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Gyuwon May 2020
your breath smells guilty
and after all that you have done

i shouldn’t be surprised, really
even after you have gone

youve patched up your mistakes pretty badly
but most importantly
i wont be calling you baby
for the rest of this reality
Gyuwon May 2020
my words speak my language
and my world revolves around my wreckage
Gyuwon May 2020
shut up and play along
until you get the chance

to bloom

smile, innocent one
but never hold your hand out

let them fall
watch them burn in flames

and when darkness retreats
back into your heart where it rests

you will be the only
bit of black
flowering in a land of light
Gyuwon May 2020
make love to your words
like the way you love yourself

maybe the reason i
wrote this in mere seconds

is because i only have
a few seconds worth of love left for myself
Gyuwon May 2020
i do not understand
why i cant write a single line
without diving deep into
a pit of crippling depression

i refuse to expand
this poetry collection of mine
if all the words just fall through
into chaotic commotions
Gyuwon May 2020
not every drop of blood
flowing through my body
is as clean
as the water inside the sea

inside all our vessels
flows bad blood
but coming together
we can all flow along

we could be one
just like how all the seas
is just one big pool
made from small droplets
Gyuwon May 2020
every sound
eventually comes to an end

they seemingly
vanish into mere vibrations
and slowly
lose the story within


every sound
takes back the lives it lent

since your birth
you have been paying off
the debt you owe
by living everyday silently


every voice tells a different story
but every story is heard

your mountains of debt
are nothing compared to
what you borrowed
when sounds gave you life
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