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To you dear Oblivion,
How you teach us to move on
From warmth and attachments —
All dearest sentiments
Where our world once revolved around,
Sweet mem'ries in which we were bound !
To wane such longings we had fears,
But now you leave them dry of tears !

— Tanushree Chakraborty
This one is to all those relationships which once used to be so important to us. But they had to end one day and we moved on in course of time and hence they lost the importance all along.
Once I had set foot on your fallen kingdom —
I came with summer and crept into your home.
Like a sparrow lurking behind the window
Or with any mendicant's aimless shadow
Did I seep into the sad hospital room,
Watched your empty city wrecked by wrath of Doom.

That summer, I knew I was not so welcome
As those days when you used to crave for the calm.
You said I thrive on the chaos of your mind
While yourself living in an era gone blind.
I was not thought to be the most desired blessing
But I could hear once again the birds to sing
And not the engine's roar or the taxi horn,
Once again stars shone brighter and a quiet morn,
Without the crowded bazars' endless chatter,
Could savour the soft rain-drops' gentle patter.

That summer when Chauvinism fell apart,
For once you could have embraced me in your heart,
For once could call me a boon rather than bane
Who calmed down a whole society gone insane.
Not just that summer but I was all along
There, left unnoticed and lost in your loud throng,
Like an unsung lullaby of Mankind's flute,
I forever lived in the voice of the mute.

— Tanushree Chakraborty
This poem is written on behalf of the serenity that has prevailed over the human civilization ever since the lockdown has started due to the global pandemic. People are so preoccupied with the bad news related to the pandemic that they have overlooked the blessings.

— The End —