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Voyagepoetry Jun 2019
Talents became tales
told in talks
Impressed,we are
By someone who dumbed reality
Without further harm
We plan our lives like
It’s an airport
So technical with no artistic design
And our planes rarely fly
Reality is the falling petals
The winter which blows
With an acute possibility
of singing in the rain
Reality is the flues
The falls
The tears
Of teared hearts
and lousy teens
But it’s also
Summer , spring, and
The sound of ding ding
From the door bell from dear friends
It’s pink and black
It’s tweets and howls
And we run to another world
Where we don’t have to plan
Where we feel euphoric
Without clenched fists or
Wrapped up hearts
Without steep hills
And messed up parts
Is what tries to keep in our minds
That this world
is meant for grind.
Voyagepoetry Jan 2019
Like you’ve just finished a run
Like the last ray of sun
just melted into the sea
Like colors just splashed all over the fields
Or a frightened bird is finally set free
Like the sound of rain
just washed away your pain

In a way that tells
Your heart how to beat
For the thoughts that yell
To flatter and tweet
And your eyes will close
When you finally realize
How things can be resolved
In a blink of an eye.
Voyagepoetry Aug 2018
A shine as true as the stars,
Sparked in their eyes,
Heart beats strikes and echoes,
To as far as they will to dream,
Their voices turned to melodies,
Melodies of a gripping scene,
Their feet took them to places,
Places they’ve never seen,
All along they see it clear,
Wide awake or deep asleep,
Belief lingers despite the storms,
Serenity is devoted to their hearts,
Revival of ushering passion,
Dreamers with lively souls,
Will always inspire tracks,
Run,walk,or crawl,
Just keep the passion lit and safe.
Voyagepoetry Aug 2018
“What now?”
She asked looking at the starry sky.
“We wait” he replied .
“we wait till a ray of light breaks through this mysteriously soothing darkness , we wait till your eyes go sleepy and you need warmth,maybe then...I’ll give you a blanket and tell
You that I love you,so those sleepy eyes may sparkle and wake up before your anxious consciousness does”
Voyagepoetry Aug 2018
My heart is haunted with hideous hollowness ;
Dimmed from being desolated or
shall I say...alone,
Love doesn’t know how to linger inside,
It only sprints in-front of my eyes,
Friends and fellows are far from sight,
I solemnly smile and try not to hide,
Swooshing of waves can be
heard from a seashell,
Stashing of my lively soul can be
heard from beyond my voice,
Revive,revive,oh roaming heart...
May the mending happen ,may you do your part.
Voyagepoetry Aug 2018
I hate how reality can destroy dreams
I hate how fiction can’t be real
Ask my hopes
Why don’t they shine
******* with ropes
Of risks and fears
Talents became tales
Said in a date talk
Impressed,we are
By someone who dumbed reality
Without further harm
We plan our lives like
It’s an airport
So technical with no artistic design
And our planes rarely fly
Voyagepoetry Aug 2018
Have you ever been in the early seventies?
Have you heard the melodies
Have you felt the style
Of love songs or even rock
Have you seen the houses
Calm lights and wooden tables

I guess love back then,felt different
In the cafés that play jazz
And streets crowded with trees
Or just a few benches by the sea
Extremely Seldom beeps

When elegance was still a trend
When movies didn’t have much quality
But an impact was always left

Friends were not virtual
Outings were not for photos
Cards were played for long nights
Walks were not interrupted by texts

Have you ever felt that warmth
When you enter a house somehow old
Like the sense of memories is still there
Nostalgic in a soothing way
Hard to explain
Unless you’ve been there
Have you ever been in the early seventies?
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
Wind howled in the lush park,
Sky is grey like my cotton blouse,
Clouds didn’t arrive yet,
They only did in my heart,
The cold rushed into my mind first,
By the windy river I took a walk,
What would it be like if I rode a bike right now, I thought,
It began to rain but my mind doesn’t grow green grass,
I have flowers but my favorite color isn’t there yet,
I say what can plant the seeds ,
Is it love , success, or peace,
My hands are cold and all I think about,
Is how to not get a fever and a desolated heart.
To the times i was miserable.
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
“Being Special” is such a foreign word to my heart,
And I’ve always been disastrous at learning languages.
Voyagepoetry Jul 2018
I dreamt that they all left me in a dark night,
Tears were crawling down my cheeks,
Cold was freezing up my heart,
Wind was flying my thoughts in circles infront of my swollen watery  eyes ,
I thought happiness was finally lingered in my life,
I found out that it was waning once more,
Waving from behind those bushy trees,
I heard my peace starting to rumble,
I felt my eyes going lifeless,
I dash for happiness,
Like an addict who scurries to be drugged,
Turned out that it doesn’t always have to be in the same shape,
So places,people and old routines can’t make the pills,
for the ingredients always change.
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