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Timaira Sep 2014
I promise-
I swear to love you
when you don't love yourself
when you look at your hands
and feel they have made nothing
when your eyes are glassy with tears
and you're paralysed with fears
I will love you.

I will love you when we're old
and we tell stories
of how we were bold
in our youth
and you'll know it's the truth
when I tell you
I love you

I will love you when the sun rises
and when it sets
when you wear a suit
and I wear a dress
when my head
is rested on your chest
I will love you
because it's what I do best

I'll love you
when you love someone else
I'll love you
when I don't love myself
I'll love you
even if we never end up together
but dear, be assured
I'll love you forever
this is p important to me ,,,,
Timaira Jul 2014
Lilly is a flower by any other name
She follows her group and she is the same
Exterior like metal
Interior like lava
And a heart that is melting magma
She’s never felt anything other than hate
Ever since the grim reaper took her mother on the date
Her father drinks
Glasses clink and crack and
Break like her bones under metaphysical weight
And the constant worry that she will be late
This month like last
Pregnant teens are trash
Lilly is a flower in a garden of weeds
Smoke leaves her lips in white satin sleeves
Leaves bruises on her hips
As his anger seethes
And the high in her brain will never leave
But pesticide is poisoning
And despite her broken voice she will sing
A song from the garden
Her heart will harden much like her exterior
Treble Clef
Tattooed on her wrist
Treats her skin like a violin
Sawing at fictitious stings
Screams cry out like a canary sings
She hangs by her neck like chains on children’s swings
Lilly is a flower that unfortunately
Timaira Jul 2014
part of me says that some day
I'm gonna grab the night
like it's a raging bull
and ride it to the moon
and back to earth

that I'm gonna sit on the sun
and sing songs about
flowers and
love and

that my heart is going to take me home
whether that's here in this
dingy little town
or 5,690 miles away
but I'll know it's where I belong

that my feet are going to keep me
solid on the ground
but my hands are going to be
reaching to the sky
and my ears will be
begging for answers
and my mouth will be still
or better yet
moving against yours

but the other half says
that the night is only a time to remember
all of the mistakes I've made

and the sun
is only a burning ball of
hydrogen that will burn me if I get too close
and that makes me thing that the sun
is a euphemism for love
and you

and that my heart will break
no matter where I stay
because you are only at home
if you belong
and people like me
don't belong much of anywhere

that my feet are destined to be dangling off of the edge
that my hands will be heavy at my sides
that my mouth will be full of pills
or better yet
that my life will be over
  Jun 2014 Timaira
Seán Mac Falls
Distance between us,
Countless tearing silences—
Loudest words unsaid.
Timaira Jun 2014
Someday you will die
Every mistake you have made will be insignificant
As will your acomplishments
The universe will not stop turning
All because your heart stopped beating
The place where your body rests will sprout flowers
And the universe will reward your life with beauty
Because you survived through an exsistance of ugly
And that is significant
Timaira Jun 2014
When I am with you
I find myself watching
Paper cranes fly through
Amethyst skies
And popping bubbles with my
Fanged teeth
As your webbed fingers
Capture neon fireflies
And we kiss like
Trees to the wind
Our bodies twist together
Because you're a ribbon girl
And I am tricky boy
Timaira Jun 2014
Pretty boy
Never liked his toy
Pretty boy
Was a killjoy
Pretty boy
Wore pants of corduroy
Pretty boy
Never played coy
Pretty boy
Took away her joy

Ugly girl
Never liked her hair curled
Ugly girl
Chewed on a pearl
Ugly girl
Had her mind in a swirl
Ugly girl
Fell when she would twirl
Ugly girl
Thought she could be
A pretty boy
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