  am  living.
Smelling the freshly cooked  bread
       and  the  fragrance  of   flowers
                            ...I  am  living.
Feeling  th­e warmth  of loved ones
      and the splash  of cool river water
                    .....Oh yes I am living.
As the sun  sets  and night  arrives
        in  the serenity of moonlight
                                  I softly fall asleep

Travelling far in quest of knowledge
       and    perfect  budding  career
                                 I  am   living.
In the  buzz of city life  and   ah yes
           a fat  pay packet n elite life
                            ...Oh  yes I am living.
Racing the rat race    through  the
   traffic,pollution  & unending stress
                   ----Oh God I am still  living.

As I  disconnect  communicating devices.. the bright night of the city lights              
    ....on the soft bed waiting  for sleep
                       --------------I  LAY  AWAKE
                 Oh God  I  am  still  living!
When he walked into that room, he carried his whole life with him.

There is something.

It all began when the umbilical was cut.

After that conversation, he just wanted to drink and be whole again.

She sighed with pleasure and slipped the bonds of the appropriate.

He was as nervous as a ***** in an earthquake.

A thousand years ago, he would not have made that promise.

Jesus, get that thing out of here!

Life was good; he had just gotten an NSA grant to study the speed of darkness.

Sure, I knew your mother; she was great in bed
If you can use one, take it.
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