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Anastasia Sep 15
my demons really like his sanity.
it is not mutual.
Anastasia Sep 14
he is my biggest source of sanity,
he is my biggest source of crazy too.
Anastasia Sep 14
it’s tough to be the needy one
that wants to be around all the time.

without him,
my life consists of days to count.

he says he counts them too
but then, no way to find out...
Anastasia Mar 4
I’ll destroy every little last bit of you
I’ve collected too scared of losing,
Stashed behind the books that are sort of stupid,
Such as guides to becoming a perfect human.

I’ll throw it out the window while it rains,
The weather has recently been truly perfect.
Perfect for having long-term depressions
And thinking of people that ain’t even worth it.

I’ll, of course, make sure there are no neighbours
They will 100% tell my mom and she’ll make a scene
Screaming: "Are you going ******* crazy?!"
Being more in love with you than I’ve ever been.

But then hopefully a gang of street cats
Will in one way or another disgrace it.
Or perhaps very drunk teenagers will,
I’ve seen quite a few of them around lately.

So I’ll just stand at my balcony staring
At that **** being literally shat on.
Hopefully, it will make me feel better,
Hopefully, I’ll get over it.
Anastasia Mar 4
I wanted to see him in daytime
And do things other than ***.

That’s when I knew for sure,
I should be seeing him less.
Anastasia Jan 25
i am the one

the russian ****** girl
who has been calling you
quite often
quite often

i know it must have felt annoying
i do apologise

but don't you miss
my nonsense calls
Anastasia Dec 2018
used to say: “i can’t live without”
yet for some reason still perfectly breathing
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