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Boygene Borice May 2018
How could this have happened?
How did it first start?
I thought you needed a service,
Then go your way.

You, a man of honor,
A Manager of well-known Bank of Kamulu,
Well respected by everyone in town,
How could you fall for me?

I have never heard a man whisper to me,
Any word of romance or love,
They only come for a satisfaction and go,
But why you?

Do you remember when you came?
You promised it was just for an hour,
And never will I see your cute face again,
Neither will your feet lead to me again.

Have you gone, mad Sir?
To claim your love for a woman like me,
A woman whose reputation is much dented,
And her acts viler than a snake’s venom.

Don’t you feel ashamed to love me?
How will your colleagues and friends see you?
Do you think they will honor you again?
When they see you with a *****?

Have you analyzed the loss you are creating?
By falling in love with me,
Have you foreseen what your boss will do?
Since the other day, I rejected him.

Imagine what your parents will do,
When they hear their only son,
Is getting married to a ***** in the city,
Do you think they will bless our marriage?

And what of the village elders,
Your Pastor who loves you so much,
Will they propose our marriage?
Since they are number one in condoning my business.

Will they really understand?
When I tell them it was not my wish,
To lead this life of immorality,
To treasure this life as if it was my only way to heaven.

Will they accept when I explain to them?
That I did this business for the survival of my family,
Will they really listen to me?
That life pushed me into this after my Dad rejected me,
And no one was there to fight for me?

Are you ready to stand firm and ignore the gossips,
“How can a whole manager marry a ***** like her? Uhu!”
While we walk down the aisle as couples,
Will you withstand those whispers and blows?

Have you given it a thought Sir?
How our children will feel when they hear,
Their mother was a ***** in the city,
Do you think they will respect me again?

Do you think your neighbors?
Will allow their children to interact with ours,
Since they hate ****** for taking their husbands,
While they spent nights lonely in their beds.

I love you and that’s the truth,
You have made me know what love is,
Though since my childhood love was a fairy tale,
But am sorry, marriage can’t work out for us.

It’s not that I am afraid,
But I fear you will lose your reputation,
You will become a laughing stock in town and in the village,
Not even your juniors will ever respect you.

I’m sorry Sir,
Please just make another choice,
I am satisfied with my life,
I don’t want to be another doom to your path to success.

I love you.
I know it sounds awkward but I believe everyone is supposed to be respected for who they are. You don't have to rush to judge, you never know what made them who they are.

— The End —