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Nandini V Jul 2021
Oh... so you have arrived again.
With you come....
all anticipations but with apprehension vain!
Essence of life thou are......
softly obscuring the sun & moon
Oh please spare this season the disasterous stormy pain.....

No matter how ye  arrive, you are always welcome...
Oh monsoon!
  Jan 2021 Nandini V
If all these people hated me
will you hate me as well?

If all these people laugh at me
will you laugh with them?

If all these people left me stranded
will you leave me as well?

Well, everything is left unsaid
I hope someone knew
deep inside iM hurting myself

Sorry dramatic isn't it, sometimes this feelings comes and goes, i just want to put it out there like its nothing, like crying alone is a regular thing.. Sigh..
Nandini V May 2020
Is this the ending.......
or a lesson to grasp..
to start a new beginning?
Nandini V Apr 2020
Passion crowns the boom of economy
......... taking life to material comfort and success.

But times like these teach human society thrives on the compassion survive in recession and stress.
Nandini V Nov 2019
Life they say is deceptive
Maybe it's true...
Peak of success gives view so seductive..
& failure arrives without clue.

Happiness now seems so elusive
Yet falls in your hands from the blue.
Pain which then  was  so passive..
sticks to you  like glue.

Ignorant you were of fear, now is active...
recovering  all its pending dues.
Yes  truly  life is deceptive......
can't predict its rainbow hues!!
Nandini V Nov 2019
East or West, oriental or occidental
whether a cowboy, an English bobby or Indian Sadu....
If science fictions come true,( usually
they do) we are just stupid earthly aliens with internal conflicts..
Hope the human race awakens to this
truth some day
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