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Gyuwon Feb 2020
Different lights reach out to me
And touch my skin to make color
I paint this blue world a bright yellow
And fill empty people with enthusiasm

I am the guardian of color
And I save this monochrome world every day
Gyuwon Feb 2020
While everyone looks up at the stars
I look down and see the ground and my feet
They’re what I stand on, after all
The very foundation of me as a structure
Gyuwon Feb 2020
whenever life gets a little tight
with all the rounds that i fight
i just look up into the night
and keep waiting for the light

i tried writing something bright
but it just didn’t feel that right
the darkness decides what I write
but don’t worry, it’ll be alright
I shouldnt have to rhyme these words in the rhythm for you to know its a poem
Gyuwon Feb 2020
I feel you by my side,
You’re all around

Yet you feel so far-
Like you can’t be found

I hear you all the time
Even without a sound

I still feel your warmth by my side
Like warm sunlight shining on the ground
Gyuwon Feb 2020
My pillow is the only thing that lets me rest my head on
(And I think Im in love with it)
Gyuwon Feb 2020
we all live inside mirrors
as mere reflections

with every touch it blurs
the image of our projection

just our outside figures
define most rejections

but its the weight of our fears
that fill us to perfection
Gyuwon Feb 2020
Not to be stuck in the past
But nor to forget your past
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