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I’m not a guru
nor a teacher
I’m only a light
when you’re feeling
dark and cold!
another new day
brings forth hope and miracles
believe in yourself
Your heart is a cup,
Fill it with love to the brim,
Be a soft lover,
With a sweet soul.
I slept on the bed
of a poet, Gibran
and there fell a poem
into my head
like a song…

“One day you will ask me
which is more important?
My life or yours?
I will say mine
and you will walk away
not knowing
that you are my life.”

I slept on the bed
of a poet, Gibran
and my dreams were filled
in my heart was a song
a longing so sweet
a desire too strong
till the museum guard came
and moved me along

Note: Kahlil Gibran pronounced Jibron in Arabic
Squirrel store food
Pure nature move
for survival
As mustangs untamed
As bats blind during the day
acting like bees during the  night
maintaining this beautiful midnight flower splendor in desert land.
Flamingos are what they eat
Doing a ritual circular dance to find their mate.
The swan moving graciously
Not even moving the waters
to meet a mate for life
A lonely tree once green and lushes.
Many destroyed because of sour rain and human greed
Blue green waters
Disappearing slowly, everywhere pollution,
killing everything beatiful.
Sky ,different  kinds of blue
Nature , Godmade, Godgiven
A blessing to us all
Let’s handle it with care and the respect it deserves.

Looking at nature. A wonder.
Let’s take care of  our beautiful nature.
Breathing isn't royalty
Breath is commonality

These thrones of men
Standing over nothingness
Devoid of meaning

But life, true life
Doesn't discern from either you or me

All of man will fade
All of made will unmake
And in time you will see
Learning ever on

That the time to make up your mind about people - Is never

That the time by which you may even see me - Is limited
Grace Kelly
an old lonely crow
perching on a withered branch
deep meditation.
one early morning
saw robins looking for worms
winter was leaving
lovely colours everywhere
home awaits spring cleaning
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