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Samantha Marie Jun 2016
From the depths of my pain,
you have shown me that beautiful flowers
grow in the midst
of the cosmic chaos I was in.

You were the twinkling spark,
the light in the shadows of my sadness,
the encouraging voice that metamorphose
my black and white world into something kaleidoscopic.

You sifted the specks of dust
that revealed the darkest secrets I hid.
You were the sun that illuminated
during the twilight of my incoherent thoughts.

I was composed of the ephemera of depression,
the hushed air between my teeth
when my lips were sealed.
I remember the time you told me,

things will get better.
I sighed and responded,
I don’t think so.
I thought you were going to give up

for I was stroppy, cumbersome teenager
but instead, you smiled;
you morphed my cynical perspective
into a superlative of optimism.

Every time my voice trembled
with the curse of anxiety,
your words nursed my soul
casting me with courage.

Your words I kept,
in hollow crystallised bottles,
like encapsulated messages of importance.
Spilled thoughts were the reminiscent

of my favourite brisk days with you,
filling the fragments of my loneliness.
I seem to be on the sentence
of the last paragraph where you wrote:

things will get better.
written in the crisps pages
of my sad blues chapter,
dipped in ink;

I believe and trust you wholly,
because things do become better, no matter what.
You were always there for me,
if only you knew how much that meant to me.
A poem I wrote not long ago for a mother-figure  who I always look up to for the endless list of things she did to salvage me from the madness in my head.
Samantha Marie May 2016
From glaring dotted lights
To the pitch black darkness
When you close your eyes,

Do remember...
You are what makes this universe
Beautiful and bright.

Samantha Marie Apr 2016
A fraction of your smile
Can complete the other half of my broken smile
Creating a beautifully written sentence.
Every time I look deep into your eyes,
It reminds me of how we first met
And I find myself time travelling again.
Samantha Marie Apr 2016
Back in September,
I can still remember from the very first day of your lesson,
I was late.
Pardon me for my lack of excitement,
every time I’m around,
I’m not entirely thrilled,

for I was a lost wandering soul
dwelling wearily on this earth.
You were there for me
when I didn’t want anyone to.
And just when I lost all hope,
you were the calm before the storm.

Trust me, school was so much better,
when you were my teacher.

The empty hallways;
the closed books;
the inanimate work of art hanging on the walls;
the silent symphonies of the musical instruments;
the scientific, numerical and technical nonsense;

it felt like Hogwarts when you’re around.

From speckled dust frolicking in sunbeams
to the white noise of the rain,
you fill this topsy turvy world with beautiful magic;
magic that cures someone’s blues with just a smile from you.

I am terrible at keeping conversations going
because too many thoughts travel
all at once at the speed of light
when I talk to you.

But I can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve taught me,

because if it weren’t for you,
I wouldn’t be who I am today.
For the nth time, I am so **** fortunate to have you as my teacher.
And being in your class even for a short span,
made me realise how those days were special
how it was one of the best days;

those days, those moments and those memories
*will always be one of my favourites.
I wrote this back in late February which was the same month I wrote "For Mrs H (Part I)", a poem dedicated to one of my favourite people.
Samantha Marie Mar 2016
It's been three weeks since
we last spoke, since we really spoke.
Why don't we talk anymore?

Like we used to do?
What were all of those moments before?
Were they just small talks

to you?

Why do I keep poisoning
my mind with the thought of you?
It's unhealthy. It makes me

sound needy.
Samantha Marie Mar 2016
Disheartened by the bruised memories of the past,
you reassured me at the end of the day,
I am bound to be okay
and this too shall pass.

You are special;
you are unique;
you are precious.
The words you said that made me realise my worth.

At times you were preoccupied with your busy schedule,
you were still there for me,
always ready to listen
to all of my worries even when you’re in a hurry.

Hugs are my favourite sweater,
and you are my favourite teacher.
Your duty of care taught me
that there is so much more

than mere sadness in the dark.
I’ve never felt so safe
in your comforting presence
I can’t thank you enough

for your words that speak with utmost divine wisdom
suffusing the profound
and tenebrous depths of my soul;
your voice echoed with blinding light.

Your expecto patronum
and the colour of your eyes
brought up a whole spectrum of colours
in my world of black and white.

You inspire me to be happy
to simply live
to smile no matter what
and to always have a heart.


— The End —