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Anastasia Mar 4
I’ll destroy every little last bit of you
I’ve collected too scared of losing,
Stashed behind the books that are sort of ******,
Such as guides to becoming a perfect human.

I’ll throw it out the window while it rains,
The weather has recently been truly perfect.
Perfect for having long-term depressions
And thinking of people that ain’t even worth it.

I’ll, of course, make sure there are no neighbours
They will 100% tell my mom and she’ll make a scene
Screaming: "Are you going ******* crazy?!"
Being more in love with you than I’ve ever been.

But then hopefully a gang of street cats
Will in one way or another disgrace it.
Or perhaps very drunk teenagers will,
I’ve seen quite a few of them around lately.

So I’ll just stand at my balcony staring
At that **** being literally shat on.
Hopefully, it will make me feel better,
Hopefully, I’ll get over it.
Anastasia Mar 4
I wanted to see him in daytime
And do things other than ***.

That’s when I knew for sure,
I should be seeing him less.
Anastasia Jan 25
i am the one

the russian ****** girl
who has been calling you
quite often
quite often

i know it must have felt annoying
i do apologise

but don't you miss
my nonsense calls
Anastasia Dec 2018
used to say: “i can’t live without”
yet for some reason still perfectly breathing
Anastasia Sep 2018
You’d ask how many guys I’ve dated,
really wanting to know how many guys I’ve ******
...or have ****** me?

Well, anyway, it doesn’t really matter,
the point is - you're getting into numbers.

I’ll joke about how guys would multiply it
and how girls like doing it the other way around.

You’d say: "Just go ahead, I honestly don’t care."
How cute,
you're terrible at lying.

So I’ll do that, I’ll go ahead, I will divide it.
You'll smile, I will smile back
hoping you bought the number.
Anastasia Sep 2018
I see him usually 2 times a week -
He’s got a lot of work.
Or does he?
Nevertheless, it leaves me lots of time
To got to gym  
And maintain that *** he wants.
Which often makes me wonder
Whether I'll see him if I stop to squat
At all.
Anastasia Sep 2018
He calls me 'little princess' and it makes me wonder -

Is it because he sees me as a useless pretty girl or he has finally acknowledged my severe daddy issues?
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