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Anna Sep 2016
Killed souls committed crimes
Stole stuffs worth a thousand dime
Blood spilled on the floor
And the bullet struck on the open door

You say humanity is still left
Then why no shirts on uncovered chests
And why the littles have tears in eyes
Have rights but still deprived

Why one criminal is apprenticed to another
Not forgiven even if they surrender
And then their crying kids will take revenge
And nothing could be done in defense

As this society is a coward
And Will never come forward
To wipe off tears
Of those who fear

You say failure is a step revelation
Then why without hope and elevation
When all correct are to enhance
But this society deserves no second chance
We talk of better world to live in
But we never talk why this world isn't good enough..
And we just blames it to society...

— The End —