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Jul 2020 · 658
Gyuwon Jul 2020
is it just me
or does everyone sometimes go to their poems page
sort by most popular
and admire your own work
Jul 2020 · 96
Gyuwon Jul 2020
Hi Eliot
ik it probably sounds like a longshot but could you please add korean support to hepo so that i can post my writing in korean thanks uwu
Jun 2020 · 82
Gyuwon Jun 2020
whats the point in covering yourself up
with pieces of overpriced fabric
when people see right through you

we can see that you are worthless

now cry

cry like the ones you bullied
cry for forgiveness that will never come

when it rains
it rains of disgust and shame around you

when the raindrops splash onto you
its spite coming from people youve hurt
May 2020 · 98
Gyuwon May 2020
my poems
feed off of lost sleep
and slowing heartbeats

but when the mosters
hiding in the dark at night
won’t let me sleep

my poems
are what keeps me
from being overrun with fear
May 2020 · 99
Gyuwon May 2020
dark mode in hepo
would be pretty cool

it might just be enough
to reflect our insides
Gyuwon May 2020
you know how,
some day
our hearts will stop beating
finishing our journey to see the ending?

you are dying
every second you live
and there is a mysterious beauty
in the sense that
living is just a process of dying

sure, maybe we are never truly dead
but if thats the case,
we were never truly alive in the first place

these are not words to mourn
my dying insides

but rather
a tribute

to the beauty of never truly being alive
and living while dying at the same time
May 2020 · 102
Gyuwon May 2020
Never allow your tears
To become a full stop to your emotions

Let them be commas
Flowing as your heart wishes

You are not suddenly fine
After crying for five hours

Let the teardrops
Off of your cheeks

They’ll wash your pain away

And leave behind
Open spots
For happiness to settle in
May 2020 · 83
32, bad breath
Gyuwon May 2020
your breath smells guilty
and after all that you have done

i shouldn’t be surprised, really
even after you have gone

youve patched up your mistakes pretty badly
but most importantly
i wont be calling you baby
for the rest of this reality
May 2020 · 80
Gyuwon May 2020
my words speak my language
and my world revolves around my wreckage
May 2020 · 67
it must go on
Gyuwon May 2020
shut up and play along
until you get the chance

to bloom

smile, innocent one
but never hold your hand out

let them fall
watch them burn in flames

and when darkness retreats
back into your heart where it rests

you will be the only
bit of black
flowering in a land of light
May 2020 · 76
Gyuwon May 2020
make love to your words
like the way you love yourself

maybe the reason i
wrote this in mere seconds

is because i only have
a few seconds worth of love left for myself
May 2020 · 47
confusing times
Gyuwon May 2020
i do not understand
why i cant write a single line
without diving deep into
a pit of crippling depression

i refuse to expand
this poetry collection of mine
if all the words just fall through
into chaotic commotions
May 2020 · 56
Gyuwon May 2020
not every drop of blood
flowing through my body
is as clean
as the water inside the sea

inside all our vessels
flows bad blood
but coming together
we can all flow along

we could be one
just like how all the seas
is just one big pool
made from small droplets
May 2020 · 50
Gyuwon May 2020
every sound
eventually comes to an end

they seemingly
vanish into mere vibrations
and slowly
lose the story within


every sound
takes back the lives it lent

since your birth
you have been paying off
the debt you owe
by living everyday silently


every voice tells a different story
but every story is heard

your mountains of debt
are nothing compared to
what you borrowed
when sounds gave you life
May 2020 · 54
29 (a box)
Gyuwon May 2020
i came to you like an amazon package
yet you took all the love
and discarded the empty box it came in
Apr 2020 · 82
a life of falling (28)
Gyuwon Apr 2020
i fell again
after thinking i’d hit rock bottom

my mind, a relic from better times

it still dreams

occasionally i see the sky

and the sunlight punches me in the gut
every time it sees me

and the wind kicks me around
with the raindrops
like boulders hurled over my head

its all quiet
down this bottomless pit
with every scream
falling alongside you

i fell again,
thinking i was at rock bottom

yet everytime i fall, my screams scream right back at me
this one is a mess
Apr 2020 · 76
smile darker .;)
Gyuwon Apr 2020
your mouth speaks of sadness
as it struggles to force a smile

your eyes dance through loneliness
lost in the sea of all the lights

i reach into the darkness
dreams come alive as I hold your hand

the world gets dimmer in your head
so i smile a little darker every stand
Mar 2020 · 87
You’re an onion.
Gyuwon Mar 2020
I cry every single time that I see you
Yet you still hide away inside these layers

I thought I had known you well enough
But that’s just another layer to cry through
Mar 2020 · 79
Gyuwon Mar 2020
Your voice pierces through my eardrums
But it is not a sound that my brain welcomes
So I censor these distant vibrations
And walk on right past all of your questions
Feb 2020 · 217
26 (child labour)
Gyuwon Feb 2020
How much of their tears do we take
To fill our lives with what they make
Gyuwon Feb 2020
They’ll keep telling you
That its your final chapter

