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Gyuwon May 2020
i came to you like an amazon package
yet you took all the love
and discarded the empty box it came in
Gyuwon Apr 2020
i fell again
after thinking i’d hit rock bottom

my mind, a relic from better times

it still dreams

occasionally i see the sky

and the sunlight punches me in the gut
every time it sees me

and the wind kicks me around
with the raindrops
like boulders hurled over my head

its all quiet
down this bottomless pit
with every scream
falling alongside you

i fell again,
thinking i was at rock bottom

yet everytime i fall, my screams scream right back at me
this one is a mess
Gyuwon Apr 2020
your mouth speaks of sadness
as it struggles to force a smile

your eyes dance through loneliness
lost in the sea of all the lights

i reach into the darkness
dreams come alive as I hold your hand

the world gets dimmer in your head
so i smile a little darker every stand
Gyuwon Mar 2020
I cry every single time that I see you
Yet you still hide away inside these layers

I thought I had known you well enough
But that’s just another layer to cry through
Gyuwon Mar 2020
Your voice pierces through my eardrums
But it is not a sound that my brain welcomes
So I censor these distant vibrations
And walk on right past all of your questions
Gyuwon Feb 2020
How much of their tears do we take
To fill our lives with what they make
Gyuwon Feb 2020
They’ll keep telling you
That its your final chapter

But you know it inside
That you can do it better

If you light up everything
Backgrounds don’t really matter

So be the candle in this run-down world
And help everyone see clearer
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