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3.6k · Dec 2017
Gyuwon Dec 2017
Im not a poet,
Im just a depressed teenger.
Ill run around the circuit
Until my sweat becomes my armor.

Dont expect much from me,
Im just a socially awkward wreck
The worst card in the deck
Only be remembered as a speck

My ideas are so cliché
That theyve become irrelevant
I always give up midway
And leave myself less confident

But until I find my purpose,
Im just a depressed teenager,
A voiceless individual,
A worthless entity.
Gyuwon Jan 2019
My confidence rolls off my cheek
One drop at a time
Into my nightly coffee
Bitter taste of defeat

Fear overwhelming my sorrows
My only will is keeping alive

Cut me up into little pieces

Shallow cuts
Deep cuts
They all hurt the same

But I dont hurt myself
So what else could be

My confidence rolls down my cheek
Made a stream along my neck
Itll grow into a river
And wash my fears away
662 · Jul 2020
Gyuwon Jul 2020
is it just me
or does everyone sometimes go to their poems page
sort by most popular
and admire your own work
651 · Dec 2017
Lights Out.
Gyuwon Dec 2017
Whats the point of having a phone if noone ever calls you?
Whats the point of living a life you dont even appreciate anymore?
My brain is taken hostage by the pressure on me
And my body by my insecurities.
Why would anyone care that Im gone?
They dont even know I exist.
So if its gonna end anyways,
Just end me quickly.
Lights out, goodbye.
619 · Apr 2019
Gyuwon Apr 2019
My pillow seems to be always wet
Covers have a few imaginary holes

I try to face the sun at all times, yet
Rainclouds seem to really like me

Well, at least I like rain
And rain likes me
What would have I done
If even rain didnt like me
532 · Jun 2019
pull me out
Gyuwon Jun 2019
drenched in sweat
worn out, exhausted
tears fake sympathy
artificial feelings
trespass reality
reset simulation
savor all of the pain
the beating of your heart
now stop
living torture
living is a torture
Gyuwon May 2020
you know how,
some day
our hearts will stop beating
finishing our journey to see the ending?

you are dying
every second you live
and there is a mysterious beauty
in the sense that
living is just a process of dying

sure, maybe we are never truly dead
but if thats the case,
we were never truly alive in the first place

these are not words to mourn
my dying insides

but rather
a tribute

to the beauty of never truly being alive
and living while dying at the same time
Gyuwon Jan 2019
There are two ways of remembering
Some get written down in pencil
While others get written in pen

The memories written in pen matters to you
It might be a fun trip
Or an embarrassing messup

You write down your most valued memories in pen
They last for ages for you to look back at them

The memories written in pencil doesnt matter to you as much
Might be just another day at work
Or a fantastic dream that you only seem to remember for a split second

You can erase pencil memories at will
But pen memories last

They come back to give you a valuable lesson
And make the person that you are today
This is a rewrite of a poem i did two years ago, thought it had a nice plot but waa written badly. So i redid it
Gyuwon Nov 2019
Upset, Regret, Forget, Reset
361 · Feb 2020
were all the same
Gyuwon Feb 2020
we all live inside mirrors
as mere reflections

with every touch it blurs
the image of our projection

just our outside figures
define most rejections

but its the weight of our fears
that fill us to perfection
346 · Oct 2017
The full stop to your life.
Gyuwon Oct 2017
A boy, with a tangled mind,
A boy, with just his purpose to find.
A man, with no emotion,
A man, who just wants promotion.
An elderly, whose face has turned grim,
An elderly, with no life left in him.

My body feels empty,
And my soul is almost dried out.
My heart, engulfed in guilt,
Continues to beat, washing off its filth.

With every beat of my heart,
That moment is getting closer,
And closer.
Gyuwon Feb 2020
They’ll keep telling you
That its your final chapter

But you know it inside
That you can do it better

If you light up everything
Backgrounds don’t really matter

So be the candle in this run-down world
And help everyone see clearer
294 · Oct 2017
Lost, Wondering.
Gyuwon Oct 2017
As the sun starts to flicker,
And the glasses get filled with liquor.
As the street lights shine bright,
And the couples hold tight.
As the moon climbs into the somber and starless skies,
And the lost and drunk wonder around like fireflies-
With empty bottles in their hands,
But still filled with hope and enthusiasm in their hearts.

