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ConnectHook Oct 2016
In spite of all that has been said
transparently undetected,
Alinsky and the departed dead
may vote as the resurrected.
INFORM thyself:
ConnectHook Oct 2016
The refiners of social controls
offer surveys and candidate polls.
Though it's really old news,
for they share the same views,
it will further immediate goals.
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Gregory K Nelson Feb 2016
I saw last night
What you did to Ted Cruz,
"A lying baby leaning on a Bible."
That quote is masterful.
Is that why you spent all that time with Bubba?
It just occurred to me you might have learned a thing or two
hanging out with the most naturally gifted living politician in the world?
And maybe that's part of why you cultivated that relationship with the Clintons?
You ****** up some of his skills like a sponge didn't you Donald?
And you were also keeping your enemies close before they knew they were enemies,
You saw them blinded by the bubble,
Bumbling over egos,
And you saw the seas parting,
Left and right drowning beside you as You walked across to the promise land,
Legs of the future spread out in front of you
Weeping with yearning,
Glistening in the light at the end of the tunnel.

You have no idea what it will be like to be President.
And I know you know you might bankrupt the world.
You have failed at easier things, Sir.
We both know this,
And we both know you don't care.
You are going to **** this country one way or another.
Will it be romantic?

I'm guessing it will be more like
gray **** gonzo ****
On a gold plated VHS,
But maybe not.
If you have taught History anything,
And it's clear you are teaching that ***** a lesson,
A crash course in what Nietsche called
"The Will To Power."
If you have taught History anything it's that
You won't let her tell you what to do.

I hate to do it,
but I just got to love you brother,
Or at least let go of my sentimentality,
And admit you will likely win.
your style is so much more tacky and just plain pathetic than you will ever understand,

But your knife is true blue,
Like the spirit of Sinatra.

You trump it up,
**** it,
Bump it and dump it.
Then you take that money
And bake it and shake it.
Baby you were born to run.

— The End —