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Apr 2015
Walking  on  the paths of small town
       nestling in green hills  and  dales
                                 I  am  living.
Smelling the freshly cooked  bread
       and  the  fragrance  of   flowers
                            ...I  am  living.
Feeling  th­e warmth  of loved ones
      and the splash  of cool river water
                    .....Oh yes I am living.
As the sun  sets  and night  arrives
        in  the serenity of moonlight
                                  I softly fall asleep

Travelling far in quest of knowledge
       and    perfect  budding  career
                                 I  am   living.
In the  buzz of city life  and   ah yes
           a fat  pay packet n elite life
                            ...Oh  yes I am living.
Racing the rat race    through  the
   traffic,pollution  & unending stress
                   ----Oh God I am still  living.

As I  disconnect  communicating devices.. the bright night of the city lights              
    ....on the soft bed waiting  for sleep
                       --------------I  LAY  AWAKE
                 Oh God  I  am  still  living!
Written by
Nandini V  53/F/pune India
(53/F/pune India)   
   Sue Huff and Conceptualcat
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