Just lost,
Wondering around,


Just Wondering.
293 · Feb 2020
Gyuwon Feb 2020
My pillow is the only thing that lets me rest my head on
(And I think Im in love with it)
271 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
Im alright, dont worry
233 · Feb 2020
Gyuwon Feb 2020
whenever life gets a little tight
with all the rounds that i fight
i just look up into the night
and keep waiting for the light

i tried writing something bright
but it just didn’t feel that right
the darkness decides what I write
but don’t worry, it’ll be alright
I shouldnt have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know its a poem
232 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
You dont hesitate when you hurt me
But why am I so hesitant to fight back
229 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
i seek the pleasure in pain
society gives me a shot of morphine

i cant even feel pain?


cant feel life

hurt me if it makes you happy
i feel nothing
228 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
The only warmth i feel is from my blanket
220 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
why is life worth living
why does everyone scramble to keep alive
i feel like a leftover
maybe thats why ive discarded myself
refusing to live is a disorder apparently
help me find order in the chaos

ill never be good enough for the life given to me
Gyuwon Jan 2019
When I become passive and unenthusiastic
And my already blackened soul darkens to an even darker shade of black;

When the unknown tears misrepresent my sorrows and my cold sweat is no longer a medal of effort and triumph

When my nails are basically non-existent from my fears eating them away and my hand gets the shake

When people start to have “sympathy” in me and try to understand my tears

When all forms of mental sanity has been terminated, my noggin inside my head but my mind outside my body

People will come and pay tribute to my empty shell, maybe shed a few meaningless tears,
Oh well, its too late now
217 · Feb 2020
26 (child labour)
Gyuwon Feb 2020
How much of their tears do we take
To fill our lives with what they make
215 · Oct 2017
Fragile Hearts at War
Gyuwon Oct 2017
Like an engine, driving the shafts in an armoured car,
There are little hearts, powering the soldiers at war.
Listen to the bullets fly above your head,
As the civilians mourn the dead.

Duck down in your trenches for you might get shot,
As you watch the piles of lifeless bodies rot.
When you see a dense cloud of smoke coming,
Pull out your mask quickly, or you’d already be suffocating.

Have your weapon always ready,
And as you aim, keep your hands steady.
You want to make sure every shot counts,
and As minutes pass, the tension mounts.

On the whistle, run out of your tunnel,
And make a run for it, pointing the barrel-
Towards the enemy, or the young men with little hearts,
Too fragile to handle the terror of fire any war starts.
Just in case you don't know, this poem is about WW1 and trench warfare.
208 · Dec 2017
Remember me
Gyuwon Dec 2017
Just the idea of being forgotten haunts me every night

So when I’m gone,
Remember me, Okay?
207 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
Like a spear,
A question aimed straight at my heart,
A question which instantly makes you guilty-
Sharp and Pointy,
Yet so cliché.

Are you living your life to the fullest?

A question that doubts your routines
A question which shows your insecurity.

Like a spear,
It penetrated my soul-
Questioning all of my achievements,
Questioning my entire life.
Ugh I feel like I **** at writing these.
thanks guys for taking your time to read this
207 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
there are two types of memories;
ones written with pencil
and ones written with pen

the nothing memories get written in pencil.
they eventually fade away,
get rubbed out with erasers,
get overwritten
or just simply forgotten.

then there are the important memories
written in various colored ink
they can't simply be rubbed out
and they can't just be forgotten

the pencil memories
don't matter to you so much,
if at all.

the pen memories,
hurt you when you think about them
or reminds you of the good days

they leave a scuff
a dent
a mark on your soul
and they remind you of what you live for.
this one just popped into my head. I had to write it down.
200 · Mar 2019
Gyuwon Mar 2019
You dont cry because youre sad
You cry because you regret
You cry because you refuse to accept
190 · Jan 2019
Shots in our Tears
Gyuwon Jan 2019
Two shots of tequila
A sprinkle of my tears

Pain in the glass
Like a shattered pane of glass

Bland taste
Blended heart

A candle inside an empty fireplace

Drown in my tears
And burn down my years

Was it my tears in tequila
Or tequila in my tears
190 · Nov 2019
Gyuwon Nov 2019
Everywhere that I see
Are people filled with glee
But "balance is the key"
So the sorrows, they come to me
188 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
Cracking under pressure,
I’m about to lose it all.

Pushed to the edge,
I’m about to take a fall.

Flying high up in the sky,
I’m about to stall.

Trying my best,
I still hit a wall.
this is one of my favorites
188 · Nov 2017
Christmas Eve
Gyuwon Nov 2017
The sun washes the sky red
And smiles sneak onto everyone's faces

The trees get coated in rainbow lights
And the sound of laughter won't stop

The skies turn grey
And throws snowballs at you-
Just like how you used to play,
back in your younger years.

The sound of overused carols,
The sound of singing choir,
The sound of happy families-
The sounds of Christmas.

