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Apr 2016
Touch my soul
Feel my words
Let's melt into one
To soar higher than birds,
Your elegant moves
And vivacious smile
Have me in a trance
So I'll stay for a while,
To watch your body twist
And turn so smoothly
Has my mind racing
But my heart is moving
All I ask is that you do me
Like I'm the greatest one
You've come to love
And in return I'll kiss you
Like your the only girl
I'll ever love
So as we spend the night
Melting into each other
I hope my love
Heals your soul
And makes your heart flutter
Now you know that
This healing comes with a price
So when the sun rises
I'll be gone like the night
Author: Camaury Robinson
Written: 4/30/16 @ 1:53pm
Camaury Robinson
Written by
Camaury Robinson  Atlanta, GA
(Atlanta, GA)   
   John-Chris Ward and gray rain
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