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Anushruti Singh Sep 2018
In between sunrise and sunset
Blast off and deadline set
Before the ocean beach
And crowd reach
Just go
Because you have miles to go.

If the road is empty
Rough, tough and dusty
If the hand is empty
Everyone on their duty
If the mind is mess
Just go through base
Because you have Miles to go.

So! Now, you have miles to go
Just because,
Your parents wants
Better for your wards
And gives a comfortable life cards
Blah! Blah! Blah!
No! Dear no!

You have Miles to go
Because the society need
Poor children became weak
They all need a well treat
Just go for them
Make them feel relief
And as a reward
You shall get blessings
And resting peace.

Ok! I know,
What's going on in your mind
So, always remember!
Blessings have
more power than prayers have.
This poem is For youth to suggest them to do something different. The power of blessings changes the fire of adverse situation into water. Do something for country and society.

— The End —