But you know it inside
That you can do it better

If you light up everything
Backgrounds don’t really matter

So be the candle in this run-down world
And help everyone see clearer
Feb 2020 · 126
Gyuwon Feb 2020
Different lights reach out to me
And touch my skin to make color
I paint this blue world a bright yellow
And fill empty people with enthusiasm

I am the guardian of color
And I save this monochrome world every day
Gyuwon Feb 2020
While everyone looks up at the stars
I look down and see the ground and my feet
They’re what I stand on, after all
The very foundation of me as a structure
Feb 2020 · 233
Gyuwon Feb 2020
whenever life gets a little tight
with all the rounds that i fight
i just look up into the night
and keep waiting for the light

i tried writing something bright
but it just didn’t feel that right
the darkness decides what I write
but don’t worry, it’ll be alright
I shouldnt have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know its a poem
Feb 2020 · 77
Gyuwon Feb 2020
I feel you by my side,
You’re all around

Yet you feel so far-
Like you can’t be found

I hear you all the time
Even without a sound

I still feel your warmth by my side
Like warm sunlight shining on the ground
Feb 2020 · 293
Gyuwon Feb 2020
My pillow is the only thing that lets me rest my head on
(And I think Im in love with it)
Feb 2020 · 355
were all the same
Gyuwon Feb 2020
we all live inside mirrors
as mere reflections

with every touch it blurs
the image of our projection

just our outside figures
define most rejections

but its the weight of our fears
that fill us to perfection
Feb 2020 · 130
Gyuwon Feb 2020
Not to be stuck in the past
But nor to forget your past
Jan 2020 · 96
Gyuwon Jan 2020
Maybe turning the lights off
Will make me feel better
Since I wont be able too see
The monster that I’ve become
Gyuwon Jan 2020
Bumps smooth out with time
And cracks, well, leaves room for breathing
Maybe you don’t fit flush
But does that mean that you’re in the wrong place?
Gyuwon Jan 2020
Should I ever wonder off on my own
Ill always remember the road we used to roam
And think of you with every step that I take
Dreaming of all the memories that we used to make

All the stars in the sky will guide me
To all the places not yet travelled
Ill make clouds and rain my love on you
Ride the wind right back onto your heart

So please don’t stop loving the memories we have
And Ill always be thinking of you
Whether I’m across the continent
Or up in the sky shining amongst the stars
Gyuwon Nov 2019
Upset, Regret, Forget, Reset
Nov 2019 · 184
Gyuwon Nov 2019
Everywhere that I see
Are people filled with glee
But "balance is the key"
So the sorrows, they come to me
Oct 2019 · 140
climate control
Gyuwon Oct 2019
Yesterday, I looked outside
and it was raining.

Raindrops came
and hit the window
like old friends of mine
coming around to say hello

Today, I looked outside
and it was cloudy.

Gentle winds
brushed against my skin
like my dear mother
keeping my tears in

Tomorrow, I will look outside
and the sun will be setting.

The sky will be coloured orange and purple
and clouds will be there to guide me
As I fly into the cold autumn evening,
The winds will give me company.
Oct 2019 · 60
Radio Silent
Gyuwon Oct 2019
My heart hums a tune inside
And the vibrations tell me what to do

“Just mute it out”, people told me
So I just listened to what everyone else had to say

But sometimes, I tune back into the now silent channel
And quietly look back at who I used to be

Maybe if I loved myself a little more back then
My radio could have been heard by everyone
But nows a little too late to start over, isn’t it
While writing this piece, I realized that the reason why “influencers” are in such high social position nowadays is because they didnt listen to the people telling them to ignore the sound of their hearts, and now the people who did listen, need something other than themselves to tune into. Isn’t it sad, how the value your heart possesses can only be discovered by yourself, yet so many people ignore it? Everyone might feel better about themselves when they tune into their own stations and the world becomes a place full of unique and interesting individuals.
Oct 2019 · 48
Gyuwon Oct 2019
An infinitely empty feeling overwhelms me sometimes
voids me of all emotions, numbs the senses
I hide away in my vacuum-sealed cage
each howl echoing inside my hollow mind

A man stands in the shattered mirror,
every broken peice telling a different story

Isn't it wonderful
how all these fragments
blow life into the picture?

maybe it isn't the mirror thats cracked
maybe its the man that can't be whole

hurt and ignored, i was barely living
i guess i stopped looking for myself at some point
no longer able to cope
i started to tear myself apart, piece by piece
my memories, just a momento of who i used to be
Sep 2019 · 60
Gyuwon Sep 2019
Isnt it wonderful
How distance amplifies motion

