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DT Brewer Jun 2019
They were young high school boys at the time

Too young to know what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives

An ill fated night of fun and games with friends in the park

After the street lights had just turned on and it was starting to get dark

Unbeknownst to the boys, a female jogger was out for a run

An unknown man had come out of the darkness and knocked her unconscious

He committed horrific acts of physical violence and left her for dead

After police at the scene first discovered the woman bleeding severely from her head

They put out a call that “black and Hispanic teenagers” were out in the park “wilding” and up to no good

An order was given to round everyone up and to bring them in for questioning

At that point the young minors were beaten, terrorized, and coerced

By the very police force that had promised to protect and to serve

Family members were confused, separated, threatened, and lied to

The boys and their family members were tricked into signing false statements

Framed by police and convicted by the media even before their hearings

The boys didn’t stand a chance despite having the support of their community and good legal representation

There was no true peace of mind the wrongful convictions could have provided for Trisha, the jogger

There was no true justice that could be served in those two courtrooms either

Five innocent boys were convicted and served long sentences for a crime they did not commit

Korey, Kevin, Yousef, Antron, and Raymond now use their experiences to help others who should have also been found innocent
I was so moved by Ava Duvernay’s series “When They See Us” that I had to put my thoughts and feelings down on paper to help to process everything.

— The End —