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Khadro Jama Jan 2018
Here we are again..
Same issues different excuses
Like an addict
Like an abuser
Like a sick patient
You really don't know any better
I am Not here to make excuses for you.
You truly believe this!!
what your saying is true
When you think
your pain means more than my own.
Did you know your wrong.
Ignorance is Not a bliss here
What makes you think its okay
To hurt me over & over again.
What's wrong with me ?
Ah... I know your family.
Some people Can't change
Because there's just a waste of your time.
Repeating words like broken light bulp.
(Blink-blink-click- blicker)
What's dose that mean?
You've got me going in circles playing tag with myself in a maze
What dose this mean?
What are my opportunities here?
To become better?
To become worse?
To waste more time on this?
I need a solution
Its like solving a math problem
Except I don't know the answer to X.
Ill take a different approach... Maybe..  
Becuse Some people Just Don't Change!!!

— The End —