Youll never know
With your head stuck in the spotlight
How all the small entities
Blow life into the picture
Gyuwon Jun 2019
the sun dims its lights, darkness settles;
the new blackened reality greets her visitors
everyone sheds their covers
their last grip on individuality

we are all the same inside
with a heart that beats like a metronome
tick tock, tick tock
every beat the same
echoing inside our hollow shell

**** it up and push it down
but why do we make a compromise
every scar has its meaning
but why do we continue a scarred life

cry, but never shed a single tear
scream, but never make a sound
just leave, dont return

why do we even try?
Jun 2019 · 531
pull me out
Gyuwon Jun 2019
drenched in sweat
worn out, exhausted
tears fake sympathy
artificial feelings
trespass reality
reset simulation
savor all of the pain
the beating of your heart
now stop
living torture
living is a torture
Jun 2019 · 142
Gyuwon Jun 2019
Breathe slowly
Even when you feel pressure
Live with confidence
I know that you’ll make it
Endure the pain
Venture forward
Everyone is waiting for you

Inhale, then exhale
No need to rush

Young man, don’t give up on yourself
Open your eyes and look into the mirror
Unfinished, aren’t you?
Realize your potential
See the possibilities
Every day is a new opportunity
Leave behind the past
Future awaits you
May 2019 · 79
Gyuwon May 2019
Wind blows,
dusts your shoulders
Everyone can see the weight on your back
The hard times youve been through

Dream your dream
Shoot your shot
Get lost in your mind
Leave yourself alone

Stop time
Look up

Only beautiful people daydream
So make yourself beautiful
May 2019 · 95
a star, a lonely star
Gyuwon May 2019
I radiate loneliness
And shine alone, brilliantly
I sightsee galaxies
And glare at stardust
Sometimes I turn off the lights
Dream through the bleak night

Forever I travel this endless horizon
Apr 2019 · 165
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Pull the skin off my bones
Only to find Im empty inside

No wonder tears echo inside me
Apr 2019 · 94
a paragraph (1)
Gyuwon Apr 2019
weve been trained to have an algorithmic response to anything that occurs to us so that its politically correct and socially not awkward, we have been basically brainwashed to like what society decides it likes and they have a neat name for it: trend. You gotta like it or your social life will probably decline and end up in ruins, maybe not, but probably. Show an appropriate amount of empathy, too much or too little, youre all of a sudden this rude psychotic idiot. Dont try to fit me into a standard and assume that you can manipulate me into acting like everyone else, cos in fact, I am and I refuse to be like the others, we all have a right to be unique and different right? Diversity is key to a society, remember that.
Apr 2019 · 83
feeling empty
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Let me run around my mind
Cut me up a peice of peace
Countless hours spent doing pointless things
Perhaps Im bound to wasting time

If I could turn back time
Id find my *** a dream and start again

Poetry echos my sadness
Inside my empty cell of ribs
Spare me a second to breathe
My blood is barely flowing

Pull my skin off the bones
And youll find that it was just a cover
Im actually hollow inside

No wonder sadness echos inside me
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Released to be discovered

To be found in whole or not
An entirely new question

Living whole, dead partly
All my organs have blood gushing through them
But some of them feel absent

I enjoy being resuscitated
Bring me back to life when Im dead

Let air in my lungs
And sunshine on my skin

I know Im alive
I just cant wait to live again
Apr 2019 · 147
the darkest corner
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Dont come find me when I disappear
Im probably sitting in a corner crying
Sometimes the misery of living gets to me
And singing away at my favorite songs
Only escalates the situation

I go to my favourite corner- the darkest corner;
It seems to understand me
Apr 2019 · 86
Tears wont find me
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Darkness shines intensely on this endless road
Shadows rule over my somber field
The isolated wasteland looks so desolate
Not a single drop of tear to be found

You will never be located here
Forever be abandoned
You won't ever feel anything here,
Not even sorrow

Feeling dry as sand
Shiver down my spine
Waves of nothing hitting my face
I take pointless steps everyday
Dont bother moving around
Youd end up in the same place anyway

Perhaps Ill be here for a century
But who cares, tears wont find my eyes here

Don't call me a coward
Im not scared to feel
Im just scared for myself

So dont come find me with your feelings
I refuse to feel anything
Radiate me with nothing
So that tears wont find me
Apr 2019 · 124
Gyuwon Apr 2019
i never dated anyone
but why do I want to write bad love poems
oh to get views ofc
Apr 2019 · 110
Gyuwon Apr 2019
live like a shoe
endure the beating
never say a word
never let out a scream

maybe smell a little,
youre not perfect, worry not

breathe sand and dust
swim in puddles
bounce all around
sit all quiet

maybe get soaked
and hung on the laundry lines
the sun entertains you
and tickles yoy dry

get tied a knot
tight enough to hold on
get stitches when
you get torn up

get scratches
holes on your body

make a new friend

hi friend
you must be my replacement


dont tie your knots too tight
let your shoe breathe

dont suffocate yourself
and enjoy the life given to you
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