Soon the ground has turned white,
And the fireplaces get lit
Smoke starts to puff out of chimneys,
And the chestnut starts roasting

The sky is now dark
And the wind has left me cold
Still, all these people
Are willing to share their hearts
186 · Oct 2018
Gyuwon Oct 2018
im here for a good time
but im not having a good time
oh well
i guess ill just stay here for a long time
173 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
A chaotic mix of flesh and consiousness is what I am
A well balanced routine of procrastination and stressing out later is my life
A mixture of sob and snoring is my sleep
Painful and barely bareable is the pressure
And insecure but narcissistic is my personality
Thats me, ig? What about you
170 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
When you fall down,
get back on your feet.
and when you get to the top
just look down at the ones who doubted you.
166 · Jan 2019
Gyuwon Jan 2019
one with a leaking heart
i scare people away
with my skin of lifeless twigs
and my traumatizing sillouette
i scare people away
no colour in my eyes, no
only silence from my mouth

feet fixed to the ground
cant do nothing for myself
i inhabit this lonely field
and scare people away

only birds befriend me,
i scare people away
165 · Apr 2019
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Pull the skin off my bones
Only to find Im empty inside

No wonder tears echo inside me
163 · Feb 2018
Moving Day
Gyuwon Feb 2018
Let's go somewhere we can feel safe
Somewhere hidden behind the walls
Where we are guaranteed at least a meal a day
And a blanket to fight the cold
We wont have to run away from anything
We will call this place home
I can get a job and you can go to school
You wont have to worry about nothing;
Its a great country I hear
Lets leave behind the terror and fear
And move on to our beautiful future
A Message to @realDonaldTrump presented to you by Gyuwon Roh
162 · Nov 2017
Gyuwon Nov 2017
My heart hesitates to beat
As the blood drains from my lifeless body.
The little bit of soul that was left
Is now gone;
And my flesh will sit here and rot
Until its washed its sins.
And the lively person that I was
Is no more-
The world darkens,
And my eyelids Close
The sun will rise-  eventually,
But I won’t be here to see tomorrow
Gyuwon Jan 2020
Bumps smooth out with time
And cracks, well, leaves room for breathing
Maybe you don’t fit flush
But does that mean that you’re in the wrong place?
152 · Aug 2018
Gyuwon Aug 2018
So take out your pills
and face your final burden
30 should be enough
to get you to heaven
Gyuwon Jun 2019
the sun dims its lights, darkness settles;
the new blackened reality greets her visitors
everyone sheds their covers
their last grip on individuality

we are all the same inside
with a heart that beats like a metronome
tick tock, tick tock
every beat the same
echoing inside our hollow shell

**** it up and push it down
but why do we make a compromise
every scar has its meaning
but why do we continue a scarred life

cry, but never shed a single tear
scream, but never make a sound
just leave, dont return

why do we even try?
149 · Apr 2019
the darkest corner
Gyuwon Apr 2019
Dont come find me when I disappear
Im probably sitting in a corner crying
Sometimes the misery of living gets to me
And singing away at my favorite songs
Only escalates the situation

I go to my favourite corner- the darkest corner;
It seems to understand me
148 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
Whenever you are down,
Just remember-

If you are trying your hardest to comfort yourself,
The person you are leaning onto is trying twice as hard to make you you again.
147 · Jan 2019
Gyuwon Jan 2019
Raindrops are falling
But my eyes are dry as my throat
The next time you drain me dear
Leave me a few raindrops to cry

Touche, tears confront fear
But fear makes the rain drop
146 · Oct 2017
The Seasons of Love
Gyuwon Oct 2017
We met in the spring
When the flowers bloomed.
I fell in love with you,
And so it started.

Then came summer,
With the blazing sun.
We fell in love deeper,
As we were lying in the sun.

Then came autumn,
And the leaves started to fall.
We were fighting more,
We were waging a war.

Then came winter,
With the freezing of hearts.
Our feelings have already died,
And so has our relationship.

So when it starts to snow,
Come and kiss me goodbye.
144 · Feb 2019
Gyuwon Feb 2019
Be a star in the night sky

Ill watch you shine

Glowing ever so brilliantly

Even better with some time

Light up the empty canvas

(You in the air tonight★)
Supernova in the sky
144 · Oct 2017
Gyuwon Oct 2017
Standing on the roof,
He can feel the cold air hitting his face.
The snowflakes poke straight into his skin
As he clears his mind.

He hums a song, in a low voice.
He closes his eyes, and takes a big breath.
He spreads his arms
then moves himself towards the edge.

Without any hesitation,
He jumps off.
Please don't commit suicide guys
143 · Jun 2019
Gyuwon Jun 2019
Breathe slowly
Even when you feel pressure
Live with confidence
I know that you’ll make it
Endure the pain
Venture forward
Everyone is waiting for you

Inhale, then exhale
No need to rush

Young man, don’t give up on yourself
Open your eyes and look into the mirror
Unfinished, aren’t you?
Realize your potential
See the possibilities
Every day is a new opportunity
Leave behind the past
Future awaits you
142 · Oct 2019
climate control
Gyuwon Oct 2019
Yesterday, I looked outside
and it was raining.

Raindrops came
and hit the window
like old friends of mine
coming around to say hello

Today, I looked outside
and it was cloudy.

Gentle winds
brushed against my skin
like my dear mother
keeping my tears in

Tomorrow, I will look outside
and the sun will be setting.

The sky will be coloured orange and purple
and clouds will be there to guide me
As I fly into the cold autumn evening,
The winds will give me company.
131 · Apr 2019
Gyuwon Apr 2019
i never dated anyone
but why do I want to write bad love poems
oh to get views ofc
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