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Josh Overson Aug 2020
Unreserved for you..
What am I to do...
Walk anxiously straining for balance
Around what you know I reverence?
My chest tightens, core tremors
Not sure if from excitement or weakness
As it could be both, and I do my best to cope
At which hope assembles my attention for battle
At which point in time can I travel?
Regardless I surrender my case.
Humbled in place.
Lest emotions waste.
The breathtaking curiosity in her face.
If the stars were made to worship so will I
If the mountains bow in reverence so will I
If the oceans roar Your greatness so will I
For if everything exists to lift You high so will I
If the wind goes where You send it so will I
If the rocks cry out in silence so will I
If the sum of all our praises still falls shy
Then we'll sing again a hundred billion times

— The End —